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COLWYN BAY TERRITOR- IALS AT SUPPER. DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES TO SUCCESSFUL MARKSMEN. "THE SAME HOUSE WITH ANOTHER NAME." The members of "G" Company (Colwyn Bay), 5th T.B., Royal Welsh Fusiliers, were enter- t&ined to supper at Cartmell's Restaurant, Col- wyn Bay, yesterday week. Surgeon-Major Marietta, of the "Devons," occupied the ohair, and was accompanied at the head of the table by Captain T. H. Morgan. The Company attended in full strength, and did full justice to an excellent repast, prepared by Mr J. D. Cartmell. P After the tables had been cleared, the toast of "His Majesty the King" was drunk with musical honours. "THE SAME HORSE WITH ANOTHER NAME." The Chairman, in a short address, then said that twelve months ago, when they had previous- ly met, they were hardly beginning to recognise themselves under the heading of Territorials. Since then they had learned a little more about their position, and they must confess it was not a great deal changed. It was still "the same horse with a different name" (laughter). They had at all events the same spirit to stand shoul- der to shoulder in the defence of thoir country and King (applause). He was very sorry the company was not so large as on the previous occasion. Possibly, some of their old friends had beoome frightened over the increased require- meats and run away, but those who had re- mained firm in the faith were glad. It was the duty of every man who called himself a Briton he oould in the defence of his coun- try. Soldiering, like everything else, was a scientific matter. If a man wanted to call him- self a soldier, or to act as a soldier, it was very necessary that he should have the desired amount of technical training. Proceeding, he said the prizes were given in order to encourage straight shooting, which was an essential matter. Another necessity was dis- cipline. In conclusion, he said that although the company was smaller than under the old head- ing, those remaining were the cream of the old oompany, and by setting a good example they would soon be the means of bringing the com- pany up to full strength (applause). DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES. He then proceeded to distribute the prizes to the following, who had been successful in the annual shoot. COMPANY EVENT. 1 Colour-Sergt. T. O. Griffiths S'o *0 2 Lance-Corpi. W. Hodgkina 1 10 0 3 Private A. P. Duckers 1 0 0 4 Sergt. F. H. Borthwick 0 17 6 5 Sergt. T. W. Jones. 0 15 0 6 Sergt. D. Davies 0 12 6 7 Private J. David Hughes 0 7 6 8 Lanoe-Corporal Pegler o 5 0 9 Sergeant T. Barden 0 2 6 10 Private D. Roberts 0 2 6 CUP EVENT (Cup presented by Mr R. Tonilinson). 1 Private A. P. Dickens. 2 Sergeant F. H. Borthwick. 3 Lanoo-Corporal W. Hodgkins. RECRUITS' EVENT. 1 J. Jones 0 7 6 2 I.J. Roberts. 0 5 0 3 W. R. Owen .026 TEAM EVENT. 1 C"I i oergeant l. W. Jones. 2 Sergeant F. H. Borthwick. Tradesmen's prizes were given by the following: —Messrs D. Allen and Sons, Mitchell and Butlers, Rhydwen Jones and Davies, G. Bevsun and Co., A. N. Cross, G. Marfell, 1-1. Randies, J. Wallis, J. Williafs, draper, Sea View; J. Arundale and Sons, Morris Bros., J. Barker Davies Bros., W. Davies, Warwick House; F. Bond, draper; Mrs Berts, Rhos; S. and T. Owen, Lewis Bros., S. T. Frost, Victor Albert, A. B. Maddocks, J. 0. Jones, C. A. Adamson, Pickering, Saddler, W. S. Williams, and W. Foulkes, Ship Hotel, Llandrillo "AU REVOIR." Captain Morgan said he was pleased to be pre- sent to wish the men "au revoir." He wiahed to thank the N.C.O's. and men for the support given him in the past, and hoped that the same would be given to his successor, whoever he might be. He wished them every success, and hoped they would go to camp next year at full strength. He was sure they would find nothing different to the old state of things; in fact, he thought they would say from experience that the Territorial forces were what they had all waited for for a long time. "G" Company always had a good name, and he hoped they would maintain it. In con- clusion, he said he would always be interested in them, and ready to do everything in his power to assist them (applause). The men marked their appreciation of their former captain by giving him three rousing oheers, and singing "For he's a jolly, good fel- low." Captain Morgan: I thank you all for the kind feelings which you have shown towards me. Lance-Corporal Hodgkins, speaking on behalf of the men, said they all. deeply regretted losing Captain Morgan, because they were losing a good officer. During the evening, a musical programme was contributed to by Surgeon-Major Mariette, Col.- Sergeant Griffiths, Sergeant T. Jones, Lance- Corporal Hodgkins, Private G. D. A. Hughes, and Messrs P. Gimson, Walters, and Rook. Captain Morgan proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman, whose name was reccived with musical honours. Votes of thanks were also aooorded the gentle- men who had presented prizes, and the collec- tors, special mention being made of Mr R. Tom- linson, who yearly gave a silver cup for com- petition, and Col.-Sergeant T. 0. Griffiths. Captain Morgan, in proposing thanks to the caterer, Mr J. D. Cartmell, said the latter had been an old and valued member of "G" Company for many years, and be had always provided them with the very best repast. Mr Cartmell, in reply, said it was a pleasure to provide for such an orderly oompany as the Territorials. The proceedings were brought to a close with the singitg of the National Anthem. The cup winner, Private Duckers, had pre- viouaty captured the trophy, which now became hia own property* _f