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CORN, &c.


CORN, &c. LIVERPOOL CORN.—TUESDAY. Large attendance. So far. not much done in Wheat, and LAST FRIDAY'S PRICES firmly maintained. Flour slow and unchanged. Indian Cora worse to sell. Round Yellow, 27s. 8d. Other articles nominally unaltered. LONDON, MONDAY.-Last week's supplies were large in foreign Oats, and generally good. Exports: 1,060 qrs. Wheat, 45 qrs Oats, 10 qrs. beans, 10 qrs. Maize. English Wheat !>,li69 qrs., foreign 18.183 qrs. With but a sm >ll show this morning on the Essex and Kentish stands, none but the finest in good condition found a ready sale, prices being much as previously. The demand for foreign was exceedingly limited white qualities, as well as flne Baltic red, kept their former value, but to have sold inferior descriptions freely would hive lowered prices. Country. Flour 23,276 sacks; foreign 2,809 sacks 10,649 barrels. The trade in Norfolks was excessively dull, and where sales were pressed rather less had to be accepted. The sime also may be said of foreign sorts both in sacks and barrels; but town qualities were without change. Maize 9,681 qrs. This grain ssld quietly, at former rates. British Barley 4,854 qrs., foreign 9;087 qr, The entire trade was very slow; but prices were nominaliy the Fame both for malting and the inferior qualities. In Malt, business remained very flack at about previous currency. English Oats 307 qrs 55,280 qrs. foreign. Notwithstanding the large foreign supply, fresh corn was more in favour at an advance of 6d. to Is. per qr. Native Beans 799 qrs., foreign 1,155 qrs. New beans were difficult to quit on rather easier terms, but old were steady. English Peas 749 qrs., foreign 1,692 qrs. All descriptions were dull, at about former prices. CURRENT PRICES OF BRITISH GRAIN AKD FLOUR IN MARK LANE. „ Shillings qr. Wheat, Essex and Kent (white), old 47 to 52 Ditto, ditto new 40 49 Wheat, EKSHX and Kent, I red) old 46 49 Ditto, ditto new 88 45 Wheat, Norfolk, Lincoln, and Yorkshire (red) old 47 49 Ditto, ditto ditto new 38 45 Barley 26 42 Beans 83 48 Oats,English feed is 20 Flour, per sack of 2801b, Town, Households, 87s. to 43s. WORCESTER, SATURDAY.—At this day's market there was a short supply of wheat, which found buyers at an advance of 6d. to Is. per qr. Barley unaltered in value. Oats 6d. to Is. per qr. lower. Beans and peas difficult to quit in quantity. NOTTINGHAM, SATURDAY.-Our corn market was by no means well supplied with wheat, the trade for which ruled heavy, at an improvement of Is. per qr. on fine parcels other sorts un- altered. Oats and beans a quiet sale, and about the same in value. Barley made high rates. LEICESTER, SATURDAY.—We had a fair attendance of far- mers and factors at our market, and the show of wheat was middling. Fine faced were heid for a little more money, while secondary qualities made late rates. Small show of oats and barley, at former terms. Beans made high prices. CARLISLE, SATURDAY.—At this market there was an average supply of all kinds of grain, which met a fair demand at last week's prices. NEWCASTLE, SATURDAY.—There was a good delivery of wheat from the growers, with a fair show on the stands. English wheat supported last week's rates in the business done; foreign was unaltered. No change in barley, beans, or peas. Oats and oatmeal quiet. Flour unaltered. DONCASTER, SATURDAY. -There was a fair supply of wheat, which met a steady sale at the full prices of last week. Barley in fair demand at late rates. Oats, beans, and peas quiet at late rates. No change in other articles. BRIDGNORTH, SATURDAY.—There was a good attendance of farmers, dealers, and millers. Millers and buyers are very cautious in extending their purchases, farmers holding out for advanced prices. Business on the whole was fair, particularly in wheat and barley, and a fair trade was done. At the close the following were the quotations :-White wheat, 6s. 4d. to 6s. lOd. per bushel of 721b; red wheat, from 6s. Od. to 6s. 4d. per bushel of 72lb. Malting barley, 5s. 6d. to 5s. 8d. per 38qts.; grind- ing barley, 14s. 6d. to 15s. per lOsc. Beans, 16s. Od. to 16s. 6d. per bag of lOsc. Peas, none offered. Oats, 13s. Od. to 15s. Od per bag of 8sc. Indian corn, 12s. 6d. to 133. per sack of lOsc. SHREWSBURY, SATURDAY.—The following were the prices:- White wheat, 6s. 8d. to 7s. Od. per 751b red, 6s. 4d. to 6s. 8d. oats, per sack of Ilse. 101b, 17s. 6d. to 20s. Od.; beans, per 12sc 18s. 6d. to 19s. 6d.; barley, malting, per 38 quarts, 5s. 4d. to 5s 8d.; malt, per imp. bushel, 8s. to 8s. 6d. WELSHPOOL, MONDAY.—Quotations:—Wheat (per 801bs ) 6s. 6d. to 6s. 10d.; old ditto, Os. Od. to Os. Od. Barley (per 40 qts.), 48.9d. to 5B. 3d-; Oats, (per bag), 17s. to 208. Od.; Egirs, 14 for Is.; Butter, Is. 4d. to Is. 6d. per lb.; Fowls, 2i. 61, to 3s 6d. per couple Ducks, 43. 6d. to 5s. Cd. Potatoes, 3s. Od. to 83. 6d. per bushel.










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