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From a recent customs return, it appears that E73 is collected at Aberystwyth at a cost of 21,913 The Bishop-Designate of Manchester writes that, though he has the strongest possible desire to preserve the re- ligious character of education, he holds that any form of real enlightenment is both better in itself and more hope ful for the rightly understood interests of religion than the darkness of ignorance. Mr Stuart Majendie writes to the Guardian to state that his brother, the late Prebendary Majendie, contri- buted most liberally to appeals from Bangor diocese and also that the sinecure of Penmynydd was not abolished by the Bishop, but by an Act of Parliament passed several years ago, the income, subject to his brother's life, having been vested in the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. The Bishop of Exeter had an enthusiastic reception on Friday, from the friendly societies and the working men of Exeter generally. There were nearly 3,000 persons pi^sent. In replying to the address which was presented to him, Dr Temple referred to various topics, and particularly to the question of education, to which, he said, he had devoted a great deal of time and study. He remarked that schemes might be devised, but, no matter whether upported by Government or private interest, they would fail unless those who were to be educated were impressed that it was for their benefit and comfort they should be educated. As to the organization of education, nine-tenths depended on parents, and only one-tenth on organization. BREAKFAST.—EPPS'S COCOA.—GRATEFUL AND COMFORT- ING.—The very agreeable character of this preparation has rendered it a general favourite. The Civil Service Gazette remarks:—"The singular success which Mr Epps attained by his homoeopathic preparation of cocoa has never been surpassed by any experimentalist. By a thorough know- ledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a careful application of the fine properties of well-selected cocoa, Mr Epps has provided our breakfast tables with a delicately flavoured beverage which may save us many heavy doctors' bills." Made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold by the Trade only in lb., lb,, and 1 lb. tin-lined packets, labelled—JAMES EPPS" & Co., Homoeopathic Chemists, London. IMPRISONMENT FOR DEBT.—There is a very general im- pression abroad that imprisonment for debt has been abolished entirely. This, however, is not the case. There have been certain modifications of the law, but the judges, both of the County Courts and of the Supreme Courts, have still the power of committing to prison persons who will not pay their debts. In the case of County Court judges the power to commit to prison is confined to cases in which debtors having the means refuse to satisfy judg- ment and costs. If a person obtained judgment in the Supreme Court against a debtor for a sum above 920, he had the power of obtaining a warrant and putting him in prison if the judgment was not satisfied when it became due. This power is done away with and before a debtor can be imprisoned by the Supreme Courts, there must be, as in the County Courts, a sumirions after judgment to show cause why he has not complied with the order,



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