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The most distressing news of the week is the reported death of Dr LIVINGSTONE. It i& stated, that he was killed and burnt when about ninety days from the Congo. He had passed through a certain village three days before the King died, and the natives, thinking the white man had bewitched their sovereign, followed LIVINGSTONE, and murdered him. The account is believed to be true by Captain COCHRANE, but some of the papers give very good reasons for disbelieving it. If it is correct, LIVINGSTONE must have departed altogether from the Toute. laid., down in his last letter. Sir R. MURCHISON does not believe the re- port.—The scfieme for the government of the new Irish Church has been agreed upon with- remarkable despatch. It is proposed that the governing church body shall consist of the bishop of each diocese, one clerical and one lay re- presentative, and one learned assessor chosen from the laity by their representatives, but liable to be set aside by the General Synod. The new church is to stand doctrin- ally where the old one stood, accepting the thirty-nine articles and declaring a General Synod to be its chief legislative tribunal. Clergy are to be nominated by a committee of patronage.. consisting of clergy and laity, and one of three eventually selected by the bishop; bishops and archbishops are to be nominated by the clergy, and chosen by the bishops, some power of veto, however, being vested in the laity.—The Rev. J. Wix and the Rev. J. PUKCHAS, prosecuted for ritualism, have been ad- monished and mulcted in the costs. -According to reports from Rome but little progress is made in the Council. Both sides appear to be very determined, and it is hard to see how it will all end. The majority, in favour of Infallibility, may carry their point —but with what result ? —Parliament will open on Tuesday next,"when the Queen's speech will be read by commission. It is now believed that Government will attempt to deal with the Education, Licensing, and University Tests Bills, as well as the Land- Question, and there is more work cut out for the House than we remember for any previous session. Mr DISRAELI is still to lead the Opposition, with Lord CAIRNS for his deputy in the Upper House. I ♦ #

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