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MAILS FOR AUSTRALIA.—The next mails for Australia will be despatched from London- Viâ Southampton on the morning of Saturday, the 25th December. Via Marseilles, on the .evening of Friday, the 31st December. SHOCKING OCCURRENCE.—A frightful suicide took place on the Neath and-Brecon line on the 6th. It appears that the train leaving Brecon at 11,55 a.m. proceeded at its usual speed towards Neath, calling at the intermediate stations, when after rounding the curve near Penwylt a man dressed in a white smock and the ordinary attire of a labourer emerged from behind the buttress of the road bridge, and, unseen by the driver, placed himself at full length on the near rail. The whole of the train passed over his body, cutting it completely into fragments, part of the flesh adhering to the engine wheels. The frightful mutilation was witnessed by the guard, who also saw parts of the body on the line move, by muscular contraction, into the channel by the rails after the train had gone over them. The driver was not aware of the terrible disaster till after the train had arrived at the station. The frag- ments of the body were subsequently gathered up to await t'ae coroner's inquest. NATIONAL EDUCATION LEAGUE.—The following monthly statement has been issued: "The officers have to record important progress since a previous statement was issued on the 6th of November. At that date only ten branches had been formed and arrangements were in progress for the formation of forty others. At the present date there are forty-two branches formed in operation; and sixty-four others are in course of formation. Upwards of twenty public meetings, open to all persons, whether agreeing with or dissenting from the league, have been held in the course of the month, and at all of them resolutions ap- proving of the programme of the league have been almost unanimously carried. Most of these meetings have been attended by deputations from the executive committee. Several new publications have been issued during the month. Numerous additions of members have taken place—the names of 561 having been received at the cen- tral office, including many prominent friends of education, amongst whom may be specially mentioned Mr R. W. Dale (Birmingham), and the Rev. E. Mellor (Halifax), as representing the Congregational body. The number of mem- bers now enrolled at the central office is 3,836, as against 3,275 last month. Of these 410 are clergymen of the Church of England or ministers of Nonconformist churches. Large additions have been made to the number of members by enrolments in the several branches, to which, as a matter of course, new names may be expected to go. In regard to funds, an equally satisfactory report has to be made. Up to November 6th, the total amount promised was" £ 21,236, payable by annual instalments of ten per cent. The amount promised up to November 30th, is 233,350, shew- ing an increase of P,12,114, during the month.

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