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CATTLE. NOTTINGHAM, SATUBDAY.—There was a fair show of beef at market, which met a slow sale, at prices varying from 6Id. to 7d. per lb. The show of mu, ton was small, and high rates were rea- Used. Veal in slow request, and quite as dear. PETERBOROUGH, SATUBDAY.—We had a fair show of beef at market, which met a slow inquiry, at prices ranging frem 6d. to 71d. per lb. Meagre supplv of mutton, the inquiry for which was quiet, at prices varying from 71d. to Sd. Pork a small show, and quite as dear. METROPOLITAN, MONDAY.—The total imports of foreign stock into London last week amounted to 7,918 head. As usual, at the market immediately following the Great Day, the supplies of both Beasts and Sheep were limited, the wants of butchers having been met by the large arrivals of last week. The show of foreign stock comprised home very fair French and Dutch beasts; but the trade ruled very quiet, and prices had a decidedly downward tendency. From onr own grazing districts the arrivals were limited in number, but a good proportion consisted of fat stock of the usual Christmas character. Some prime Scots came to hand; but even the best beef met with little inquiry, and the quotations gave way 4d. per stone as compared with last week, the top price not being above 5s 6d. per 81b. From Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire we re- ceived about 850 shorthorns, &c.; from other parts of England, about 280 of various breeds; from Scotland, 121 Scots and cross- es and from Ireland, about 150 beasts. The number of Sheep in the pens was very short, and there was a fair inquiry f jr choice mutton, prices consequently advanced 2s. per 81b, the t>p figure for be,t Southdowns and half-breds being 6s. per 81b In the value of inferior sheep no change took place. Veal and pork mat a quiet sale at the quotations.




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