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BUILDING LAND BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TO LET OR FOR SALE. J. M. Porter & Elcock, Architects, Surveyors, and Valuers, Land and Estate Agents, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. Telephone: No. 38, Goiwyn Bay. Telegrams: PLans," Colwyn Bay. 120.-Detached Substantially Built Stone Residence on outskirts of town. bracing position, splendid views, 4 Reoept-on. 7 Bed- rooms, Convenient Domestic Odiees, Stabling, etc. well planted grounds; aJao Gardei»-!r s Lodge; in all about 6 ac.-es. About one m,i;1e from statson and sea front- ao.-A Pretry Detached House in the Vale of Conway, ccnummg 3 Reception and o Bedrooms, well planted grounds and pieaaamt situation, about coo mile from station. .£80.-RHOS-0-SEA.-An EzceU-nt Apart- ment Ilouae, containing 3 Reception. 10 Bedrooms, and usual domea-tic offices; within easy roach of Promenade and Electric (Jans. Early Possession. so.-IN THE WEST END.—A Pretty De- tached He-use in pleasant situation. Lounge Hail, 2 Sitting and 5 Bedroom*, and very convenient domestic offices. Witmn a. few minutes' walk of Bliectrio CaM. £ 45.-RH0S0N SEA.-A Good Semi De- tached House with 3 Reception and 7 Bed- rooms. Within easy peach of Golf I jinks anu Sea. Front. Possession, March 25th next- ,£38.-0LD COLWYN.-A Dry and Sunny House, conta-ming 2 Sitting and 5 Bsd- rooms, and convenient domestic offices. Large garden. Within easy reach of Station, Ssa Front, Golf Links. etc. Early Pcesoesion. 35.-A Pretty Detached House, sunnily 5L' situate in the Nant y Glyn Valley, 2 Sitting and 3 Bedrooms, and exceptionally con- venient domestic arrangements. Large and well planted garden. Splendid Views. 24.-A Pret y Semi-Dctac ed House in CXd Colwyn, 2 Sitting, 4 Bedrooms Plasant uituation. With:n easy reach of Station and Sea Frcnt. iCTREEHOLD BUILDING LAND, in and W-1 around Colwyn Bay. Every variety from choice sites for Shops, tg corrmiajiding sites for Bungalows and G*?mlercien's Residences. SHOPS.—Sevoral Exce'Jenit Shops to Let in sonbe of the Best Business Positions in tha town. Rents ranging from £ 55 to £ 150. OFFICES.—Several Suites of Rooms Ruitable for Offices; also one good Single Room. •T^URNISHED HOUSES to Le: for Wintor Months. Rents moderate. For further particulars and orders to view, apply as above. MELLOR & ALLEN, LAND & HOUSE AGENTS AND VALUERS, COLWYN BAY. Telephone No. 131. TO LET. FURSRED HOUSES. — Low Winter terms. UNFURNISHED HOUSES, various sizes; Rents X24 and upwards. OFFICES in Vron Haulog and Central Buildings ;also Unfurnished Rooms in latter. FOR SALE. AN APARTMENT HOUSE, facing Sea, good connection; three Entertaining, nine Bedrooms, all conveniences, Bicycle Shed, Furniture as it stands. Rent £ 45. DETACHED AND SEMI DETACHED HOUSES.—Prices < £ 410 and upwards, return good interest. Part purchase money may remain on Mortgage. GROCERY BUSINESS, BUTCHER'S BUSINESS, FANCY, STATIONERY, and TOBACCO BUSINESS. i }'lal. Tel. 55. R. E. BIRCH, F.S.I. (Agent to the Cayley Estate), ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, BEGS TOJNFpRM HIS CLIENTS THAT HE HAS Removed from Wynnstay Chambers to Aucklands (First Floor), Conway Roaa, COIWYD Bay (NEXT TO COUNCIL OFFICES). R. ARTHUR JONES, Land, House and Estate Agent, THE ESTATE OFFICE (Nr. Town Ilall), CONWAY, AND AT THE ESTATE OFFICE (nr. PostOMcet, DEGANWY. REGI JTER of Land, Houses, and Property jLf for Sale and to Let in Con vay. Deganwy, T,lAn- pwi;.c Junction, Conway Valley, Penaiaenre^wr, Llau- fairfechan. and surrounding district. COUNTRY COTTAGES. For Sale by Private Treaty several COUNTRY COTTAGES, detached and Semi-detached; neighbourhood of Conway Valley, PL -maen- mawr, and Llanfairfechan. LLANFAIRFECHAN.—For Sale, attractive Gentleman's Residence and Grounds of about an acre, privately situafed in a sheltered part of Llanfairfechan; three Reception, six Bedrooms, together with Servants' Accommodation; Stable* if required. FOR SALE. 9100: SITES for BUNGALOWS. CONWAY DEGANWY and LLANF AIRFECHAN SITES for GENTLEMEN'S RESIDENCES in various parts of CONWAY VALLEY. For all particulars apply to THE ESTATE OFFICE, CONWAY. Tel 29 4epoaitoni for "Pioneer" advertisements. THE Caxton Press, caxcon Rouse, B A, N GO R) Publish and Print Books of every description. They are Art Printers and can execute High Class Work on the Premises. Authors should communicate with the MANAGER for terms. Die Stamping in Colours Executed on the Premises. Notepaper and Envelopes of all kinds supplied promptly. SITUATIONS VACANT. Bx^nGOR.