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45he (bood Old Zimto. (From tlÍe Gentleman's Magazine, 1742.) The January Sessions ended on the 19th, when were condemned to death, Theo. Pinks and Steph. Jenkins, Highwaymen. Eleanor Brown, a Pickpocket, Margaret Burgess, Jesse Walden, and Christopher Jordan for a Robbery, and Joseph Pigg for Sheep Stealing. March 11.—A great Number of the Members of both Houses met at the Fountain Tavern in the Strand, as they had done several Times, to consult about Matters of the greatest Importance in the Crisis of Affairs. June 2. Lyell and Sydney stood on the Pillory near the Opera House, for defrauding some Gentlemen with loaded dice at a Masquerade. August 12.-Daniel Chappel, a Merchant of London, has obtained a Patent for printing several Sorts of Woollen Manufactures after a new Invention; as did Messrs Betton and Wellington of Shrewsbury, for extracting Oil from a Flinty Rock, for the Cure of the Rheumatism, &c. Sept. 20.-The crew of the King William, Captain Phillips lately arrived from the East Indies, having re- pulsed a Boat belonging tc the Shrewsbury Man of War which came to impress the Men. The Shrewsbury fired several Guns into their Ship, killed two of her Crew, and afterwards pressed all ye hands. Sept. 29.—By an Act passed the last Session of Parlia- ment, which commences this day, it it is made High Treason to wash over or alter the Impression on either- side of Shillings or Sixpences. Oct. 30.—Were entered at the Custom-house 4330 Pound' of Raw Silk, from Petersburgh, being the first i»»Por from thence since the Commencement of the Act for s tlincr a Trade with Persia thro' Russia. Prices of Grain, d'C. (Jan.)—Wheat, 26s. to 28s. per q Rye, 24s.; Barley, 20s.; Oats, 12s. to los.; Beans 21s. to 25s.; Pease, 30s. to 36s.; Malt, 22s. to 28s.; Best Hops, 31, to 31.12s. ,6,