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HOLLOWAY'S PILLS.—Health and Vigour.—To the most regular livers occasional disturbances of digestion will occur, which may be corrected at once by these famous Pills, the alterative and tonic powers of which cannot be too highly extolled. A dose now and then will prova salutary to every one, but a continued course must be taken by the confirmed invalid. It is wonderful how the appetite and digestion improve in proportion as the Pilla exert their wholesome influence over the animal economy. They augment muscular strength and mental vigour. Holloway's Pills frequently cure diseases of the digestive organs after all other medicines have failed to artordrelier, and they are especially serviceable in disorders of too liver and kidnayf. EXTRAORDINARY CURE OF A COUGH BY POWELL'S BAL- SAM OF ANISEED.—"Her Majesty's Gun Boat, Netlev,l Wick, North East Coast of Scotland, <th September, 1868.-Dear Sir,—Having had a most distressing and severe cough, which caused me many sleepless nights and restless days, I was recommended by his Lordship, the Earl of Caithness, to try your most invaluable Balsam of Aniseed, and I can assure you, with the first dose I found immediate relief, even without having to suspend my various duties and the first small bottle completely cured me therefore I have the greatest confidence in fully re commending it to the million. -Most respectfully yours, W. LINZELL, H.M.G.B. 'Netley.To Mr PowelL"- POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED can be had of all Chemists. In Bottles at Is. lid. and 2s. 3d.-Warebouse: 16, Black- friars-road. London.—Ask for POWELL'S BALSAM or ANISEED."