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On Thursday morning the stoker of a goods train, Thos. Powell, of the Moss, thought he heard a break down while the train was near Gresford, and proceeded to raise it. He slipped between the waggons, one of his legs was cut off, and he died at Chester Infirmary in the evening of the same day. HOLLOWAY'fl PILLS. -The Female's Friend.—The won- derful cures effected by these Pills have alone enabled them to withstand the keenest opposition for years. They are valued at the humblest hearths as well as in the houses of comfort and wealth. Holloway's Pills work a thorough purification of the whole system without disordering, weakening, or otherwise interfering with the natural action of any organ. They are admitted to be the best restorers of appetite, strength, and perfect health to the most delicate constitution. They give colour and fresh- ness to the face, and by their gentle alterative properties eradicate from the system the germs of complaints which, by the obstruction of humours, consign tens of thousands of females annually to an early grave, who might, by the use of these Pills, be spared to their families and friends. ADVICE TO MOl'HERS.-Are you broken of your rest by a sick child, suffering with the pain of cutting teeth; go at once to a chemist ana get a bottle of Mrs Winslow's Sooth- ing Syrup. It will relieve the poor sufferer immediately; it is perfectly harmless; it produces natural quiet sleep, by relieving the child from pain, and the little cherub awakes "as bright as a button." It has been long in use in America, and is highly recommended by medical men. It is very pleasant to take; it soothes the child; it softens the gums, allays all pain, relieves wind, regulates the bowels, and is the best known remedy for dysentery and diarrhoea, whether arising from teething or other causes. Be sure and ask for Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup. No mother should be without it.—Sold by all Medicine Dealers at Is, lid. per bottle, London Depot, 205, (High Helborn,