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.MERIONETHSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. XrOTICE.IS. HEREBY GIVEN that the next .1. GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the Peace the County of Merioneth will be holden on Tuesday, •he Fourth. cUw of January, 1870, .in. the County Hall, Igeney, at Eleven o'clock ia theForenoon, when the Court will audit all such bills and., accounts against the Jaunty as shall then be delivered, and will transact the Rainess relating to the Assessment, Application, and Management of the: County Stock or .Rate, and of the Police Rate and the General County Business; after Vfhich the Court will be adjourned to the following day, to be held at the same place, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when the Grand and Petty Jurors will be called 'Dver, and the Court will proceed to hear and determine all J&atters brought before them in the following order:—1st, the Trial of Prisoners; 2nd, in the' Hearing of Appeals; «d, jn Hearing Motions, and in the transaction of such ■other business as may be brought before the Court. The Clerks to the Justices of the several divisions are ^quested to transmit to me, Seven days before the Sessions, all Depositions, Convictions, and Recognizances *hich shall have been then taken, with any instructions for 'indictments, which they may be able to give. Bated this 14th day of December, 1869. EDWARD BREESE, Clerk of the Peace. IN CHANCERY. WILLIAMS v. OWENS. DOLGELLEY, MERIONETHSHIRE. |\J"R. LEWIS WILLIAMS has been appointed by -A-vJL Vice-Chancellor Sir John Stuart to SELL by AUCTION at the Angel Inn, Dolgelley, in the County 'Of Merioneth, on Tuesday, the Fourth day of Jaimary, 1870, «t FOQT o'clock, IN the afternoon, precisely, pursuant to a -Decree; of the High Court of Chancerv made in" the cause of Williams v. Owens, a FREEHOLD PROPERTY, jituate at Upper Smithfield, Dolgelley, and known as the Golden Goat Inn. The Purchaser will have possession of the Premises on completion the of purchase. The Property may be viewed upon application to the Present occupier, the defendant, MARY OWENS; and Printed' particulars and conditions of sale may be had 8?atis upon application at the said Angel Inn; of Mr C HAS. of Noi 10, Tokenhouse-yard, London, E.C., Solicitor; of Mr GRIFFITH WILLIAMS, of Dolgelley, Solicitor; and of the Auctioneer, Mt LEWIS WILLIAMS, Bolgelley and Bala. MERIONETHSHIRE. Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY. To be Sold by MAuction, by R DAVID ROBERTS, at the Bull Hotel, in the town of Bala, on Tuesday, January 25th, 1870, at Two o'clock in the afternoon (subject to condi- tions), and in the following or such other Lots as may be Jgreed upon at the time of Sale, the following desirable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, situate in High-street, in the town of Bala LOT I.-All that DWELLING-HOUSE, SHOP, Gar- den, and Premises, in the occupation of Mr William Jones. LOT 2.—All that DWELLING-HOUSE, Garden, and Premises, in the occupation, of Mr Rice Edwards. LOT 3.-All that DWELLING-HOUSE, SHOP, garden, and Premises, in the occupation of Mr Rowland Hugh Pritchard. LOT 4.-All those Three DWELLING-HOUSES and Premises, adjoining Lot 3, in the several occupations of Mr Edward Edwards, Mr Thomas Parry, and Mrs Ellen Lancaster. This Lot has a frontage of 40 feet 7 inches, and is an eligible Building Site. The whole of the above premises are situate in the best Part of the town of Bala, and are bounded at the back by Arenig-street. The several lots will be sold in accordance With a ground plan thereof, which will be produced at the tune of sale, and may be seen at Mr Evan Jones's, London House, Bala, who will show the several lots. For further particulars apply to Mr F. R. ROBERTS, licitor, Aberystwyth, or to Mr EVAN