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COLWYN BAY- IIDE TABLE. Date. Morn. hven. 18 Thursday 1 19 { 19 Friday 2 12 2 4^ 20 Saturday 3 9 •] 21 Sunday 10 4 44 22 Monday — ° 23 „ i 23 Tuesday £ 24 Wednesday ¡ 36 S 2 PREACHERS FOR NEXT SUNDAY. St. Taul's Churcn Services at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p m. Mission Church, Coed Telia R-oa-d 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Kiignsh Congregational: Rev. Thomas Lloyd, paste.r. Salem (Welsh ÜùngregationaJ): Rev. Henry R Wil- liams, paster. St. John's Wesleyan: Morning, Rev. VV. broukes, evening, Rev. Hy. Etdcrlnn. Kant-y-Glyu Road Wesleyan: Morning, Rev. F..t latt, M.A. evening, Rev. F. Platt, M.A. Tabernacle (Welsh Ba-ptist): Rev. Peter Jones, pastor. English Baptist: Rev. H. T. Cousins, Pli.D., pastor. Engedi, C.M. Rev. W. Matthews, Llanfairfeehan. Bethlehem C.M. Rev. W. U. Jones, RliiViAs. Herinon C.M. Rev. Jones Davies, Tregarth. Seion C.M. Rev. W. Williams, Talybont. Khiw Road C M. Rev. M. E. Morris, Mmfforad. Horeb (Welsh Wesleyan): Services morning and evening. rresbvterian Rev. John Edwards. Sociolv of Friends (Erskine Road): Meeting at 11 70?«»«cl,l M Grconficld Road: Services 11 a.m. and 6.:0 p.m. African Institute Services held in the Institute Lecture Hall at 11 a.m. and 3 and < p.m.. the addresses being given by the African etuuems and friends. NEW HAIRDRESSING, shaving and eViam- pooing saloon now open at Mr Neednam a Ci<yar Store, Conway-road.—Advt. (18401J- SUITABLE PRESENTS-—VICTOR ALBERT, y: .hmaker, Jewelkr, and Optician, Con- way Road, Cohvyn ay, has a large oesort- mcnt of articles rpecially suitable for I all kinds of presents in jewellery, silver- plate, watches, clocks, etc., all at very moderate prices. Specialities:—Engagement rings from 10^ to 40s; beautifully enamelled souvemr spoons, 4s 6d; reliable watches, from 5s.—Advt. NAXTYGLYN MEN S MEETING.—-Mr A. E. Jones spoke on Sunday, ins subject uei.ifc, "The duties of citizenship." T EXCURSION.—The Vicar of St, 1 et-er s, Lea- mington, is arramring for an excursion to Colwyn mington, is arramring for an excursion to Colwyn Bay, on the 25th inst. He is bringing down about 200 of his congregation, and has purchased official guides from the T.A.A. for each of them. ENTERTAINERS. It is unfortunate that Churchill's entertainers at the Pierhead have met with an unsatisfactory amount of support. The troupe's programme contains several very clever turns, and those who have attended the concerts haw been well entertained. MAGISTRATES' CLERK. At Mondays special Police Court, Mr J. Osboni son ot Mr T. G- Osbom, M.A., J.P., Rydal Mount, acted in the capacity cf magistrates clerk, m the absence of Mr James Amphlett. I his was his first expedience of the office since joining I the firm of Aies<srs Porter, Amphlett and Co. COUNCIL CHAMBERS.—The CjUIICil Cham- bers are at present receiving the attention oi I a band of painters and decor a tors, the contract being in tHe hands of Mr W. llo<igkins, Lk\ eivit-i-,o.d. "G" COMPANY, 5th R. ,Y. Ureters 101 week ending June 27th, 1908. Monday, June 22nd, N.C.O. training, 8.15 p.m.; Tuesday, June 23rd, company parade, 8.15 p.m.; Friday, June 26th, recruits' training, 8.15 p.m.; Saturday, June 27th, class firing, 2 p.m. Duties Lee.-Sergt. T. Barden, L e G. S. B. Rush, and Bugier W. E. Conway.—By order, T. 11. Morgan, cap- tain. REYNOLDS' SERENADERS— Mr.Reynoms and his troupe of Serena-dors have quiek.y won their old place in the opinions of visitors and residents alike. At their performances twioo daily on the promenade and at the Princes Drive enclosure largo crowds of mter.esl spec- tators gather. Mark Stuart maintains h 6 past reputation, whilst Harry Raymond has practically "danced" himself into- the good graces of every- one. Tiie rest of i-lie troupe combine to present a most pleasing entertainment. CATLIN'S PIERROTS—This troupe is con- tinuing its success of last season, and draws !arg-e crowds to. every performance, ospeeially to the evening ".show" in the Prince's Drive enclosure. All the "lxws" a.re working with a. LLly led by that great favourite Sid. Frerc,. is as hitherto unelc-ubtedly tho "star"' of the troupe. Second in demand comes Bob Badecow, a ventriloquist, who is very ablv^ filling the va- cancy caused by the absence of C- R. Lewis. C. Leo lia? developed int-o, a. remarkably ellccayo raconteur. No member of the party has made eueh strides since last summer. COTTAGE HOSPITAL.