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FOOTBALL RESULTS AT A GLANCE. ENGLISH CTP FINAL. Manchester United 1, Bristol City 0. LEAGUE—FIRST DIVISION. Everton 4, Leicester Fosse 2. Bury 4, Sheffield Wednesday 2. Ln Nottingham Forest 4, Middlesborough 1. Newcastle United 4, Blackburn Rovers 2- Bradford City 2, Notts County 2. Aston Villa. 2, Manchester City 1. Sunderland 2, Preston North End 1. LEAGUE-SECOND DIVISION. Tottenham Hotspur 3, Bradford 0. Leeds City 3, Oldham Athletic 0. Hull City 3, Burnley 2. Glossop 3, Birmingham 1. Blackpool 2, Grimsby Town 2. Chesterfield Town 2, Gainsborough Trinity 1. Bolton Wanderers 2, Clapton Orient 0. Derby County 2, Fulham 1. Barnsley 1, Wolverhampton Wanderers 1. Stockport County 0, West Bromwich A. 0. THE COMBINATION. Connah's Quay 4, Bangor 4. Druids 2, Oswestry 2. Nantwich 2, Tranmere 1. Chirk 1, Middlewieh 1. Crewe Alexandria 11, Rhyl 0. WELSH AMATEUR CUP FINAL. Carnarvon 5, Oak Alyn 1. NORTH WALES COAST LEAGUE.-Dil. I. Beaumaris 10, Colwyn Bay 1. Blaenau Festiniog 3, Denbigh 2. Llandudno 3, Conway 0. Pwllheli 2, Llanrwst 0. LEAGU-FIRST DIVISION. Results up to Saturday, April 24th:— GOSIB P. W. L. D. F. A. P. Newcastle U. 36 24 7 5 65 37 53 Everton 38 18 10 10 82 57 46 Sunderland 38 21 15 2 78 63 44 Blackburn R. 38 14 11 13 61 50 41 Sheffield W. 38 17 15 6 67 61 40 Middtesborough 38 14 15 9 59 53 37 Preston N. E. 38 13 14 11 48 44 37 Manchester U. 36 15 14 7 57 63 37 Sheffield United 38 14 15 9 51 59 37 Notts Forest 38 14 16 8 66 57 36 Notts Countv. 38 14 16 8 51 48 36 Woolwich A. 37 13 14 10 48 48 36 Aston Villa 37 13 14 10 55 56 36 Bristol City 36 12 12 12 43 55 36 Bury 38 14 16 8 63 77 36 Manchester C. 37 15 13 4 67 68 34 Liverpool 37 14 17 6 56 65 34 Chelsea 36 12 15 9 52 60 33 Bradford City 37 11 16 10 46 47 32 Leicester Fosse 37 8 20 9 54 101 25 LEAGUE—SECOND DIVISION. Results up to Saturday, April 24th:— Goals „ „ P. W. L. D. F- A. P. 5 West Brom- A. 37 19 5 13 55 25 51 Tottenham H. 37 20 7 10 66 31 50 Bolton W. 37 23 10 4 58 28 50 Hull City 36 18 13 5 60 37 41 Derby County 35 15 10 10 52 38 40 Oldham A 36 17 14 5 53 40 39 W'hampton W. 38 14 13 11 56 43 39 Gloesop 38 15 15 8 57 53 38 Fulham 38 13 14 11 58 48 37 Birmingham 38 14 15 9 58 61 37 Gainsboro' T. 37 14 15 8 47 70 36 Leeds City 37 14 16 7 43 51 35 Grimsby Town.. 38 14 17 7 41 54 35 Burnley 38 13 18 7 51 58 33 Clapton Orient.. 37 12 16 9 37 47 33 Barnsley 38 11 17. 10 48 57 32 Stockport C. 38 14 21 3 39 71 31 Bradford P. A. 37 12 19 6 49 59 30 Chesterfield 38 11 19 8 37 67 30 Blackpool 38 9 18 11 46 68 20 THE COMBINATION. Results up to Saturday, April 24th:— Goals P. W. L. D. F. A P. Chester 25 17 2 6 76 29 40 Saltney 28 14 5 9 87 41 37 Crew Alex 28 13 8 7 93 52 33 Tranmere R. 28 14 9 5 81 47 33 Welshpool 28 12 8 8 59 49 32 Bangor 30 13 11 6 71 81 32 Oswestry 29 13 12 4 73 53 30 Connah's Quay. 28 11 10 7 52 65 29 Whitchurch 26 10 8 8 51 51 28 Chirk 28 8 11 9 43 54 25 Wrexham 29 9 14 6 46 58 24 Druids 28 10 14 4 50 69 24 Nantwich 25 7 11 7 45 58 21 Middlewich 27 7 13 7 58 78 21 Birkenhead 25 6 17 2 40 79 14 Rhyl 27 5 18 4 34 108 14 NORTH WALES COAST LEAGUE. FIRST DIVISION. Results up to Saturday, April 24th:- Goals P. W. L. D. F. A. P. Beaumaris 19 14 3 2 72 29 30 Carnarvon U. 18 12 2 4 57 24 28 Pwllheli Town. 20 10 7 3 40 46 23 Llandudno A. 19 9 6 4 26 33 22 Bangor Reserve 19 10 8 1 42 33 21 Holyhead Swifts 20 8 10 2 71 39 18 Denbigh Town 19 6 7 6 34 43 18 Conway 20 8 10 2 41 52 18 Colwyn Bay U. 20 3 10 7 33 49 13 Llanrwst Town 