JONES, London House, Bala. MORTIMER B. MAURICE, B IL L A, BEGS to inform his numerous Friends and the -0 Public generally, that he has commenced BUSI- NESS as AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, & GENERAL AGENT, and solicits a share of public patronage. Monthly Sales of STOCK and Miscellaneous Articles at.the WHITE LION ROYAL HOTEL, Bala. FREEHOLD COTTAGES IN CHURCH-STREET, LLANGOLLEN. A FREEHOLD VOTE in Denbighshire at a small -CjL outlay. The above Cottages rent from 43s. to £19 10s. per year each, and will be Sold by Privae Treaty, in lots, viz.: LOT 1.—DWELLING HOUSE, Chandlery Shop, and Premises, held by Mr Edwards, chandler. LOT 2.—Dwelling House, Shop, and Workshop, now held by Miss C. Ellis, and lately by the late Mr Thos. Morris, weaver. LOT 3.—Cottage occupied by Mrs J. Jones and Mrs Williams. Lov 4.-Ditto Mrs Tand. LOT 5.-Ditto Mr Ev. Francis. LOT 6. Ditto Mr Ev. Evans. LOL 7.-Ditto Ditto. Workshop held by Miss C. Ellis. Apply to Mr J. JoNES, jun., Saddler, Llangollen, or to Mr O. DAVIES HUGHES, Solicitor, Corwen. W ANTED, a Situation as COACHMAN. Char- y v ter from last. Married. Address, EVAN EVANS, Derry Ormond, near Lampeter. ~TANTED, an APPRENTICE to the Drapery T T business. Apply to Mr J. REES, draper, Pier-street, Aberystwyth. COAL WHARF MANAGER. WANTED, a Man to take charge of a Coal Wharf, at Corwen; he must be able to read and write; to speak the English and Welsh languages, and know the district. Applications, in own handwriting, to be sent to Mr R. WOODCOCK, Bala. WANTED, by a Gentleman representing a first- class Welsh Slate Quarry throughout the United Kingdom, an AGENCY for the Sale of Slate Slabs, Ridges, and Rollers. Address Slate," DEACON'S, Leadenhall-street, London. IMPERIAL AUSTRIAN. GUARANTEED JL STATE LOANS. No Lotteries. Bona-fide chances to win for 21 the large premiums of 230,000, 225,000, M,000, &c., &c. Public drawings on the First of every Month, under the superintendence of the Austrian Government, and official public functionaries. Official Lists sent GRATIS to Sub- scribers. Apply for £ 1 chances, issued upon forms sup- plied by the Austrian Government, and bearing the Imperial half a florin stamp, and for prospectuses to VOBLCKER & CO., Bankers, VIENNA.. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. CHRISTMAS DA Y. ON CHRISTMAS DAY, the Trains will run as on Sundays, with the following additions :—A train rnl will leave Llanidloes at 8 20 a. m. for. Oswestry, returning from Oswestry at 5 p.m. The 9 30 a.m. train from Mach- Filleth will be continued Lo Pwllheli, returning from wllheli at 2 p.m. For further particulars, see bills issued by the Company. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. Ordinary RETURN TICKETS issued on Thursday, December 23rd, and intervening days, will be available for return up to and including Friday, Dec. 31st, 1869. GRAMMAR SCHOOL, BALA. HEAD MASTER :-Mr W. T. PHILLIPS. PARENTS who desire that their sons should compete for a VACANCY on the Foundation are requested to make application to Mr PHILLIPS, on or before January 20th, 1870. Pupils are prepared at this School for the Oxford and Cambridge Middle Class Examinations, and the Prelim- inary Examinations for the Law, &c. Terms for Boarders may be had from Mr PHILLIPS. The next Quarter will begin on Thursday, January 20th, 1870. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. In the County Court of Merionethshire, holden at Cor- wen. IN the Matter of EVAN EVANS, of Gaerwen, in the parish of Llangar, in the county of Merioneth, Farmer, adjudged Bankrupt on the 23rd day of October,. 