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FETE AT LLANRWST. A VARIED AND INTERESTING PROGRAMME. -< SATISFACTORY SURPLUS. A highly suooc-sful fete was heki on Thursday on the Carreg Ednyfed Field, kindly leiit for the oooaa on by Mr Jones, The Hand, in aid of the n C.M. Organ Fund. The weather was perfect, wi:)h the result tliat from 600 to 700 pcrau-ns. attended, aiiiofwst whom were Sir Her- bert and Lady Roberts, Coionol lligson, J.P., and Aini Pnddie. Tne icoyai Oakley Silver Band was in attend- ance. aiM rendered selections during the aiter- noun. THE OPENING CEREMONY. Colonel lligson, in cleclar'ng tlie foto open, alluded to the •im|X>rU,-ice of unity ainonget tne Pl-otest.ant Ohurohe3. Ho considered it 4ii) hon- our afbd a pleasure to be abie to assist Scion in any way, and had grcat pleasure in dee lair wig the fete ODen. Sir J. Herbert Roberts, M.P., in a few re- marks. pa..d a hifrh tribute to Colonel Higi-on, and expressed the pleasure it afforded Lady Ro- 'is berts and h.mioif to be present to assist. Mr W. Hugliee, J.P., tiie chairina.ii of the Urban Council, in moving a vote of thanks to Colonel HI goon. ireferred to his broadmindodnests and readiness to assist aiJ denominations alike. Mr D. J. Williams, of the Council School, sooondod the motion, whioh was carried wktsi acclamaton. The same gentleman a]<so p.oposod and seconded a vote of thanks to Sir Herbert a.nd Lady Ro- berts for the.ir attendance and support, which was also carried midst ap;allse. Several young g'iris then sang beautifully the 1 ttle song, "Won't you buy my kttle floweiv," acoo.npaniod by the ba.nd, and weire warmly ap- ulauded. The remain.ng part of tho programme then proceeded ai;wo. Mr W. Lloyd Roberts, tho hon. secretary, is to be congratulated on the success, financially and otherwise, of the fete. He loft .110 etono unturned to bring this about, and that £ 40 were cleared by the day's proceedings was <lac in a larere meanu're to his efforts. The ladies who assisted him also worked with enthusiasm, and deserve tho highest Ookrnel Hlgswn, J.P.. and Sir J. Herbert Roberts, Bart., M.P., both subscribed (substantially towards the funds. Thanks are also due to the Rev. J, Farr, Miss Leigh ton, Mr Ghis'holm, Major and Mrs Piriddle, Mr and Mrs W J'uame, Station Housa; Mrs Owen, Brynynyr; Mrs IVeroc, Dyffryn Aur; Mris Owen, 13ridge-street; Mr Evans, Gwydr Cottage; Miss Dayies, Gwydir House; an-d Mrs Hughes, Gwernfor, for eifts of flowers while the ladies foivniriff the committee contributed the refreshments. The officials were :-C.oater.ing: President, Mrs Thomas, Frondeg; hon. secretary, Mrs Owen, Groe-nwioh House, and Mrs Williamis, Gwynfa; treasurer, Mrs Rogers Jones. Flowers and fruits, etc.: President, Mrs Owen, Brynynyr; secretary, Mrs J. llug'hee. Sporto: Prendent, Mr J. Davies, Wern; treasurer, Mr Non.nan Rogers Jonos; hon. secretary, Mr J. R. Cham- beTa. General secretary of the fete: Mr W. Lloyd Roberta. Avondale. THE STALL-HOLDERS. The following were in charge of tho staus:- Refreshment stall: Mrs Tnomas, Fron Deg; Mrs Dyffryn Aur; Mrs Roberts, Fron; Mrs W. H. Wiiliams, Station