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TWO GOOD DAYS WITH SIR WATKIN S HOUNDS. The meet on Saturday was. Iscoyd Park, near Whit- church, the seat of P. W. Godsal, Esq., one of the most staunch fox preservers. The worthy Wonet was not out being present at the Merionethshire election. Drew the Neutral Covert, where there were a brace of foxes.' Got tb%-Ww °5e t the,riSht sort, up to the park and on to the Bier Wood through it to the Higher Barns the beginning of the Wyches but this was to be no Wych Hui or cfnttnn'a P Stockton, as if pointing for Cherry i ™ j i Gorse; bore away to the left, bv Newton thf p to the Wyches between Dymock's Mill and the Groves Farm, through like a shot, only two getting away at their tails; on towards Hanmer, where a check in some wheat let up the field; hit it off, and went merrily on, leaving Horseman's Green to the left as if for Penley, bore away to the left to the Whitchurch and Overton turapike, where there was a check Cast the Sin a moiS6 ^to-why?-^ back to the left, hit him t loolf8 at Greddin'gton Gorse Covert-too on to/hLn18' gS"k g the b°ttom to Bettisfield, and so W Tin^l8' fere' ^ke a long story short, we lost ™ aIT h°,Ur and thirty-five minutes, and ground very deep; as good a run as a man wants to see over a fair country, part of it good. He was a gallant fox, and a most discriminating one, for he always chose the best C°f Those who not had enough, and one! TnX CW Iscoed" ^und at th™b tbf l to the Higher Barns, rSS l fr nheJyche8, UP to Houghton, on to stonned ™ < t ? P^^gton, when the hounds were the wtl1 them-Mr Peel and Payne t « M e J0* was afterwards found in a SSed t i. £ m where the hounds were stopped, as stiff as starch. Payne showed his nerve was as that^/lw' he one of the finest horsemen if^Sir WatlH^b pigs^n" Everyone was delighted, and' if Sir Watkin has another run like it may I be there on the BROUGHAM HORSE.— Field. the BROUGHAM HORSE.— Field. On Monday last Aldersey was the fixture. This is a favourite meet, and always draws a large field. There were many ladies present, well mounted, who rather astonished some of the more nervous gentlemen by the ,1 jf1 they rode to hounds. Aldersey covers fieW should w A 5" Wa-kin' anxious that so large a Wootton ib tb n dlsaPP°inted, enquired from Mr W. Wootton whether Crewe Gorse would be a sure find and "nS? affirm*tive the pack were akS blink Thw-f°rsf has never yetbeendrawn in be considered as one of the best covers print erc^ thi^^ wa?held^d b«rten' J °nt the turnpike road he was headed back and ran for the gorse again. On tryiin undeTrWe'lT ?,n n8' them closed, however, he crossef Z vi £ r n?iJ the,riv,?r 8^e, a direct line for the viUage of Farndon, leaving it slightly on the left through Sibbersfield Hall paddocks for Royalty Gorse! ri^bt !!Liagaw cl?anS|d, hisi course, veered sharp to the ^iin' W b • T ? whence to near Grewe Gorse again but being headed at this point he skirted the cover, wr?# acrJoss the turnpike road, through nrmJard' and led them a rattling gallop to Shocklach Gorse, gaining the cover. It was some five minutes before he could be got away again, although he was quite spent. Instead of yielding and dying in cover, he made one more bold stroke for life. Breaking on the Shocklach side he ran across a large grass field, where he lay down, and the hounds passed over him but Payne, discovering the hounds had overrun their fox, blew his horn, got the hounds back, and shortly gave the final "woo-hoop." During this fine run great numbers came to- f7le ,7, i^Pund. yas very heavy and severely tested • me mettle of the noblest steeds. A large number of the members of the Cheshire hunt were present, and seemed bent on shewing the followers of Sir Watkin's hounds how the thing should be done by leading the run; but never were men more deceived, as the members of the latter gallantly held their own all through the day. Among those who went well we may especially mention the names of E. Peel, Esq., of Brynypvs, and