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LLANGOLLEN. AMATEUR CONCERT. —On Friday week a concert was fiven at the Assembly Rooms by the Llangollen Phil- armonic Society, conducted by Mr E. S. Jones, Eirianfa, and assisted by Messrs H. B. Morris, Rhyl, and Mr J. Martin, Manchester; Mr Fred. Owen (Alaw Maelor), acted as accompanist. The choir numbered above a hun- dred voices, and is a revival of the Philharmonic Society which Mr E. S. Jones conducted some twenty years ago. The pieces sung were mainly selected from the "Messiah," but in two or three instances Handel's work was de- parted from in favour of a piece by another great mas- ter. The music performed was all sacred. The first chorus was beautifully sung, and the careful arrangement of the tenor and alto voices testified to the audience that the entertainment would continue successful, as the great dearth in provincial choirs generally bears upon these voices. Mr James Martin next appeared in a solo, and was warmly received by his old friends. The aria, He shall feed his flock as a shepherd," was very feelingly given by Miss Morris, and was re-demanded. The chorus, For unto us a child is born," was delivered with great precision, the choir seeming to out,-or jaW the spirit of the anthem; an encore was warmly demanded. The trio, On Thee each living soul awaits," was given by Messrs James Jones, J. Martin, and Miss Morris. The three voices did not however seem well suited to one another, and Mr Jones's alto was scarcely heard by the greater part of the audience. The chorus, "Lift up your heads," which is perhaps one of the most stirring in the "Messiah," was very well rendered, and loudly recalled. The con- ductor, however, appealed to the audience to consider the length of the programme, and the encore was not com- plied with. Miss Morris and Mr Martin severally ap- peared in solos, and were each encored. The audience was thoroughly aroused by the appearance on the orchestra of Mrs Jones (wife of the Rev. H. Jones, M. A-) and of Mrs Edwards (wife of Mr Edwards, Chirk), who sang the duet, 0 lovely peace." These ladies were members of the Philharmonic Society at its commencement, and their re-appearance, after so many years have elapsed, was the signal for loud applause; an encore was not complied with. Mr James Jones was re-called in the aria, "Thou shalt dash them, &c. which he sang with great power. The Hallelujah" chorus was given with much more than average merit, and loudly applauded. The room was "crammed."


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