House; Mrs T. R. Jciiie-is; Mrs Williams, Gwynta; Mrs DLostm Evann, Bryndedwydd; Mrs Williams, Preswyi- fa; Mrs liodgf.iii; Mrs Hughes, Cambrian Vaults; Mrs Hughes, Church street; Mrs Ro- berts, Eagle's Hotel; Mrs Roberts, Tanlan; Mrv> Owen, Greonwich House; Mrs Roberts, Georwe-st. Mrs Williams, Ty Gwyn; Mrs D. J. Wilfiams, School House; Mrs W. Hughes, Gwernfor; Mrs H. Hughes, Dolwar; Mrs Rogens Jones: Mrs E. Jones, Carrington-terrace; Mrs Jenkins, George«troet; Mrs Roberts, Station- road; Mrs Jonea, Hand; Mra Jonm, Acecia House; assisted by Mr Philips, Mr C. O. Jones, Denbie'h street; Mr T. R. Parry, do.; Messrs J. E. jona-, North and South Wales Bank; Ro- bert Williams, Gwydr House, and J. Davies, Wern Flower stall: Mrs Owen, Brynynyr; Mrs J. Hughes. Denbigh-street: Mrs Evar.s, George- street- Mrs Jenkins, Eirianfa; Mrvi Roberts, Cartrefle; Mrs (Dr.) Lloyd Williams; Mrs D. Jones, Watling-street, and Mrs Chambers, Min- afon Flower stall: Misse.9 Gwynet.h Robertis, Eagle's Hotel; Madge and Florie Jenkins; Menai Wil- liams, School House; Madge Chambers, Min. afon; Evans, George-street; Mona Wil- Jia<imv Regent House; K. Hughes, 6tation-road; Doris Roberts, Gartrcfle; Mary Hughes, Cam- brian Mary Owen, Greenwich House, and Haearie Jones. Hand. Shooting' gallery Messrs R. G. Owen and J. Williams, Gwynfa. Gate: Mr E. Jonea. Badges: Misses Let-a Jones, Gwladys Williams, Er. 'd TV.omos and Mrs Davies, Worn. T.cket sellers: Mosrs Walter Roberts and T. Thontaa. Field stewards: Messrs D. J. Williams, Sciiool Hou3e; E. Hughes, Union House; Evan Pughe. Tudor Williams, and John Hughes. CONCERT. An open-air ooncert under the charge of Mr Lloyd Roberts proved a great success. Mr D. D. Parry acted as accompanist. Solos were 'rendered by Mr Frod Roberts, Liverpool; Miss Jones, Ty Newydd, Lionfac-log, Anglesey; Miss Lou.sa Roberts, Holynead, and Mr VVaikrn WU- lia.ms. Carnarvon; mandoline, Mr Baulos, Port- d norwre; quartette. "The Nantlle Glee Party," inciudiner Mr J. Jones. Mr J. Waiter Wiiliams, and Miss Williams, Tajys-irn, and M: Roberts, Stanley-crescent, Holyhead. Tho following ladies and gentlemen had also promised to oon. tribute to the programme if the weather con- ditions were unfavourable to the fete being held outride: Miss Myfanwv Jones, Carnarvon í Miss Jennie Roberts, llolyh iad: Miss Wdlianib, Portdinorw:c; Mia. Lewis, Bootlc, and Captain Jones. Amlwch. SPORTS. The snorts were under the supervis'on of Messrs O. Isgoed Jones. J.P., LI. Humphreys, J. Jenkins, Denn/s Robots Jones, and J. R. Chambers. a.1Hl created considerable amuse- ment. the pillow fights especially being keenly enioved. The results were as follows :-Hlgh jump (boys): 1, Dyfed Roberts. High jump (open): v 1. Norman Rogers Aonw. 100 yards race for boys: 1, Frank LJoyd. Egg and spoon race for ladies: 1, Miss Lcta Rogers Janes. Manx raoo for .K>VS 1, Owen Parry and D. Pritchard. r Manx race (open): 1. Arthur Richard* and A. Jones. l'dlow figtht: 1, A. Richards. Beji and willow: 1. Dvfed Roberts. Manx race for giris: 1, Nora and Nanoy Jotnets,

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