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--Shipping Intelligence.

CORN, d-c.




MISCELLANEOUS. LONDON PROVISION, MONDAY.—The arrivals last week from Ireland were 691 firkins butter, and 2,770 bales bacon, and from foreign ports 21,877 packages butter, and 1,430 bales bacon. In Irish Butter little or no alteration in price or demand, holders not pressing sales, expecting the cold weather will cause inquiry. Foreign sold better: best Dutch advanced to 124s. to 126s. The Bacon market ruled flat, and prices generally declined 2s. to Ss. per cwt. The dealers purchased very sparingly, as they are not in want. LONDON HOP, MONDAY.—Our market continues steady, with very little business moving, the usual dulness prevalent at this period of the year having had the effect of causing our buyers to limit their operations for the present. Holders, how- ever, are very sanguine as to future figures, and in no hurry to press sales. Continental accounts remain without change; and, prices abroad being generally higher than in England, exports are very scanty. New York advices to the 24th ult. report a quiet market, choice new ruling at 25c. to 28c. The recent larg a exports have already begun to tell; and fears are now expressed that the surplus left for home consumption is already too much ,dn.d. Mid and East Kent tl 0 tg 15 ;elt It Wealds 5 6 6 15 7 15 Sussex. 5 10 6 6 7 0 Bavarians 7 0. 9 0 11 0 French 4 (! 6 6 8 0 Americans. 5 10 6 10 7 G Yearlings 2 10 8 15 5 0 WORCESTER HOP, SATUBDAY.-This market was exceedingly flat on Saturday, owing probably to the unpropitious state of the weather. There was, however, but very few hops of the new growth on offer, and more money is demanded for them. On Saturday only 15 pockets of new hops crossed the scales, and 8 during the week. Prices about the same as last week. LONDON SEED, MONDAY.—English Cloyerseed comes out slowly, and prices creep up for all fine qualities. White foreign samples are very high. English Trefoils were held for more money. No change in any description of Mastardseed. Foreign Canaryseed was firmer: prices, however, reduced to a very moderate rate. Little EngLbh offering. LONDON WOOL, MONDAY.—The wool market generally has presented a firm appearance. Superior qualities have been in request, at full quotations, and other descriptions also have been dealt in to a fair extent, prices at the same time showing signs of steadiness. CURRENT PRICES OF ENGLISH WOOL. a. d. to a. d. FLEECES—Southdown hoggets per lb. 11 1 li Helf.bred ditto. 14 15 Kent fleeces „ 1 3 1 3i Southd'n ewes and wethers 11 1 lj Leicester ditto „ 1 2i 1 S| SOBTS—Combing 1 4{ 1 5 Clothing. 1 4 1 4i HALIFAX WOOL AND WORSTED, SATURDAY.—The market seems to have relapsed into a quiet state. There is scarcely any feature to note in wool, beyond that if prices have a tendency at all, it is downwards. Orders for yarns are few, and spinners continue to work to very little profit: in some cases to none at all. The piece trade, though quiet, is yet in a better conuition than the yarn department, some houses doing mi)re just now in camlets. At a sale here this afternoon of 400 packs of wool, of ordinary quality, the bidding was very spirited, and the highest current prices were realised. LONDON POTATO, MONDAY.—These markets have been moderately supplied with Potatoes. The trade has been quiet, at our Quotations. English Shaws 65s. to 80s. per ton. English Regents 70s. to llJOs. „ English Rocks 70s. to 75s. „ Scotch Regents 80s. to 100s. „ French 60s. to 70s. BIRMINGHAM HIDE AND SKIN MARKET, SATURDAY.— Hides: 951b. and upwards, 4id. to Od. per lb 851b. to 941b., 4| 1. to Od. per lb.; 751b. to 841b., 4|d. to 4Jd. per lb.; 651b. to 741b., 8| 1. to Od. per lb; 561b to 641b, Sid. to Od per lb; 55lbs and under, 814. to Od. per lb. cows, Sitt. to Od. per lb.; bulls. 33d. per lb.; flawed and irregular, Sid. to Bad. per lb.; horse, 7s. 3d. to IS.. 9d. each. Calf: 171b. and upwards, 5id. per lb. 121b. to 161b., 7 id. per lb 91b. to 11lb., 714. per tb.. light, 7<1. per lb.; flawed and irregu- lar. 5d. per lb. Wools, A 1, 6s. 61.; A, 5s. 2d.; B, Ss. lOd. WOLVERHAMPTON HIDE, SKIN, & FAT MARKET, SATUR- DAY.—Hides: 951bs. and upwards, 4id. per lb.; 851bs. to 941bs, 41d. to Od. per lb.; 751bs. to 841bs., 4id. to Od. per lb.; 651bs. to 741bs., 8Jd. per Tb.; 561bs. to 641bs., Sjd.-per lb.; 55!bs. nnd under, 33-1. Cows, 651bs. and upwards, 3 £ d. to Od per Tb.; 641bs. and under, Sd per lb; bulls, 2fd. to 8A-d per lb; flawed and irregular, 3fd. to Od. per 1b; kips, Sid. to 4Jd. per 16; horse, 5s. Od. to 13s. 9d. each. Calf: 171bs. and upwards, 5d. per lb.; l21bs. to 161bs, nd. per lb; 91bs. to lllbs., 7d. per lb.; light, 7d. per lb.; flawed and irregu- lar, 5d. per lb. Wools, Bs. 4d. to 5s. 2d. each. Fat, 3d. te Sid. LONDON PRODUCE.—SATURDAY. SUGAR.—A fair business in raw and refined, at fully as high prices. COFFEE.-Carrency steady, and several orders for Plantation Ceylon. TEA.—Not much wanted, and value unaltered. BICE.—Business small, but rates are not worse. TALLow.-New P.Y.C., 47s. on the spot.

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