1869. An Order'of Discharge will be delivered to the Bankrupt after the expiration of thirty days from this date, unless an appeal be duly entered against the judgment of the Court, and notice thereof be given to the Court. Dated this Sixteenth day of December, 1869. EVAN JAMES, Esq., Registrar. THOMAS JONES, High Bailiff. pROVINCIAL JNSURANCE COMPANY. WREXIIAM-LONDON-GLASGOW. Established 1852. CAPITAL, 9200,000 (in 20,000 Shares of 210 each), wholly subscribed, and held by a highly respectable proprietary. Capital paid up, £ 20,000. The "LIFE ASSURANCE FUND," which is securely invested, amounted at 31st December, 1862, to 251,298. Do. do., 1865, to 89,865. Do. do., 1868, to 128,506. The LIFE PREMIUM INCOME in 1868 was 230,824. Total LIFE CLAIMS paid to 31st Dec., 1868, 2101,873. LIFE ASSURANCES effected upon moderate terms. FIRE INSURANCES also (which are now free from Duty) effected at equitable rates. CLAIMS SETTLED PROMPTLY. In addition to the important advantage of ample security this Company offers many others, as may be seen by its Handbook, which may be had on application to any of the Company's Agents, or to ROBERT WILLIAMS, Secretary to the Company. Wrexham. V. tI R. MR. SELLIS, DENTIST, TOWYN. FIFTEEN YEARS Surgical and Mechanical Dentist in London, may be consulted at the under- mentioned towns:— DOLGELLEY—Every second and fourth SATURDAY, at Miss Evans's, Smithfield-street. BALA-Every first and third SATURDAY, at Mrs JONES'S, Tegid-street. PWLLHELI—Mr Francis Evans, bookseller, &c., High- street, the 1st and 3rd WEDNESDAY in every month. PORTMADOC-Every 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY, at Mrs. Bennett Williams's, Snowdon-street. j All operations without pain. Advice free. BENSO N'S WATCHES CLOCKS I GOLD JEWELLERY Of all kindi. Of all kind8. Of the Newest Designi. LEVER DRAWINGROOM BRACELETS HORIZONTAL DINING ROOM BROOCHES CHRONOMETER CARKlAGE EAR RINGS KEYLESS CHURCH LOCKETS CHRONOGRAPH HALL & SHOP NECKLACES Mr BENSON, who holds the app)intment to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, has just published two Pamphlets, enriched and em- bellished with illustrations—one upon Watch and Clock Mak:°n», and the other upon Artistic Gold Jewellery. These are sent post free for 2d. each. Persons living in the country or abroad can select the article required, and have it forwarded with perfect fety. 35, OLDBOND STREET; & THE CITY STEVM WORKS, 58 & 60, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON. THE PATENT PRIZE KITCHENER AND LEAMINGTON RANGE. r- —» miT* ;¿¡¡¡¡.- f, PBIZE KITOUENtn BENJAMIN HUGHES, GENERAL IRONMONGER, OPPOSITE THE TOWN CLOCK, ABERYSTWYTH, Agent for JOYCE'S PATENT STOVES AND FUEL, I The only Stove without a Flue Adapted for Heating Drawing Rooms, Shops, Factories, Halls, Coach Houses, Harness Rooms, &c., and all other places requiring heat. This Stove is made expressly for GBEENHOUSES and CONSERVATORIES. J Warehouse adjoining the Corn Market, in Little Dark- I gate-street. WILLIAM OWEN, PROPRIETOR, LATB MANAGER OF T U E BROOK VILLA, LIVERPOOL. £ AGENT ^OR GREAT WESTERN COMPANY, AND TELEGRAPH MESSENGER. BALA LAKE 4, %*1t 0 4p 0IL 13'' BOATS, BILLIARDS, COACHES, CARRIAGES, CABS, AND CARS FOR HIRE. GOOD STABLING. FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATION FOR FAMILIES, &c. LADIES' COFFEE ROOM. MERIONETH. JOHN HENRY WILLIAMS AND SONS, PORTMADOC, IRONFOUNDERS, ENGINEERS, MACHINISTS, &c.—WORKS—BRITANNIA FOUNDRY. TIMBER MERCHANTS AND STEAM SAW MILL PROPRIETORS. WORKS-SNOWDON-STREET. \n the first-named Department, every variety of MACHINES and IMPLEMENTS for Quarrying, Mininsr C^STTOGaUIndPSm^Hawr^f^U re,f Wlh f M°dern Movements. All Descriptions of W and S RAILWAY IRON, In the w „ TIMBER DEPARTMENT. 