20 4 12 4 22 65 12 Blaenau Festiniog20 5 14 1 37 62 11 THE BAYITES SWAMPED AT BEAUMARIS. (By "Spectator.") Beaumaris 10 Colwyn Bay 1 In a steady downpour of rain this match was played at Beaumaris on Saturday, but in spite of the weather a fair crowd assembled to witness the struggle. The homesters had their usual team, whilst Colwyn Bay contained six reserves in their ranks. Mr E. Lloyd Williams, of Ban- gor, lined the teams up in the following order:- Beaumaris: F. Richards; W. G. Williams and Sam Davies; Don Rowlands, Levi Jones, and W. J. Jones; Dick Humphreys, Dai Davies, W. O. Humphreys, Smedley, and Sam Poole. Uolwyn Bay: Booth; Dick Rowlands and W. CLutton; Ned Griffiths, C. Hallwood, and Howel Pritohard; Moss Jones, W. H. Hughes, J. T. Owen, W. Kaye, and J. 1,1. Owen. The visitors opened play with a slippery ball and on a heavy turf. The home left obtained possession, and the front line were before Booth's charge. Dick Rowlands nipped in just in time, and cleared, but the pressure was onlv slightly r&lieved, and W. 0. Humphreys found the net- From the centre J. T. Owen passed to W. H. Hughes, and accompanied by Moss Jones they ran along the right, and Moss middled when a home defender headed back, but the leather was sent across goal, and J. LI. Owen, with an open goal gaping in front of him, sent past the post. The Beaus were soon in proximity to the Bayit.es' oitadel, and the leather was worked down to the right wing, where Dai Davies put in a hot shot, beating Booth again. The Beaus still kept un the pressure, and ere many minutes had passed Dai Davies again found the net. The Bayites from this kick-off made a little headway, and forced a corner, which W. H. Hnghes headed into the net out of Richards' reach. Bent on increasing the lead the "Beaus" raced along, but Howel Pritohard sent to touch. Levi obtained. and parted to Smedley, who sent across to Dai Davies, and the Latter shot in, but Dick Row- lands saved the situation. J. L). Owen, on the left obtained possession, but W. G. Williams cleared the attack, and put W. O. Humphreys in possession. Humphreys was neatly robbed by Hallwood, but Levi secured, and potted just past the post, and in running forward Booth was observed to be in difficulties, and he sustained an injury, through which he was obliged to leave the field, and HaUwood took his place between the sticks. Half-time arrived with the Beaus leading by six goals to one. For the second half the players of both teams were provided by the home committee with dry jerseys, and the game was once more proceeded with. The "Beaus" seemed exceedingly anxious to pile on the agony, and the sound play of the home defence kept the visitors penned in their own quarters, W. G. Williams being very pro- minent with his clearances. The homesters oould absolutely do what they liked with the Bayites and more points were notched, though Hallwood saved some stingers from al! quarters. Play was completely confined to one end of the ground, Richards having hardly nothing to do. Time was called with the score reading: Beaumaris 10; Colwyn Bay, 1. THE LAST GAME AT FESTINIOG. (By "Dolydd"). Festiniog 3 Denb'gli 7; 2 Denbigh met the Blaenau I-tin log eleven on Saturday, at Newborough Park, and fulfilled their engagement in a downpour of rain, with tie ground in harmony with the weather. Mr C. J. Thomas, Bangor, lin-ed out the teams as follow:- Festiniog: Joe Hughes; T. Hughes and W Ellis; R. Powell, M. E. Morris and Will Jones; Jack Jones. Jim