W. Thelwell, Swvlh °% <¥r }V~ W°otton, Crewe Hall, bore y onour of tile chase. Sir Watkin, in awarding mm the brush, remarked that there were many there who only rode hounds, but Mr Wootton was a staunch pre- server of foxes, and to^ his vigilance and attention they owed many a fine run, including the one just ended. A more deserved compliment was never paid to any follower- of the chase, as he is a thoroughly true British sportsman. --Chester Chronicle. CARNARVONSHIRE OOTTRSTNYl Afttpyrnvn Messrs H. Humphreys, T. T. Parry, R. Humphreys, J. Williams R. R. W illiams, W. Jones, T. Jones, O. Thomas, G. Davies, R. Rowlands, Evan Evans, and J. Moreton, Stewards. Mr O. Thomas, Hon. Sea Air W. Hamer, Flag Steward. Mr G. Davies, Slip Steward. Mr Warwick, Judge. W. Wilkinson. Slipper. VAYNOL STAKES, for all ages, at zC3 10s. each winner P-50, se- cond £20, third and fourth £ 7 10s., fifth sixth, seventh and eighth £3 10s. each. Mr Hamer's b b Mrs Bright beat Mr J. Williams's f b Winifred(l) Mr Twiggs f b Topaz beat Mr H. Humphreys's r b Hebe Mr T. Roberts's bk and w d Joe beat Mr E. Edwards's bk b Sweet Home Mr J. Jones's f and w d Governor beat Mr W. Hughes's bk and w d Hawk Mr Moorhouse's be d Romping Bob beat Mr G. Evans's be d King(2) Mr R. Hughes's r d Dapper beat Mr Preston's r b Lady the Second Mr R. R. Williams's bk d Jupiter beat Mr Grifflths's bk and w b Nimble Mr J. Jones's w and bk b Governess beat Woolliscroft's Nomina- tion Mr Twigg's bk and w d Truce beat Mr T. Jones ns bk and w d Flyer (1) Mr R. Humphreys ns bk b Mona beat Mr H. Humphreys's f b Menai Mr Moorhouse's bk w b Merry Heart beat Mr E. Edwards's bk d Warrior (1) Mr W. Hughes's f b Happy Girl beat Mr J. Davies's bk d King Lear Mr T. Roberts ns f w b Pauline beat Mr J. Williams's bk w d Webster Mr R. R. Williams ns f w b Goodie beat Mr Griffiths's bk w d Cambio Mr jt. Hughes'sr bDeva bt. Mr Blackstock'swbkBlow for Blow Mr R. R. Williams's f b Runaway beat Mr Humpheys's f w b Menai's Pride II. Topaz beat Mrs Bright Mona beat Truce Joe beat Governor Merry Heart beat Happy Girl Romping Bob beat Dapper Goodie beat Pauline Jupiter beat Governess Deva beat Runaway III. Topaz beat Joe (1) Merry Heart beat Mona Romping Bob beat Jupiter Deva beat Goodie IV. Romping Bob beat Topaz Deva beat Merry Heart v. Mr R. Hughes's Deva beat Mr Moorhouse's Romping Bob. CARNARVON STAKES, for puppies, at E2 10s, each; winner £20, second £10, third and fourth 42 10s. each. Mr Edwards's bk d Barrister beat Mr H. Humphreys's bk w d Lord Penrhyn Mr W. Hughes's bk w b Prig beat Mr G. Davies ns bk w b Welsh Lady Mr J. Williams's f b Ellen (late Fanny) beat Mr Evans's f w b Menai's Pride Mr J. Beckett's bk w b Jenny Jones beat Mr Twigg's bkd Theory Mr W. Hughes's bk d Havelock beat Mr H. Owen's r b Fanny Drape(l) Mr H. Owens's bk w b Runaway beat Mr Davies ns w bk b Welsh Lass Mr H. Humphreys's bk b Lady Penrhyn beat Mr Edwards's r d Bracelet Mr Hughes's bk b Jenny Lind beat Mr R. Humphreys's bk d Knt of Snowdon (1) II. Barrister beat Prig Havelock beat Runaway Jenny Jones beat Ellen Jenny Lind beat Lady Penrhyn in. Barrister beat Jenny Jones (1 dr) Havelock beat Jenny Lind. IV. Mr Edwards's Barrister beat Mr W. Hughes's Havelock BANGOR STAKES, for beaten dogs, at Y.2 2s, each winner £ 6 6s., second P-4 4s., third and fourth 43 3s. each. Mr Griffith's bk w b Nimble beat Mr H. Humphreys's r b Hebe Mr H. Hamer's bd b Mrs Bright (a bye) beat Mr J. Davies's bk d King Lear (absent) Mr Edwards's Bracelet beat Mr W. Owen's Fanny Drape Mr R. R. Williams's Runaway beat Mr R. Humphreys's bk d Knight of Snowdon (1) II. Mrs Bright beat Nimble Bracelet beat Runaway III. Mr Edwards's Bracelet beat Mr H Hamer's Mrs Bright. RACING FIXTURES. Birmingham Feb. 8 and 9 Lincoln Spring Feb. 1G and 17 Carmarthenshire Hunt Feb. 22 and 24 Baschurch Feb. 25 Liverpool Spring March 8, 0, and 10 COURSING FIXTURES. Abergele Feb. 3 Hereford Feb. 3 and 4 Upton Magna Feb. 14 and 15 Waterloo Feb. 16, &c.

---45he (bood Old Zimto.