—Mrs Williams' Registry Officc for Servants 2, Trevelyan-terrace, lligh-street. (Stamp for reply). 4761c COOK-GENERAL and Housemaid Wanted about January 15 h.—Pias Tiirion, Nanty- giyn-road, Colwyn Bay. 26438p ENEITA-L Wanted for Old Colwyn (plain cooking); no washing. Apply, by letter, to "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 26285p EXPERIENCED General WT anted; three in E family boy k.pt.—Mrs Thomas, Lianiair Reotory, .Abergele. 26430p I EMPLOYMENT, respectable and profit- J able, can be found for a man of good appearance and charaoter, residing in or near Colwyn Bay.—Address, "X. K. "Pio- neer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 26295p HANDY FARM LABOURER Wanted, pre- ference :to one able to do rough Carpen- tering.—Appiy, by letter only, Captain Grjiith, Tarporley. 26Q99p |>ERSONS Wanted (either sex) to address en- vtiopieli (work a.t home); expenence un necessary.; space or whoio tune; no canvaaang; pai-ticuiiars addressed enveiopo. Supply Co., 6, Kangiy-etreat. London. W. 20k!34p PERSONS Wanted to address envelopes at JL home. For particulars, stamp. — w allace King Company, 8, Masons-avenue, Coleman-street, London, E.C. 26278p EGISTRY OFFICE for SERVANTS" RLadies quickly suited with good Servants.— Mjs3 Evaos, Glynarien, St. Asaph. 26051p T> ESPECTABLE Youth, about 17, to make • himself generally useful, at Central Hotel, Colwyn B-ty-—Ajipiy, \V. 26422p RELIABLE and Trustworthy Man Wanted, either Whole or Spare Time, as Represen- tative of a. wealthy London Firm. Good posi- tion for a suitable mall.-Apply, "X-Z- Oilioø of tilis journal. EG1STR ¥ OFFICE, 120, lilGH-ST., PORT- MADOC.—Mrs Humphreys has exoellent Situations for responsible Women as Generals, Cooks, i louse mams, etc., for next Term (Pen. tymbor) o SHORTHAND TYPIST Wanted at Unionist s Committee Rooms, Coiwyn Bay, for 01*3 month. from December 28th. State speed per minute, and ternis.-Aplily, at to C. C. Mott, Borth, Ruthin. 2f'362r- WANTED, good General Servant, for small family.—Address, "X. T. "Pio- neer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 264153p WANTED, an experienced Commercial Room Waitress; must have good refer- ences. State age and all pa.rticula.rs.-Ad- dress, "X. S. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 2G413p WANTED, bright jrirl with little experience to train as Housemaid Waitress; family four, -Cart,i-efle. Abbey-road, Llandudno. 26353p WANTED, a good Maid; good home, food, and wages; state references.— Apply, 2, King's-avenue, Rhyl. \\TANTED.—A Young Man, to live in, able » » to shoe horses and assist on farm.— Particulars, from "B," "Pioneer" Office, Rhyl. ANTED, at once, Good General, all duties, small family, go:d wa-gee.—Apply, Hill Rise, Rouii)an;a Crescent, Llandiudtio. 26324p WT ANTED, Experienced General for Lon- don, for 2nd week January. — Apply, Mrs Paaii, 32, Church Walks, Llandudno. 2o424p V\T ANTED, S ror.g, Active Girl as House- maid; ag<o about 17; to w irk under Chamborrna.d—Apply, PwHycrochan Hotel, Col- wyn Bay. 26426p ANTED, Canvasser in Every Town in North Wales for Ilouseho-.d SP" 'ciaitiy. References. Apply, T., 24, Sanaringham Avenue. Rhyl. 26429p WANTED, Good Genera-l Servant for small family in the country. Able to mako butter for smaii dairy. Mrs Parry, Riban Ilir, LLangerniew, Abergele. 26431 p \\J ANTED, Good Hetisemai<T Waitress; also a General.—Apply, stating a.ge, wage, and rf-ferc,e, Roval Goat Hotel, Beddgolert- 2b433n__ ANTED, Housemaid-Waitress, for January; help given-—Apply, personaJy if possible, to Mrs Glynn Williams, Friars S-jhool, BangorA North Wales. o WANTED, early in January, Plain Cook- Generai ( nly one kep ). Small^ family. No washing. Country. Wh. — Aj;p'y. with reference, Box 5970, ''Chronicle" Office. Bangor^ PROFESSIONAL. FOREIGN GOVERNESS (Swiss), Speaking and Teaching Conversational French and German, K. G. Diplomee, wishes Mcrn.ng or Afternoon Eng-xgement; fond of chifdren.-AdL dress, X.R., "Pioncor" Office, Colwyn Bay. COMMERCIAL EDUCATION. Classes for Tuition in Shorthand, Book-keeping, Arith. rnetic, etc. —lv W. Lamb, 32, Farrar-road, Ban- 0" ^mmM POULTRY, EaGs. &C. OOK To Poultry Keepers. String o Netting, lin. mesh, 25yds. by lyù., Is; 25 by 2, 23; 25 by 3, 3s.—Henry Robinson, Net Works, Rye. 26132p HORSES, CARRIAGES, &c. BARG AIN .