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BALA. CONCERT.—On Tuesday, Feb. 1st, a concert was held at the British School. Mr O. Richards, M.D., presided. The following was the programme Welsh air—" Glan Medd'dod mwyn The Band. Song-" Rof fi mo fy llaw mewn nyth Cacwn" Hynyddog." Glee—" Happy We". MessrsH. Roberts and Party. Welsh air-" Nos Galan" The Band. Song—" Help One Another" Mr J. B. Lloyd. Song Mynyddog. Glee Messrs H. Roberts and Party. Welsh air- Llwyn onn" .The Band. Song—" Who's that Tapping at the Gate" Mynyddog. Glee—" Yr Alarch" Messrs H. Roberts and Party. Vocal piece—" Since by Man Came Death" The Band. Song-" Pistyll Henafol y Llan" Mynyddog. Song-" The Flying TrFtpese". Mr J. B. Lloyd. Song-" Fgtber, Come Home" The Band. Glee I Yr Haf" Messrs H. Roberts and Party. Song—"Daiydd Dew" Mynyddog. Chorus rne Band. Song:—" Peidiwch Codi Row" .Mynyddog. Finale-" God Save the Queen." The concert was numerously attended. Two-thirds of the proceeds were to be devoted to Llanuwchllyn British School, and one-third towards instruments for the Llanuwchllyn Temperance Brass Band. PETTY SESSIONS, SATURDAY; January 29th.-Before H. T. Richardson, W. P. Jones, and J. Jones, Esqs. Trespass in Pursuit of Game-H. Holt v. H. Cooke.— H. Holt said I live at Glanrafon, ,in the parish of Llan- uwehllyn, and am gamekeeper in the employ of Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart. On Christmas Day, the 25th December last, I saw defendant on the mountain land above Cefn- gwyn. He was in search of game. He had with him two greyhounds and a sheepdog. He was beating among some gorse and rushes. The land on which I saw defendant is the property of Sir W. W. Wynn he has the exclusive right of sporting over that land. Defendant had no permission from Sir Watkin, or his agent, or myself, to sport over that land. It was from half-past nine to ten o'clock a.m. when I saw defendant on the land.—Cross-examined by Defendant: You were walking up and down the rushes and gorse in search of game. You had two greyhounds and another dog with you.- John Pritchard said I live at Tyissa, Llangower, and am gamewatcher employed by Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart. On Christmas morning last, about ten o'clock or a little after, I saw defendant on the mountain land belonging to Garth. Defendant was beat- ing for hares. He had two greyhounds and a sheep dog with him. Defendant went from the mountain land into the enclosed land belonging to Garth. Defendant there started a hare, and the dogs chased it. hare was not killed. I was about sixty yards off. I did not bear the defendant say a word to the dogs. He ran after them, and when he saw me he stopped.—The Defendant said he was on the land, but not in pursuit of game.—Fined 22, and costs. Night Poach ing.-Edward Jones v. R. Jones.—Edward Jones said I live at Derwgoed Cottage, Llandderfel, and am gamewatcher in the employ of H. Robertson, Esq., Croggen. On the night of the 8th of January I saw defendant in Derwgoed Wood. It was about half-past ten o'clock at night. There were three persons, including defendant. The defendant had two hen pheasants in his possession. I heard three shots fired in the wood that evening. I took the pheasants from R. Jones; he had no gun when I caught him. My master has the exclusive right of sporting in Derwgoed Wood.—The defendant did not appear.—Sentenced to one calendar month's imprison- ment, and ordered to find sureties at the expiration of the term.


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