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The ghost of an insurrection has shown itself at Paris this week, and, we regret to say, one boy's life has been sacrificed, but, though a feeble attempt was made to raise barricades, no serious disturbances have taken place. M. ROCHEFORT was arrested on Monday night, and that was the signal for the "revolutionists" to rise." Their rising, however, has given little trouble to the authorities. -Still the great Roman Council appears to make no progress but if a code of canons which the newspaper corres- pondents have recently published is an authentic utter- ance of the Holy See, it will help to open men's eyes. Whoever says that the true church out of which there is no salvation is any ether than the Roman Apostolic is to be cursed, and so is everyone who declares that the POPE is not St. Peter's successor, or that Christ has not conferred upon the church the power to compel those who turn abide" by external verdicts and statutory punishments !"—Prince ARTHUR was present, on Tuesday, at the funeral of Mr PEABODY, at Peabody Village, Massachusetts. The British Minister at Washington, a number of American and English naval officers, and a still larger number of representatives of State legislatures and municipalities, were present. The procession from the Congregational Church, where the religious rites were performed, to the cemetery, comprised 200 carriages and 500 mourners on foot. After the religious ceremonies in the church, an eloquent funeral oration was delivered by the Hon. R. C. WINTHROP. Immediately after the funeral Prince ARTHUR set out on his return'to Toronto.—Parlia- ment opened well on Tuesday, with a Queen's speech crammed full of work. Government, evidently, are not wanting in spirit or courage, and if half the programme is carried out the country will be well satisfied. Since Tuesday, of course, little work has been done, but the notices of motion supplement the official programme with large promises of reform in various departments. To some of them we have referred below. On Thursday, Mr GLADSTONE'S motion declaring O'DONOVAN ROSSA in- capable of being elected a member of the House was carried by 301 to 8. The Education Bill will be before the country in a few days, and then we shall know better the prospects of the fight on that great question. Mr FORSTER can hardly have framed a measure that will satisfy all influential parties.—A singular stroke, or rather series of strokes of ill fortune, has temporarily deprived the House of Commons of several of its most distinguished members. Mr BRIGHT is obliged, by serious illness re- sulting from hard work, to refrain from labour for a time, and intends going southwards on his way to Brighton; Mr DISRAELI and Mr BRUCE are reported unwell, and the ATTORNEY-GENERAL has been shot in the leg while out shooting. Lord CLARENDON also is unweIL-The opponents of Dr TEMPLE were busy again in convocation on Wednesday, but a letter which was read, showing that when" Essays and Reviews" was published he knew nothing of the contents of the papers, except his own, and that his own was placed first by the editor because it happened to be considered most suitable, helped to turn their flank, and a promise that in future editions Dr TEMPLE'S essay should be omitted completed the discom- fiture of Archdeacon DENISON, who withdrew his oppo- sition. Perhaps, however, the ven. archdeacon would say that he has gained the day, instead of being discomfited; and we almost regret that he has some ground for thus consoling himself. Dr TEMPLE, however, may be trusted to have acted courageously and conscientiously.—Mr GLADSTONE has stated that he considers the present law with respect to the indelibility of orders indefensible, but Government do not feel justified in attempting to intro- duce a measure on the subject this session.—A murder has been committed at Leicester. A dissolute woman entered a field with two men, and soon afterwards screams were heard, and a splash in a river.The woman was shockingly outraged, and drowned, and the men escaped. 0

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