-Excellent, well-finished Trap, JL) complete; new; cost < £ 24. Apply, Joseph Williams, Auctioneer, lihyl. 262i>4p FOR SALE—Two Light Rubber Tyred Broughams and Two 4-Wheeled Dog Carte, I iU- I* Cart. Styhsh Victoria, 2 Pheatcns, 2 very Light Landaus, New and Sccund-hand Floats and Governess Cars, Handcarts and Wheelbarrows; also large very oheap. Cash or easy terms. —Francis and Sons, Coacnbuilders, Colwyn Bay. 17818p NICORN SELF-POLISHING HARNESS BLACKING. No Labour, no Brushing. Softens Leather. Be particular and use accord- ing to direction on label. Old Harness made to look like new. Try it now. Gallon, 43 od; iargo tins, Is.—Agent?:—J. Hughes, saddler, 21, Caatie-street, Conway; R Roberts, Market- place, Beaumaris; W. G. Williams, Victoria House, Meaai Brldge; Jones Bros., High-st., Bangor.—Unioorn Blacking Co., Manohester. ALL SIZES AND PRICES TO SUIT ALL CUSTOMERS. HORSES, COBS, PONTES, WAGONS, Carts, Floats, Traps, Harness, etc., for Sale, Hire, or Exohange, for Cash or Credit. The great advantage of this is that Horses, etc., unlike other things on easy payments, earn the payments for which you get Credit as you go on. It is great economy even to Buyers for Cash; they avoid many risks, and have fair trials with view to purchase. Buyers should see these; this is an oid-esta.blis.hed plaoe with a good assort- ment on hand, and does not advertise selling under various pretexts.-Parkcr Wood, 22 and 24, Vauxhall-road, Liverpool. Telephone 0213 Central. 6756 To BE LET. STABLES to Let,-Caederwen, College- s road.-Apply, A. W. Easterling, Soli- citor, Bangor. TOURS. m m TOUR to the Holy Land, Egypt, etc., at half usual charges; Jerusalem, Nazar- eth, Damascus, Cairo, Pyramids, Athens, etc. —For Illustrated Hand-book, write the Rev. J. W. Miller, Woodland Avenue, Leices- ter. 5913 HOUSES AND SHOPS TO LET. HOUSE and SHOP to Let, "Bon Marche," t Watling-street, Llanrwst. Good busi- ness centre. Reasonable rent.—Apply, J. D. Jones, Solicitor, Watling Chambers, Llan- rwst. 26129p OFFICES, SHOPS, &c., TO LET, mo LET, Commodious Shop and Dwelling- JL House, situate in Castle-street, Conway, known as the "Emu Restaurant;" possession at Christmas.—Apply, Ind, Coope and Co., York House," Vaughan-street, Llandudno. 26009p BOOK FOR LADIES. By DR. ALLINSON: THIS i3 the beait Book ever written for »adie3. Over 200,000 copies have been sold. Hundreds have written him, saying it is the book they wanted, but could not hnd before. It tells a woman all about herself, and in plain and proper terms. Sent post free in envelope for Is 2d, by Dr. Allison, 172 Room, 4, Spanish, plac-e,, Manchester-square, London, W. PP^PERFECT RIEDICSNE^ V Ingestion. Anaemia, Liver Complaint. M t ousness, JOHNSON 'S CHINESE PILLS: I I 1 n per bo. *te thc be,t- For Blood Poison, I 1 Inllamwation, Varicose Veins, Erysipelas, Bad J ■k Legs, JOHNSON'S XX OILS. I/IJ. 2/3, is a J 5a»s^»«"«wre. Airie* tree. JOHNSON Bros. Sp*cialuti. Wrine Hill.Crewe^^fllg ego= Bl ■ ■ MI go For your own ♦ I BillBJS send Id. Stamp for S ■ hlliflbU Free Sample of ■ I BLANCHARD'S B 1 APIOL W STEEL PILLS | ■ with «ntaBater7 Booklft Md TMtlinoniftl* H 2 Sat&Ht aMm lrt* «r b»x, m- jtost free from J vow SITUATIONS WANTED, GROOM-GARDENER seek3 Situation, good references; married. Apply, Gittins, Ty'n-y-fl'ynon, Llanerchymedd. 59il G1 ARDENER (single handed or with help) seeks engagement; ton years' ex- perience aged 2ti; married. — For further particulars apply R. Greenfield, F.R.H.S., Ty'n-y-C'oed Gardens, Llanrhos, Llandudno. YOUNG LADY wishes for a position as Assistant in a Boarding House or Institu- tion.—Address, "X.O. Pioneer OSioe. Colwyn ISay. 2638Q MISCELLANEOUS. BOOK DEBTS purchased, any district. Cash down. — W. Jackson, kio, Oorpoiation.streot, Manchester. 5670o OOiSTON HOUSE, HOLYHEAD.—Registry -fi-* UiJice of Ap&rUuenis, to Let, and vants. All applications, by poat or cthor*rise, will b* personally atvaudiU to Registration Lee. la.- I" liiiains. c ENERAL ACCOUNTANCY, Rent and Debt T Collection, House Agent. Holder of a Certificate under the Law ol Distress Amendment Act.-Liew. D. Jones, Accountant, Bangor. M PORT AN lr TO" MOTH ERST^-Kvery Mother -M. who values the Health of her Chad should use Harrison's "Reliable" Nursery Pomade. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beau- tifies and strengthens the Hair. 1n Tins, 4 and 9d. Postage, Id.—Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by ali Chemists. Agent for Colwyn Bay:—J. W. Adamson, Chemist, Statien-road. Agent for Penmaen- mawr :—T. J. Hughes, Chemist. Agent for Con- way -L. Jones, chemist 23S28p Al)[ES.-My improved Remedies act in a iew hours, when ad el.s.3 iaiis. Surprisingly effective. Success guaranteed. Send stamped enveiopa for Free Sample. Address, Nurse Hammond, 20, ing.euene, Bos com be-road, South- end, Essex. 26421p LAU NDRY G^LAZING 3ECRE1 ~(Originalj." -Extr,-nialy simp.e. L'i^xpens'-ve. Gives I actuai appearanoe white clun.i. Part culais, tseven stamps.—Mi G.^ar.-e=, Cieatr Mount, Dox- chosior. 264OOp ATRlMONIAL POST?' estabiUhod h»>7 ) 1.1- century; 15,000 marriages arraiig.eu, larger than all matrimonial agencies LI the wor.d combined. Sealed enveiopo 5, with cir- cular 9.—Address, Editor, Room C.P., 12, Tra- falgar Buildings, London. 26035p ABBITS, RABBITS. — Wanted, any quantity, at any time. — Ross Bros., Butchers, Colwyu Bay, Llanrwst, and Ruthin. f*/t PAGE BOOK about HerK-t. and how to use Odt them, post free; send for one.-Trimaell, The Herbalist, 144, Richmoad-road, Cardiff. Es- tablished 1879. 214 7Sp £ 1 Weekly, address.ng Envelopes (work at home). — Particulars, addressed envelope, Supply Co., 2, Kingiey-street, LonUon. 5519 CYCLES, MOTORS, &C., FOR SALE. BARGAIN.—Lady's magnificent Cycle, high- JE-F est grade Coventry Machine, new at Christmas, not soiled; Clincher tyres, plated riiiir, genuine Crabbe rcLler brakes, back and front; Ferry's ball free vvheei; highest finish and beautiful model; all accessories; no use to owner; sacrifice E3 18" 6d, worth double; ap- proval before cash sent.—K. Stuok-ey, Oak Villa, Clarencion-ioad, Weston-super-Mare. 25834p H,D, I5-18-h.p., price £ 75- Sold on JL account of buying a larger Car; in abso- lute running order; Jaiiit)s, Stepney wheel, wind screen, and leather hood; tyretj ainiost new can be seen and tried.—Apply, Mrs Pritchard Rayner, Ile-nliys, Beaumaris. p TYRES —Stock-taking Sale.—Tyres, Cycle Accessories, Covers 3s 3d; Air Tubes with valve, 2s 3d eah; guaranteed. Wheels, Chains, Pedals, Lamps, Beiis, Carriers, etc. Sale List free. New good.W. A. Gorton, Manufacturer, Wolverhampton. 25997p MEDICAL. THE MEDICAL HOME, COLWYN BAY.— FULLY TRAINED CERTIFICATED NURSES supplied, who live in the Home when not at Cases, and are under personal supcr- visioa. Patients received. Massage Nurs-rig Appliances on H.re, Tei. No. 24.—Matron, Miss Is a eel Matty. 22553p APARTMENTS TO LET. RHYL. — Superior Furnished Apartments, select locality, sheltered situation near sea and srojf inks, lrmaneIJCY cr olherwise.—Mis> Parry, lloeciieath, The Grrove. 26359p HYL.-Perr?-anerit Rooms in centre of Town for one oi two gentlemen or ladies; good cooking; very moderate terms. 2, Crescent- road. p E^HUDDLAN.—Apartments, comfortable and clean, near Castle and River, permanent or season.—Miss Davis, Tower House, Castle-st-, r Rhuddlan. n MATRIMONY. I- ATRI-IIONY. Genuine and Conlidential. M Widower (50j, with small income, clesiies C or re 5 pon-d er.oe with Lady of equal n.eina. Re- ferencet, for 20 yeairs given from family sclicltois. Doctor and Bank in return for similar references. -Rpy fitst iiict.nco, "X-W- "Pionoer" Office. CoJwyn Bay. 26425p ADOPTION. ANTED, a Ch id, to rear by a respectable Lady in the Country. — Address, "X. P. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 26395p THE FARM AND GARDEN. ALBERTS BASIC SLAG.— For prices, apply 1 to W. Ellis and Co.. Merchants, Abergefe. RESULT OF DRAW. GRAMOPHONE DRAW—Winning Number. 101. 13 ESULT of tho Cross-Foxes, Glasooed, St. Asaph, Christmas Draw, December 21st, 1909. Numbers in rotation, according to tickets: -1005, 2643" 1089, 2274. 1362, 1463 41, 1964, 1019, 2979, 2953, 2442, 1504, 2473 873, 1168, 1295, 2264, 131, 2337. 2437, 230. 556, 2449, 451. 105, 2293, 314, 609, 393, 2275 931, 1187, 389, 1467, 1256, 1110, 1221. 2182, 2004, 1291, 595. p JOHN L. HUNT, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST AND OPTICIAN, .0 „ CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. DEPOT FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC REQUISITES. DARK ROOM FOR USE OF AMATEURS. SIGHT TESTING DAILY BY APPOINTMENT. AGENT FOR HENRY LAWRANCE'S CELEBRATED SPECTACLES iØ EYEGLASSES. Nickel Plated, Gold Filled, and Gold Frames. FOR SALE-VAFIIOUS. A Number of OIL CASKS for Sale, cheap.- j.'a- Apply, Ind, Cocpe and Co.'¡ Bottling Stores, Graigydoin, Llandudno. 26389p BEST Galvanised Corrugated Sheets.