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tdtiatitld. The popular American preacher the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher has refused to have his salary, as pastor of Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, raised from 12,500 dollars to 20,000 dollars. The Rev. Alexander Seton, of St. Andrew's Scottish National Church, intends to make a motion in the Presbytery to the effect that a union of all the Presbyterian bodies in England is desirable. The Municipal Council of Munich has granted the freedom of the city to Dr Dollinger, the famous Roman Catholic theologian, on account of his manly conduct in opposing the dogma of the Papal Infallibility." The Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin, and Ardagh, Dr Hamilton Verschoyle, died last week, at the episcopal residence at Kilmore. in the county of Cavan. The deceased, who was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, was consecrated in 1862. It is not expected that the convocation of the province of Canterbury will meet for the despatch of business on Wednes- day, February 9th, according to arrangement, but that it will be adjourned for two or three weeks, in consequence of the illness of the archbishop. The appeal of Mr Voysey cannot be heard at the time ap- pointed. The case is in a very peculiar position for hearing There are only three bishops who are Privy Councillors. The Archbishop of Canterbury is too ill to attend the Judicial Com- mittee; the Archbishop of York sent the case by letters of request; and the Bishop of London issued the commission of inquiry. The only question is whether another bishop will be made a Privy Councillor. At the meeting of the General Assembly of the Irish Presby- terian Church, last week, a letter was read from the Chief Secretary for Ireland, stating that as the Government understood the Presbyterian bodies did not desire the continuance of the Regium Donum, the usual vote would be omitted from the esti- mates. At a subsequent meeting it was decided by 337 against 8 votes to commute the life interest in the Regium Donum. The assembly then deliberated respecting the details of the sustenta- tion fund. We learn from a private source that an enterprising northern M.P. is meditating to introduce a Bill next session to repeal the statute prohibiting the clergy from sitting in the House of Com- mons. The honourable member's notion is that there are many clerics hanging about town without duty (either voluntarily or involuntarily idle), who, as men of sense and business habits, would be acceptable additions to the Lower House. From another quarter we hear that, if a Bill of the kind should pass the Rev. W. G. Clark, ex-public orator, would offer himself for the University of Cambridge. —English Churchman. A correspondent of the Daily News" gives a further account of the work of evangelization which "Ned Wright" is carrying on in London. Last evening," he says, "a curious and mourn- ful gathering was held on the south side of the water. At the invitation of 'Ned Wright,' himself a converted deserter, prize- fighter, and housebreaker, about seventy female thieves and about half that number of similarly bad characters belonging to the other sex, assembled in the Gospel Hall, New-cut, Lambeth, to eat a supper of peasoupand bread, and to listen to the preach- ing of the Gospel.' This strange audience behaved very well but found it difficult to attend to Wright's discourse, except when he touched very closely upon his own or their own experiences. The opening of a new Roman. Catholic Chapel at Lewes, the other day, afforded occasion for a disgraceful display on the part of the more zealous and demonstrative Protestants of the town. During a two hours' service, which was held in the chapel, a crowd, which had assembled in front of the building, kept up a constant howling and noise, and any member of the congregation that appeared was assailed with a volley of hisses. Matters took a still more serious turn when, at the conclusion of the service, the priests made their appearance. They were hustled by theerowd, several stones were thrown at them, and ultimate- ly they were compelled to take refuge in a house into which they were invited. The fervour of the" Protestant" roughs of the town had, it appears, been stimulated by the previous circulation of inflammatory handbills. The Birmingham Post' says-An estimate of the strength of the Evangelical party in the Church of England wasgiven at the Islington clerical meeting, in London, last week. The Rev. H. Barne, vicar of Faringdon, Berkshire, stated that of the 18,000 clergyman in the Church of England, 5,000 were probably men of evangelical principles." This number is less than we should have thought, but the Record" confirms it, saying that, the computation is based on actual facts, gathered from the sub- scription list of our great societies, and may be accepted as substantially true," It would be interesting to ascertain to what divisions of church opinion the rest of the clergy belong. The ritualists and high churchmen have never, we believe, claimed more than 2,000; and about the same number would probably be a liberal estimate for the broad church clergy. This, however, disposes of only half the total number. How are the rest to be classified ? On Tuesday evening week an entertainment full of interest, and in many respects unprecedented in its character, was given at Westminster. Archbishop Lycurgus, one of the principal hierarchs of that portion of the Greek Church belonging to the kingdom of Greece, was invited to dinner, and the use of the Jerusalem Chamber was granted for the occasion by the Dean of Westminster, who presided. The number of those who could be present was limited to forty by the size of the apartment, but the following were among those occupying seats at table :-The Archbishop of Syra and Tenos, his Excellency the Greek Minis- ter, the Bishop of London, the Bishop of Rochester, the Bishop of Ely, the Bishop of Colombo, the Earl of Glasgow, Lord Elgin, the Very Rev. the Archimandrite in the suite of the Archbishop, the Rev. theArchimandriteMorfinos, the Rev. the ArchirtVaJVdrile Stratuli, a deacon of the Greek Church; Mr Crawford) M.P. Sir R. Phillimore, Mr Mavrogordato, Mr Ralli, Mr Freshfieltt Mr Agathides, Rev. W. Rogers, Mr Gilbert Scott, Mr Gibbs, Ac.

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