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THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. This school was examined on the 15th and 16th ult; on the former day chiefly by paper, on the latter vivi voce, by the Rev. T. R. Morice, M.A., Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford and on the following day prizes to the amount of about 210, in books, were distributed by his Worship the Mayor. The Classical Prize, a handsomely bound volume, given by the Right Hon. the Earl of Lisburne, with his Lord- ship's Coat of Arms, was presented to Richards of Gwar- felin. The prize for Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, an elegant volume, given by Sir Thomas D. Lloyd, Bart., M.P. for the Cardiganshire Boroughs, to R. Jones, of Tanycastell. A prize, Beeton's Gazetteer, for general progress, or greatest aggregate of marks obtained during the last half- year, given by the Rev. E. Owen Phillips, M.A., the vicar, to Owen Jones, a country lad, ten years of age. At his Worship's request, this boy was put through his paces by the examiner and master, in which examination an Oxford gentleman, a quondam pupil of Mr Jones, was in- vited to join. The intelligent and accurate answers given by the boy to questions in Latin Grammar, Fractions, and Duodecimals, &c., gave much satisfaction. The English Composition and History prize, given by Lewis P. Pugh, Esq., of Abermade, was awarded to T. Old, of Aberystwyth. On this book was written by the donor-" Hoc prsemium Thomse Old, quod literis colendis diligentissime incubuerit, et in moribus optime se gesserit, dono dedit L. P. Puffh." Prizes for home-lessons were given to the top boy in each form, viz., R. Samuel, Julian, and R. D. Jones; also a Logic prize to Richards, of Gwarfelin. The Mayor accompanied the presentation of each prize with encouraging and appropriate remarks. In present- ing The Midnight Sky," a work on Popular Astronomy, to T. Old, his Worship remarked-Old you are, though young in years; there is an adage, Early to bed and early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy, amd wise;" but in order to appreciate this book you must not go to bed too early, but stay up till midnight. A discussion on the comparative advantages of Classics and Mathematics, in which the Mayor, Mr Morice, and Mr Jones joined, was warmly applauded. All agreed, however, that some knowledge of Classics and Mathe- matics was required, not only for producing intelligent and useful clergymen and other ministers of the Gospel, but also in the matter of £ s. d. Elementary education denuded of Classical and Mathematical training would never help the Welsh boy, with any chance of success, in competition with Scotch and English candidates for the higher Government offices, now open to all her Majesty's subjects. A knowledge of Classics and Mathematics was a sine qua non for entering not only the higher posts in the Civil Service, but also the legal and medical pro- fessions. Before terminating, thanks, accompanied with three cheers, were given by the boys and all present to the generous donors of the prizes, three cheers more for the examiner, and three more for the Mayor. The school then broke up for the Christmas recess.






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