—5-ft., Is 2d; 6-ft., Is 4d; 7-ft., Is 6d; 8-ft., Is 8d. Ridgecap Nails, Washers, Bolts. Carriage paid on lots of 20s. Aiyn Galvanizing Works, Mold. 25962p BANGOR.—A Laxge House of Furniture to be Sold Cheaply; all in good condition.— Apply,Box A., "Chromed" Office, Bangor. CHAFF CUTTER, Scarcely Used; hinged Fly CHAFF CUTTER, Scarcely Used; hinged Fly Wheel Cover; safety lever for power, Cheap.—Rajidiles, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. OUlILE BAlUiEL GUN, Top~lever,~12 bore left Choke, DamsLsous barrels. Special value, 57s 6d. Randie's, Ironmonger, wlwyn Bay. p FOR SALE, a National Cash Register, in good condition, 25 keys; will be sold clleap.-Apply, Mr Ernest Jones, Auctioneer, Rhyl. p IilURS.—Elegant and Fasihuonable Rich, Dark Sable roai Russian Brown Fur; long shaped Granville stole, with doop round ocilar with two Heads, ten Tails, richly satm lined; also large animal shaped open Pouched Muff, also with Head and Talis to match; sacnhoe 15s, worth approval.—Greenaway, 44, Liiienhail-street, Chester. 2588bp GUN for Sale—Double Breechloader, quite new; latent improvements; finest steel barrels; left cnoke; well finished; nicely balanced; splendid killer. Approval; bar- gain; 38s. 13, Newcastle-street, Mer- thyr. 26167p GÁLV ANIZED CORRUGATED SHEETS.— G "Salvage" from "Star of Japan," new but soiled by sea water,—5ft., Is; 6ft., Is 3d. New Sheets,—5ft., Is 2d; 6ft., Is 6d; 7ft., Is 9d; 8ft., 2s; 9ft., 2s 4d each. 27 jncnes wide. All Sheeta warranted free from holes. Medium strength.— W.P. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhamp- ton. Established 18¿a. 24409p d 1 REAT BARGAIN,—40 'Irallons splendid VJT Pure White and Safe Perfect uraing Oil for IUs. Greatest value ever offers 1.— Write for particulars, F. Pearson and Co., 1, Redcross-street, Liverpool. C^REY IIAIR pernmneatly and speedily re- T stored to its original colour by using HARRISON S HAIR COLOUR RESTORER. It is not a dye, but a natural means acts as a restorative Contains noth-ng injurious, and is beneticiat to tha growth ud beauty of the Uair. In bottles, price Is bd (postage 3d extra) Manu- factuier: U. W. Harrison, liair Specialist, Read- ing. bold by Chemists. Agsnt lor Bangor: J. bowen, Chemist, Casxie tliiU Agent for Lian- gefni: S Prythercn, Chemist, Mona Drag Hall. 502&> Al,GE OIL CDOKI-NG SIOVE, Rippin,ilks, 6 Burner, in very good condition. Cneap. —Randies, Ironmonger, t-oiwyii Bay. PONY PHAETON, perfect order, ..1J2; Sectional Fowl house and 10-foot Wired Run, 15s; Iron Pig Trough, 5s; four light Cucumber Frame, lus; Sun Dial, 1754, 2os; Set Snooker Balls, 60s, Ladies' Globe-Wernick Secretaire, 03s; handsome 20 Light Candel- abra Artistic Work, 60s; Pianola, £15; two full length Mirrors and two Ironwork Wicket Gates. Apply, Wai.ace, Highfield House, Rhyl. 26277p IiURE.BRED SHORTHORN CALVES.—Far- aleri can have the very best Shorthorn Calves bred from large framed, deep Milking Cows, by ped.;groo sires, deUvered to their near- est stations, from 303 each. Hundreds sent into all parts of Waes this season.—For price list, appiy, Prod B. Gill, Bark Hill, Wnitchurch, Salop. "ALLPAPEBS fro7n Ud per roll Any Quantity, large or small, at Wholesale Prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls; ail clashes. — Write for Patterns, stating clas3 required.—Tho Burnctt. Wallpaper Co., Ltd. (Dept. :al), Camp- field Avenue, Manchester. WANTS (Miscellaneous). WANTED to buy Old Oak and Mahogany V Furniture, Old China, etc. Best prices given.—G. H. Crawford, Dealer in Genuine Antique Furniture, 41), Bridge-street Row (The Old Rectory), Chester. 26301p BUSINESSES FOR SALE. COLWYN BAY.-l'o hewco,-i I Newsagents, and Ha. repress in j iius-nesri, main ti.oroug.h- iarc; spkir;d:d opportunity; stcok (.ptional. lutings at Valuat-ivn. Rent of Shop and Ifouse, £40. Apply, J. iVi. Porter and Elcook, The Estate Office, Colwyn 26404p GROCERY, PROVISIONS and HARD- G WARE BUSINESS to be disposed of by Private Treaty in town of Rhos, near Wrexham. Shop is situated in main thorough- fare, and weil adapted for trade. im- mediate possession can be given.—Further particulars apply, Messrs Jones and Thomas, 30, iNorth John-street, Liverpool, Chartered Accountants. 