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_0.,0 Utenteb:—f^f %mm, & £ } YN EISIEU, G6f {Improver), yn gallu pedoll JL yn dda. Ymofyner t frhif 9D8J. Banner Office Denbigh. WANTED.— Experienced and other Ser- vants, now and by May. Cooks, cook-generals, Laundry-maids, Parlourmaids, Housemaid-Waitress- es, Kitchenmaids, Gener-Js, Scullery-maids, and Young Girls, for light situations.—A pply Mrs, PIPER Servants Registry, Denbigh. WANTED, for May, for Farmhouse, good strong servant. Wage, £ 10. Apply, ROBIN- SON, Tywysog, Trefnant, R. ti. O. SON, Tywysog, Trefnant, R. S. O. YN EISIEU, Certiwr, yn Nyffryn Clwyd. Gwr priod. Cyflog IGs. a thy cyfleus a gardd dda Ymofyner a Itkif 9971 yn y Swyddfa lion.* AR OSOD, Efail y Groes, ger Dinbych, gyda 17 erw o dir, mown ardal dda. Ymofyner a"W. Vaughan Jones, Groes. THE COUNTY STUDIO, I>ol^elley, To my numerous friends and patrons in the district I have much pleasure in wishing you a very happy & prosperous New Year. Since I have taken over Mr. Young's business, and pave come to settle down here as Your Photographer, X have started to make a series of changes, intro ductions, and alterations, wlrsh shall be continuous l and I trust advantageous and pleasing to you all. First and foremost this. I have arranged th" price list, and have great pleasure in coming forward with an announcement that I have here Something to tempt you! not only in the style of work I am introducing, but also in the prices, which will be found reasonable in the extreme, so much that even those of the most slender means can have a rea'ly good photograph, nicely got up, and well finished, for a very small sum. In quoting you tlvse low figures, 1 emphasise the fact. that you are getting a genuine honest article, well got up, and well finished. MARK YOU! I am no amatuer, and you can rely on my ability and experience. I have been at great trouble and expense in some Of changes. The new back-grounds I an) introduc- ing into my Studio (some of them have come already, others are being made) were made expressly for me, and to my de»iy;ii by on" of the foremost American Artists in New York. I have also placed orders for novelties with a firm in Paris, so you see I am laying myself out to win the confidence and esteem of all my friends and patrons in the district. Now that 1 know what my friends roally want I am here to give it you, You want something good, and at the same time. j cheap. Well, here you are How does this please you? MIDGETS-2s. 6d. per dozen; Is. 6d. per half dozen CARTES- 5s. per dozen 3s. 6d, per half dozen. CABINETS'—ICs. per dozen 6s. per half dozen. For 10s. 6d. I will give you 12 nice cartes, and one Enlarged copy, beautifully finished. For 21s. I will give you 12 very fine cabinets, and 6ne enlarged copy, and most beautifully finished, and well got up. NOW THEN! all you have to do is to give this a fair trial to satisfy yourselves, and I feel confident that they will be all you wish for. You will find other classes of work in the Studio at Various prices, according to their quality, txcellencc, but for those who wish for something- reasonable, and at the same time of really good quality I'M YOUR MAN! for I am in a position to supply you from a photo- f;raph at 2s. 6d. for 12 copies, to