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,L. «"A. PUBLIC WHIST DRIVE AT RHYL. IN AID OF THE T.A.A. On Thursday, a wihcA drive was held1 at the Town HaLL Rhyl, in aid of the funds of the Town Advertising- Association. It was the most successfuil ever held in Rhyl, and the credit for this is duo to the untiring efforts of Mr R. Sykes, who, on this occasion, was assisted by Mr P. J. Aahfic-ld Mr A. A. Good'all, Mr A. Prit- chard, and Mr J. D. PoLkinghorne- The hall had bean effectively decorated by Measxs Fred Roberts and Co-, and the miudio for the dance, whidh followed tihe drive, was supplied by an orchestra, of which Air Collins was leadier. and Mias Mabel Hughes the accompanist, Mr C. De Quinoey kindiy lena'ing uie muaiflt The oiece&sary turiiiluire and otaer articles had been lent by Mxo Walton. the Paiiace Company. Mrs Thomas (Imperial Hotel). Mh» Mitchell. Mr Cooper, Mr Philip Tnomas, Mr Yv aiiia (W ymn- stay Hotel). Mr 11'. p. Arthur (George Hotel). Mr Gone (Bee Hotel), Mr Rogers (Mona Hotel). Misu Mathews (Gostignae). and Mistj Williams a (Oakieigh), Mrs W. E. Jones, assisted by M.ra Sykc*s, paw to the whc-lo of tine catering, wnd in alio seryin.g they were assisted by the following: Miss Edige. Mr (Jooper, Mr Sherman Jones, Mrs Wdliis, and Mesarja W. Guininer. C. Hubbard. J- P- Jones B. Jones, H- K. Osborne, W. H. Wilders, W. A. James. W. Simcock, F. Beedi, and E. E. Vaughan, who acted as stewards- Valuable prizes wore offered fora Limeriok competition, and a noteworthy feature were the prizes offe-rod in the whist d'rive for highest score in fhst and second halif. In addition to the nxizes for the grand taltal there were prizes for a drive duxinig the dance for the riion- dancers.- Prizes were presented by the fallowing —Mr A- Thhyodcwffi Jones, Mr R. Sykes, Mr H. Sandoe, Mr W. R. HuES, Mrs Ashfield, Mr A. Cheetham. Mr P- J- AshlieJd, Mr Huglhie Hughes, Mr Kerfcot Hughes, the Bon Marche; Measire Smith Bows, (per Mr R. Sykes), Mr J. P. Jones (Wellington-road), Mr Allen Jones, Messrs Paiethorpe's Ltd! Messrs McLardy and Co. (per Messrs Tayak and Co), Mr Hober Howard, of the Princebra Cigar Co.. Measra Valentine and Co- (per Messrs Tayak), Mr E- K- Cteborme, Mrs Imgham» Mr W. Gunner, Mrs Wedgwood. Mrs Sykes and a friend. Messrs J. H. Ellis and H. ii- Tilby were tihe judges for tlho Limericks, and Mr J. H. Ellis, in announcirng the [results of the competition, said it was a source of congratulation to all oanoeirned that there was such a magnificent gathering. Mr Sykes and those w.ho were affió- ciated with him were deserving of all praise for orga.nising sudh. a furet-on. Not onJy was there pleasure (and dt was surprising how the whist drives had taken hold of the popular fancy), but those who patronised them wore. doing good to themeraives as well as to ttib town, as tine pro- coeds were to be devoted to the Advertising Association- They ogulid rot do better than oombine business with pleasure, and while enjoy- ing themselves they helped to make Rhyl bet- ter known (hear, hear)- He hoped that the number of people living in England who did not know the advantages of Rhyl would1 yearly become smaller- The more the town was ad- vertised the betteir it would be known, and the more prosperous would it become. Mr Sykes had worked exceedingly hard. and was desorv- ing of all oredit- He hoped that the whist drive was the forerunner of many similar func- tiorp, for it was a pleasure to see so many enjoying themselves in such an innocent way (hear, ihear). That they wanted to acVertiao Rhyl was well-known to residents. He had often fhad letters addressed to him as "Mr J. H. Ellis, Ryde," but they always came to him, which proved tha.t the Pest Offioe knew all about him and Rhyl (laughter)- The Lime-rick competition luad been a good one. and tiho prizes were awarded by the numbers cm the tickets as fouiow;:—1. Mr S. Jones; 2. Mrs J. p. Jones; 3, Mrs Polkinghorne; 4, Mr W. E. Jomefl; 5. Mr A. Jonie^; 6. Mr C. Hubbard; 7, Mrs Ditahfield1; 8, Mr W. Jones. Mr H. A. Tilby announced the results of the wihist drive, and in doing so he said he hardly knew wihat to say. as the mere mention of the name of Mr Sykes made ali other remarks inr audibilo for a tirrae on account of the applause That he JAIX Sykefs) had worked hard wentt witihout saying, as the success of that gathering was all that could be desired- He hoped lbhat that assembly would! induce them to take a great interest in the Advertising Asso- ciation, and that when those present could say a good word for jt, or do something to Iurthcr its objects, they would do (so. In Rhyl they had done their beat to raise funds. but much more could be done, and ea- pecially when they xmlisdd that at Llandudno something like £ 600 per annum was raised, and at Colwyn Bay the sum was £ 400- He congratulated Mr Sykes and tlhose who had The prizes were then awarded ap fcLIK)WO: Ladies': 1, Miss Vaughan oones, 188; 2, Madame Dore, 180; 3, Mm Wallas, 177; 4, Mra W. E. Jones; 5. Miss Befse Topliss. 175; and, the bcoby, Miss R. Wainwrigiht, 132. Gentle- man: 1, Mr E. C. S-heringdan, 176; 2, Mir R. WilLi-ama, 175; 3. Mr R. B. Slinn, 173; 4, Mr Lliew- B- Evans, 172; 5 and 6, Mr W. WilEs amd Mr W. Jones, 171. Mr A. G. Brooks should have taken the first with 186, and Mr GoUtetraw the aooond with 174. but they both withdrew their claims- Mr Williams took the booby with 132. In the prize for the first and second roundu 'highest scores the ladies were Mra W. E. Janes with 97. and Mifis Vaugihan Jones and Miss E. Williams with 97. Gentle- men, Mr A. C. Brookes and Mr Fred Gold- etnaw. 94. In the short whist drive during the dancing the winners were:—Gentlemen 1. Mr R Oldham. 142; Mr Fazakerley auid Mr S. Jonep tying for second' with 140. -Ladies': 1, Mits D- Tudor. 152; 2, Mriss ¿L. Beaumont. 144. Mr AdhfieLd prop<W^ a vote of thanks to Mr Sykes for orgarwiihg the whist drive, and ccsi- g.ratuJated Aun on tihe success. *5ykes iretuainied thanks, and al^o proposed 1.1 vote of thanks to Mr Tilby and Mr Ellis for their services- Mr Sarson P-P-oood thanks to the donoim of the prizes, wfcjle Mr J. D. Polkinghorne moved a vote of thanks to the ladies who had assisted in the refreshment dbpartment, specially men- the service of iwirs Williams (Oaldeigh), Mire W- E. Jones, amd Mrs Sykea- The proceedings closed with a hearty vote of toanka to band.



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