26282p OR SALE BY PRIVATE I-REATY, the JL Farming Stock cind Dairy Utensils at Dolgriean, Lianelian, within three miles of Colwyn Bay; about SO acres. Milk sold wholesale in Colwyn Bay. Apply, Thomas Jones, farmer, Dolgriean, Lianelian, near Colwyn Bay. 20307p LAND FOR SALE. f^IlOICE FREEHOLD BUILDING SITE near Conway, very suitable for Detached or Semi-Detichod Bung-alows, frcnt ng good r ;ad, town water and ga.Apply, J. M. Porter and E.oock, The Esato OfTicc, Colwyn Bay. 26405p T LANDDULAS VALLEY. A Choice Free- hold Building S te, ideai fpot for genitlo- man's residues. Apply, J. M. Portor and Elcock, The E-state OfRco, Colwyn Bay. 26406p I AND IN COLWYN BAY (Dundonaid-road) for Sale, lor erection of small Houses or Villas.—James F. Taylor. Solicitor, 71, Lord- street, Liverpool. 24925p FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE"TREATY^ Four Somi-Detochpd Villas, situate in the rising town of Mold, together with one recently buiit Small Villa, perfectly sheltered from East Winds, the whole forming a most desirable little estate, pleasantly situated, will be sold for its value.—Apply to J. Bradburne Price, auctioneer. The Cross. Mold. p -ø '[ A HAPPY | V idea sometimes means fortune. A Y I good resolve, carried into effect, i may lay the foundation of chcwa/o- "c t ter. Surta-ble advice, wisely re- f J oeived, has often proved of tho t Y utmost valoie. Our c un: el to you V | for the | '{ NEW YEAR f T i J is — Never be without a supply of T V Lawireno-3's C-ough Linetus. A cold V | « is easily caught, and its conae- I A quenoes often stand in the way of J sucoesi. Good health may r.o<t al- t J ways ensure happiness, but it goes t Y far in that direction. Get a bottle Y I of fche Li not us to-day, and start lira j ♦V new year well. [ PRICE Is and 2s 6d. I I POST FREE 18 lid and 2a 9d. I ] I |G. R. LAWRENCE. M.P.S., j ❖ Pharmaceutical Chemist, ♦:» 120, HIGH ST., RHYL. | .lg OLD COLWYN AND NEIGHBOUR- HOOD. "OLD COLWYN enjoys unrivalled view of Sea and Mountains, with great im- munity from the East winds, and a dryness and warmth by being chiefly situated on the Limestones. Sea Bathing, beautiful Walks, and Golf Links." HOUSES TO LET AND FOR SALE. BUILDING LAND FOR SALE. EXCELLENT SITES FOR uUNGALOWS. Apply, D. Mac. Nicoll, Estate Office, Holy- heau-road, Old Colwyn. HOUSES TO LET, COLWYN BAY.—Conway R.a.d.-t.a.rchwcod, J a pretty and sunny Detaotied He-u e, 3 Re- ception and o BwUiooms; Vtr" suitabl-3 lor busi- ness or professional man.—App.y, J. Ai. lJor.er and wouoii. .t!Sta Office, OcIiw}n Bay. 26407p CONWAY.—Cludjiant Park. A good Semi- f>3><ichi £ id House, pleasantly situate, 2 hating and 5 Bedrooms, and convenient do-mestic olho'js. Garden fr -int and back. Rent, £ 28.—■ Apply, J. M. Porter and ILcook. The ErJ^ato Lo.wyn Buy. 26409p OLWYN BAY.—In tn. Wt End.—TO BE C Le-1. an Excellent House, 4 Reception, 10 Bedrooms; very suitab.e for Ap^rtn.en;, H-usi' !• urniture can I;.<} ha4d at valuat on.—Apply. J. M. Portc-r and Elccck, The Estate Ott03, Goiwyn Bay. 26411p CAOLWYN BAY. Facing Sea. Good J Houses to let, stiitable for Apartments or BoarcLng; also Freehold, well-buiit Houses on Sa.e. — Appiy, L.oyd, Pendorlan, (,oiwya Bay. 25978p IN THE VALE OF CLWYD. Charming Country RLtsidenoe, 3 Reception, 8 Bed- rooms, Stabling, Coach and Motor Hou.ve6, large Garden, llitntm^, Snoot.ng, Fisiung and Golf m tiie district—A;;ply J. M- Porter and FJoock, The Estxie Others, Colwyn Bay. 26403p LD (,'OLWYN. ALFRED COY, liouso 0 Agent. State requu-ements Stamn for reply. 22L,2p LD COLNN-YN. ALFItEl) GOVT Station 0 Yrard. Houses to Let at £'4, ;t;25, Jti;6, £ 40, and upwardi. Personai attention aii en- quiries. No cliai-g-e to applicants. 25927p OAKLANDS, Cadnant Park, Conway.—2 En- o tertain.ng Rooms, 6 iiedrooms. Bathroom, Kitchen, etc.—Appiy by Letter (in first instance) to Mrs Lewis, Oaklands, Conway. 26372p RHIW BANK-'l'J,-P..i.{ACE, Colwyu Bay.— ilois3 to Lot. n.rg 2 Sitt.ffi, 4 Iied- rooms. and Bathroom, KLcbfn, Scullery. Quiet situation. Rent, £ 23—Apply, J. M. Porter and Elcock, The Estate Ofiice, Colwyn Bay. n 26410p PRESTATYN. — Double fronted, Semi-de- -e- tached, two Entertaining, four good Bed- rooms, Bathroom, large Garden; rent. £ 24—■ Lawrence, Chemist, Rhyl- TO LET, Shop, House and Premises in Higii-street; extensive Yard in back; immediate possession.—Apply, F. Jones, Bro Dawel, Bangor. 5871c nnO LET, Bryn llydd, near St. James's 3 Church, in Holy head-road, Upper Ban- gor, good House containing three Reception- rooms, four Bedrooms, large Bathroom and Lavatory, separate W.C., Attic.—Apply, Mr Rowlands, Prydwen, Holykead-road, Upper Bangor. =: HOUSES WANTED. CIOTTAGE required on lease, near sea or J mountains, Prestatyn to Conway; four or six rooms, garden, and good water essen- tial.