Lloyd. Meirion Jones, J. Hughes and W. R. Owen. Denbigh: Sam Griffith; D. Hughes and R. T. Williams; B. Jones, R. Thomas and T- Davies: J. Tuckiiekl, W. Hughes, L. Lewis, H. Randells and G. Lewis. Denbigh won the toss, and faoed tonvariti the Square. Meirion having set the leather going, a melee ensued near the visitors' *goaJ, the at- tack however was successfully repulsed, and the ..a "Stripes" retaliated, but Tom Hughes cleared neatly. The home right advanced, but, were sent back by R. T. iiliams. The Denbigh men pressed severely. T. Davies ultimately placing behind The "Blues' right wing then made round, and Jack Jotiob forced a corner off T. Davies. Jack centred accurately on to Jini Lloyd's head, who quickly had (lie leather in the net. The first g-oal was thus scored within four minutes of the start- The visitors then attacked, and (tar,dells equalised with a beauty from the fl.ygst.aff. Fuckfield next forood a corner from Tom Hughes, but centred too f il, riij) the field- Jack Jones pounced upon the ball, and dashed fl.ygst.aff. Fuckfield next forood a corner from Tom Hughes, but centred too far up the field- Jack Jones pounced upon the ball, and dashed up the right wing, transferring to W. R. Owen, who however placed l>ehirid. The "Blues" con- tinned to press severely, until at hjst D. Hughcs cleared with a punt. Tuckfield was favourably plaoed, but shot rather wildly. W. R. Owen next foroed a corner from D. Hughes, and oentred to h;8 pivot, who sent in a ground shot. The goalie picked up smartly, and cleaned. From a throw-in W. R. Owon secured, and parted to Meirion, who missed by inches- D. Hughes, taking charge of a free kick, sent in a fine long drive, which Griffiths just cleared at the ex- pense of a corner, which however proved futile. The "Blues" were soon again swarming in front of Griffiths, and Jack Hughes skimmed the upright with a capital shot. Blaenau then forced a couple of corners, and a lively attack followed, but Davies at length cleared. The Denbigh pivot subsequently worked his way down, and was fouled by Will Jones. Th-omas took charge of the free-kick, which he sent yards wide- The "Stripes" again pressed, and Randells tried a beautiful overhead shot. Joe listed out to Meirion. who dashed up, and parted to W. R. Owen, who missed badly. From the goal kick Randells got, away, tricked Ellis, and shoot- ing at close quarters secured a fine goal. Tuck- field next sent in a powerful shot, which Joe met with his tee. Jack Jones secured, and, spurting aJong the right, sent in a. beauty. A ineleo fol- lowed, but at last the "Stripes" prevailed. The forwards advanced in line, and W- Jones handled within the penalty area. However, Da- vies, who took the penaltv kick, shot very wide of the mark. Rejoicing at their escape, Festiniog dashed up, Meirion passing to Lloyd, who equalised. At half-time each side had scored two goals. On resuming the "Blues" attacked sturdily, and had far the best of the game to the end, Jim Lloyd eooring the winning point from a pass by Jack Jones- THE PENQUINS BEAT THE ROOSTERS. (By "Rica.rdo"). PwHheli 2 Llanrwst • 0 At Pwllheli, on Saturday, on a greasy turf and in rainy weather- Mr Ciedwyn O. Jones, Ban- gor, the referee, lined the players as follows:- Pwllheli: Sam. Roberta; Win. Thomas and Griffith Evans; R. S. Thompson, Bob Ellis and Bob Jones; R D. Roberts, J. Williams, Owen Jones, W. Griffith and Ben Evans. Llanrwst: Gillett; J. Williams and W. Trevor Jones; Gren. Jones, R. D- Richards and