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EMPIRE BAZAAR AT I CONWAY. A BRILLIANT FUNCTION. THE OPENING CEREMONY. With the object of raising funds to be de- voted towards the renovation of the Parish Church and St. Agnes' Church, and for other churoh purposes at Conway, a strong commit- tee have been at work for some months past arranging a ba.zaa.r of a unique character. A thousand and one useful and ornamental ar- ticles had been collected, and these articles were offered for sale at the grand Empire Bazaar, which A-as opened at the Conway Castle on Wednesday afternoon, under most favourable circumstances. The preliminary arrangements for the event had been carried out in a most satisfactory manner by an in- fluential committee, with the Vicar (Rev. J. W. Roberts, M.A.) aa chairman, Mr Owen Row- land, J.P., treasurer, and the Rev. J. Davies secretary, together with Councillor James Por- ter as chairman of the Entertainments Com- mittee. For the occasion the Banqueting Hall of tho ancient Castle had been gaily decorated with an elaborate display of bunting, etc. Within the historical ruins were fifteen stalls, each re- presenting a country within the British Em- pire. THE BRITISH DOMINION. First came Australia, or the Bodloncleb Stall, with a splendid selection of baskets, toys, and pincushions. Artistic and genera! goods were displayed on the English stall, whilst Ireland had for sale a large selection of glass and china. CaN Colony looked very tempting with a choice selection of fruit and flowers. Canada catered for the inner man with appetising re- freshments.- An assortment of household linen, etc., was Scotland's contribution, and New Zealand tempted the ladies and youngsters with sweets and chocolates. Jersey sustained her re- putation with a fine stock ot produoe direct I from the farm. West Indies again pleased the ladies with an assortment of fancy goods, whilst British Burmah went in solely for dolls. Cey- Ion was as usual to the front with her pounds of tea, whilst Jamaica with her tobacco and smoking requisites was the cynosure of admirers of my Lady Nicotine. British Columbia was represented by members of the St. Agnes' Guild, and last, but not least, came Wales with a large assortment of miscellaneous articles. THE STALLHOLDERS. Tho following were the stallhol-d-ex-,g: Australia (baskets, toys, and pincushions). Mr3 Wood, Mrs A. S. Wood, Mrs Sola. England.—Miss Dutton, Mrs Thomas, Bod- reinallt. India.Mrs Roberts, Mrs Simpson, Miss Sarjant, the Misses Lewis, Castle-street; Mrs Walter Wood, Mrs Conway-Jones. Ireland.—Mrs Porter, Mrs Sever. Cape Colony.—Mrs J. G. Tuxford, Mrs Webster, Miss Little. Canada.-Mrs W. A. Tuxford, Mrs Mever, Mrs Hunter. Scotland.—Mrs Humphrey Lewis, Mrs Cross, Miss Gwen Lewis. New Zealand.— Mrs Benson, Miss Dorothy Benson. Jersey.—Mrs Johnson, the Misses Johnson, Miss Cawthorne. West Indies.—The Misses Roberts, Frondeg. British Burmah.-The Misses Grindrod. Ceylon-Miss Roberts, Temperance. British Columbia.—Mrs Davies, Eryri; Mrs J. R. Williams, Ilafan; Mrs Kaye, Gjrne- wydd; Miss Lloyd, Oakdene. Wales.—Mrs Humphrey Hughes, Miss Ro- berts, Church-street; Mrs J. P. Hughes, Green wich House; Mrs J. Herbert Jones, Castle-st.; Mrs W. J. Jones, Upper gate-street; Mrs Prich- ard, Mrs Parry, Victoria House; Miss Alice Ann Williams, Tygwyn; Miss L. J. Hughes, Church-street; Miss C. Williams, Llewelyn-st.; Miss Jenny Jones, Tygwvn. Jamaica.—Mrs M. Wajker, Lancaster-square. The fine band of the 7th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers under the conductorship of Bai d'innster W. D. P'lillips, was in attendance througnout the afterjicon, and gave selections of music -which weie l;:gh!y appreciated by all pre- sent.. OPENING CEREMONY. After a selection by the band. the Vicar ad- dressed the gathering, and stated th&t Mrs At sheton Smith who had been announced to open the bazaar, was unable to. bo prese.nt that iifternoun, so he was boing to call upon Dr. Prichard, a.* Mayor of tho borough, to declare the bazaar open. The object of the bazaar was to ra-isc funds to renovate their Cear old Parish Church in Conwav. to nake St. Ag.nes' Church what it should be, and to help the Finance Com- mitter out of debt (heat-, hear). The Finance Committee, unfortunately, had a balance on the wrong side at the end of their financial year, but he trjRtid that the bazaar would be the means cf wiping ihat debt off (applause). The Mayor of Conway, who were his chain of oifice. said he greatly regretted the absence of Mrs Aseheton-Smith. There was no more gener- ous lady in the country. fhe was known far and wide for her benevolence and generosity (hear, hear) As Mayor of the anc.ent borough, he thought it was his duty to come and fill up the gap. He hoped that the absenoe of Mrs Asshe- ton-Smith would not lessen the energy of the buyers—he knew it would not affect the energy of the sellers (applause). It had been his privi- lege to be present in those grounds as Mayor of the borough at several similar functions for the old Church of Conway. Llandudno would be nov-he«.-e if irli visitors could not come and see Conwav Church (laughter and applause). It was their duty, not only for themselves, but for the pake of the visitors, to see tha-t beautiful old fabric kept in prope- repair. Another import- ant improvement, which had not been mentioned by tiie V e<ir. but which was much needed, was [ the restoration of the c'rgan. They had a beau- liful servici-j in -iie Church, but it could not be comnlcte without better music (hear, hear). In conclusion the Mayor c-spreesed a hope that the Emniro bazaar would i ot be the first failure, as all the others had boon a great success. "May your purses," said Dr. Prichard, "flow freely into t.b." coffers of the Church" (applause). Councillor Porter, in proposing a vote of thanks to he Mayor, eaid that Dr. Prichard in h's f-rivate capacity was always patching and mending th,> members of the congregation, and in his capacity is constable of that castle he could have done .nothing better than filling the gap, as he had done so well ihat afternoon (ap- plause). Continuing, Mr Porter said that he 'had been rtpeaking 10 some of hr, Nonconformist friends the town, and he could say that they felt that the Parish Church of Conway was the prid-j of every person in the borough (applause). Mr Owen Rowland seconded, and endorsed all that Mr Porter ha I said. He also appealed to dl present to support the bazaar (applause). The vote of thanks was carried with acclama- tion. after which the band played the National Anthem, and the opening ceremony thus con- cluded. THE ENTERTAINMENTS. At the conclusion of the opening ceremony At the conclusion of the opening ceremony some pupils of the Cojiway Girls' School gave an i.ntere&tiinir dramatic entertainment, including a cerformanoo of "Tho Depositions of Richard II." Fhe performance reflected much credit G,XJD the girls and their tutorc, Miss Jones and Mies Thomas. An enjoyable musical p.ogramme, arranged bv Councillor A. G. Rogers and Mr H. Bridge Roberts (organist of Conway Churoh), was gtrne throu -b. in which the following took pa.rt:- M'issies Dorothy Cottrell. Edith Rogers, Alice A. Williams, Lizzie J Hughes, Jennie Jones, Edith Benson, Messrs W. Mackinlay Davies and J. R. Hugh^«.



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