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SEVERAL HUNDRED ACRES FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND In Sites to suit all requirements. Residences, &c.. to be Let or Sold. Shootings to be Let for coming si t:a.vn. FURNISHED HOUSES. A Complete List will be sent at Terms ranging from £2 25. per week to 66o per week, according to requirements. SHOPS and OFFICES in Central Position to Let. a S FS J.M.P0HT £ iiEL00eX, Architects and Surveyors, Land and Estate Agents and Valuers, THE ESTATE OFFICE. COLWYN BAY. Telegrams: "Plans, Coiwyn Bay." Telephone No. 38, Coiwyn Bay. JYiELLOR & ALLEN, Land and House Agents and Valuers, COLWYN BAY. COLWYN BAY. OSBORNE HOUSE, I near Station. Splendid Sea View, Gardrn, back and lrout, several large Rooms to let. haies paid by Owner. Every facility for Cooking. House dry and well-built. COLWYN BAY AND DISTRICT. TO LET AND FOR SALE A LARGE NUMBER OF UNFURNISHED AND FUR- NISHED HOUSES OF VARIOUS SIZES AND RENTALS. FOR SALE DESIRABLE BUILDING PLOTS. Also a good list of Selected APARTMENT AND BOARDING HOUSES. For f urther particulars, apply as above. (Tel. No. 131), R. ARTHUR JONES, Land, House and Estate Agent, THE ESTATE OFFICE (Nr. Town Hall), CON W A Y, REGISTER Off HOU_e6 and Property for Sale .H a.od to Let in Conway, Dcganwy, Llan- dudno Junction, Conway Valley, Penmaeuniawr, jUaafdirfcohan, and surrounding district. FOR SALE. CONWAY. — Charming Country Cottage, by c well-known architect, in course of erection, in select quarter of town, two Reception-rooms, four Bedrocks, Bathroom, etc. Price £55íJ IjlKEiiiiOLD Detached Residence, standing in acre of ground in beet part of Deganwy, and having unique views of Conway River and neighbouring Mountains; two Sitting-rooms, four Bedrooms, Bathroom (hot and cold), good Kitchen Offices, Two-stall Stable and Cor-on- bouse, Walitd-in Garden and Greenhouse. Price £1250 CCHOICE Building Plots in Conway, Deganwy, j Peumaeamavvr, and Llanfaixfechau. TO LET FURNISHED. KAXDSOME Detached Residence, within a easy retuoh. Conway Station, excellent v,4 wL; three Roce>ption-rooms, six Bedrooms, iBaunoom (hot and cold), and usual Kitcinen Ouioos, Srabies and Coach or Motor House, (,0- getner with good Tennis Lawn. £ b 66 per week. 15LNM AENMAWR.—Well-furnished Detached JL House in acre of well laid-out grounds, three Shting-room3, five Bedrooms. Six guineas 1 per week. RANDLY-SITUATED, never Let before, J" in Deganwy two good K/eception, five Bed- rooms, ufauai Kitchen Ufficts. ioux guineas to six. gumeaa according to time of year. PEN M AENMAWR.—Near Station and Beach; Jt- two Reccption-rooms, live Bedrooms. 6s. LANFALRFECHAN, Semi-detached, close to Sea; two Reception-rooms, five Bed- rooms, Bathroom, and usual Kitchen Offices. On Golf Links, Bathing from House. Vacant after 14th of September. £ 4 lOs, per week. Full particulars othar properties for Sale, Houses to Let Furnished and Unfurnished, to be 10 fcad upon application at THE ESTATE OFFICE, CONWAY. Tel. 29. Depository for Pioneer advertisements. MISCELLANEOUS. BOOK DEBTS purchased for Cash down.-W. Jackson, 20, Farrar-road, Bangor. 3466c MATRIMONIAL POST-^iitaLiishetTlidf century. 15,000 Marriage arranged. Larger than all the Matrimonial Agencies in the world combined. Sealed Envelope 5d, with circular 9d. Editor, Room C. P. 14, Trafalgar Buildings, London. 21872p W ANTS (Miscsiiansous). X%T ANTED to purchase Milk Round; Targi^or » » small; Coiwyn Bay or District.—Address, "L.A. "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. 2lS40p Wf ANTED to Purchase Ladies', Gents', and » ▼ Children's Left off Clothing, of all des- criptions. Good prices given, and Customers waited upon on receipt of post-card. Jones, Wardrobe Dealer, Conway. 21615p ====> ^■ LOST. FILM ("Kodak") lost towards Bryn L'uryn.— l'iease return to Pwllycrochan Hotel. 22024p 0"J REWARD.—Stolen or Strayed fronl Pen- lwys, Old Coiwyn, a pure bred South- down Lamb. Anyone giving information that I will lead to ita recovery will receive the above reward. Anyone found detaining the Lamb after this notice _will be prosecuted. 22047p 10bI, Thursday, between Rhosneigr and Llaa- gefni, a Gold Curb Bracelet; initials on padio,ck.-Fin(fer rewarded on returning same to Vron Peg, Rhosneigr. 6499 LOST, on Friday, August 14th, a Black and 1an(Dog, answers to the name of "Teddie," woaring Coilar with Oldham Address.-Anyox)e returning same to C'hristowe, Grosvenor-road, will be suitably rewarded. 22105p MORTGAGES. TkMOR IGAGES on Freehold Farms only. ftjX Two-thirda of the Taiae adTaaoed Ap- ply, by letter, addressed to J. G.. care of lpl<), neer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. o .-— SHOOTING WANTED. V\7ANTED, little Shoot of few hundred acres » » in Anglesey, near railway station. — Ad- dress, "Shot," "North Wales Chronicle" Office, Bangor. 3620c <==— 't-. ———- PROFESSIONAL. CERTIFICATED Choirmaater and Trainer i« C desiroua of an engagement. Twenty years experience in Pariah and Cathedral services. IVelsh or English. Church of England preferred -For terms apply, "A. C. "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. 