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CATTLE. LIVERPOOL, Monday.—The supply of cattle was piaoiicaiiy the same as last week. Demand good and prices better for ai. ct««riiptkrti £ &i<_e|> supply aeo unaltered. Trade of a firmer tone for aJl c.asseis. Finished medium weights about £ te dea.rer. Strong and rougn sorts a..G m tel- iei-s' favour. PnoeisBeef, 6id to 4!d per lb.; mutton, 9d to 6d per lb. At markell., ;-1354 cat- tie and 5472 &heep. WREXHAM, Monday.—There was a fairuy good supply of frock at to-day's market, and trade was pretty bri-k. Baef mode from 5bd to 6d per lb.; mutton, 63d to 7iu p_r .ib.; veal, 7u. to 8d per ib.; and pigs, of which there wer-e a itarge number, from bs 9d to lCte per score lbs. Dairy cows went un to i21 each. SALFORD, Tuesday.—Meters Septimus Lam- bert a.nd Sen, in their weekly report of Man- chester cattle market, tstate:—There was a de- crease of both caittio and sheep. Trade for cat- tle was better, for ail oacsel-, ait a slight ad- varjce. with a fiirm finish. The demand for beeit eos-'ts of sheep was more brisk, at an advance of Its to 2s per head. Smalf. owes were aieo easier eo d, at the advance, but email lamtfi cold very slowiy, at -'ate ratee.. The market cCcfcd fiNn, Wdl a. complete clearance. Reef, top, 6i<'1; good cattle, 6d; middling cattle and good young cewa, 5id rough cattle, 5u wmail young uheop, 9id heavier, 8!cl to 8Jd; Cheviot O.Vt:I" 6id to 7d; 4 caJvea. 5d to 7d. Numlwre:—Ck-tt'e, 2273, de- crease 35; sheep. 6580, decrease 539; and calves, 117. BIRMINGHAM, Tuesday.—Short eupp y of be&citg sheep, and bLoiiefr, inactive. Prices-: —Best IIcreÍNds, 6 per ib.; shorthorn-, 6d to 6kd; bulls and cows, 4d to 5d; we-their etheep, Bid to 8id; ewes and raars, 6d to 6d. Pig tia-0 fair. Bacon pit;, 9s; porkeits, 10s 3d to ICte 6d; sows, 713 4d to 7s 6d peir score. CORN. LIVERPOOL TLics&v.-Whent market clos- ing firm, good consumptive business at Friday's prices at bd per cental advance. Flour, moderate trade, uic,.u-,ig-d paces. Mw&o, only quiet de- mand. Prime mixed American, 5s 8d; Plata, 5s 4d Odessa, 5o 8 £ d per cental. Beans steady, unchanged. Barley and oats firm inactive. Peas, slow consumptive trade, full prices. BUTTER. CORK, Tuesday.—Fair supply; br:ipk demand steady prices. Quotations: Firsts, 93s; seconds. 89s; thirds, 86s. Superfine, 98s; fine mild, 89s. Chojcest boxes, 100s Fresh A., 1026; ditto B., 89ts. WOOL. BRADFORD, Monday.—The tome of tho mar- ket has diiitinc!% improved since Thursday, and come fairl-y heavy tiuns-aotions have been pmt. through in tops, both mennos and crcss-brede. Crossbred 40's are about la 4d, and merino 60'6 2g 4d. Quotations are not gen-araily higher but holders arc firmer. Wednesday's sale in Dub- lin is expected to establish a new basis for home- grown wou-S. Mohair is inactive, and alpaoa exceedingly firm. BUTTER, MEAT. EGGS, Etc. BANGOR, Friday.—Fresh butter, la Id per lb.; eggs, 6 for Is; Irish, Danish, and Canadian butters, is to is 4d per lb.; beef, 7d to lOd; mutton, 8d to 10d; lamb, 8d to lOd; veal, 7d to lOd; pork, 8d to lOd; ham, 7 to 10d; bacon, 7 £ d to 9d'; fat pigs, 32-d; potatoes, 5s per cwt; carrots, d per lb.; parsnips. Id; cabbages, Id ) to 3d eaca; cauliflowers; 2d to 4d; celery, 2d to 4d per stick; lettuce, 2d each; Id; cucum- bers, 4d to 9d; grapes lEngiien), Is to 2s per ib.; do. (foreign, 6d; tomatoes, 6d to 8d; apples, 2fsci to 4d; pears, 4d to &d; cinrkens, 4e to 4s 6d 2 per coup-e; fowls. Is 9d each; duck.nigs, 2s 9d; hares, 2s to 2s 9d; rabbil*. 8d; pigeore, 8d per brace; phca.-a.n ca. 4s 6d; partridges, 4s; turkeys, Is per lb.; satmon, 6s per lb.; smoked salmon, Is 6d; soles, Is 4d to 2s; turbot, Is 2d to Is 4d; halibut, 9d; plaice, 3d to 6d; whiting, 4d to 6d; dabs, 4d; gurnets, 3d; hake, 4d; mackerel, 4d; skate, 3d; iublters, 2s each. LLANGEFNI, Thursday.—Butter, Is per lb.; eg.'s, 9 for Ls; beef, 6d to 8d perr ib.; mutton, 7u~ to 9d; lamb, 10d; veal. 7d to 8d; pork, 5d to 8d; fat pgs, 3itd to 3gd; perkotst, ltfe to 14s each; fow fc, Is 3d to Is 9d; ducks, 2s to 2s 3d; potatoes. 7s to 9s per sack; black oats, 17s 6d to 18s per quarter; white do., life to 19s &d. LLANRWST. Tuesday.—Butter, Is Id to Is 2d per lb.; eggs, 7 for Is; potatoes, 36 9d to 4s per cw t-; sucking pigs, 17s to jBt lowls, 38 to 4s per couple; ducks, 46 6d to 5s 6d ner couple- PwLLHELI, Wednesday.—F-ie^h ouacr, lid per Lb eggs, 10s 6d per 120; geese, 6d to 6bd per lb.; ducks, 4s to 4s 6d per ouuple; chick- el11S, 2s 6d to 3s 4d per couple; potatoes, 4s to 4s 6d per 1121bs.; beef, 6d to 9d; mutton, 8d to lOd; young pigs, 10s to 13s; HIt pigs, 3id per lb- HOLYHEAD, Satur,lay.-Frech butter Is Id per Ib; fowls 3s per couple; ducks 58 do., eggs 7 for Is; potatoes 7s per sack; beef 6d to lOd; mutton 8d to lOd p >rk 7d to 9d lamb 7d to 9d fat pigs 3|d to 4d per lb corn 24s per quarter; oats 188 do.




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