1 b^VllLxN r, &C. In short, their very extensive Stock cannot be surpassed in the country, and the mrv- v v v SAW MILLS s c as. sag*? stsssfis PRICES. VRON COLLIERY, NEAR WREXHAM. [MAURICE & LOWE'S] BEST MAIN AND HOUSE COALS AT LOWEST PRICES. APPLY TO M. B. MAURICE, MINING ENGINEER, HIGH STREET, BALA, » A PROPRIETOR AND SOLE AGENT. | ABERYSTWYTH SAYINGS BANK. GENERAL STATEMENT of the FUNDS of the INSTITUTION, for the Year ending 2Dth November, 1869. Drs. THE TRCSTEEB OW THE SAVINGS BANK ESTABLISHED AT ABERYSTWYTH.. Crs. CHARGE. PISCHABGE. J5 s. d. j £ s. d. To balance due on the 20th Nov. 1868, 0; By sums actually paid Depositees in including interest, as per last §5 Money (including interest) within the return 39,753 16 3 *"1 year ending 20th November, 1&69 3,457 9 2 0) ("To sums received of Depositors S I By sums transferred to Post Office «> within the year ending 20th Nov., -9 Savings Bank in the said year 42 12 7 »-« 1869. 3,895 14 8 § By ditto to other Savings Bank within jT To sums transferred from Post Office § the said year Ja Savings Bank within the said year <3 By sums actually p&id for management | To ditto from other Savings Bank J within the said year, viz., £ s. d; > within the said year 86 0 4 g> Secretary's Salary. 6ft 0 0 To interest on monies invested with so Auditor 2ft 0 0 the Commisioners forthe reduction .51 Clerk 10 0 0 g of the National Debt, viz., Receipt "S Rent and taxes 10- 0 0 M -{• B, dated 21st May, 1869, £ 623 11 2 Printing and stationery 2 9 10 If Receipt B, dated 21st Nov., 1869, & Postage 0 12 8 •'3 26M 5 3 1,257 16 5 & Advertising &null statemenu 6 0 0 S To interest on sums drawn for by the Cleaning Bank 212 0 h Trustees upon the Commissioners Coals for use of Bank 0 11 8 within the said year m tIronmongery Goods. 15 4 To interest on sums transferred to the 113 11 6 .a Post Office Savings Bank within • f Balance on the General Ac- a the said year 0 4 1 II count invested with the •' w To ditto to other Savings Banks I Commissioners for there- „ within the said year iuction of the National js oS Debt, including interest,on S-1-} the 20th Nov., 1869 39,717 12 6 tT Ditto on account of separate gja Surplus Fund, invested ct with the said Commisionera 900 0 0 rc "3 Ditto in the hands of the 762 6 0 I Treasurer — ct with thesaidCommisioners 900 0 0 rc > "3 Ditto in the hands of the 762 6 0 I Treasurer 41,379 18 6 244,993 11 9 244,993 11 9 2 a. d. The Balance on the 20th November, 1869, broughtdown, and is composed as follows. 41379 18 6 £ s. d. 50 Depositors whose respective Balances on the 20th November, 1869 (including Interest) did not exceed Yl each 161410 164 Ditto ditto were above 21 and not exceeding 25 each. 403 6 3 164 Ditto ditto „ 5 „ 10 each 1142 7 10 142 Ditto ditto „ 10 „ 15 each 1680 1710 85 Ditto ditto „ 15 20 each. 1452 12 7 143 Ditto ditto „ 20 30 each. 3456 10 10 95 Ditto ditto 30 40 each. 329516 0 68 Ditto ditto „ 40 50 each. 3079 17 0 104 Ditto ditto 50 „ 75 each 6274 15 10 60 Ditto ditto „ 75 „ 100 each. 5204 8 6 26 Ditto ditto 100 125 each. 2893 14 11 11 Ditto ditto 125 150 each. 1491 0 6 28 Ditto ditto 150 200 each 4866 5 10 1140 Total number of Depositors. 35258 8 9 12 Charitable Societies 1768 11 10 16 Friendly Societies 3459 16 4 1168 TOTAL NUMBER OF ACCOUNTS. TOTAL BALANCES. 40486 16 11 Total invested with the Commissioners on the Separate Surplus Fund Account on the 1 n ft 20th November, 1869 J —————— 41386 16 11 To be met by a Transfer from separate Surplus Fund. 6 18 5 Interest allowed JE3 0 0 per Cent. Witness our hands this 18th day of December, 1869, G. W. PARRY, I DAVID JONES, Auditor. THOMAS JONES, f Trusteea and Directors. EDWARD L. COLE, Secretary. Immediate Relief from Coughs, Colds, and Influenza. i: MORGAN'S ¡, B 0 R E H 0 U N D PECTORAL. A delicious combination of Horehound, Marshmallow, Tolu, and other effective demulcent and expectorant ingredients. THE MOST CERTAIN AND SPEEDY REMEDY FOR COUGHS, COLDS, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, SORE THROAT, LOSS of VOICE, WHOOPING COUGH, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, CONSUMPTION, SPITTING of BLOOD, and all Disorders of the Chest and Lungs. PREPARED ONLY BY D. MORGAN, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, 25, BRECKNOCK ROAD, LONDON, N. j; Sold in Bottles at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d., with full directions for Children and Adults, by MR D. J. DAVIES, GREAT DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. „ J. P. JONES, BRIDGE-STREET, ABERAYRON. AND ALL CHEMISTS THROUGHOUT THE PRINCIPALITY. 