—The following gifts have been received:—Mr Raynes, eggs and rab- bits Mrs Martin Smith, eggs; Mrs Becket, fruit; Mrs Bates, fruit; Miss Minnie Davies, Ferudale, eggs and old linen; Mrs Loyd, Tan-y-Coed, bas- ket of flowers; per Miss Winnie Pryce Jones, flowers from St. John's Church; Mrs Bourne, flowers; Mrs Eden, Mrs Halliwell, Miss May- Griffiths, and Mrs Becket, illustrated papers, magazines, etc. Monday, June 22nd (Jubilee Day) has been set aside as "Pound Day," when gifts in money or kind will be gratefully accept- ed. Donors are cordially invited to visit the hos- pital on this day, but if it is not convenient to do so, most of the tradespeople will have pleasure in forwarding any articles purchased from them. Contributions may also be sent to the Hon. Secre- tary, Dingiewood, or to Mr F. J. Holmes, Bank Chambers, Cohvyn Bay; Miss Feather, dolls and tovs. A CHARGE OF DRUNKENNESS. At Saturday's Police Court, a charge of being drunk whilst in charge of a horse and landau, was pre- ferred against Sidney Fearnell. Defendant did not appear. Sergeant Jones Rees stated that on Saturday, the 6th inst., he saw defendant in charge of a landau, in Station-road. He asked him to come down from the box, but he re- fused, and had to be dragged down. He was locked up, but released later in the evening. Four previous convictions were proved against the defendant. The magistrates thought that as the charge was a serious one, the defendant- should be in attendance. Sergeant Rees inti- mated that defendant had been in court for about, two hours, but had left. A warrant was issued for his attendance. BOY SCOtJTS.—The troop of Boy Scouts, re- cently formed here, in accordance with Lieu- tenant-General Baden-Powell's scheme, consists of live patrols, including one formed at Old Col- wyn. Various appointments have been made, and the titles of patrols have been chosen: The patrols are formed as follows :N,-O. 1: J. Hulme (leader), E. Wild (corporal), W. Hibbins, H. Hibbins. R. Lloyd Davies, and R. Blain. No. 2: R. T. Chap- lin (leader), J. Mills (corporal), F. Kilbourne, Geo. Meek, and Geo. Pritchard. No. 3: C. Skel- sey (leader), A. Hulme (corporal), J. E. Hoskins, R. Meek, A. O. Robert,, and G. Davies. No. 4: N. Tucker (leader), D. Davies (corporal), E. Rowlands, J. Kirkpatrick, J. 1. Smith, L. Mor- gan, and K. Adamson. Colwyn: F. T. Barker (leader), C. Williams, R. Booth, R. M. Lyne. W. G. IV Iliarns, and two others. W. Hibbins is aide-de-camp, and S. Johnson (Y.M.C.A.), scout- master. WEDDING.—Yesterday morning the marriage took place at tlie Engedi C.M. Chapel, of Mr Morris Wyn, tho eldest son of the late Mr Ed- ward Lloyd, Morvan, chemist, and Catherine (Cissie). the only surviving daughter of the late Wm. Morri. and Mrs Morris, St. Enoch's. The chapel had been tastefully decorated for the oc- casion, the plants being kindly sent by Mr T. J. Williams, Coed Derw. Mr E. Gwilym Llovd, brother of the bridegroom, acted as best man, whilst Miss Perry Hollinwood, L'.anduJno Junc- tion, was the bridesmaid- The bride was given away by Mr Edward Williams, Gwynilys, MDS- tyn-road. The Revs. R. Roberts (pastor) and W. Thomas, Llanrwst- (uncle of the bridegroom) officiated- After the ceremony, a reception was heM at the bride's home. The happy couple left by the 2.55 train for the South of England, where the honeymoon is to be spent. The pre- sents were numerous and valuable. LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD INQUIRY. —Mr M, K. North, M.J1;6tT.E., conducted an inquiry on' behalf of the Lccal Government Board at the Council Chambers on Tuesday morning respecting the application of the Coun- cil for sanction to borrow E500 for works of water supply. The following members of the Council were present: Messrs Geo. Bevan, John Williams, H. Hughes, Wm. Davias, Wm. HoT- t-on, and E. H. Davies, with Mr J. Amphlett (clerk), Mr J. H, Roberts (-.t'epufy eleik), and Mr Wm. Jones (engineer). The clerk stated that tho population of the district at t.he last census was 8689, but tho present estimated population was 13,000. and the rateable value £ 75,739. The Joans under the Sanitary Act amounted to £ 97,163, and under private Acts £ 187.383, mak- ing a tot-al of B284,551. A penny