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TALYBONT. ODrrLARY. The death took place on Sat- urday ol Airs Ellen Roberts, the wife of Mr Moecb Roberts, Ty'nterjyi., at the early age of 25. The deceased was a laiuhiul member of the C.M. Cnuroh, and took deep and active interest in religious matters. The iifte-rment toot place on Wednesday, in the C.M. Cnurch Cemetery, wnen a large number of relatives and friends attended. The Rev. W. E. d- iiams ofiiciatcd in the house and chapel, assisted by the Rev. D. P. Hopkins. The deceased left a little <Ia..ugnieir 14 moiitliB old, her husband, mother, and two sisters to mourn her loss- CONCERT.— A very successful concert was held at the Gounod School on Friday evening in aid of the Library. The committee in charge of the iunciion were Mrs Wiliiamt., Bryn Aw el; president; Mrs Daviej, Ysgoldy, treasurer; Miss Potter, Primrose Bank, stta-etary; also Mrs r3 -s Roberts, Glyndwr; Mrs Hughes, Blacnddol; Mrs Jonee, C¡¡",tc¡}; Mrs Gethm Jones, Tuhwnti'r- afon; Miss Jones, Tycklyiiiehn; JUi&o iiugnes, Tuhwnte'rafoi;; Miss Jones, Forchwel; Miss Da- vies, lthivvgoch; Mhs M. Williams, Castell; Miss A. Potter, Primrose Bonk Miss T. Jones, I Glandulyn; Miss Williams, LiwK n Coed. The room was beautifully decorated by Misses Pot- ter, E. D. Divicti, F. Jones, and Jti. J. Dayies. Mr H. Daves presided, Miss Potter being the accompanist-. The following took part:—bolos, illiK Maggie Jones, Miss L. Peris Owen, Miss Jones, Tyddyntelm; Mr T. O'Brien, Miss A. Potter. Eos v JJochwodd; recitation, Air E. Hughes, TyiM'wydd; duet, Misses Florie Jones and M. J. Dr.vies. Dialogue, Messrs E. Anwyl Jones iid Willie Hughes, Bloenddol. Mr W. Hughes v.on the prize for the best story- The Cenin I^ady's Choir also gave excellent selec- tions. After the concert trie audience was re- galed with an excellent supper, the following ladies having' charge of the tables:—Miss Ro- berts, Ptosdulyn; Mls Owen, Bull; Miss Wil- liams, Lhyyneoed; Miss Hughes, Tuhwnti'raion; Miss Davies, Riiiwgooh; Miss Jones, Glandulun; Misses PoWer, Miss Roberts, Carregvffordd; and Mis3 Hughes, Bloenddol; assisted by Mrs Da- viess, Mrs Jones, Bryiiawel; Mrs Hughes, Blacnddol; Mrs Jones, Tuhwnti'rafon; Mrs Jones, Castell; Mrs Williams, Tyddyn coed; Mrs W ilhams, Tydu; Mrs Roberts, Perthi; and Miss Jones, Forchwel.





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