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WILLIAM OWEN, BOATS, BILLIARDS, COACHES, PROPRIETOR, CARRIAGES, CABS, AND CARS LATE MANAGER OP FOR HIRE. TUE BROOK VILLA, GOOD STABLING. LIVERPOOL. FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATION AGENT FOR FOR FAMILIES, &c. X*EAT WESTERN COMPANY LADIES' COFFEE ROOM. TELEGRAPH MESSENGER. BALA T,AKE MERIONETH. JOHN HENRY WILLIAMS AND SONS, PORTMADOC, InONFOUNDERS, ENGINEERS, MACHINISTS, &c.-WORKS-BRITANNIA FOUNDRY. TIMBER MERCHANTS AND STEAM SAW MILL PROPRIETORS. WORKS-SNOWDON-STREET. to. In the first-named Department, every variety of MACHINES and IMPLEMENTS for Quarrying, Mining, fv?Agricultural purposes are manufactured, with all Modern Improvements. All Descriptions of Iron and Brass fch^TlNGS and SMITH WORK supplied on the lowest terms. Also Dealers in RAILWAY and BAR IRON, l^EL, CHAINS, GRATES, RANGES, LANDERS, &c., &c. In the » TIMBER DEPARTMENT. ^5. W. and S., in returning their thanks to the public for the very hearty support given to them since they have ?ed into this Business, beg to solicit a continuance of the same.—A SPLENDID STOCK of Yellow, Red, and Pine TIMBER, always on hand. Newly discharged, a large Cargo of Prime Spruce DEALS, from St. "a's also Cargoes-of MEMEL LOGS and DEALS, FLOORING BOARDS, &c. Dealers in LATHS, BRICKS, TILES, CEMENT, &c. In short, their very extensive Stock cannot be surpassed in the country, and the RJH. SAW MILLS bj**eh have been lately extended to meet their increased trade) give unusual facilities to execute Orders with ^>*tch, and to Sell Well-seasoned OAK, PINE, MAHOGANY, and other BOARDS, at Extremely Low PRICES. V.WANTED, immediately, a Young Man, well up in Bookkeeping, as CLERK. One experienced in the Timber preferred. Apply as above. YRON COLLIERY, NEAR WREXHAM. [MAURICE & LOWERS] BEST MAIN AND HOUSE COALS AT LOWEST PRICES. APPLY TO M. B. MAURICE, MINING ENGINEER, HIGH STREET, BALA, A PROPRIETOR AND SOLE AGENT. ^^QuGHT ONLY ON THE THE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST u S: I69- NEW A A k PATTERNS. 1869. Ms THE ROYAL GAME OF BE ZI QUE, With Markers, Counters, and Guide, in neat Box, from 2s. 6d. each. -> PLAYING CARDS. 4U the New Patterns for Christmas and the New Year. A Good, Serviceable Pack I' for Ninepence. I ■ "• BEZIQUE AND OTHER CARD BOXES. DOMINOES, In Bone and Ebony, Double-sixes Is., Double-nines from 3s., in hard wood Boxes. J 100,000 SOLD IN A FEW DAYS! t Its sale is fabulous, it amuses big children as well as smaH.Daily News. THE SIAMESE LINK, Price Gd., per Post 8d. 1 THE ENCHANTED BOTTLES, One Shilling. HRGE VARIETY OF NEW CARD AND OTHER GAMES. Detailed Lists may be had on application. PATTERNS OF FANCY GOODS FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. 8 (Is. to 10s. 6d.), and CASH BAGS (6d. to 3s. 6d.) CARD CASES (Ladies' and Gentlemen's) and POCKET BOOKS. "ktNV ROBERTS, WOODALL, AND VENABLES, BAILEY HEAD, OSWESTRY. I CJ VISITORS AND OTHERS. D PERAMBULATORS FOR HIRE BENJAMIN HUGHES, IRONMONGER, l OPPOSITE THE TOWN CLOCK, ABERYSTWYTH, L ^joining the Corn Market Little Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth. v. R. v. R- fej*rSELLIS' I)ENTIST' T0WYN. KS • YEARS Surgical and Mechanical W111 London, may be consulted at the under- Ik Every second and fourth SATURDAY, at Di^v Smithfield-street. and third SATURDAY, at Mrs JONES'S, I*. LI" Francis Evans, bookseller, &c., High- P I^GR. AIL<^ WEDNESDAY in every month. L ^w^TrEvcry 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY, at jvj* Williams's, Snowdon-street. I \>tiona without pain. Advice free. —————————————. f(),lt lit BEN SO N'S I K CLOCKS Of all kinds. DRAWING ROOM DINING ROOM CARRIAGE CHURCH HALL & SHOP GOLD JEWELLERY Of the Newest Designi. BRACELETS BROOCHES EAR RINGS LOCKETS NECKLACES 1 Jlfc ^at ri??}?8, appointment to H.R.H. the Prince two Pamphlets, enriched and em- Ipon ?Pon Watch and Clock Making, each^D c }? Jewellery. These are sent kjfyv *.nic]« 1558?118,llvin? V1 tlle c°uiitry or abroad required, and have it forwarded with J 8lItPP-T THE CITY STE,4,3f WORKS, 58 UDuATE IDLL. LONDON. ABERYSTWYTH ENAMELLING SLATE WORKS, MOOR STREET. ELLIS & OWEN BEG to inform that they have taken to the En- amelling Business recently carried on at the Aber- lleveny Slate Quarries, are now prepared to execute any Orders in Enamelled Slate in imitation of the most costly marble at exceedingly low prices. These Works are fitted up with superior Planing and Sawing Machines, so that any order in slate work can be executed with despatch. Tomb Stones, Monuments, Chimney Pieces, Cisterns, &c., made to order. Designs forwarded for inspection. A CARD. J. G. WILLIAMS, LAND VALUER, ESTATE AGENT, AND MINE BROKER, GLOSTER HALL, NEAR ABERYSTWYTH. IMPERIAL AUSTRIAN