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CONWAY. 4c For the convenience of the public In Conway, a letter box has been aflixed to the entrance of tHe Estate Office, near the Town Hall, where advertise- ments and copy for tho "Welsh Coast l'ioneer" may In left R. G. OWEN, F.S.M.C., Certified Optician, Llanrwst. At Compton House, Conway, first Fr.day in the month.—Advt. WHIST DRIVE.—A whist drive organised by Mr J. Hughes, was held at the Constitu- tional Club to-day week. Miss Louie Jones, of the Grosvenor Restaurant, and Mr Owen Jones, Brynffynon, were the winners of the first priz.s The consolation prize fell to the let of Mr F.od Jones. SATURDAY'S FOOTBALL. — On Satur- day tJie Conway football team will journey to Denbigh in search of League points, when the following team will represent the local club;- Llew. Parry (goal); Tom Jones and O. Ellis (backs); Arthur Owen, Bob vwen (capt.),and F. Parkes (half-backs); J. R. Jones, T. Athcr- ton, A. N. Other, Sam Parry, and W. Stone (forwards). THE DISTRICT NURSING FUND. The collections at the annual harvest festival ser- vices at St. John's English Wesleyan Cf-ur,h, amounted to JB4 6s 9d, which will b0 devoted towards the Conway and District Nursing Fund. The members of Carmel Chapel also devoted Sunday evening's collection ro the same fund. THE MARATHON RACE.— Great disap- pointment was felt in Conway on Sa uri-lay evening, when it became known that Perov Smallwood, a native of the town had failed to win the prize. A telegram received by Mr Henry Llonl, Plas Mawr Restaurant, sta ed that Siret oP France, was the winner, and that Small wood fell out of the race in the twenty- third mile. coming in fourth. MUNICIPAL ELECTION. The retiring Members, who will in all probability seek re- election, are Messrs A. J. Rogfers and E. lo-\d Jones (Conservatives), Dr. M. J. Morgan, and Mr A. J. Oldman (Liberals)- The Exe^iiiivo Committee of the Liberal Club on Monday evening decided to call a medin- to consider what steps shall be taken in view of the com- ing election. The Conservatives have already secured two strong candidates should a contest take place, but tlhere are rumours of a com- promise. LOCAL BRANCH OF THE DIBLE SOCIETY. The annual meeting of the Conway auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society was held at Carmel C M. Chapel on Monday even- ing'. Mr T. C. Jones (Cadnmt Park) presid- ing over a good attendance. Mr J. P. Griffiths (Regent House), the h n. secretary of the Conway branr h, presented the report for the past year. The accounts shov- ed that the receipts amounted to R13 8s 4d, and the expenditure to jEil 15s 6d, the balance of £11 12s lOd being handed over to the par- ent, society. The Rev. H. IvOT Jones, who represented the Parent Society, delivered an address in the coursa of which he outlined the work done by tho Society under whose auspices 795 mission- arics were labouring in different parts of the ,world. 'The Rev. T. Gwynedd Roberts submitted a resolution expressing satisfaction at the suc- cess which attended the efforts of the Focietv duringj the past year, and promising to do their best to help it. during the coming year. This was seconded by the Rev. J. Luther rr:homa. and carried. On the motion of Mr Henry Lewis, J.P., a vote of thanks was also accorded to the Rm- a\ a<idress> tue officials and the y^ar f°r lhcir effcrte ^rmg' tl1e year. HARVEST FESTIVAL SERVICES. J he harvest thanksgiving seirvioes we e 1 eld in the town on Wednesday, the. day Lein re- w>gi:ised as a general holiday. At the Parish Church there was a celebration of Holy Com- munion at 8 a.m. followed by a Welsh celebra- tion at 9.45 a.m., when the Rev. R. M. Jones, M.A., vicar of Bettwsycoed, delivered an address There was a service and sermon at 11 a.m., when the Rev. J. F. Reece, B.A., vicar of Uanrhos, occupied the pulpit. In the after- noon a children's service was held, and in the Itvening, at the Welsh service the Rev. J. F. Reece, B.A., was the preacher. The Welsh chcir gav'e an effective rendering of the an- them Teyrnasoedd y Ddaear" The churdh was tastefully decorated by the following:—Altar and chance], Mrs Robert pie Vicarage^; pulpit, Miss Lewis, Mrs Cross and Miss Thomas; screen, Mr Tom Huirheq and Mr Cross; lectern, Miss Sargant; font Mrs J. Porter; windows, Misa Elsie Roberts and Miss D. Barlow. G'fts of fruit, flowers, etc., were re-eived irom Mrs Wagstaff, Mrs Simpson, Mrs Bithell Nl9 S ?frs J" Porter, Mrs H. Th mas L ?rL T '\Mj Melson> Tuxford! Mrs Lee (Morfa) Mrs J. Jones (Woodlands) Mrs Barlow, Mrs Williams (Windsor House) Mrs Cross, Mrs Francis Jones, Mrs Jared Wil- hams Mrs Conway Jones, Miss Cawthorne, Miss Simpson, and Mrs Gattez (Bonarth Hall). The collections during the festival will be devoted to Home and Foreign Missions. The harvest festival will be held at St. Agnes' Church on Sunday next. Special united prayer meetings were held in connection with the Nonconformist churches. On Tuesday evening, at the S'h W-el,h (C.M.) Chapel, GyfTin. On Wednesday meetings were held at 7.30 a.m. in the Baptist Chapel; at 10 a.m. in the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel; and in the afternoon at the Carmel Welsh (C.M.) Cha- nel. In the evening, two prayer meetings were i0ne Scion Welsh Congregational t'ie other at the Carmel Welsh (C.M.) Chapel.










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