A. Carter; Henry Roberts, Howell Roberts, Moees Davies, Arthur Richards and J. Evans. The Penguins made the first advance, but the backs were strong, their long kicks proving fre- quently a means of relief. The home forwards passed their immediate opponents, and got. down to the Llanrwst quarters, and Bob Ellis finely shot for goal, but Gillett cleared. Then a melee took place within the danger area. A free kick allowed the Roosters enabled them to save the situation momentarily. Again the home for- wards and the half-hacks struggled manfully to beat Trevor. J. Williams, Gren. Jones and R. D. Richards' defence. When they managed this, yet they could not overcome'GiUett- Fine work was done by Thompson, Williams, Rhos, Bob Jone-" O. Jones and B. Ellis, but the onslaught was successfullv dealt with. Ben Evans became aggressive and dangerous. Gillett fisted out, and Trevor and partners did the rest. Bob Ellis, Now Jones, W. Griffith, Thompson and Bob Jones, beating the opposing backs, did everything but score. ROOSTERS' CUSTODIAN IN FORM. Gillett was very much like Mary's little lamb —wherever the ball went, Gillett was sure vo go He defended magnificently. Moseley was just now very much missed on the home side. It was useless to shoot for goal, as GiUett ap- peared to fill the whol-e space. The Roberts's, with the pivot and inside left, when they got the chanoe, nUlde xcellent use of it- But the Helian defence was too powerful for them. The Pen- quins pressed, and shot after shot was sent in, but Gilleft was unbeatable. Suddenly R. D. Richards, Gren. Jones and Carter sent. up the leather to their forward line, and instantly Moses Davies and his chume were pounding at the home goal, and Sam. soon got warm. At half-time there was no score, though play was very much in favour of the home players. Bob Jones' fine tackling brought out a deserving cheer from the spectators. The spectators often shouted "Good old Bob." The Helians lost a splendid opening for a goal just now through lack of support. The Roosters were playing a strong game—much better than during the first half. The home light weight (J. Williams) al- most broke the ioe. Gillett saved in fine style. Some loose play ensued, and when no-one ex- pected it, Thompson sent in a grounder from long distance, and, Strange to say, Gillett failed to stop it. It was a surprise goal. A corner fol- lowed. Again Gillett was in difficulties, and again he got out of them triumpha.ntly. The vooue was now changed. Thompson dribbled, and evaded the visiting forwards, and shot for goal- The custodian just cleared it, and at once there was a furious fight within the penalty area. Fortunately for the Roosters hands were given against their opponents. But the free- kick gave R. D. Roberts a chance for one of his celebrated runs up the field. He was outwitted this time by the visiting backs. Two corners ensued, and one was almost converted into a goal. Bob Ellis tried a shot for goal, and the forwards made a. gallant attack. At last R. D. Roberts foroe-d two eornors- The last gave Bob Ellis an opening, and he scored. This practically finished tne game. Pwllheli 2 goals, Llanrwst 0. LLANDUDNO TROUNCE CONWAY. (By "Linesman.") Llandudno Amateurs 3 Conway 0 The Llandudno Amateurs visited Conway on Saturday for the return League game, and de- feated the "Blues" on their own ground after a poor exhibition. Conway were ag'ain minus the services eof their captain, Bob Owen, and their clever "pivot," Ernest Parry, while the