GUARANTEED STATE LOANS, No Lotteries. Bona-fide chances to win for jBl the large premiums of 230,OW, 225,000, 220,000, &c., &c. Public drawings on the First of every Month, under the superintendence of the Austrian Government, and official public functionaries. Official Lists sent GRATIS to Sub- scribers. Apply for 21 chances, issued upon forms sup- plied by the Austrian Government, and bearing the Imperial half a florin stamp, and for prospectuses to VOELCKER & CO., Bankers, VIENNA. DEPILATORY. WELLS' DEPILATORY is the only effectual remedy for the immediate and permanent removal of superfluous hair from the face, arms, neck, &c. This preparation effects its purpose almost instantaneously, without pain or injury to the most sensitive skin. Full particulars on receipt of a stamped directed envelope. John Wells, 113, Euston-street, near Hampstead-road, London. N.B.—Hundreds of Testimonials have been received from the nobility and ladies of rank who have tried this marvellous remedy. TOWYN, MERIONETHSHIRE. TO CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS. ON SALE, by PRIVATE TREATY", in one or more Lots, the late STOCK-IN-TRADE of Mr Richard Lewis, Chemist, Towyn, together with the Fixtures, Counters, Glass Cases, Show Window Bottles, Scales, Canisters, &c., all quite new. The purchaser may have the use of the House and Shop until 1st of May, 1870, free of rent. For further particulars, apply to Mr O. DANIEL, Auctioneer, Towyn, who is acting for the Assignees. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS THE most useful and acceptable present that can JL be made to Lady friends, MARRIED OR UNMARRIED, Is one of Wheeler and Wilson's New Silent Working Sewing Machines. They will make Sewing comparatively a pleasure, doing the work of a day in one Jiour, and will last a lady's life time. Better make laiy a good hand- some present at once, like a first-class Sewing Machine, than to make yearly small presents not so useful. Only authorized Agent in this vicinity-W. M. DAVIES, Bank Place, Portmadoc. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. OWEN HUGHES, of Eglwysfach, in the parish of Scuborycoed, in the county of Cardigan, Slate Agent, having been adjudged Bankrupt on the 8th day of December, 1869, is hereby required to surrender himself to Mr DAVID HOWELL, the Registrar of the County Court of Montgomeryshire, holden at Machynlleth, at the first Meeting of Creditors, to be held on the 29th day of December, 1869, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon precisely, at the County Court Office, Machynlleth. Mr DAVID PUGH, of Dolgelley, is the Solicitor acting in the Bank- ruptcy. At the Meeting, the Registrar will receive proofs of the debts of the Creditors, and the Creditors may choose ¡.n Assignee or Assignees of the Bankrupt's Estate and Effects. All persons having in their possession any of the Effects of the said Bankrupt, must deliver them to the Registrar, and all debts due to the Bankrupt must be paid to the Registrar. ° 8 THOS. EDWARDS, High Bailiff. WANTED, an APPRENTICE to the Drapery TV business. Apply to Mr J. REES, draper, Pier-street, Aberystwyth. DOL GEL L E ROYAL SHIP FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL AND POSTING HOUSE. MUCH additional convenience has been added to this Establishment, combining Spacious Coffee and Sitting Rooms. Attendance, Is. per day, BILLIARDS. Omnibuses to and from all the Trains. Coaches to all parts of the District. Ponies and Guides at fixed charges. EDWARD JONES, Proprietor. LONDON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH (CORNER OF BAKER-STREET.) TO BE SOLD, or LET, with immediate posses- JL sion, the above HOUSE and SHOP, which is excellently situated for carrying on any kind of business. Persons willing to treat for the same should apply to Mr JOHN DAVIES, London House, Aberystwyth. All debts owing to Mr DAVIES are requested to be paid by the 25th December next. Visitors to London on business or pleasure should not leave without witnessing the GREAT AND SPARKLING ENTERTAINMENT Of the original and only acknowledged CHRISTY MINSTRELS, AT THE ST. JAMES'S HALL, PICCADILLY, WHERE THEY HAVE BEEN Permanently Located for Several Years Past. IT should be noted by the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and Public generallv that this is really and truly THE "IDENTICAL COMPANY" That came from the United States in 1857, and FIRST INTRODUCED THE ENTERTAINMENT OF WHICH THEY ARE THE FOUNDERS AND ORIGINATORS IN ENGLAND, And which still retains within its numbers ALL THE SURVIVING MEMBERS (EXCEPT TWO) Who first introduced, and subsequently created the world-wide reputation of the title. This Company has long been located at the ST. JAMES'S HALL, PICCADILLY, LONDON. THEY