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LLANWRIN. FOUND DROWNED.—On Tuesday, the 11th, an inquest was held at Ty-ucha, before D. R. Pughe, Esq., coroner, on a dead body, which had been found in the river Dovey on the previous day, and which had been identified as that of Ann Evans, Pen-y-geulan, Cemmaes, who was missed frome her home on Thursday evening, the 6th inst. The evidence was as follows :—William Williams I live at Brynmelyn, which is a mile from the river. I was going through the river yesterday, about five o'clock in the afternoon, on horse back, opposite to Penybont, and, above me, near the Cemmaes side of the river, I saw a dead body-that of the deceased. I called the servant of Pwysnant to help me, and we got the body out and took it in a cart to Llanwrin. I saw Ann Evans last alive at Cemmaes, to the best of my recollection, about two months ago. I do not remember hearing anything about her, at front ot ner, ana we upcucvt *v, it— £ 2 in silver. I took charge of that and now produce i t. -P.C. Thomas, stationed at Cemmaes The deceased iived alone. Pen-y-geulan is composed of two cottage in one of whichthedeceasedlived, and in the otherEllenEvans, with her two children, her husband having left her about six years ago. Ellen Evans is about thirty-five years of and her children eight and fourteen respectively. ren-y-geulan is about twenty yards from the river. I saw deceased last Thursday morning, and again in the evening at church. She went out of church al>out a quarter to ei;ht o'clock. I saw nothing of her afterwards. I first was informed of her being missing at half-past eleven yes- terday morning. I went to examine her house, by the magistrate's orders, and found she was not there. All her things were undisturbed her bed was unmade. Her neighbours had heard nothing of her since Thursday night last. Ellen Evans was in all that evening. She heard her go to church, but heard nothing of her after- wards. It was very dark and wet on Thursday night. She might have missed her way in going home and fallen into the river. She was considered sane by all her neigh- bours but she was rather peculiar in her manner. She was about sixty-four years of age. She received 2s. 6d. per wet.k, parish relief, and was in the habit of going aHout begging. She had some very good relations. Ver- dict, "Found drowned."



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