0 MADAMJt DO RE, Scientific Character IW Readsr, returns to 2, Queen's Arcade, iRhyi, Auguai lat. Hours from 10 a.m. No satm chitrge brn- Appointments. Bazaars at- towed. p SITUATIONS VACANT | BETWEEN-MAID required in family of JLF three. tall, 16 to 18; two other Maids kept; speak good English. Parkinson, "Bay- clitf," Oid Coiwyn. 22046p COOK-GENERAL and Housemaid-Waitress Wanted end of August. Good references essential. Must be well trained.—Apply, "C.G. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. p COOK-GENERAL Wanted, for London; good home, good wages; family three; House- maid kept.—Address, "M. H. "Pioneer" Oiiices, Colwyn Bay. 22054p CiOOK-GENERAL, experienced, three in C family; Housemaid kept.—Mr3 Sheldon, 8, South Parade, Llandudno. 22114p KIRYMAID Wanted, at once, all Milk sold, to assist in Kitchen; good wages. I-Apply, Gwerclas, Corwen. 21939p EXPERIENCED Cook-General; small family; E good references essential; wages £ 20— £ 22; near Conway. Address, M.F. "Pioneer" Oiiices, Coiwyn Bay. 22041p ENERAL for small family.—8, Radnor- T drive, New Brighton. OOD General, two in family, good references. G -Caerludd, Wynn-avenue, Old Colwyn. 21926p Gi OOD Cook Wanted, small family, for Coiwyn Bay; must be well recommended.—Apply, "H.N. "Pioneer" Oiiices, Colwyn Bay. 22092p (GOVERNESS, 25, desires re-engagement to 3T young children; usual subjects; French acquired abroad; Needlewoman; excellent refer- ences.—79, Manor-road, Liscard, Liverpool. 21759p G1 OOD General Wanted for Apartment House; permanent. — Address, "61," "Pioneer" Omce, Rhyl. 22087p AMEKEEPER, experienced, dog rearing and breaking, for shooting in Anglesey; must speak Welsh; wages, 15s per week and cottage. —Apply, by letter, to H S. Paterson, 16, Cook- street, Liverpool. 22083p HOUSEKEEPER Wanted; all duties. — Wil- liams, Dentist, Church-street, Rhyl. ) 22048p I WOUSE-PARLOU-RMAID Wanted, August JLB- 15th, Churchwoman. three in family; Housemaid kept; age 25 to 28.-Reply, stating aii particulars, wages, length of service, etc., to II "J. S. "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 21918p HERE!—OVER 450 SUCCESSES! I APPOINTMENTS: Sanitary Inspectors. Lady Health Visitors. Open to all. Apply, MUSHEb, Sanitary Expert, Sunder- land. 22077p RABBIT-CATCHING Wanted. Will buy all tne Rabbits.—Apply, J. Goodband, Mole t-;atclier, Coiwyn Bay. 22094p KEGlsTRY OFFICE for iiervajita of ail Ciasseti.—Mrs A. Ephraim, 3, Tanymanod- te. race, Biaenau Festiniog. 19214p Ur-uiaiiii olfi?iCE, 120, IHGH-ST., PORT7 11 AIAI)O(;Alra Humphrey^ has gxoeiient CMtuations for responsible kVomen as Generala, LOoka, iioud«niaia», etc., for next toxin (Pon- niuor). RHYL.—Girl for Housework; sleep in or out. —"Q. "Pioneer" Office, Rhyl. p_ KHYL.Useful Domesticated Help for three n Yonng Children. Address, "W., ricneer" Ollice, Rhyl. 22088p SLi'EKIOii General Servant required for end of August; good wages to capable Servant; three in fanuiy; good reference required.—Apply, Mr3 Vailaoce, Brooklyn, Old Colwyn. p ^ilORTHAND CLERK, thoroughly efficient, Wanted.—Apply, stating salary to Nunn and Co., Solicitors, Colwyn Bay. 22C51p ^MART Business Man Wanted. I ru-itworthy, not afraid of work. Outdoor mplj/ment. Liberal commission. Splendid opening tor umn with energy wishing tu improve his position.— Address, "Kose," Box 2205bp, "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. rlÙvo respectable Girls, used to the Fish and -1- Chips Business. -Address, "60," "Pioneer" Oliico, Riiyl. 22U36p WANTED, GARDENER, single-handed; Kitchen Garden, Greenhouse, Shrubs, Flowers.—Apply, "P. "Pioneer" Offices, Cvlwyn Bay. p WANTED steady, respectable, Man as Coachman, good driver and rider, single handed, and willing to make himself generally. usetul.—Apply, by letter, to "M.E. "Pioneer Offices, Coiwyn Bay. 22066P WANTED, immediately, at Ruthin, for small family, competent Cook and House Par- lour-rnaid.—Address, "M.D. "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 22057p ANTEF), immediately. Young House-Par- lourmaid.—Appiy, naming reference, to Miss Wynne, Bryn Ogwen, Abergele. 21944p WANTED strong Country Girl for Kitchen. —Bee Hotel, Abergele. 22029p WANTED Young Carpenter and Wheelwright 1' or Improver; constant job; machinery doing all heavy work; state experience.—Apply, Jones. Brynsaint Saw-Mill, Cerrigydruidion. 22031p WANTED, in a Solicitor's Office, a Short- hand and Typewriting Clerk, with know- ledge of County Court work. Apply, stating wages required, to "L. W. "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. p WANTED, thoroughly domesticated, superior Girl, capable of looking after young baby, for house in the country, N.W.—Apply, "L. X. "P.oLieer" Offices, Cviwyn Bay. p WANTED, good General, at once; country hotel; references.—"Albion," "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. p ANTED. BUTCHER, good allround Man, 1' honest, trustworthy, reliable, well up in shop.