—Address, "X. L. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 26303p WANTED parties having Houses to Let to send particulars, at once, to Haslam, Es- tate Agent, Rhyl. HOUSES FOR SALE. NORTH WALES-—Vale of Conway. — Fio hold Detached Country Resid nee, delight- fully situate in its own sheltered grounds and woodlands of about 61 acres. Contains 3 Rco.p- tion Rooms, Billiard Room, and 6 Bedrooms, Bathroom, and usual domestic officcs; cxoelkat out-build ngs, Mot T SLcd, Stablas, and Gar- dener's Cottage, ajid v^a.Jwl-in gard, ii. Exten- sive mountain v' w-Fur-ther particulars and orders to view, apply J. M. Por.er and Fllccck, Tho Estate Olfioe, CJlwyn Bay. 26402p HU SS AR nOUSE," LLANDEGFAN, JLJL ANGLESEY (Close to Garth Ferry).— To ue Sold,this charmingly situated Detached (Freehold) Dwelling-House, commanding magnificent views of the Menai Straits and Snowdonian Range of Mountains, and con- 1 taining nine rooms, with Garden extendluo, to the shore.—For further particulars apply to A. E. Bicknell, Auctioneer, etc., Bangor. mO BE SOLD by Private Treaty the Leaser B hold Property, known as 10, Gerazim- terrace, Llanfairfechan. Apply, Llew. D. Jones, House and Estate Agent, Bangor. TOWN Oi l I OL YIIE AT)- Free hold flous-o JB- (Armenia. V jjlla). with half an acre of Land, to be Sold by Private Treaty; most cen- trally situated; two minutes' from Beach and Old Harbour. The Land may be utilised for building purposes, large warehouse, or house plots. House in splendid condition. Situation excellent.—Apply to Hugh Roberts, Nelson Eci- tablishment, Holyhead. 5753 HOUSES FOR SALE OR TO LET. OLD COLWYN. — Charming D t iched Resi- dence, 3 Reception, 6 Bedrooms, Dressing Room, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Lavatories, ample and convenient domestic offices. Tennis Lawn, Flower and Kitchen Garden; well planted grounds; also Paddock, about, two acrej in all. —Apply, J. M. Porter and Elcock, The Estimate Office, Colwyn Bay. 26403p SENTOSA (late Craig wen), St. David's Road, Carnarvon. To ba- Sold or Lot- An ex- cellent detached Residence overlooking the re- nowned M-ellai Straits- The House contains 3 Spacious Entertaining Rooms, Ground Floor. Kitchen, 8 Bedrooms, Dressing Room and usual conveniences. Electric Light installed, Coach House, Stable, and large Garden.—Apply, Messrs Carter, Vincent and Co., Solicitors, Lloydo Bank Chambers. C-arnarvon e444 FURNITURE WANTED. WANTED. Modern or Antique Furniture; TV Homes purchased outright. Auo- tioneer. Rhvl p FRED. ROBERTS & GO. House Furnishers and Removers GET OUR ESTIMATE FOR Your Removal, Renovating Suites, Blinds, &c. Upholstering Ooods, AND Bedding made up by us. TERMS :—CASH OR EASY PAYMENTS. PEN-Y,BRYN OLD COLWYN. P ATq MR CARLETON, Chemist, —L kZ? Larne, writes:—A customer got a sackful of Rats after using "RODINE" RAT POISON Makea a clean sweep Slaugh- ters millions. No escape. Extermination cure. Prices, 6d, Is. 2s. 3s, 5s; post, 2d—HARLEM, Chemist, Pertb Agent: W. Parry Jones, Chemist. Penmaenmawr. f Fill in this Form and send it to Advertisement Manager, c i PIONEER" OFFICE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ) < The charge for all kinds of SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT C f and WANTED, &c., in the PIONEER is 18 Words i/- Three Insertions, a/- ) f (which must be Prepaid). Name and Address must be paid for. J 6 ————— > 10 i 20 J J 25 I 20 I I 30 now i Please insert above Advertisement ZZtimesffor'which I enclose P O < r or Stamps value d* ) Name } ( AdreSL- | s Ji TO FARMERS & ESTATE AGENTS. 1¡ GROUND LIME i IN BAGS FOR AGRICULTURAL PURPOSES, For Prices, apply t8 the Manufacturers, RAYNES & CO., LLYSFAEN QUARRIES and LIME WORKS, near COLWYN BAY, t OR TO THEIR VARIOUS AGENTS. B B u R*N?!^RE5|^ I ASTOI SON $4R- &a the arged remil rum I in Great for or Credit, Have the 1..I,- -date r,!ac!iinery at tkeir orks ab,) -)-.oft timber ie converted from the tre« t# the fiaiibod }j|[i!l!!lli li'l'l'1 | saved, 'an buy eound substantial Q .fqmitar« *t wholewlc prices, quality OVERKA/XTLCS I M ruarieteed. Carriage -paid a« w risk, is «<!«. iltateju. j«r B j^jjj t* wiik 7 ASTON Sc SON having: many branfch t MAMGLES 1 — shops are larg» buyers of Be«Satcids, pr^1l4rt,vtr;' I Caxpett, Linoleures, etc., caa offer tie Ti«k3tpr»Mt»W« SI3*.Q<ft wtifp, b«t value in the fraie. I ^hjl 4$/. I Scalli (hk WrmilW Uirmrt, C*rr*i WmLAt 41 «wu d»cr> ui X'twiua. Asmd vtigbi Yoor purchase! art »Ut into the ffi&RM (fiSKv^ A, « our Work,, and « *• thu« »afety anfl dispatch are guirsn ,n_ .teed 21 iL jki? fit M S$f%< • Ct.