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The Senior Wrangler at Cambridge this year is Mr Pendlebury, of St. John's Cellege, and son of Mr Pendle- bury, of Fairfield, Liverpool. An American expedition, under Admiral Davies, s about to leave New York for the purpose of surveying all the proposed routes for the Darienship canal. The report is to be made to President Grant. You say that the Lucifer Matches you use, Are the patent" of Bryant and May's; Pray tell me, still further, why is it you choose Their best specials,"—do tell me, pray ? I'll tell you most readily—listen to me, And the fact, then, most widely make known From danger, through fire, with their matches you are free, For they light on no box but their own !—A. M. R. MODERN CUSTOMS.—Presentations and testimonials are largely on the increase this modern custom appears to extend to almost every household, for no auspicious event is allowed to pass without its being marked .by some pleasing souvenir; Birthdays, Christenings, Marriages, the seasons of the year, such as Christmas, New Years &c., invariably receive special commemoration. The at- tention of one of the great London Manufacturers, Mr J. W. BENSON, of 25, Old Bond-street, and of the City Steaft Factory, Ludgate-hill, has been directed to this subject. With the view of giving more artistic effect to this custom of society, he has published a most interesting Illustrated Historical Pamphlet upon Watches and Clocks, also one upon artistic Gold Jewellery, Silver and Electro- plate all are profusely illustrated with choice designs, and are -sent post-free for 2d. each, thus bringing within the r-of those who live even thousands of mile s away from London, one of the largest and most artistic collec- tions which can be seen in any part of the world and, it necessary, designs are prepared to illustrate any special case.

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