—Apply, "Vacancy," "Pioneer" Office, Col- wyn Bay. p WANTED, on September 2nd. for six months, a superior Maid as house and table for the Rectory, Cheltenham; no washing; excellent home; must have good character; wages, L16- £1.8. Apply, 5, Glan-y-mor-terrace, Llanfair- fecnan. p ANTED, BOOTS, experienced, immediate- WANTED, BOOTS, experienced, immediate- ly.—Victoria Hotel, Llanrwst. WANTED, a Pantry-maid; to be generally useful in winter. — Address, Royal Oak Hotel, Bettwsycoed. 22096p WANTED good Plain Cook; four indoor ser- vants and boy kept; wages, £ 24 to £ 25.— Address "L.M. "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 22081p ANTED, Family as Caretakers for Office at Conway.-AI)ply, Local Manager, The National Telephone Co.. Ltd., Mostyn-street, Llandudno. p WANTED, good General, for September 1st. —Apply, Studley, Brompton-avenue, Coi- wyn Bay. 22112p WANTED, for a VVelsh family, in a Suburb of London, a General Servant; four in family; state wages required. Apply, Tany- goppa, Colwyn Bay. 22110p WANTED, GAMEKEEPER, experienced, dog rearing and breaking, for Shooting in Anglesey; must speak Welsh; wages 15s and Cot- tage.—Apply, by letter, to H. S. Paterson, 16, Cook-street, Liverpool. 6498 WANTED, an experienced Cook-General; must speak Welih and English. — Apply, with reference, Glanaber, Llangefni. WANTED, at once, experienced House Parlour-maid, understand silver, lamps; strong, clean; 1;13 a year.—Edwards, Rectory, Abortfraw, Anglesey. 6502 WANTED, immediately, Junior Clerk; good penman and quick at accounts. — John Pritchard, Auctioneer, Bangor. 3691c WANTED a good General Servant, and also assist in the Bar occasionally; references rckluired. -Aplly to Box 3674, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. 0 ANTED for Hale, Cheshire, in September, Cook-General and Housemaid-Waitress; good reference essential. Apply, "Desouza," Gadlys House, Rhosneigr, Anglesey.. 22082p ANTED, at the end of September, good General for small family, in Bangor.—Ap- ply, Box 3662, Chronicle" Office, Bangor. WANTED, in Gentleman's home, in Angle- sey, a Housemaid-Waitress and Between- Maid.—Apply, Box 3676, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. YOUNG GIRL, about 18, Wanted for House JL and Shop.—Address, "M. B. "Pioneer" Oiiices, Colwyn Bay. 22033p YOUTH (strong) Wanted, at once.—Apply, Star Supply Stores, 15, Station-road, Col- wyn Bay 21661p FARMS WANTED. WANTED saTiftll Holding with House and five or six Aoree of Land in North Walee. Root or Purr.haae.—Particulars to Has, Um, Iduui Agent, RhjL p I ) Land on Sale or on Lease. r'-A/ MODERATE PRICES.. IMMEDIHTE POSSES 10 N TITHE AND LAND TAX r< V* Conveyance REDEEMED. v given within a d'Y- month of signing Contract NO CHARGES FOR ROAD- S if required. MAKING OR SEWERING Nett Building Land only v Two-thirds Purchase Money can Nett Building Land only charged for, not Hail aJ \> remain on Mortgage if required. of Roads. P°r further particulars and Plans, apply only to R. E. BIRCH, F.S.I., ESTATE AGENT. ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, AND VALUER, WYNNSTAY CHAMBERS, COLWYN BAY. NAT. Tar. 55. SITUATIONS WANTED. rGENERAL ACCOUNTANCY, Rent and" Debt Collection, House AgGnt. Holder of uudeyr the La.w of Difltre^b Amend- ment Act. i-Jew. D. Jones, Accountant. Bangor. ARDENElt, head or single-handed, married, G 10 and 3 years' good references.—Davies, Ysguborwen, Machynlleth, Mont. 21952p GARDENElt (Single) seeks Situation; excel- 1 lent references; thoroughly exijerienced.— Address, "L. L. "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. 21994p ANDY MAN seeks permanent situation; Colwyn Bay district preferred; highest re- teidiices. Apply J.T. "Pioneer" Oiiices, Col- wyn Bay. 2i921p HOUSEKEEPER re-engagement Wanted; H thorough experienced, superior, middle age, farmer's daughter. Mrs Faichney, Llanidan 11 aH, Llanfair P.G., Anglesey. 22084p T ADY requires, in Bangor, two Rooms (un- furnished), with attendance. Terms must be moderate. Apply, Box 3680, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. TJOSX reciuired as useful Help or charge of one or two Children; end of August.—Mrs Broadhurst, High-lane, Burslem. p ITUATION Wanted as Gardener, experi- *-3 enced, age 24, single, abstainer.—Box 5026, "Chronicle" Oliice, Bangor. CJH UATION WTanted as Handy Man in Cen- tleman's House; good reierence.—Apply, Menai," "North W aleB Chronicle" Office, llan- gor. 3659c V'VT"ANTED employ ment by thorough Business » Lady, excellent manager, good plain cook, any cal)acity, Useful, or Attendant upon invalid, or small family.—Address, "L. E. "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. 21951p X^ANTED, Situation as Housekeeper or Par- » lourmaid; experienced.—Apply, "J. M. "Clorianydd" Office, Llangefni. cl YOUNG LADY desires post in shop; some knowledge of Confectionery Business.— Apjily, "J. D. "Pioneer" Office, Col wyn Bay. p yOUNG MAN Wants Situation as Kitchen Porter, Plate-man, or Boots in Hotel; good references. Address, "Z. "Pioneer" Office, Llandudno. p YOUNG MAN seeks situation as Groom or Coachman; able and willing to do indoor and outdoor work; well recommended.—David Lewis, 1 High-street, Llanerchmedd. 