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PROPOSED EXHIBITION OF THE ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY AT SHREWSBURY IN 1871. Last Saturday the annual dinner of the Shropshire Chamber of Agriculture took place at Shrewsbury. Ad- vantage was taken of the occasion to hold a county meeting for the purpose of considering and deciding as to such steps as might be deemed expedient to induce the Council of the Royal Agricultural Society of England t. fol6,04 Shrewsbury as the place for holding the show in W u oi •^lee,tlo,g waB, convened by Mr John Rocke, the Migh sheriff of Shropshire, to whom a requisition had been presented. In the forenoon the members of the Chamber of Agriculture assembled together, and agreed that, before they adopted any definite course, they should await the decision of the county meeting. The Shrews- bury Town Council also held a special meeting, and ap- pointed a committee to co-operate with the committee nominated at the county meeting. At twelve o'clock the meeting convened by the High Sheriff was held in the Shire Hall, and it was largely attended. Lord HilL the Lord-Lieutenant of the county, occupied the chair, in the absence of the High Sheriff through indisposition, and among those present were :-The Earl of Powis, the Earl of Bradford, General Sir Percy Herbert, M. P., Colonel Corbett, M.P., Mr Fenton (Mayor of Shrewsbury), Capt. Cust, Mr Stanley Leighton, Mr E. Wright, Halston, Mr G. Bather, Mr G. Cureton, Mr T. Mansell, Mr G. Meire, Mr T. L. Meire Mr J. Walton, Rev. W. Jonesj Mr C. Spencer LLoyd, Mr E. Davies, Mr Brown, Ruyton, Captain Severne, Mr John Whittaker, Mr J. Baldock! Mr Lewis, Felton Butler, Rev. W. Jones, Baschurch, Mr Cotes, jun. Mr Brewster, Mr Thomas, Colemere, Mr w uUtleu y°y^; Jones, Mr G. Harries, Mr W. Heath, Dr Watts, Mr Townsend, Mr J. Harding, Mr T. S. Price, Mr E. Bowen, Mr Richards, Llynclys, Mr Hilton, Knockin, Councillors Groves, Cross, Watton Heath, Southam, and Nightingale, of the Shrewsbury Corporation, &c. Lord HILL in opening the proceedings read a letter that had been received from the High Sheriff, expressing his regret that indisposition prevented his attendance. His lordship said that he should be most happy to assist in promoting the movement for which the meeting had been convened. He pointed out the great facilities, both as to railway accommodation and accommodation for visitors, which Shrewsbury afforded for holding the show. He understood that a meeting of the Shrewsbury Corporation had been held, and he wished the Mayor to state what had taken place. The Mayor of SHREWSBURY (Mr Fenton) said the Cor- poration had met that morning and passed a resolution to form a committee to co-operate with any committee that might be appointed at the county meeting. Mr BOWEN JONES, honorary secretary of the Shropshire Chamber of Agriculture, informed the noble President that a meeting of the Chamber had also been held that morning. Nothing definite, however, had been resolved upon; it had been decided to await the resolutions at which this county meeting might arrive. ThE; members of the Chamber were very anxious that the show of 1871 should be held at Shrewsbury, and would give all the co- operation and cordial assistance in their power. The TOWN CLERK (Mr E. Creswell Peele) read a com- munication from the Council of the Royal Agricultural Society stating that the quantity of land which would be required for the show was 160 acres. The Earl of Powis moved the first resolution. It was to the effect that, a communication from the Council of the Royal Agricultural Society having been read, it was desirable, in the interests of the town and county, and of North Wales, that the Royal Agricultural Society's meet- ing of 1871 should be held in Shrewsbury. His lordship referred to the previous meeting of the society in Shrews- bury, in 1845; it had given a stimulus to agriculture in Shropshire, and had tended to promote the improvement of the land and to raise the breed of Shropshire sheep to the position it now holds. He believed that the county of Chester had not made any movement with a view to the meeting being held there and therefore the choice lay between Shropshire and Staffordshire-in other words, between Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton; and although Wolverhampton was, no doubt, a very important centre, and a centre of extensive railway communication, he be- lieved that in respect of railway accommodation and the means of providing ample accommodation for visitors, Shrewsbury could offer equal facilities to those afforded by its formidable rival. (Applause.) Mr WRIGHT, of Halston, seconded the resolution, and it was carried. Mr STANLEY LEIGHTON proposed that a committee be appointed to promote the movement for the holding at Shrewsbury of the meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society in 1871; and that it consist of the High Sheriff, the Lord-Lieutenant of the County, the representatives in Parliament of the county and boroughs, the mayors of the- vorious Shropshire boroughs, the President and Vice- President of the Shropshire Chamber of Agriculture, two members of the Shrewsbury Corporation and of the several other corporations of Shropshire, with power to add to their number, and any three to act. Captain CUST seconded this proposition. Mr BOWEN JONES suggested that in the interest of the tenant farmers, who would not be adequately represented on the committee as nominated, the whole committee of the Shropshire Chamber of Agriculture be added to the number. Mr T. GROVES (ex-Mayor of Shrewsbury) considered that the Corporation of Shrewsbury was not sufficiently represented upon the committee proposed, and he sug- gested that there should be added to it the names of some fourteen gentlemen, those who had been chosen that morn- ing at the committee to represent the corporate interests. The suggestions were adopted, and the resolution as amended was unanimously carried, amid much applause. Captain SEVERNE moved that a subscription list be opened, and that the various bankers in the county be re- quested to receive further contributions. It had been shown that the heart of the county and of the town was thoroughly in this matter, and he felt no doubt the sub- scription list would be a successful one. (Applause.) General Sir PERCY HERBERT, M.P., seconded the pro- position, which was agreed to. It was resolved, upon the motion of the Earl of BRAD- FORD, seconded by Mr C. SPENCER LLOYD, that Mr T. M. How be the treasurer of the fund, and Mr Bowen Jones and the Town Clerk at Shrewsbury (Mr Peele) the joint honorary secretaries. A letter was read from Mr R. Jasper More, offering ta subscribe 250 or 2100 to the fund, according to the average rate of subscription. (Applause.) He also suggested that each market town should open a subscription list. Lord HILL remarked that he had heard that the Wol- verhampton subscription had reached £ 7,000. In reply to a question as to the amount required by the Royal Agri- cultural Society, his lordship replied, "As much as they can get." (Laughter.) The average, he believed, was about £ 2,000; but Manchester raised last year the excep- tionally handsome sum of 218,000. It was announced that Mr J. R. Ormsby Gore, M.P., had been unable to attend the meeting on account of the Merionethshire election. On the proposition of the Mayor of SHREWSBURY, seconded by Mr BRISTOW, a cordial vote of thanks to Lord Hill for presiding was carried by acclamation, and the meeting adjourned.