-mj* ftij lavvktn. 33* i ud gf ta. i. bk -d sit, 2 Pi- CS 1'3s. 6dL -4 hi,. Old 1!.It- it Li a woi¡:Àt 45 ait SPRtG t;f, 1$/ 22;. 15/- 11 ÍI .{ ca d "The EDWARO" BEDRCOM SC!TE. Cfioiry wood, poli»M light «r dvk •. C6 igs, 4d. 4 a.,Li. W.J..t Ok Carpets a UHleum. & SON are great Carpet Mercliants6 and irnmense SL.ck of ad FQcig. Rug3. We a3 0 quote for special de>;jgns ar c" and smplcs free. Our al fort. is seamless BLACK LOUIS CABINET. bordered squarra ta Tapestry, Wod wiB 4ft.wiJa.TfL it.i¡h, with 4 h«TilliJ ahap«1 Art Carpets, Wilton, Axrai.nster or I cin20 in. S«*t. upLo'.Jltrtxi tick, MirrMt aDd Oim Cupboard. Turkey, tbeea we can do in all Bizes t»o^ C4 178. 6d. and prica. t) t ¡It BED-STEADS* w« « ted t« IOyooIrtsrvd i* jnpenor Le&ibor ck»ib. bwy «arr»d frMMa, ptMiahdd WfclDoi fecial BedsUftd t^sL I ftll rpriap-fated ud wril he4Ty 2 is. pilUc Wd«U«d, 8um d^igr: wilh >raeric*3 cioth K>»criaj asU 1cm inside work, €3 18s. 6<L fuli eue witi lariat braes mooLts 27/4 S. ASTON & SOMP 1 MT FURNITURF. MANUFACTURERS, WREXHAM. I S. ASTON & SONp 1 MT FURNITURF. MANUFACTURERS, WREXHAM. I 31, Refoi Street. 1 14. Wetcrjate St. | 8ailty Street, f 45, Hljh Street. | 18, Gr*o Eai. 1 58/59. VSctorio St* A £ 100,000 worth of Furnishing Goods. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF BEDROOM SUITES, DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, DlNlNG-llOOM SUITES, SIDEBOARDS, CABINETS, OVERMANTELS, BOOKCASES, HALL STANDS, AND OTHER FURNITURE. CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, t<'LOOR-CLOTHES. RUGS AND MATS, CURTAINS, AND GENERAL FURNISHING GOODS, AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN ENGLAND FOR CASH. -======:==.: RAY <S IfllliES, 34 to 48, honden Road, Liverpool Telegraphic Address: "FURNISHING," LIVERPOOL. Telephone: No 1214 Royal. ""I! Furnishing Goods for Xmas Presents. I LARGE AND BEAUTIFUL STOCK I AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. B PIONEER, BOLD ST., UYEBP88LI CASH OR ON EASY HIRE TERMS. | Xmas & General Catalogue FREE | cJ -¡- G. BEVAN & Co., Ironmongers, Plumbers, and Electricians, — Conway Road,- ,p?r Colwyn Bay. >3434? TO LADIES. Irregularities, etc., removed by an entirely new and ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN METHOD WITHOUT MEDICINE. No pills, mixtures, or nauseous drugs to take. No useless -injections. THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF MODERN MEDICAL SCIENCE. Guaranteed harmless. It is positive, safe, certain, and Bpeody. Does not interfere with household duties. Every case guaranteed. Do not experiment with useless remedies. Send at ODeo a stamped addressed envelope for fuli particulars and testimonials GUARANTEED. GENUINE UNDER A PENALTY OF LIGOO. Mrs. STAFFORD BROOKE3 (147 Dept.), CATFORD, LONDON. (Established over 16 years.) A TO DESTR°YERERY n}vl/ formcfEczessauao SEIN OINTMENT. Itcldng wm cear.o after One Applica- tion. Wi'.l cure Ivicg- Vorm in 9 or 3 Daja. la irtfalliblo for Piles. Acts liko a charm on Bad he go. Heals up old Wounds & Sores. oil Wounds tt Bores. Dc-stroye ererj form of Eczema and other Skin Troubles. HaiS never been known to fail. In boxes, 1s. Id. each (post free) FRANCIS & CI,CHEMISTS, WREXHAM CARTRIDGES. CARTRIDGES. Kynoch's Smokeless Te!ax, 6/xo per 100 Nobell's Sporting Clyde 8/6 per 100 Primax Ejector Case g/- per 100 Schultze 10/6 per 100 Kynoid 0", .10/6 per 100 Curtis' & Harvey's Dia-1 //r mond Smokeless ) ,0/6 i)er lo> A GOOD SELECTION OF RELIABLE GUNS, from t'J'O/- too £20 in Stcck. FISHING TACKLE, SPORTSMEN'S SUNDRIES of all kinds. A Large Stork of WIRE NETTING, CORRU. GA'IED SHEETS, KITCHEN RANGES GRATES & MANTELPIECES, JOINERS and PLUMBERS' TOOLS, CUTLERY, ELtC- TRO-PLATE aad HOUSEHOLD UTENSILS OF ALL KINDS AT LOWEST PRICES, A,1 MARFELL'S IRONMONGERY STORE; ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN BAY TiiL. 111. -=:0 Printed by tho Proprietors ot iho "VVii,L&tt COAST PIONEER," and PubhsL.^d by therg at their Head Offices: Convrat-road, COli WYN BAY, in the COUNTY of DF,.NPIGHI and at 63a, Mostyn-street, LLANDUDNO, il the COUNTY of CARNARVON; "Pionser" Office, High-street, RHYL; Central BuiMing* Hiirh-street, PRESTATYN', in the CODNTJ OF FLINX- Dooernber 20, 1909,