3567c "VTOUNG LADY requires post as Lady or Mother's Help; good reference.—Apply, Box 3675, "Chronicle" Office. 0 HOUSES WANTED. DETACHED HOUSE or small Farm; buy or rent; small, modern, situated high, sheltered from N.E.; few acres of Land preferred; between Coiwyn and Aber.—Address, "J.X. "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. 21953p XPERIENCED LADY HELP desires re- E engagement; no children; no washing.— Address, "M. R. 70, Grove Park, Coiwyn Bay, 22113p ENGLISH LADYr requires re-engagement as Morning or Afternoon Governess. Sub- jects Thorough English and French (two years Paris); Piano and Singing, Elementary Latin, Drawing (Freehand, Prospective, etc.); Painting in Oils, Water-colours, and on China; Sketching from Nature, etc.; Certificated; highest testi- moniais.-Apply, "C. M. B. "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. 22107p I^URNISHED HOUSES required for Winter F Months, or longer; cared and aired from September; moderate; coast line between Bangor and Denbigh preferred. Address, "H. R. "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyri Bay. 22116p OLD COLWYN" OR NEAR.—Wanted small House to rent, from September; three or four Bedrooms; low rent.—Address, Startley, 26, Oa borne-street, Leek, Staffs. p ANTED parties having Houses to Let to » » send particulars, at once, to Haslam. F- tate Agent, Rhyl. "VyANTED, near Rhyl, small detached House, » Cottage, or Bungalow; must have grounds belonging.—"M. C. care of Miss Archdeacon, Bodlondeb, Old Colwyn. 21948p WANTED to Rent small, comfortable House, v '1' with good Garden or few Acres of Land, near Coiwyn Bay or Rhyl.-Address, "L. H- "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 21986p SHARES FOR SALE. s T. ERMIN'S HOTEL, LTD., Westminster.— 4 per cent. lleb3* P,1200 for Sale; price 1;550. Interest reduced for two years to 2 per cent. by agreement with Deb. Holders.—Address, "D. S. care of Sharp and Co., 7a, Laurence Fountney Hill, London. THE FARM AND GARDEN. LBERTS BASIG SLAG.-For Prices, apply to W. Ellis and Co., Merchants, Abergele. j FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. OR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY, all that Farm and Outbuildings known as i frithygwynt, situate in Brynyinaen, Upper Col- wyn Bay, in the Parish of Llandrillo-yn-Rhos, containing by admeasurement 16a. lr. 18p. or thercaoouts. Further particulars, apply to Messrs Porter, Amphlett, and Jones, Solicitors, Conway, Colwyn Bay, and Llanrwst. 2l669p LLANDUDNO. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, as a going concern, one of the most imposing, commodious, well-built, well-arranged, and pro- fitably conducted PRIVATE and COMMEIi- CIAL HOTELS on the North Wales Coast, con- taming large and lofty Dining-room, Drawing- room, Commercial, Dming, and Waiting-room, spacious Entrance Hall and Vestibule, Private Sitting-room, Smokeroom, Office, etc., together with SO Bedrooms, etc., etc.; most centrally situated in the above high-class seaside resort; early possession; owner retiring; a rare oppor- tunity—Further particulars to T. W. Grimth, Town Hall, Llandudno, HERSCIIELL HOUSE, SOUTH PARADE, LLANDUDNO. rjHIIS most Central and Popular Establishment X for SALE by PRIVATE TREATY. The tenure is Leasehold for a term of 99 years, from the 29th day of September, l85Q, at the annual ground rent of £ 6. The following is the accom- modation, namely, four Sitting-rooms, 15 Bed- rooms, Bathroom, and the usuai offices. A sub- stantial proportion of the purchase money can remain on mortgage.—Apply, Chamberlain and Johnson, Solicitors, Llandudno. p TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY "BKYNG\VYN." situate on the slope of the -S-* Great Orrne. House commodious, well- built. Commands magnificent views of the Llan- dudno Bay, Town, and Mountain Scenery. Price extremely reasonable.—For particulars and orders to view apply to Mr E. E. Bone, Solicitor, Llandudno. 467d ————- —' -———— j THE BEAUTIFUL VALE OF LLANGOLLEN. One of the Healthiest of Inlaacl Resorts, with plenty of Fresh Moun- I tain Atr, and a never-ending Charm I of Scenery. For Apartments, advertise IN LLANGOLLEN ADVERTISER. 24 words 9d. | List of Visitors during Season, I s-. J s-. J APARTMENTS TO LET. A PARTMLNTS in Upper Bangor, open situa- A tion, vacant August 20th; reduca-i (enis for September.—Box 6681, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. c t\OMI< ORTABLE Apartments, Bedroom and 1 Sitting-room; terms moderate.—Jones, Bod- afon, JDolvvyddelen, Carnarvonshire. 21816p COLW YN BAY.—Apartments offered in pri- c vate family or House Furnished. 28, Lawson-road, Colwyn Bay. p COLWYN BAY.-tTnfurnished Apartments to C Let; Victoria Park neighbourhood.—Ad- dress, M, C. "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 22054p LLANRWST.—Comfortable Apartments, ono Sittingroom, two Bedrooms, every con- venience in the House, near the Station and the Post Office; moderate t-ernis. -Address, "M.G., "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Bay. 22042p NEAR COLWYN BAY.