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TEMPERANCE MISSION AT CONWAY. MR TENNYSON SMITH'S CAMPAIGN. SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS. Undter the auspices of t'he Con way and Dit)- tricit Temperance Society on Monday evening, Mr Tennyson Smith ope nod a series of Tom- gre«a.t success, the Town Hall being crowded daily tlhirougnout the week. amd attended with reat success, tn& Town Hall being crowded with large audiences- Mr CynwaJ Jones is the chairman 0.. tho committee, and the Key. Menai Francis the painstaking secretary. THE LECTURER'S METHODS. Probably there axe few arguments in favour of total or prohibition, wmeh would have anytining of newrkeps a trout toem, but that there may be a new method oi carrying on temperance advocacy has been fully ciemon- strated oy Mr E. Tennyson Snuth- it appeal he, a long time ago, oanio to the conclusion. that the methods on warfare adopted by uao 'i-temperanee Vurty were lacking an defimteness, and 601ne years ago :he tiet«imnod to make a mew moves, and initiate a more a^reissive style of advooaoy. He ctevused tne plan o. inspect- ing Binary lists of brewery companies in tho to wins in wuioh ho was oonducting his missions, and exposing fcie fact that clergymen, magis- trates, and ofcer pubiio men m the town were shareholders. Then, too, instead of merely using vague phrases condemning the apatnetio attitude of tho- Christian (Jnuroh, he made startling expoyures otn the platform of what he termed the complicity of the (Jhutnohca with the Traffio, and aleo published in the "Tempera.ncQ Worki'" (a paper wlncn he start- ed for the purpose) astounding instances of liquor sellers holding, fhigh office in the Church- es of various denominjations, and of Church property lot for tihe sale of drink, etc., etc. He also raised a definite iesue at the Alliance Annual Meeting in Manchester in 1895, by moving- a resolution "calling on the Churches to- exclude liquor eeiilers from membership and office in tho Church!" This, ao might be ex- pected, brought upon him a storm of opposi- tion, but he stood to his guns and the result has been a thorough revival of temperance contro- versy throughout the country on this particular point—the attitude of tho Church towards the liquor seller. THE OPENING OF THE CRUSADE. At the opening meetings Mr Tennyson Smith was supporter on tho platform by Revs. Wm. Jones, T. Gwynedd Roberts, J. O. Jones, Gyffin; William Edwards, J. Luther Thomas, A. Fortesque Hubbard, Phillip Price, Messrs T. M Jones, T. D. Jones, Primrose Cottage; J. Evans, Deganwy; J. P. Griffith, Regent House; William Edwards, Boderw; John Ed- wards, J.P., Cadnarufc Park; T. Wynne, Llan- dud'no Junction; T. W- Hugihe/S, ^-ynwal Jones and Rev. B. Menai Francis. In addition to the eloquent addresses of Mr Tonnyison Smith,, and other Temperance advo- cates, tihe meetings aro enlivened by interest- ing musical items, for which the following are restponsibleMusical conductors, Messrs J. P. Griffiths, Josef E. Jones, and Capt. John Jones; accompanists. Miss SaJlio Edwardb, L.R.C-M., Miss Pldith Jones Miss Glad Parry, Mr Herbert O. Evans, A.T-S. eolokts, Miss RaJlv Foulkes, Miss Winifred J. Jones, Miss Gladys Parry. Miss Gwyneth Edwards, Miss Edith Evans, Rev. F Hubbard, Mr Edward Jones, and others. Akferman T. C. Lewis presided at the open- ing meeting. Mr Tennyson Smith, in the cowse of 3iis lec- ture, entitled "trhe Curtain Lifted." said that he had travelled almost the world over, but he had never before seen anything carried out more thoroughly than the arrangements for this week's crusade, and ho congratulated the organising (secretary upc,n that. fact. He then proceeded to deal with his subject in a graphic manner, and gave some interesting accounts of his experiences in fighting the liquor traffic in various parts of the work! t On Tuesday evening the meeting was pre- sided over by Mr T- Wynne station 111 a-st-er, Llandudno Junction, and the Rev. Phillip Bribe delivered an addrees in Welsh, in the coulee of which he rennarked that during the past six veans the amount spent an- nually in the British Isles on intoxicating li- quor, showed a decrease of six million pounds (applause). Mr Tennyson Smith took for his subject "The Drink Demon," and in the course of a long, but interesting addiress, pointed out how the drink demon was the cause of ocutdless crimes- He believed that nine-tenths of tho crimes oom- matted in this country were the result of drink. A special meeting for women was held in the Seion Welsh Congregational Chapel on Wednesday afternoon, when Mrs Cynwal Jones, Lark Hills, presidfed. In the evening Mr Tennyson Smith dealt with "The Great Struggle." The Rev. O. In the evening Mr Tennyson Smith dealt with "The Great StruggLe." The Rev. O. Sehvyn Jones. Deganwy (president of the Free ChLHCh Council) also spoke in Welsh* Wo u.ndeirstand that 15 signed the pledge on Monday, and there were numerous signatures on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Pledge Committee ia under the chairmanship of Mr Edward Jones, Tower Stores, with Mr J. Am- brose Lloyd as chief stewa^d- To-nigtht (Thursday) M.r Tennyson Smith will take as his subject "Up with the -cl.ruzikard and down with the liquor traffic." Rev. Wm. Ed- wards is announced to preside, and DeinioJ Fychan wild give a Welsh recitation.

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