rate produced £ 300. The L500 in question was requited to meet certain expenditure on water IUJins dur- ing the next, two or three years. He explained that if water mains were laid in new ro.ads b3- fore there was a full demand, they asked' the owners to meet 7 per oent. of the outlay umil the main was running its full capacity. All the work was within the district, and tho water supply was sufficient to serve tIe proposed maiu £ Cohvyn Ba.y was a constituent authority of the Conwav and Colwyn Bay Water Board. Mr Wm. Jonos. the engineer, said they had been compelled within the last two months to spend £ 124 3s in view of this loan, and that the Coun- cil owned no workable roeervoir. There was no oiiposition to the scheme. On the moron ot Mr Geo. Bevan, seconded by Mr John Williams, a vote of thanks was accorded the inspector. BOWLING.—A match siiould have been play- ed on the Conservative Club green on Saturday against a team representing the Rhyl Bowling Club, but owing to the inclement weather, the match was abandoned. Another date lies not yet been decided upon. BOWLING. — On Saturday the Conservative Club bowling team are to meet Llandudno Dowi- ing Club at Llandudno. This is the first en- counter between these teams, and the match is looked forward to with interest- The Colwyn Bay team has been chosen as fol]ow :-lessrs W. Catlow (capt.), II. Heap, W. llodgkins, S. Mood, T. Conchar, H Kimkin. W. Buckley, G. Brooks, W. Brewster, W. Haitlev W. Vickers, and H. J. Fleet LOCAL M IIJL.—Es-raie of the gross amount of £ 7414 14s 10d, including net personalty ot £ 7373 Is lOd, has been left by the late Miss Elizabeth Lees, of Olanydon. Cohvyn Bay, for- merly of "Temple Bank," 5, SmedJey Lane, Manchester, who died oil, May llt-h- Pre of the will with a codicil has been granted to her brother, Mr David Bridge Lees, M.D.. of 33, Weymouth-sfreer, Porilajul Place, London. W., and her sister, Miss Sarah Leo. of 17, Wood'- la-nds-street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, the executoip. BROTHERHOOD. Mr J. Crcmptcn pre- sided at Sunday afternoon's meeting of the Brotherhood- The speaker was the Rev. T. Lloyd, who gave an inspiring address on the "Building of Character," which was much ap- preciated by the members present. Mr W. Jones sang Lead, kindly Light," and "Tell Mot-her 1*11 be there," the congregation joining in the refrain. Messrs Taylor. Crompton, Newell, Davies, and Humphreys arc the dele- gates appointee.' to attend the inaugural meeting of toe Chester and North ales Brotherhood Fede.ra.no-,) next Saturday at Prestatyn. OBI ft ARV.—The death occurred oil Thurs- day morning of John Wm. Roberts, Dinglo House, Abergele-ro-ad, at the early age of 27- Deeeased had been ailing for about seven month?. lie was a member-of Engedi C.M. Chapel, and took great interest in religious work. He was also a meml>er of the Ilearts of Oak Society. The funeral took place at Old Cohvyn On Monday, the Rev- T. M. Jones offi- ciating. There were a large number of sorrow- ing relations and friends present. Wreaths were sent by the Bethlehem Literary Society an( tlio Hearts of Oak. VISIT OF WOMEN LIBERALS—Yesterday a largo number of the. members of the HooJe anu' Newton (Chester) Women's Liberal Asso- ciation visited the town on their annual ouiing. The company was in charge of Mrs Tasker, clia Irwolylall Mrs Lawson, treasurer; Mrs Wor- ra-11, a member of the committee; and Mrs Wil- lianlf;, secretary. Unfortunately the weather was of the most wretched -rairi fall- ing during the whole of the day, and the mem- bers of the company having- to remain indoors. Tlie one redeeming feature was an excellent tea prepared at (.'a-rtmeH's Restaurant, to which everyone did full justice. During tea the fol- lowing telegram was reau from Mr Alfred Mond, M.P. for Chester: "Heartiest greetings and br"t wishes to our dear friends, from Violet and Alfred Moud." Mrs T. M. Jones, president of the local branch. Pave an eloquent address, in which she extended a warm "welcome to the visitors, on behalf of her branch- Mrs Sugtlen, secretary, also added a few words of welcome. A, hearty vote of thanks war, tendered Mrs T. M. Jones, on the motion of Mrs Tasker, secoati!