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HOLYWELL COUNTY SCHOOL ANNUAL PRIZE DISTRIBUTION. The aranual prize distribution in connectioa with, tihe Holy weill County School took place on Friday mght at tho Aaaemibily-hall, which w-oa crowded. Mr P. H. Roberts (vice-cliairman of the court of governom) presided and delivered a brief opening address- The headmaster (Mr J. M. Edwards, M.A.) then read has annual renort, in which he re- ferred to the great loss they had sustained by 6 the death 07 Mr J. L. Muapratt chairman of tlhie court ctf goverrYD-i-s. Durin,g the year the soliool had been enlarged by the addition of two large classrooms, a manual i-nst-ructian-roortii1 and a cookery-room, and the whole neighbour- hood was to be complimented upon the acoom- modation now afforded- Tho school year started with 153 pupils- He impressed upon parents the necessity of letting their children begin their secondary education not Later than t'he age of 12. The headmaster added—"I firmly believe that the time is at hand when the Central Welph Board eJbould revise C-.rir schedule off work. Umdler the present conditions there 13 a damgor of overworking the pupi-lis of our Welsh county schools- Owing to preesune of examina- tions children have no opportunity of develop- ing in other direotionsi-" An add was them delivered by Pro'eaaar Lewis Janes, Bengor. After congratulating the sdhoal upon the exceedingly creditable charac- ter of the report of the year's work, he said that at a similar function which he had attended the previous iiiight at Criodeth -org of tihe speakers complained there -,N-as a great deal too much talk about odkimtim in Wales at the preeontni-omsit. That complaint was, ho thought, a juistifiablp one- What was wrong with tiheir system was the congestion caused by a multiplicity of eo- called organising and administrative bodiep. Neither the teachers nor the children got", under existing conditions, fair nJav Thev ought to give the-teachers more freedom of ini- tiative and a marie elastic curriculum, so that they could really educate and not cram their pupils. He was quite sure it was false economy to penalise the teachers in any way, either by underpaying them or giving them a too exten- sive curriculum to cover- Let them trust tihe teachers a little more, and cease to harass tliem by a multitude of irritatinig regulations and1 by indmcrnmnato advice- Professor Jones then re- ferrwd to the njeoessnty of guod mading. ,The prizes were then distributed by Mxs Johnson Jones, after which the plypils perfarm- ed scenes from "Macbeth-"


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