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MISCELLANEOUS. LONDON PROVISION, MONDAY.—The arrivals last week from Ireland were 351 firkins Butter and 2,740 bales Bacon, and from foreign ports 22,276 packages Butter and 826 bales Bacon. In the Irish Butter market there was no change to notice during the week. Foreign met a steady sale with little change in value, excepting in Dutch, which declined to 132s. to 134s. The Bacon market ruled steady; a fair business transacted in best Waterford meat at 71s. to 728. on board, and closed firm. WORCESTER HOP, SATURDAY.—We have only the usual re- tail trade at this season of the year, and the market continues without change. Yearlings of fine quality sell at late rates; new are rarely offered. LONDON SEED, MONDAY.—Small lots of English Cloverseed still come out, and fine qualities bring high prices. Foreign samples of red realized fully as much money. White descrip- tions remain scarce, and are very dear. Fine English Trefoil was held rather higher, and foreign sorts supported prices firmly. There was no quotable change either in brown or white Mustard-seed. Choice Canary-seed was rather dearer, with a good sale. Foreign Tares were in steady demand at more money. LONDON WOOL, MONDAY.—No material alteration has taken place in the general position of the market. The business doing, although not extensive, has been to a fair extent, and the quo- tations have ruled firm. CURRENT PRICES OF ENGLISH WOOL. S. d. to S. d. FLEECES—Southdown hoggets per lb. 1 01 11 Half-bred ditto 14 15 Kent fleeces 1 3 1 8 Southd'n ewes and wethers 10 1 if Leicester ditto „ 1 2J 1 8| SORTS—Combing 1 1 4i Clothing 1 4 1 41 LONDON POTATO, MONDAY.—During the past week the arrivals both coastwise and by rail are still in excess of the demand. The trade continues very dull, and prices declining. The import into London last week consisted of 939 bags 155 sacks from Antwerp, and 50 barrels from Odessa. The following are this day's quotations:— English bhaws 70s. to 85s. per ton. I English Regents 100s. to 110s. „ English Rocks 60s. to 75s. „ Scotch Regents 90s. to 105s. „ French 60s. to 65s. „ 1 BRADFORD WOOL & WORSTED, SATURDAY.—There has been a slight business done in wool during the past week, the demand being mostly confined to well-grown wools, either for immediate use or for the purpose of assorting stocks. Staplers, as a rule, are extremely firm in the maintenance of quotations. In some exceptional circumstances a sl:ght deduction may be obtained. The high rates in the country, and the difficulty of replacing at a profit tend to give a firm tone to the trade. There have also been some transactions tending to an improved tone for America. There is no change to report in worsted yarns. The business done in both single and two-fold yarns has been only small. The export merchants operate very slowly. Though some spinners have of late shown rather more disposition to meet customers, yet the latter have not as yet to any sensible extent come within the limits of the former in the point of price. The business of the spinner is at best s-arcely remunerative, and he is obliged, in self-defence, to maintain a somewhat firm attitude to prevent himself from being involved in serious loss. There is no change to report in the piece trade. There is small business doing for most quarters. Continental, home, and American merchants are severally doing small business, and show great caution in all their movements. Prices are steady. BIRMINGHAM HIDE AND SKIN MARKET, SATURDAY.— Hides: 951b. and upwards, 4$d. to Od. per lb 851b. to 941b., 4id- to Od. per lb.; 751b. to 841b., 8Jd. to Od. per lb.; 651b. to 741b., 8J i. to Od. per lb; 561b to 641b, Sjd. to Od per lb; 551bs and under, 3Jd. to Od. per lb.; cows, 8?d. to 8Jd. per lb.; bulls, 8 £ d. per lb.: flawed and irregular, 3 £ d. to 8jj d. per lb.; horse, 7s. 01. to 18s. 61. each. Calf: 171b. and upwards, 6d. per lb.; 121b. to 161b., 7Jd. per lb; to Od. per lb. cows, 80d. to Sld. per lb.; bulls, Sld. per lb.: flawed and irregular, Std. to 8jj d. per lb.; horse, 7s. 01. to 18s. 61. each. Calf: 171b. and upwards, 6d. per lb.; 121b. to 161b., 7Jd. per lb 91b. to lllb., 71,1. per Th.: light, 7J1. per lb.; flawed and irregu- lar, 5d. per lb. Wools, A 1, 89. 21.; A, 6s. 58.; B, 4s. 8d. WOIiVERHAMPTON HIDE, SKIN, 4 FAT MARKET, SATUR DAY.—Hides: 951bs. and upwards, 4 £ d. per tb.; 851bs.to 941bs. 8jd to Od. per Th.; 751bs. to 841bs., std. to Od. per lb.; 651bs. to 741bs.. 8Jd. per lb.; 561bs. to 641bs., Sfd.per lb.; 551bs. and under, 3fd. Cows. 661bs. and upwards, 8f A. to Od. per lb.; 641bs. and under, 83d per tt; bulls, 2!d. to 2kd per Th; flawed and irregular, ald. to 33d. per lb; kips, 2fd. to 4±d. per Tb; horse, 2s. 6d. to 18s. 6d. each. Calf: 17lbs. and upwards, 5|d. per lb.; 121bs. to 161bs, 7§d. per lb; 91bs. to lllbs., 7¡¡ti. per lb.; light, 7d. per. lb.; flawed and irregu- lar, 5d. per lb. Wools, 4s. 8d. to 6s. 7d. each. Fat, 8d. to Std.






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