an enlarged picture rom £ 3, £ 5, £ 10,'and upwards, and from an Oil Paint- ing of £ 2 up to a Presentation Portrait of £ 50-quite a fact, Have you an old faded photograph of some deceas- ed relative or friend you want to keep Bring it to me, I'll tell you what to do with it, and you'll find my prices right to, and my work. Ah! Have you any pictures you want framed. Pictures of any kind. or photos, or even war medals. Bring them down to me, or send them by post. I have a splendid stocK of Picture Mouldings by me, the newest patterns and the very best in quality-No rubbish mark you. Bring them, or send them by rail, post, or messenger. Tell me what you want. I have some novel ideas in mounting up medals, and such like-curios. and'I'll fit them up for you to your delight, and not take you in either. Do you want any photos enlarged? Come down and see me, and we'll rack a bargain, a nd be friends ever after. Now then, as far as photography is con cerned, and prices admit I intend that Dolgelley be the Mecca of good photography at reasonable prices. I am in correspondence with some of the leading photographers in America, who from time to time, will keep me posted up in Trans atl ntic progress, and I intend that it be for you as well to be nefit by it. A FINAL WORD.—I am always happy to please, and always glad to make new acquaintances—I shall always take the same pains in my work as hitherto and shall be only too pleased to meet the wishes of my friends as far as possible. I intend in the course of the Summer to p-,ya, visit to your lovely district with my camera a id,if time permits I intend to pa y a short visit to 11\OF of you, so that you may all have an opportunity of oeing photographed at your own home. I'll bring everything necessary with me and I can photograph anything you want-School and Chapel groupes, Club troupes, Houses, Horses, Dogs Gardens, Picnic paities, Wedding groupes, &c but you'll all get good notice before hand when I am coming. My terms are cut down to the very lowest figure and are payable at time of sitting only. Friends will therefore please note that no credit can be given will therefore please note that no credit can be given NOW THEN for some good honest work, and plenty of it. ONCE IViOItE, my kindest wishes to you all. J. D. GAFFRON, (Successor to C. H. YOUNG), The County Studio, DOLGELLEY MRL CLOU ;!1 A'I GYF. Goruchwylwyr Tstadau, Surveyors, Ar- wertlrwyr a Phriswyr, Dinbych* =- EVAN THOMAS, RADCLIFFE, & CO. Steamship Owners & Brokers. CARDIFF. SYMMUDI ADA IT KIN LLONGAU. Cardiff, Ionawr 2Sain, 1903. Gwenllian Thomas, gad. Huolva a. Fleetwood Ion 28 lolo Moraantog. gad. Algiers am Huelva 25 Anne Thomas, cyr. Algiers o Cardiff 25 Bala, cyr. Port Talbot o Cardiff Tach 21 W. I. Itadcliffe, cyr. Port Talbot o Dieppe 15 Sarah Badclijfe, cyr. Port, Talbot o Antwerp Ta' 27 Mary Thomas, gad.Cardi(r am Palermo Ion' 21 Jane Radclife, cyr. Port Talbot o Glasgow Rha»-' 24 Douglas RUl, cyr. Port Talbot o Plymouth ° ]3 Llanberis, cyr. Port Talbot o Barrow 8 Manchester, cyr. Cardiff o Varna 27 Fete.rst.on, cyr. Civita Vec.hia o Barry Ion 17 Anthony Radclitfe, pasio Pera am Liverpool J9 Ethel Madeline, cyr. Sunderland o Middlesbro' 21 Bunraven, cyr. Alexandria o Barry 24 Windsor, cyr. Rotterdam o