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CURRENT PRICES OF BRITISH GRAIN AND FLOUR IN MARK LANE. Shillings r qr. Wheat, Essex and Kent (white), old 45 to 48 Ditto, ditto new 38 46 Wheat, Essex and Kent ired) old 44 46 Ditto, ditto new 36 42 Wheat, Norfolk, Lincoln, and Yorkshire (red) old ..45 47 Ditto, ditto ditto new 86 42 Barley 27 39 Beans 32 34 Oats, English feed n 18 23 Flour. ner sack of 2801b, Town, Households, 37s. to 43s. WARWICK, SATURDAY.—There was a fair attendance at this market, the business in wheat being 3d. per bag under former quotations. Red wheat was worth from 15s. to 15s. 3d. per bag, and white ditto from 16s. to 16s. 6d. There was a considerable quantity of seed beans on offer, for which from 18s. to 19s. were asked; other beans were worth 16s. per bag. WORCESTER, SATURDAY.—At this day's market there was a very short supply of wheat from the farmers, but the sales made were at a decline of fully Is. per qr., but sellers generally pre- ferred taking their samples back. Fine barley dull, secondary lower. Beans tending downward. More inquiry for peas. NOTTINGHAM, SATURDAY.-Our corn market was fairly sup- plied with samples of wheat, which changed hands at 2s. per qr. less on inferior qualities, and Is. per qr. on fine. Barley and oats came slowly to hand, and former rates were easily establish- ed. Beans a little cheaper. LEICESTER, SATURDAY.—The attendance of buyers and sellers was fair, and the show of wheat moderate. The trade ruled healthy, and sales took place at Is. to 2s. per qr. less money. Barley in some cases easier to purchase. Business for oats and beans quiet, at late rates. BRIDGNORTH, SATURDAY.—There was a full attendance of farmers, dealers, and millers. There were but few samples of barley exhibited, and on the whole business done was small. At the close of the market the following were the quotations:- White wheat, 6s. 4d. to 6s. 8d. per bushel of 721b; red wheat, from 5s. 8d. to 6s. 2d. per bushel of 721b. Malting barley, 5s. 6d. to 5s. 8d. per 38qts.; grinding barley, Its. 10d. to 15s. per 10sc. Beans, 15s. Od. to 16s. Od. per bag of lOsc. Seed peas, from 18s. to 19s. per bag of lOsc. Oats, 12s. Od. to 15s. Od per bag of 8sc. Indian corn, 13s. Od. to 13s. 4d. per sack of lOsc. SHREWSBURY, SATURDAY.—The following were the prices:— White wheat, 6s. 9d. to 7s. lid. per 751b red, 6s. 2d. to 6s. 6d. oats, per sack of Use. 101b, 16s. 6d. to 18s. Od.; beans, per 12sc., 18s. Od. to 19s. Od.; peas, per Use. 101b, 17s. Od. to 18s. 6d.; bar- ley, malting, per 88 quarts, 5s. 6d. to 5s. 9d.; grinding, per 13sc. 101b, 19s. to 20s.; malt, per imp. bushel, 8s. to 8s. 6d. Not much activity at this market. WELSHPUOL, MONDAY.- Quotations: -Wheat (per 801bs.) 6s. 8d. to 6s. 10d.; old ditto, Os. Od. to Os. Od. Barley (per 40 qts.), 4s. 9d. to 5s. 3d.; Oats, (per bag), 17s. to 20s. Od.; Eggs, 14 for Is.; Butter, Is. 4d. to Is. 6d. per lb.; Fowls, 3s. 6d. to 4s. 6d. per couple; Ducks, 4s. 0d. to 5s. 0d. Potatoes, 3s. Od. to 8s. 6d. per bushel. Geese, 5s. each.








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