Ama- teurs were a strong eleven. Mr Harry Jones, Ltlajiirwst, lined the players up in the following order C-onway: Llew. Parry; Tom Jones and O. Ellis; Thompson, Joliaison, and J. Parry; Tom Graven, Hugh Parry, A their tori, Chase, and Sam Parry. I-uarbduxino: C. Stallard; J. H. Jones, and Smith; W. Edwards, Geo. Davies, and II. Pear- son; W. D. Williams, BrooJces- Evans, Jack Brown, Claude Davies, and Jinuny Williams. Rain fell heavily when the game commenced Conway playing towards the bottom goal. To ta'ke notes was impossible, and wliat description of the game .1 can give has to be from memory. Erurly on, J. Parry initiated a dangerous forward movement by feeding his left wing. Sam Parry centred neatly, and at the moment a goal seemed certain, but one of th Llandudno defenders managed to clear. Conway enjoyed most of the game throughout tine first half, but were most unfortunate in from of goal. In fact, both teams missed opportunities. Conway having ini-k-ed numerous chances, the Llandudno forwards at length attacked. The h'I'lI defence seemed "at sea" for the moment. Brookes-Evans d&f-hed in between Johnson and Tom Jooes, and Llew. rushed out to meet him, but the Llandudno forward ran round him and netted easily. Rain continiied to pour in tor- rents, and miskicks and other mistakes wore common. When the teams crossed, the Ama- teurs held the lead by the only goal of the first half. Ne verthelcai, one might fairly say that the "Blues" had enjoyed the greater part of the game, but the Llandudno defence was firm, and notwithstanding the treacherous condition of the ground, their kdeking had been remarkably steady and true. I have seldom seen J. II. J ones play so consistent a game. The second moiety found the Amateurs decided- ly the better eleven; they played a winning game up to the last minute. The lads in blue 011 the other liand made no serious effort to re- cover thetir position. After smart preliminary work, Pearson placed Jimmy Williams in pos- session, and the little winger sent in a shot almost from the touch line. The for a goal kick, and the baJJ certainly appeared to be out of play, but it curled in, and Llew. handled, but it twisted out of his hands into the net, when Mr Jones whistled again, and pointed to the centre of the frelTT. Down came the Amateurs a.ga.in, aiid Jack Brown headed in a goal, but the whistle had previously gone for a goal kick as the ball was over the goal line be- fore Claude Davies swung it across the field. Once more the black and wlrite shirts were seen to be in clofe proximity to the home goal, and Llew. Parry was clearing a shot, when Jack Brown rusohd Ip, and appeared to hook the ball out of his hands- into the net. The whistle had, however, sounded, and the referee awarded a free kick against Llandudno. It was not long, however, before the Amateurs did get their legi- timate goal. It oame off the head of Jack Brown, who caught the ball as it rebounded off M of the home backs. One by one several of the home players left the field hereabouts, and )nly five finally remained on the field till the )J.œe. Nevertheless, the visitors failed to add :0 their score, and the game ended in a win for ihe Amateurs, who were undoubtedly the bet- ter tea.m on the day's play. SECOND DIVISION. Results up to Saturday, April 24th;- GoaJ. „ P. W. L. D. F. A. P. Ruthin Town fo 6 0 0 15 6 12 Denbigh Church G6 2 2 2 17 13 6 Colwyn Bay R. 6 1 3 2 6 11 4 •Denbigh Reserve 6 0 4 2 7 15 0 2 points deducted for playing ineligible man