—Two ladies having most comfortable home, desire to meet with a Lady and Gentleman (husband and wife), or two Sisters, who would share household expenses; very bracing, facing sea and mounta'w.-Ad- dress. "H. O. "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 22108i) PREST A TYN .-Superior Apartments in Pri- -M- vate House; Sitting-room and one or two Bedrooms; between Mountain and Sea; per- manency; terms moderate. Address, "H.L. "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 22080p I DOGS FOR SALE. I BLACK- PUG "PUPPIES, champion Pong JLJP Pong strain; v.h.c. at Denbigh Show; from LI.-Jones, Trecarrel, Old Colwyn. 21985p SEVERAL useful Field Spaniels, all ages, for s Sale, trained and untrained. Apply, Richard Roberts, Gamekeeper, Plas Llanfaelog, Anglesey. 3582o YORKS Terrier Dog, good coat and pedigree; age 16 weeks; Black and Tan; price 25s.— Haworth, Prestatyn. 22039p Haworth, Prestatyn. 22039p FOR SALa VARIOUS A NTIQUARIANS and others.—Antique Rush. -C* light Holder for Sale. What otter?—Ad- dress, "Antique," "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 21981p BARBED WIRE, 12a per cwt.; Galvam&ed Plain Wire, 12s per cwt.; Wrought Iron Standards, la 3d o&ch.-W.P. Dept., Butier, Beli Works, Wolvexhanipton. 20185p CANARY BANANAS, 6d dozen; English lomatoes, 6d per lb.—A. G. Evans, Bangor. 3556 fjRAB APPLES (all sorts), 500 tons. Wanted; best possible prices; prompt cash.—Write, Hardy fertiliser Co., Ltd., Stalybridge. 22025p ELICIOUS CREAMERY BUTTER, from rich Pastures of the Golden Vale of Ire- land. Quality unsurpassed. 21b. Sample at re- duced price of 2s 6d post free.-Bennis and Sons, Limerick. 21868p NGLISH TOMATOES, 3s 6d dozen The Canary Bananas, 6d dozen.—A. G. Evans, Bangor. p FOR SALE, Antique Furniture: Oak Cup^ board (Tridarn) Dresser, three high-back Cnair3, Grandfather's Clock, brass face; all in good order; at Lewis Evans', Bodryfedd, Llys- faen, near Coiwyn Bay. 22054p FOUR-HANDLiED Beer Engine, complete, equal to new; Marble Top Tables, other Fittings for Trade, Six Glass Spirit Kegs, Cork Drawers, etc.—Apply, Glan Conway Hotel, Llan- rwst. 22085p ALVANIZED CORRUGATED SHEETS.- G Job Lot of Light Sheets: 4ft., 8d; 5ft., lOd; 6ft., Is; 7ft., Is 2d; 8ft., Is 4d each. New Sheets and free from holes. A few tons damaged Sheets, suitable for fencing: 4ft., 5d; 5ft., 6d; 6ft., 8d; 7ft., lOd; 8ft., Is each.—W. P. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 21760p GUNS, GUNS, GUNS.—Gradual Payments. Thoroughly reliable work. Hard, close Shooting guaranteed. Send for Illustrated List. Lowest possible prices, Thomas Wild, Gun Works, Birmingham. 21737p {GALVANIZED CORRUGATED SHEETS.— G 27 inches wide, warranted sound—3ft., 9d; 4ft., Is; 5ft., Is 3d; 6ft., Is 6d; 7ft., Is 9d; 8ft., 2s; 9ft., 2s 5d; 10ft., 2s 8d each. Ridging, 3d per foot. Spouting, 3d per foot. Rooting felt, Wire Netting, Black Varnish, Red Oxide, Nails, Bolts, Nuts, and Screws.—W. P. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton, Established 1828. p IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-Every Mother who vadues the Health of her Child should use Harrison's "Reliable" Nurbery Pomade. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beau- tifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 4d and 9d. Postage, Id. Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by aJl Chemists. Agent for Colwyn Bay: J. W. Adarneon, Chemist, Station-road. Agent for Penmaenxnawr: T. J. Hughes, Chemist. 20093p T ADIES.—My Improved Remedies act in a few hours, when all else fails. Surprising- ly effective. Success guaranteed. Send stamped envelope for Free Sample.—Address, Nurse Ham- mond, 21, Ingledene, Boscombe-road, Southend, Essex. 21644p T3IPE ORGAN.—One Manual, 220 Pipes, Swell, eight Stops, beautiful tone; suit Church or Chapel; Pedals may be added; newly- erected price E40. May be seen by appoint- ment.—Evans, Fair View, Penrhynside, Llan- dudno. WALLPAPERS tor l$d per roll. Any Quantity, large or small, at Wholesale Price. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls; all classes. —Write for Patterns, stating class required.— Barnett's Wallpaper Warehouse (Dept. 221), Camplield Avenue, Manchester. p WIRE NAILS.—Mixed, 8s 6d per cwt.; 28lbe., 2s 3d; Screws, mixed, 28s per cwt.; 281bs., '16 6d. All kinds of Nails, Tacks, Rivets, Staples, Bolts, and Nuts, etc. Midland Nail Works, 25 to 28, Rea-street, Birmingham.—C. W. Hayles, Proprietor. 16509 g/( PAGE BOOK about Herbs, and how to use them, post free; send for one.—Trimnell, The Herbalist, 144, Richmond-road, Cardiff. Es- tablished 1879. 21478p SHOOTING TO LET. ANGLESEY.—1656 Acres of good Shooting to Let near Rhosgoch Station.—T. G. Owen, Pen rhos, Holyhead. 0 To LET. ¡ STABLES to Let, in central position, at Con- MJ way.—Apply, F, Diamond, George and Dragon Inn, Conway. rpO BE LET, with immediate possession, a commodious Grain or Flour Warehouse, in a corn-growing district in Anglesey; every facility for direct loading or unloading into railway trucks or carts; rent moderate.—Apply, "X.Y. Office of thi3 paper. 