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COLWYN BAY NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD. PAVILION SITE STILL UNDECIDED. MEMORIAL TO NATIONAL ANTHEM COMPOSERS. There was a comparatively small attendance at a meeting of the (Johvyii National Eistedd- fod Executive Uonmi,itt/o» on Wednesday even- ing week, and in tih-s unavouiduble absence of the chairman (Mr James AuuphlvU), Mr George iievan, J.P., presided. The General Puq/oaes Committee reported that a copy ot Ufte agreement h-ugge«.e»J in regard to the propose-d sue for the Eisteddfod PavJion at Pencioiian ft ad !x,n receuved from Mr Thomas solicitors, and that their decision had been dcferied ixJiidin^' iwrusal of the document by Ivir Jamcd A-mptilelt. it was fur.her reported that the Rev. WrIt. .Hu¡;boe. and other iiMiOibers of the site sub- cccHJiiittee hiui kn:crviewed Mr T. C. Lewis, to wlioiai they hud pointed cut that the Pendor- lan &; was iiiadeq uaje. Mr Ixrvvis had under- taken to consider w-he&hor additional land could be let to the committee. Under the circuitiiNtonccs, the General Pur- fKwce C/Oiiintii'Kco had asked tLe siib-exjTimfcitte to iitigot^ate with Mr Stan.ley Vv ood widl regard to 'l'yny.iinwai tield and the t)wneil; of any other aitea. The tub-cauiiM-ioco had no further progiees to report ujj to the date of the General Purjxiscs Committee iiKxrUng. The !;lllJuœ were adopted. The Rov. We.o_, 11 uylies asked whether the Sub-ooniiiiittee had any ro.xjrt now to pnuisciit. The General Secretary (Mr T. It. Kobeits) rephod tliat, 8"1Llag en iDestructions, lie tuid written to the chairiiiait of the General Pur- potjes Oumimittos (I{.w. TEcumis Parry) asking Avhen he ooujd convene a meeting of the com- mittee mo as to further ooiiisjck-r the question-— in view of a letter which ho (M I- Robarts) underetood had received from Mr Stajiley Wood—am! Mr Parry replied stating he had lios received the reply from 1\1.( Wood in time lor a meeting, lie (Mr Parry) could see no causae for Iiuri-\ li-.jig the matter and he did not think they could get matters settled before C,b rj;t;; 1I.1t: THE EISTEDDFOD FUND- Mr Jj& U. R/ob«irte presented the Finance (;om.mÜ t I> repo rt. from wiitcri it aippeaied that Mr liryuion ilughes, formerly ytoiieral snure- fury to the Eisteddfod, bad accepted E25 in full settlement 01 his claim against the oatiuiattee- The total ajiiiount ol moneiy promised to- vrards the prize fund of the Eisteddfod was 1:784 lbs 6d, the amount actually paid to the treasurer beiaig 1;155 lis 2d. "liEN WLAJ) FY NHADAU." The General Secretary road a letter from Mr HhjS Morgan, M.A., and Mr J Colanxo Jones, clerk to tho Pontypridd Urban District Coun- cil, who wrote on behalf of a pubtiio m>c.eÙIIg, convened at Pontypridd some momths ago, for the I n.uI}u.;1 of ooxiriidermg what :s.fre[« should he taken to [>erpetuatc tlie memory of tho com- posers of "Hen Wlad fy Nliadau," the Welsh National Anthem. It was remarked, tluii the National Anthem was of ETeit national value iin promoting a liealthy national feeling and the Pontyprkid Ojmmittoe had unanimously and enthusiastically decided to take etups to do uomofching to honour its composers. The matter had OCE:I1 brought before the Gor.-edd and National Eisteddfod Associataons at Londoiti. which had decided to stqi-lkjrt tlie lItoyoltlcn t, d the Colvvyn Hay Eisteddfod OmnmitUx! were in\iUxl to allow their Genera) Secretary W act on the General Committee which would take the matter UIi). The General Purpose Committee reported eonBiikninig the letter, and they reooirvmended that the invitation be and that, the Executive Committee did all they oould to fllrtllcr th movement. '.1'1:0 Ch;¡jI.IJNlJ (Mr Beva.n) remarked that the committee felt the movement deserved their tiupport and thought that, if there was any surplus left alter the Cohvyn Hay Eisteddfod, tliat would be a very suitable object towards which they could devote at least part of ;t (hear, hear). The committee's report was urranunously odwpted on tho motion of Mr W HI. Davies. PROCliDURE. A sequel to the recent protracted discussion OIl the sites question waB a notice by the Rev. W. Hughes that he would move that no resolution bo rescinded excopt by tiie vote of two-thirds of the members present." Mr 11 U'g'IIL"i; now stated that, in view of what had transpired since the prü\-iOU3 n:c0t.IIIg, it woidd be liotter not to adopt suoh a jxj-soixition, and he there- fore withdrew it- lie thought, however, it would ba well for the committee to adopt stand- ing orders on the lineti of thote acted upon by the looal Council- The Chairman said the general business was carried out. on the lines of an ordinary Coun- cil's procedure. THANKS. Sir E. Vincent Evans wrotx\ thanking the;!ec for their lI1('a',a'ge of congratulation upon hiis knighthoKxl. DISTINGUISHED PRESIDENTS. Tho General Secretary rejjorted the receipt of lettei-s from Mr Llo-vd George—(cheers),—tlie Bishop of St- Asap.h—(e.hee.s)—and Mr Priohard Joi:es> of I^ondon—(cheers)—intimating their readiness to preside over certain meetings of the Colwyn Bay Eisteddfod. Sir J Herbert Roberts, M.P., h ad aIjx) written expie»s-?iing his willing- ness to cojitrl but.-i i)50 towaixis tho Eiuteddfod Fund, in addifrlwn to the sum he had already given (loud apolause). DAY OF MEETING. The General Secretary tjaid, that at the in- eta nee of teveral meinibers, who said they found Wedneoday an inconvenient day for i^jteriding Executive Committee rneetin^is, he had inserted a note on the agenda to the effect that a change of d ate bs considered. A tihorr diacutcion touk place on the question, but the Chairman ruled that a. notice of motion Iin regular form must be given before a. change Could be efFc oied-







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