1869. NEW PATTERNS. 1869. THE ROYAL GAME OF BEZIQUE, With Markers, Counters, and Guide, in neat Box, from 2s. 6d. each. PLAYING CARDS. All the New Patterns for Christmas and the New Year. A Good, Serviceable Pack for Ninepence. BEZIQUE AND OTHER CARD BOXES. DOMINOES, In Bone and Ebony, Double-sixes Is., Double-nines from 3s., in hard wood Boxes. 100,000 SOLD IN A FEW DAYS! Its sale is fabulous, it amuses big children as well as small. "-Daily News. m THE SIAMESE LINK, Price 6d., per Post 8d. THE ENCHANTED BOTTLES, One Shilling. A LARGE VARIETY OF NEW CARD AND OTHER GAMES. Detailed Lists may be had on application. NEW PATTERNS OF FANCY GOODS FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. PURSES (Is. to 10s. 6d.), and CASH BAGS (6d. to 3s. 6d.) CARD CASES (Ladies' and Gentlemen's) and POCKET BOOKS. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, AND VENABLES, BAILEY HEAD, OSWESTRY. UggU^GHT ONLY ON THE BOXJygtt THE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST OANGEROUS IMI-TATIONS I ABERYSTWYTH ENAMELLING SLATE WORKS, MOOR STREET. ELLIS & OWEN BEG to inform! that they have taken to the En- amelling Business recently carried on at the Aber- lleveny Slate Quarries, are now prepared to execute any Orders in Enamelled Slate in imitation of the most costly marble at exceedingly low prices. These Works aue fitted up with superior Planing and Sawing Machines, so that any order in slate work can be executed with despatch. Tomb Stones, Monuments, Chimney Pieces, Cisterns, &c., made to order. Designs forwarded for inspection. DEPILATORY. WELLS' DEPILATORY is the only effectual TV remedy for the immediate and permanent removal of superfluous hair from the face, arms, neck, &c. This preparation effects its purpose almost instantaneously, without pain or injury to the most sensitive skin. Full particulars on receipt of a stamped directed envelope. John Wells, 113, Euston-street, near Hampstead-road, London. N.B.—Hundreds of Testimonials have been received from the nobility and ladies of rank who have tried this marvellous remedy. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! THE most useful and acceptable present that can be made to Lady friends, MARRIED OR UNMARRIED, Is one of Wheeler and Wilson's New Silent Working Sewing Machines. They will make Sewing comparatively a pleasure, doing the work of a day in one hour, and will last a lady's life time. Better make a lady a good hand- some present at once, like a first-class Sewiag Machine, than to make yearly small presents not so useful. Only authorized Agent in this vicinity-W. M. DAVIES, Bank Place, Portmadoc. AlDOL GEL LEY. reJjlJgl ROYAL SHIP SHIS FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL AND POSTING HOUSE. MUCH additional convenience has been added to this Establishment, combining Spacious Coffee and Sitting Rooms. Attendance, Is. per day, BILLIARDS. Omnibuses to and from all the Trains. Coaches to all parts of the District. Ponies and Guides at fixed charges. EDWARD JONES, Proprietor. GLEN F I ELI) STARCH. EXCLUSIVELY USED IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY, and HER MAJESTY'S LAUNDRESS says it is the Finest Starch she ever used. AWARDED PRIZE MEDAL FOR ITS SUPERIORITY. When you ask for GLENFIELD STARCH, See that you get it, as inferior kinds are often substituted. WOTHERSPOON & Co., GLASGOW & LomDos. —



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