0 i Fill in this Form and send it to Advertisement Manager, > PIONEER" OFFICE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY, } 3 I The Charge for all kinds of "WANT" ADVERTISEMENTS in the "PIONEER" ■ is I Words 6d., and then id. per Word after Three Insertions i/- and pro rata 1 I (which must be Prepaid). Name-and Address must be paid for. 3 Please insert above Advertisement times, for which I enclose P.O. ) or stamps value i > Name 1 Address } OLD COLWYN AND NEIGHBOUR- HOOD. "OLD COLWYN enjoys unrivaried view of Sea. and Mountains with grea.t immunity from the East winda, and a dryness and waimtn by being chieily situated on the Limestone. Set Bathing, beauuiui Walks, and Golf Linka." HOUSES TO LET. BUILDING LAND for Sale; also exoellent Sites for Bungalows. — Apply, "Estate Uiiice," iiolyhead-roaa. Uid Coiwyn. lTlo;;¡p HOUSES TO LET. A PLEASANTLY-SITUATED COUNTRY A HOUSE, or four-roomed Cottage to Let, about flaff;&-mile from the Village of Llan- sannan, with about 100 Acres of good Sportmg Land attached.—For particulars, apply, by letter, to the proprietor, Mr John Owens, Clwt Farm, Llansannan, Abergele. 22023p OLWYN BAY. EAST PARADE. Good J Houses to Let, suitable for Apartments or Boarding, fronting sea; also Freehold, well-built Houses on Sale.—Apply, Lloyd, Pendorlan, Col- wya Bay. 21894p COLWYN BAY.—Bungalow to be Let, over- C looking sea and surrounding country; one Sitting-room, Bathroom, three Bedrooms, W.C.. Kitchen, and all usual offices; Garden and Field of about one acre; about 300 feet above sea level; very bracing climate; within 15 minutes' walk of Golf Links, A considerable sum has re- cently been spent in additions, alterations, and Decorations, m order to make the property a first-class private residential Bungalow. Drainage certificate. Rent JS25 p.a., yearly tenancy or lease. An ideal spot for week ends or quiet resi- dence.—Apply, J, M, Porter and Elcock, Land Agents, Tne Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 22102p GLWYSBACH. To Let, good House and D Shop, containing five Bedrooms, two Sitting-rooms, Kitchens, Bathroom, Bakehouse, Electric Bella. Apply, Williams, Cumberland House, Eglwysbach, Talycafn. 21924p FOR SALE, Bijou Residences, Semi-detached and Freehold, containing one large Sitting- room and 3 or 4 Bedrooms, Bath, Lavatory, W.C., etc. The Villas command extensive views from Rhos to Old Colwyn, are situate in an ex- cellent neighbourhood, and are convenient to Golf Links, Station, etc. There are also 2 or 3 excellent Sites for Sale, suitable for erection of Bungalows.—Write for particulars, F. Bateson, Architect, Post Office Chambers, Coiwyn Bay. 21992p NORTH WALES—VALE OF CLWYD. — De- lightful Country Residence to Let; Shoot- ing, Fishing, and Golf; about 20 acres of Grass Land can be had if desired. D. Mac. Nicill, Estate Offices, Old Colwyn. 21934p OLD COLWYN.Cadwgan-road. A House to Let, containing two Sitting-rooms, four Bedrooms, Bathroom, etc., Garden. Rent £ 26. —Apply, Davies, Oaklands, Old Colwyn. 21976p LD COLWYN. ALFRED COY. House Agent. State requirements. Stamp for reply- p OLD COLWYN.—Semi-detached House to Let, "Tintern," Vici,oria-road, containing Sitting and Dining-rooms, three Bedrooms, Bath, W.C. Re.t i;25.-Appiy, "Firwood," next door. RHUDDLAN, CWM.—A Furnished House to Let at Cwm, containing two Bedrooms, Parlour, Kitchen, etc.—Apply, Roberts, Abbey House, Rhuddlan. 22635p TITO LET, STANHOPE HOUSE, liATiT STREET, RHYL, oontaining two Recep- tion-rooms, five Bedrooms, etc. Low Rent.- Apply, Davies, Freelanda, Rhyl. 20065p 110 BE LET OR SOLD—Anglesey—beautifully situated House, known a3 Park Glas, Dwf- ran, with good GarOeii.-Al-)ply on the Premi'es. rilO LET, from September 19th, well Furnished Detached House, five Bed, three Entertain- ing-rooms, good Garden, sunny aspect, large Bathroom, West End, modern sanitation; four guineas weekly, reduction for longer period than month.—Prestbury, King's-road, Colwyn Bay. 22049p TREFRIW. — Brynrodyn, Unfurnished or Furnished; good Garden; nicely situated; containing nine Rooms, Bath, W.C. Apply, Jaiiies, The Mills. 21942p HORSES. CARRIAGES. Ac. A PRIVATE TURN-OUT for immediate dis- posal, consisting of rubber-tyred light Vic- toria. and Horse (seven year old); plated harness; trial given.—Address, "H. J. "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 22111p XjlOURTN-HAND Tourists' Coaoh (second- -L hand) for Sale; perfect condition, equal to new, cur own build, carries 22 passengers; also Waggonette, to carry eught, pole, bar. shafts, etc.. good condition, will be sold cheap. -Apply, J. Roberta and Son, Coaciibuildars, Llandudno. p TpOR SALE, new Ralli and Governess Cars, A rubber and iron tyred; new and second- hand Dug Carts; new Butcher's Shandry; spring Carts and Floats of every description; light and heavy Lorries. Moderate prices. Apply. J. Roiberta and Son, Coach builders, Llandudno. p IU,NERAL CA.RRLAGM, reduced price*, -1 easy terms; Washington Cars; Hearst* from .£50, Coaches £30. Landaus £ 40; Brake*, Charabancs, Cabs, B25. Catalogues.—MaroUja, 24. Bradford-street, Birmingham. 