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4 CONWAY BOARD OF GUARDIANS. PUBLIC VACCINATORS' FEES. THE RATE COLLECTORSHIP. The monthly mooting of the above Board was held on Friday, Mr David Jones presiding. The attendance included Mrs Barrow Williams, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Oldman, Miss Lewis, Miss Williams, Canon Jones, Revs. J. Raymond, Peter Jones, Messrs J. T. Taylor, Wm. Williams, P. H. Mc- Clement, H. W. Darbyshire, H. Davies, O. W. Roberts, Richard Williams, J. W. Raynes, Hugh Hughes, A. J. Oldman. Edward Jones, John Wil- liams, Rogers Jones, Owen Williams, W. F. Jones. David Jones, Ben Fisher. Hugh Owen, IRichard Jones, E. J. Evans, Robert Roberts, along with the clerk (Mr T. E. Parry), deputy- clerk (Mr J. W. Post), relieving officers and other officials. VOTE OF SYMPATHY. On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr Oldman, a vote of sympathy was passed with Mr Wm. Davies, Colwyn Bay, on the death of bis son-in-law, Councillor Thos. THE BRABAZON SOCIETY. Mrs Oldman applied, on behalf of the Bra- bazon Society, for permission to hold, in the Workhouse, on the first Wednesday in December, a sale of articles made by the inmates under the auspices of the Society. The application wa3 granted. RESCUE WORK. The House and Visiting Committee recom- mended that the ladies taking part in this work bo congratulated on their efforts, and express to them the wish that when the time arrives, this Board may be given the opportunity to sup- port them in every practicable way. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that Mr Nunn, Colwyn Hrfay, had sent a box of tennis balls for the use of the boys; Mrs Roberts, The Vicarage. flowera and fruit for the flower service; members of the English Wesleyan Chapel, Conway,flowers for the flower service. Further, on October 25th, Mrs Edwards and sons, Cadnant Park, gave a gramophone concert. TRAINING GRANTS FOR MIDWIVES. The House and Visiting Committee recom- mended that the Board should adopt the follow- ing resolution, which had been forwarded by the Donbighshirc County Counoil:— That in view of providing for the adequate supply of midwives in country districts before the Act comes fully into operation in 1910, County Councils be asked to provide training grants to assist recognised systems already at work. That with a view to assisting tho work the Government be approached to provide a grant in aid." FINANCES. The Clerk reported that there was a balanoe at tho bank to the credit of the Board of £2275 6s 6d. MASTER AND MATRON: APPLICATION FOR INCREASE OF SALARY. ¿' This application, referred to the committee from the Board, was considered, when it was recom- mended that a statement be prepared showing any increases in salary since thoir appointment, with the number of inmates and staff at tho time of such increases, and that the clerk obtain from other Unions of a similar size to this, the num- ber of inmates in their Workhouses and the salar- ies of their Workhouse masters and matrons. VACCINATION FEES. Tho Local Government Board circular letter of the 27th September was read with respect. to the foes to bo paid in future to public vaccinators. Replies wero received from the public vaccina- tors under tho Board. Dr. T. L. Kenrick Davies, Llandudno, replied: "As I am not in favour of 'sweated' labour of any sort, I cannot accept these terms. Surely, your Board, in offering them, cannot be cogni- sant. of the labour entailed and time spent in performing tho operation of vaccination in ac- cordance with the requirements of the Local Government Board or of the status of the medical,, profession. Dr. R. Arthur Prichard, Conway, wrote: I must respectfully but nevertheless strongly pro- test against the reduction of the fees that are suggested, and would ask that tho Board should reconsider the matter. When they know that I have frequently gone for miles into t.he country more than once to one case, and found that the child was not fit for vaccination, and in some cases no successful vaccination in tho end takes placc, and for which no fees are provided, I consider that even the existing fees are at times inadequate for the duties entailed, as there are no fees at all for many fruitless journeys. Dr Morris, Old Colwyn, wrote: "When I know that the duties of a public vaccinator under the new regime entail at least six times the trouble it did under the old, I feel certain that the iruArdians hava not realised injustice, which they contemplate inflicting upon their vaccinating officials. However, I shall require to consult with my colleagues, and probably ask for an in- terview with the guardians." It was recommended that the clerk should pre- pare an account of the number of cases of suc- cassful vaccinations for the twelve months ended September. 1907. and the amounts paid to the public vacctnators in respect of such cases; that a special meeting of the committee be fixed to consider the question, after the clerk has pre- pnred the statement, and that a second meeting bo held, at which the doctors should be present to discuss the question of the fees with the committee; that the clerk again write to the Unions alreadv written to with regard to the fees. asking what they had finally agreed to pay their public vaccinators. An amendment was moved that the meeting, with the doctors, be held an hour after that of the committee, but. it was defoated. RATE COLLECTORSHIP. 'A letter was read from the Conway Corporation asking the guardians not to combine the rate coliectorship of Llanrhos with any parish outside thpir txx-ough, as it was their opinion that it would be to tha mutual advantage of the Council and guariia.ns that, at some future time, that tho poor-rate "olIeL-t.orship in the borough should be held by one and the same person. A letter was also read from the Local Govern- ment Board relative to the application by the Llandudno Urban District Council for an order under section 3J of the Local Government Board Act. 894, conferring oert-ain powers on them, and forwarding copy of letter which they had received from the Council, and stating that they proposed to issue an order, conferring on such Council the power to appoint and revoke the apoointment of assistant overseer. order will provide for the continuance in office of Mr Bellis, as assistant overseer, and the Board also (►•'op ise conferring on the Council tho powers of nvot-seers mentioned in Section 6 of the Act of 1894. It was also pointed out that the powers they propose to confer are amongst the powers of oversoers which are now exeroisable by the Parish Council of a rural parish, and that the transfer- ence of such to the Council will not affect tho powers a.nd duties of wverseers in respect of the making of the valuation lists. The Finance Committee recommended that a r/>ri!.v be sent to the Conway Corporation t.o tha effect that. this Board are now proceeding to appoint a collector of the poor rates for the Parishes of Llanrhos, Llangvstenin, and Penrhvn. It W, decided to advertise for a collector. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE OFFICERS. SUPERANNUATION CONTRIBUTIONS. A letter was read from the Denbighshire Edu- cation Authority submitting copy of Article 3 of the Local Government's Board Order dated 27t.h December, 1906, dealing with contributions nwdo by officers under the Poor Law Officers' Superannuation Act. 1896 (prior to the coming into force of the Education Act, 1902), and ra- lating to the duties discharged undor the Ele- mentary Education Acts, 1870 to 1900. The officers affected were Mr Thomas Davies, attendance officer, and Mr T. E. Parry, clerk to thp. School Attendance Committee. Tlio Clerk submitted statistics ilhowing that the Proportion to bo paid to the superannuation fund in respect of the two officers were £8 19s 6J Carnarvonshire, and J31 15s gd to Denbigh- shire. It was decided that if the clerk was satisfied that the officers in question came within the category of tho officers described in the foregoing resolution. t.he sum of JB1 153 9d bo paid to the oounty of Denbigh.














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