Novorossisk 26 Llandudno, gad. Odessa am Rotterdam 25 Paaaington, pasio Pera am Liverpool V7 Euston, gad. Naples am Theodosia 25 VVimborne. cyr. Hamburg o Novorossisk 26 Swindon, pasio Galata am Rotterdam 15 Hanover, cyr. Cardiff 0 London 26 Llangorse, gad. Barry am Naples 23 Llangollen, pasio Pera am Rotterdam 27 Llandrindod, cyr. Genoa o Barry 25 Llanis'ien, cyr. Hamb urg o Novorossisk 19 Hanky, gad. Port Said am Theodosia 21 JENKINS, WILLIAMS, & CO. Steamship Owners & Brokers,, CARDIFF. Ionawr 26ain, 1903. SYMMUDIADAU PIN LLONOAU. North Tyne, cyr. Nantes o Swansea Ion 24 Rawtor, cyr. Sharpness o Alexandria 25 gowis ga d. Benisaf am Cardiff 24 Straits 0} Menai," cyr. Barry o Hamburg 18 Farnngford, cyr. Hull o Odessa 25 itauana, cyr. Cardiff o Glasgow Tach. 23 OWEN & WATKIN WILLIAMS, & CO. Steamship Owners & Brokers*' CARDIFF. POSITION OF STEAMERS. January 28th, 1903 Silurian s.e., left Lisbon for Casablanca Jan 27 Qangaman s.s,. arr. Burriana from Cette 26 Demettan, s.s., left Cardiff for Gandia 97 Ordomeian, s.s., arr. Pomaron from Penarth 27 Venedonan, s.s., left Cardiff for Genoa 20 begcntian s.s., arr. Valencia from Aguilas 24 Goideuan, s.s., left Barry for Genoa 28 Coranian. s.s., left Palermo for Valencia 28 ELVIDGE & MORGAN, Steamship Owners and Brokers, CARDIFF. GEO. H. ELVIDGH. OABIi S. MORGAN, OABDIFF, Deeembe(29th, 1502, ROSELLA.S. arr. Maryporfc from Santander Dec 27 bG&siiBsiCK a. arr. Maryport from Santander 21 RUPTDMI. Gentleman (cured himself and many others) Something entirely new for Sufferers, who need SUFFER no longer. The only really new departure for a Ceutury. Cases of 30 years standing cured. Particulars of self-curative treatment sent upon mentioning this paper with I Stamp to Secretary, 3, Earl Street, Carlisle. [TN BLWCH G BELENAU B. 41 \J a warantir i feddygmiaethn pob yi-.eyv/ant- ™ o r Organau Troel hfaol, y Grafel, B Phoenau yn y coin. Njc: oea merchyr ynddo. Ar-werth mewc blychau, amm 4s. 60. yr un, gan bob Fferyllvdd » gwerthwr CyfieriaK Breintebol; nen aiuonir un r.iyw gyfeWad am 60 0 lythyrnodau gan y Gwasa ^i-rlKM^LING0^ « MID £ AN& CO UN- «OBUGL COMPANY LIADOFE. 78SSI. Maes Llafur Undeb Ysgolion Sab- bothol y Methodistiaid Caifmaidd. Yn awr yn barod Esboniad Newydd ar yr Wyth Pennod cyntaf o'r Epistol at -y GAN Y Parch. W. J. WIXIIIXAMS3 Hirwaen PRIS,-WEDI El RWYMO MEWN LLIAN HARDD, Is T. GEE A'I FAB, Cyhoeddwyr, Dinbych. .—Lie nas gellir cael yr Esboniad gan y Llyfiwerthwyr gellir ei gael yn uniongyrchol j odd i wri h y Cyhoeddwyr dderbyniad ei werth. Cyhoeddir yn fuan. Fris Swllt, Llawlyfr y Oymro 1 d ddf Addysg 1902, GAN AWBWR I cGlwb yr Efail a'r Mesur Addysg.1 I 'y s -g- 'The Education Bill-Its Local Application,' by an Educational Expert. I Gyda Rhagymadrodd Gwerthfawr gan Mr. D. LLOYD-GEORGE, A.S. Œ Danfoner pob archebion at y Cyhoeddwyr— GEE a'i FAB, Swyddfa'r Faner, Dinbych. SALE .j SALE SALE [SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE Gwahoddiad i Bawb, BARGEINION ANARFEROL. DECHREUIR SALE F A. W It FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL I FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDCL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL ,or limr or a I .1 I- ,-A -1 1 in T. J. WILLIAfS i"1.4.1 I- SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE (YN EI DDAU FASNACHDY), DYDD LLUN, Chwefror 2il,1903, a pharheir am Fis. Mae Sale flynyddol T. J. W. erbyu hyn mor adnabyddus a phoblogaidd am eu rhinweddau fel nad oss eisieu amlhau geiriau. Deuwch heb oedi, Telerau, Arian Parod. HIGH STREET a TEMPLE BAR, dhhbigh. FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FLYNYDDOL FE BAR W YD I MX ETCH TTYSBYSU, _Ll .I, \,) 1.1, I i ..l. 3- k.J \J meddai Criwr y drer, onid (•, pan wedi canu ei glocho end pur anatnl y mive gaviddo rywbeth gwerth ei ltys- bysu; oncl nid felly ni. Y nuve genym 'beth i'w hys- bysu ag y dylai pob Pler.tyn, Dyn, a Dyp.es drwy y byd gael ei wybod, sef BOD B -&.J<s YICTOLINE YN Gwella Y DDANN0D0, u NFURALGIA, TIC, A PEOEXAU IN Y PEN A'R GUMS. VICTOLINE yw yr unig Fcddy^lniasth ddiogel a pharhn,ol-byth YIl .niel hu. Y mac- genyin y t;"6(;iol. aethau goreu o'i phlaid, bob pan-b o Gymru a Lloegr. Nisgvvyddom AM DDIM wedi ei ddarganfod, hyd yn hyn, heb law ViCTor-rjns ag sydd yn sicr o wclla. y dryga,Lt hyn. I'w gael gan unrhyw Ffcrvllydd drwy y wl<>.d, rssu ddi wrth y Gwneuthurwr. M. F. JOKES, A-. P. S.. To wyn, Meirionet h. .PRISIAU, Is. lie. a 2s. BEDYDD A SvVPER YR ARGLWYDD. Traetbawd a dda?llenwy3 yn Ifshsm* deithaefa Dolgeilda, Moh. 19ag, U¿) GAr. y PA.RCH. GRIFFITH PARRY. D.D CARNO. 11 X O DO a R ANWYL, 3EFWCH AM 3MENT A RAID I FY ANWYLYD FARW? 'GUYDIG OBAITH SYDD GENYF, OND TREIWCH X TUSOR WILLIAMS' • PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. Yr hwn a gynnwysa fcl Cymreig pur, a sudd o'r dail puraf a mwyaf effeithiol, wed' eu casglu ar fynyddoedd Cymru, yn y i -mmor priodol, pan mae eu rhin- weddau j n y perffeithrwydd mwyaf. BRONCHITIS. Y mae miloedd o blant yn'marw yn flynyddol o'r Bronchitis, y Pas, a'r Cnvp. liyma. ddarganfyddfad rbagorol i iachau y eyfryw afiechydon. M ic yn am- mbriRiadwy i bersonau a brestiau gwan, merched gwanllyd, a phlant. lacha wedi i bob peth arail fethu. Iacha beswoh, anwyd, asthma, a chaethdra. lachaodd filoedd o b'ant o'r Bronchitis a'r Pas. Iaeh& am swllt pan y bydd piinnoedd wedi eu gwario yn ofer. Treivvch ef. Os oes genych besweh, treiwch ef; os oes genych anwyd, treiwch ef. llhyddha y illem, cynuhesa y frest, a rhodda gwsgpany byddweh am nosweithiau heb orphwy?. Darllonwch vn mMi&eL TYSTIOLAETHAU HEB OFYN AM DANYNT, TEILAYNG O'CH SYLW. Ysgrifena boneddwr Teim-af- n ddyledsvyd t arnat eich hysbysu ty mod wedi bo" yn defnyddio Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey ys fy nheulu, yr hwn sydd yn lliosog, am fiynyddau, he yr wyf wed prpfi ei werth, gan na chefais ddim arall mewn aches ion o Beswch a'r Freeh Goch, Pils a Bronchitis a galla. ei gymmeiadwyo i eraill at y cyfryw aSechrdcn. Yr eiddoch yn ddiolchgar, VvrM. HARDING. Agent, Tredegar Wharf Estate, Newport, Mon.- Derbynir tw noelau o Lythyrau bob dydd, ac y mae yr bya a adyweidant am Tudor WilUartis' Baliam of Honey yn thywbeth rhyfeddol iawn, Dywed Gounty Ma.çistrate Yr wyf wedi cael eich Balsam of Honey y peth mwy¡¡f effeltkiol at Bronchitis Gwerthlr ef gan bob Fferyllydd, ac mown Ystor feydd drwy yr holl fyd, mewnpotelau Is. He., a 23.9c. Antonir potel fel aampl, wedi talu y cludlad, am 2s, 3c.. n 3s. oddi with y Breintebydd. y D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, L.S D.E. Aberdare,