3080o FOR SALE, LANDAU and WAGGONETTE! moveable top, carry six inside; both cheap. —Apply, John Parry, Farrar-road, Bangor. 3644o OOD SECOND-HAND BAROUCH, perfect VJT order; wanting room; will sell. for £ 8.— Ellis, Regent Carriage Works, Wrexham. 21750p ON SALE, capital square-backed Lawton Gig, equal to new, with Patent Lamps, Rubber Mat, etc., very suitable for Show purposes.- Enquire, "G. 0. "Clorianydd" Office, Llan- gefni. cl SMART COB for Sale, 14 hands, five years old, bright Bay with black points, passes motors and trams, quiet in every respect.—Apply, Roper, Conway-road, Colwyn Bay. 21930p SMART Cob and Ralli Car (including Harness and complete Turn-out) to be Sold. Price moderate.—Apply, Mr F. J. Gamlin, Solicitor, Rhyl. 22043p rpO BE SOLD, Cheap, a Glass Front Single A Brougham; splendid condition; suitable for doctor.—Ffynongroew Carriage Works, Rhyl. p VERY Li-ht Rubber-Tyrea Brougham, as new; new Rubber-Tyred Float, two four-wheel and one two-wheel Dog Carte, new Porter's Cart, Carrier's Cart, Handcarts and Wheelbarrows; Hire or Sale; easy terms.—Francis and Sons, Ooaohbuilders, Colwyn Bay. 17818p WANTED, RALLI CAR, suit Pony 13 hands, good condition and cheap.—Barber, Poplars, Greenfield, Holywell. 21982p WANTED a strong Carriage Horse, perfect- ly quite, and suited for one horse Landau and hilly roads. Must be warranted to pass all traffic. State age.—Write, "S94," care Lee and Nightingale, Advertising Offices, Liverpool. WANTED, a strong Carriage Horse, perfect- ly quiet, and suited for one-horse Landau and hilly roads. Must be warranted to pass all traffic. State age.—Write, "S94," care Lee and Nightingale, Advertising Offices, Liverpool. 22079p ALL SIZES AND PRICES TO SUIT ALL CUSTOMERS. FORSES, COBS, PONIES, WAGONS, .I.-=" CARTS, Floats, Trape, Harness, eta., for Sale, Hire, or Exchange, for Cafeh or Credit. The great advantage of this is that horses, etc., unlike other things on easy payments, earn the payments for whioh you get oredit as you go on. It is great economy even to buyers for ca&h; they avoid many risks, and have fair trials with view to purchase. Buyers should see these; this is an old-established place with a good assort- ment on hand, and does not advertise selling under various pretexts.—Parker Wood, 22 and 24, VauxhalLroad, Liverpool. Telephone: 0213 Central. 6756 LICENSED PREMISES WANTED. SMALL Public-House required; October or earlier.—Particulars "Victualler," Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 21813p POULTRY. EGGS. Ac. K H. SIMKIN. TANDDERWEN, UPPER COLWYN BAY, BREEDER and EXHIBITOR of BLACK and PARTRIDGE, WYANDOTTES, BREEDING PENS, also CHICKS, alwaya on Sale to suit requirements. VISITORS WELCOMED. APARTMENTS WANTED. APARTMENTS (Furnished) Wanted in Llandudno.—A Sitting-room and Bed- room, with cookihg and attendance, re- quired, from July ltftii, for threo weeks or so, about 25s week inclusive; good cooking a.nd cieaniiiie&s estential; cloee to &ea.—Mrs P., 34, Birchanger-road, South .Norwood, London. 408d MADAME CORELLA desires Board and Lodging, all September. Terms, by letter,, .brooklieici, Coiwyn Bay. 22095p WANTED, one or two Unfurnished Rooms; Abergele or Prestatyn; permanent; rent in advance.—Address, "M.A. "Pioneer" Offices, Coiwyn Hay. 22026 To BE LET OR SOLD. TO BE LET or SOLD, Fine Slaughter-houas (Registered), Stable, Yard and Sheds. — ävVly, Williams, Coedfryn, Bangor. 366 HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE. RYNGWRAN.-For thre le-e Freehold Cot- JLF tages; well situated in best position; large Gardens; splendid investment; low price to quick purchaser.-Apply to Jones, Chemist, Holyhead, 6477ci DETACHED RESIDENCE, situate about 600 feet above sea level; lovely views of sea. Conway Vaiiey, and Snowdonia; sheltered, but bracing; three Reception-rooms, four Bedrooms, Bathroom, W.C., Kitchen, Scullery, and Pantry, Housemaid's Pantry; town water supply; S, and W. aspect; Gardens and Grounds of about 1 Acres; within easy reach of Post Office, Golf Links, and Church; price moderate.—For further information, apply, J. M. Porter and Elcock, Land Agents, The Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 21773p LAND IN COLWYN BAY (D undonald -r >ad), JLJ for erection of small Houses or Villas. James F. Taylor. Solicitor, 71, Lou'tLstreet, Liverpool. 20369p LLANDUDNO. To be Sold, immediate possession, Stella, Church Walks. Also tittle, commodious House, sea frontage, known as No. 1, 6outti Parade.—Apply, Messrs Nunty and Uo., Solicitors, Colwyn Bay. 21892p Pvj ORTH WALES COAST, near Rhyl and Llandudno.—Handsome Marine Residence, 16 Bed, and Dressing, Bath, large Hall, three Reception. Pretty Garden of three-quarters of an acre. Delightful situation between the sea and the Golf Links. Low price accepted. Messrs Harrods, Ltd., Estate Agents, Broinpton-road, London, S. W. 35010 rjX) BE SOLD, a handsome Family Residence, A with several Acres of ornamental grounds^ admirably adapted for a high-class Hydropathio Hotel, within easy distance of Colwyn. Bay and Rhos-on-bea.