- ed by Mrs Williams. TIIE PIER CONCERTS. These entertainments attract large gatherings each evening now, and on Saturday evening the big Pavilion was comfortably filled in all parts. The soloist was Mr David Evans, whose "dis- covery" (so far as North ales is concerned) is due to Mr Pryee-Davis, the Pavilion directorate's secretary. When Mr Evans made his first ap- pearance at Cohvyn Bay, about a niont^h ago, it was regarded by the promoters as "a risky ex- periment," but never was an experiment more successful. The South Wales baritone made a triumphant debut, and more than maintained that guecess throughout the week. That the directorate were satisfied with his work is ob- vious from the fact that he has been re-engaged within so short a time, and that for one of the most important periods of the concert season. Mr Evans has scored heavily this week again, On Saturday evening lie sang Squire's "Jerry, Joe, or John," and "The Prologue" (Pagliacci), and was enthusiastically encored on each appear- ance. If anything, his rendering of Leoncavallo's immortal song was better on this occasion than a month ago. It was indeed a masterly perform- ance. Mr Griffith Humphreys was again the entertainer, and, as was the case throughout his week's visit, he gave unqualified satisfaction, his numbers being refined and genuinely humorous, as usual. A commendable feature of the instru- mental selections was a trombone solo, "The Vil- lage Blacksmith," by Mr Joseph Lindsey. Never- theless, Mr Lindsey can give a better account of himself on the euphonium. The "Raymond" and "Ruy Bias" overtures, with the "Dance Caresse" and "Dance Americ-aine," and "Aubade" and "Reve du Bal" as eouplcts-SelJenick's pizzi- cati 'roused the customary hearty elleer-ivere amongst, the most popular orchestral pieces. Miss May Currie (contralto) will be the vocalist I and Mr Howard James, the entertainer, on Satur- day evening. Miss Currie will also appear each night next week. -9150 DAMAGE AT A FIRE. An outbreak of fire, which was happily dis- covered1 before it had secured a good h-Id upon the premises. occurred at Ghbertville, one of the largest and fashionable boarding houses on the West Promenade, on Friday. It appears that a stove, which had been ajight for ironing pur- poses in the laundry, was aiiswed to go out dur- ing the afternoon. At about 6.15 a iiialct, was sent down to relight it, Al J. Jordan being also in the room until 6.30. At that time there was nothing wrong. After this everyone was busy with dinner, but about 7.30 Miss C. Jordan detected the smell of fire, and Stsked her sister to go to. the laundry, but when tho latter got to the head of the stairs leading down to the J'(X)!m, she was driven back by the smoke. Hav- ing located the outbreak she rang up the fire bngad. Miss C. Jordan in the meantime went round to the back door of the laundry, and opened it, and So voluminous wero the flames that though she was standing well away, her hair and eyebrows were badly scorched. Visi- tors who were staying in the house, and also those from Rothesay and! Balmoral, and others, quickly arrived on tho scene, and with the aid of garden IKSOS fought the flanver- with such good effect that by tbo tyne the brigiLle ar- rived they were under control. The firemen speedily exfinguithed the outbreak. Members of the brigade were left on duty all night, whilst Mr Owen Jones, an old' member of the Rhyl Brigade, also remained, but with the exception of a slight outbreak frotm a. smouldering team about two hours later, nothing iurther < eeurred. It is surmised that the fire broke out in eoo- sequence of tihe snapping of a rope aitiched to a patent clothes airer. The lines bore a num- ber of light and starched articles, which pre- sumably biow on to the fire, quickly got alight, and started the conflagration. The general ap- ] >ear a nee of the room when an inspection was made, showed tJiaf, the ouibeak would have been extremely serious if it had been left for a little longer. All the woodwork had been badly burnt, and a largo number of windows broken. Lamps and several baskets of clothes which were laying on tho floor, preparatory to being taken up,-stairs, were entirely burnt. The premises are divided info two wings, but the fire took place in while the dinner was served1 in another; honco the delay in discovering the outbreak. It is estimated that tho damage, which is covered by insurance, will amount to jei50.

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