NEVER PERFORM OUT OF LONDON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER, NOR HAVE THEY ANY BRANCH COMPANIES Traveling through the Provinces. No other Minstrel Company in existence Possesses a single individual member of the Original Christy Minstrels that first came to this country in 1857. PERFORMANCES ARE GIVEN AT ST. JAMES'S HALL, LONDON-ONLY. EVERY NIGHT AT EIGHT. WEDNESDA YS & SA TURDA YS- THBEET- EIGHT, ALL THE YEAR ROUND. Passengers arriving in London from all towns in WALES Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, and Monmouthshire, who alight at the Great Western Station, Paddingfcon, from whence they can re-book by the Metropolitan Railway to Portland-road Station, where omnibuses await the arrival ef every train to carry passengers to the top of Regent- street, only five minutes' walk from the Hall. Fare from Paddington to Regent-street, 4d. Passengers arriving from Wales ^t Euston Station take the Brompton and Islington or blue Favorite 'buses, from Euston-road, a minute's walk from the Station, direct to the St. James's Hall. Fare, 4d. Cab fare from Euston, Is. 6d. The Cab fare from the Great Western Terminus to St. James's Hall, is Is. 6d. There is an entrance to the Christy's Hall from Regent- street and Piccadilly. No Fees or Extra Charges whatsoever. See next advertisement. Manager—Mr FREDERICK BURGESS. ST. JAMES'S HALL, PICCADILLY, LONDON. ALL THE YEAR ROUND, EVERY NIGHT AT EIGHT; WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS AT THREE AND EIGHT. THE great and glorious entertainment of the Original and only acknowledged CHRISTY MINSTRELS, Which has attracted densely crowded audiences to the ST. JAMES'S HALL, PICCADILLY, EIGHT AND FREQUENTLY TEN TIMES IN EACH WEEK FOR UPWARDS OF FOUR CONSECUTIVE YEARS, Without intermission (as this Company never performs out of London). VISITORS TO THE METROPOLIS Should not fail to attend one of the performances of this Company at St. James's Hall. EVERY WEST-END OMNIBUS Will set passengers down at the very doors. THE GRAND ILLUMINATED DAY PERFORMANCES EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT THREE, Are preoisely the same as those given at night. No Fees. No Extra Charges. Ladies can retain their Bonnets in all parts of the Hall. Manager, Mr FREDERICK BURGESS. MAN AND WIFE, by WILKIE COLLINS, in CASSELL'S MAGAZINE, New Series. Part I. ready November 25, Sixpence. Published in Weekly Numbers also, price One Penny. In Monthly Parts, price 7d. Part 1. November 25. c ASSELL'S BOOK OF BIRDS. New and Exhaustive Work on Ornithology. CASSELL'S BOOK OF BIRDS. C From the Text of Dr BREHM, by T. RYMER JONES, F.R.S. With 400 Engravings and Original Full Page Coloured Plates. Part I. November 25, price 7d. Prospectuses and Specimen Pages to be had of all Booksellers. CASSELL, PETTER, and GALPIN, Ludgate Hill, E.C. SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT OF GENERAL DEBILITY WITH DR DE JONGH'S LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVER OIL.-In cases of debility and emaciation, the powerful curative influence of Dr de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil is well and scientifically described by Sir Henry Marsh, Bart., M.D., Physician in Ordinary to the Queen in Ireland, who, after extensive use, strongly recommended this preparation, and observed: "I have frequently prescribed Dr de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil. I consider it to be a vety pure oil, not likely to create disgust, and a therapeutic agent of great value." This eminent physician remarks That in strumous and emaciated patients this remedy tells with peculiar energy. A regular daily course of this animal oil is capable of bringing about a most remarkable and salutary change in all the vital functions. It does that which is most required; it checks the progress of emaciation; restores the yielding health rebuilds, as it were, the tottering frame, and its reviving and reanima- ting effects are highly satisfactory in all those cases in which the general health is impaired." Dr de Jongh's Light- Brown Cod Liver Oil is sold only in capsuled imperial half-pints, 2s. 9d. pints, 4s. 6d. quarts, 9s.; labelled with his stamp and signature, without which none can possibly be genuine, by his sole consignees, Ansar, Harford and Co., 77, Strand, London; and respectable chemists. G L E N F I E L D STARCH. EXCLUSIVELY USED IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY, and HER MAJESTY'S LAUNDRESS says it is the Finest Starch she ever used. AWARDED PRIZE MEDAL FOR ITS SUPERIORITY. When you ask for GLENFIELD STARCH, See that you get it, as inferior kinds are often substituted. WOTHERSPOON & Co., GLASGOW & LONDON.


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