-Address, "Parsonage," "Pioneer" Omce, Coiwyn Bay. 22l01p rp BE SOLD, Freehold Cottage, with Gar- A den, Oicnu,rd, and Field; elevated position; between Coiwyn Bay and Llandudno; eea view, tOWllS water Will not be Let.— Address, X. E., "Pioneer' Office. Coiwyn Bay. 20588p VA Olf ùONW AY. Freehold Building T Land for Sale; also, Houses to Let or Sold.—Appiy, J. R. Malek. Architect and Sur. vey-ur, Liaiir wet. 21310p W CYCLES, MOTORS, &c.. FOR SALE. BARGAIN. Gent's Latest Pattern 1908 113 Coventry Cycle as new, not (soiled, fitted WJUI two latest pattern Crabbe roller lever rim brakes, ball bearuig, free wheel, clincher tyres, plated and enamelled centre wheels, lifie frame and guards, also complete with all accessories, lnciuaing plated gas lamp. Ca&h wanted, lowest ;t;4 26 bu. Great Bargain. Approval willingly. —C. House, St. Madge, Pitman-road, Weston- Super-Mare. 21325p tl Y CLlaTb CYCLISTS.—20,000 Outer Covers at 3s lid; 7000 Inner Tubes at 2s 6d; Bells at 4id. Quality guaranteed. Send for list. l ire Empire Rubber and Cycle Co., 12. Bought ton, Chester. 21937p Cl 5tCLE; marvellous sacrifice; 2 speed gear; J Clincher tyres; magnificent machine, not soiled or scratched; silver plated rims; beauti* fuiiy lined; mud guards; 2 genuine roller lever Craobe brakes; plated gas lamp, and all other accessories; Coventry machine and practically, new; approval willingly, half carriage paid; pri. vate owner; bargain, lowest, £ 5 10s.—G. Black. more, 8, Oxford-street, VYestoa-auper-Mare. 21407p X^OR SALE, three-speed Raleigh Gent's Bi- A oycle, as new; talking Green Parrot and 0¡¡,ge, and young Norwich Canaries, this year's birds m tull song; all very cheap. Sergeant Jeily, Public hall, Colwyn Bay. 22109p T| >0 BE C>OLD, LADY'S BICYCLE, in perfeot A condition; no free wheel.—Apply, "L. T. "xioneer" Oinces, Colwyn Bay. p j yj |jJ TiK.ES—Special value, covers fib X tj V O Clincher or Duniop Rims, 5s each, guaranteed; Air Tubes, with valves, 3s each. Labis iree.-W. A. Gorton, Tyre Factory, Woi- vexnampton. 19900p BUSINESSES FOR SALE. BUSINESS for Sale. Temperance, Hotel and Restaurant. Splendid situation in main street; close to Station and opposite Theatre; doing good trade.—Apply, 25, City-road, Chester, 22024p COLWYN BAY.—Fancy Drapery and Millin- ery Business in main thoroughfare for dis- posal as a going concern by private treaty. Stock and Fittings at valuation. Moderate. capital re- quired. foplendid opportunity. Every informa- tion given.—Apply, J. M. Porter and Elcock, The Estate Office, Cofwyn Bay. 22103p COLWYN BAY—Well-established Boarding C and Apartment House connection in West-* end of Colwyn Bay. A splendid chance.—Full particulars from J. M. Porter and Elcock, The Estate Office, Coiwyn Bay. 22104p FOR SALE, Old Established Bathing Machina Business.—Apply, Williams, Pensarn, Aber- gele. 21820p FOR SALE, in Anglesey, a good, well- established Ironmonger and General Stora in a good Agricultural District, and near a flourishing seaside resort. Purchaser nust Lave a thorough knowledge of Farming Implements and Machinery, Cycle and Furnishing Trade. Turnover L800 to £ 1200. Freehold Property con- sisting of good Shop (no House) and quarter acre of Land, facing main road. Splendid connection and no opposition. Price, including Stock, Fix- tures, Store, Land, and goodwill, £ 4QQ,—, Box 3690, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. MACHINERY. ON SALE, two Crossley's Gas Engines, 6 an<J I horse power; no reasonable offers re- fused. Can be seen in use.—Apply, "Chronicle". Oflice, Bailor. rj FRACTION HAULAGE.—Steam Tractor and A Wagon for Hire.-Rudd. Engineer, Bedd- gtuert. 3604c '-j FURKISHED HOUSES TO LET. TO LET, Furnished, for August and Septem- ber, a Country Residence, containing three Reception-rooms and nine Bedrooms, close to town, Post Office, and Golf Links; good Fishing in the neighbourhood; terms, B7 7s a week.- Apply, Messrs Blackwall, 'Hayes and Co., Llau. rwst. FURNITURE WANTED. ANTED, Modern or Antique Furniture! Homes purchased outright.—Haslam, Auo- tioneer, Rhyl. p MEDICAL. fTlHE MEDICAL HOME, COLWYN BAY.- JL FULLY TRAINED CERTIFICATED NURSES supplied, who live in the Home whan not at cases, and are under personal supervision. PatieiK3 received. Maeeage Nursing Applianoea on Hire. lei Lio. 24.-Ma.tron. TANDDERWEN, COLWYN. A PRIVATE HOME for Ladies and Gentle- men: Medical, Surgical, Nerve, Chronic, and Maternity Cases. Delicate Children taken whoso parents are abroad or otherwise.-Apply. MISS WILLIAMS. 21991p — ■■1—A3 Printed by the Proprietors of the "Welsh Coast Pioneer,' and Published by them at their Head (Jfficec,: -C-on way -road, Colwyn Bay, in the County of Denbigh; 1Q, High-street, Con- way; b6a, Mostyn-street, Llandudno; Clarendon Bul.'dings, Penmaenmawr; Roberts' Stationery Depot. Llanfatrfeohan; Pendyffryn House, Bettwsyooed, all in the County of Carnarvon; 14. High-street, Biaenau Festiniog, in the County of Merioneth; The Library, 7, Station* road, Llanrwst; Caxton House, Abergele; Portland-place, Denbigh, all in the County of Denbigh; High-street, Rhyl; Central Build* ings. High-etreet. Prestatyn, all in the County of F"t.-Thureds& August 20, 1808,