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ST ASAPH. Tho Hon. C. Grosvonor held a revision oourt St SI, Asaph last week, when the. Conservatives were represented by Mr II, A. Tilby, and the I (,,s Libo -lis by Mr Hughes There was net much business before the ooiurt, the agents having ihekl a consultation prior to wie meeting, and agrcod on various' matters Mr Tilby objected to the vote of Mr Joseph Jones, Cross Foxes, upon the gliound that he had not occupied during the qualifying period. Mr Ilughes contended that the man had occu- pied the house inasmuch as he paid the rent. but ho could n,)t go into it for five week.} as the painters were in possession, and so it was that he did not live there until August 14tih. Mr Tilby maintained that those wera not the exact facts of the oa-se. As the claimant was not present, and there was no direct evidence to support his vote, it was disallowed. A CURIOUS OMISSION. Mr Tilby contended that the claim for a lodger voto by Mr W. II. Roberts, Canoablas, was bad as it did not bear any date. Mr Thomas (the Liberal subagert) suggested the wrong paper had boon retained by the assistant overseer, while Mr Hughes submitted that inasmuch as the olaim had been sent in be- ffore tiie lists were printed it was evidence of date. Mr Tilby replied that tho law laid it down that the claims had to be made between, oertain dates, Lnd there was nothing on the face of the ckum to show when it was made. Mr 0. Williams, assistant overseer for St. rAsai>h, volunteered a statement to the effect that while the assistant overseer for Bod el wyd-dan was ill he did ihis work. and he 'remem- bered Mr Thomas sending in the claim in dupli- cate. He returned one paper to him, and it was possible that he returned the wrong' one. Mr Tilbv said he would not press tho matter in faoe of that, and the olainn was alowed. A JOINT TENANCY. There wero claims as joint tenants of a field at Bodelwydd-an by Messrs Wm. Jones, Pùter Joncm, tijul Joseph Williams, but Mr Tilby con- t'sndod that the two last namod were but tenants by agreenjent with Mr Wm. Jones, who took tho field at J636 per annum and allowed the others to put their stock in. Mr Hughes submitted that they wore each ten- ants, ajM on the case being adjourned to the Hhuddlan ocurt, he oalloeod Mr Peter Jones, who said they had each an equal right to the field, and paid an equal share «f the rent to Mr Griffith, of Garn, although there wl-i.,3 only one rent book. The Barrister said it was a curious arrange- ment for three- persons who were not relatives to bo joint tenants of a field. It was agreed to write to Mr Griffith, Garn, asking* for the name of the tenant or tenants. WHAT'S IN A NAME? When the Waen lists came to bo revised Mr Tilby asked that the address of a voter should be put in as "Arthur's Cottage, instead of "Gato" Cottage. The Barrister: Is it in memory of King 'Arthur? (laughter). Mr Tilby: Very distant, I am told (laughter.* DID NOT WANT A VOTE. The Assistant Overseer for Waen in dealing with one name explained to the Barrister that tiw man had told hiirn not to put his name down on tho list, as he did not want a vote. The Barrister said it was a case of not what a man wanted, but one of what was the Assistant Overseer's duty. It was his duty to put down everyone who was entitled to a vote ^whether he wished it or .not. It was explained that tho man had volunteered information as to his qualification, which pre- vented him getting the full franchise, Mr Tilby said in any case he oould only get a Parliamen- tary vote. Ttie Barrister: That is so, but he does .not want to be put down at all. Tho vote as a Parliamentary elector was allowed. SMALL DWELLINGS. In the oourse of the sifting of olaims it was stated that in one oaso a man claimed a vote who lived in a house of two bedrooms, while four other persons lived there, the house being onh, rated at E3. The vote was not allowed