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HOLYHEAD v. BLAENAU FESTINIOG. THE CHAMPIONS BEATEN. (By "Peripatetic"). Tho Blaonau Festiniog football ground, where the North Wales Coast League champions met the local team last Saturday, may be described as an elongated saucer in form. The lowlevel centre of xho field had not a blade of grass upon it, whilst the slopes showed an abundance of vegetation. The visitors arrived with the one o'clock train, and during their stay at Blaenau they experienced the proverbial Festiniog rain. The raln fell incessantly, making play difficult. Yet a fair number of spectators lined the ropes. The fame of the champions had preceded them, and the homesters were not sanguine in their anticipations of the result of the contest. To make matters still more ominous for them, they had to start play with two of their selected men absent. A substitute for one of them was put on. Later the absentees arrived, and took their allotted positions. The referee was Mr Albert Hughes, who lined the teams as follows:— Holyhead.-Goal, W. Collier; backs, T. Conlan and Dick Ellis; halves, W. Taylor, W. T. Jones, and H. Williams; forwards, H. Brown, J. Jones, J. Rowlands, W. Brown, and II. Roberts. Blaenau Festiniog. -Goal, Ellis Hughes; backs, James Lloyd and McNaughton; halves, Bradley, T. Kinnear, and Morris; forwards, Jack Jones. W. Williams, Meirion Jones, W. R. Owen, ana T. S. Roberts. The preliminary play indicated tho strength of both sides. The homesters, by means of com- bination on the left., essayed to force through the defence, and renewed the attempt in most commendable style twice. But Conlan and Ellis' defence was impenetrable, and the attackers were foiled in their attempts. The home halves succeeded in passing the sphere into a favourable position, and a shot was aimed for goal. It, however, passed outside the post. The visitors got well in touoh with the ball, showed splendid manoeuvring, and made for their opponents' stronghold. The homesters grouped themselves to hurl back the onslaught, and by the means of dexterous footing cleared their territory from danger. T. S. Roberts, at a very sharp angle, passed to Jack Jones. The ball passed the mouth of the goal almost, parallel, and had Jack Jones been smarter a point would have accrued. Ho, however, failed to touch the leather. Then W. Brown and H. Roberts, running along the left line, tried to outflank the opposing halves and full-backs, but in this they failed. The sphere was sent to the Blaenau forwards. Twice Collier had to clear. At this juncture Kinnear arrived, and took his position. After a throw-up the homesters got well into their opponents' territory, and a line opening was offered them, but most irritatingly the forwards missed the chance. BLAENAU BOMBARD. A series of bombardments followed by Blaen. au, and Conlan and Ellis had their work cut out to prevent disaster. Erratic shooting prevented the attackers from getting the ball into the net. A corner for Blaenau was badly placed. When the ball was about mid-field the homesters made a frontal attack, sending in straight shots. In endeavouring to clear one shot Collier slipped, and all but allowed Jack Jones to get through. Collier was no sooner on his feet than he was again called on to show his prowess in defence. Fot^ a minute or two the Cybiites were seen working up the field in good style, but they could not get within striking range of the Blaen. au citadel. They were tackled by Bradley and Kinnear, who placed the leather in poseession of their forwards. Conlan, however, spoiled their dribbling. Some magnificent play was now wit. nessed. Taylor, W. T. Jones, H. Williams and the forwards on the visitors' side doing grand work, whilst on the opposite side Meirion Jones, T. S. Roberts, Kinnear, McNaughton, Morris, and W. Williams were conspicuous for their fine play. Kinnear, right in centre, availed himself of a clear opening, and regis- tered a fine goal. This appeared ominous for the champions. More was soon to follow. The homesters appeared to gain strength after this first taste of blood, and made a vigorous on- slaught from all quarters on tho Holyhead gool NO. 2 GOAL FOR BLAENAU. T. S. Roberts received a pass from centre, took the sphere with him along the left, and when at a point favourable for his purpose he gave the ball nicely to Meirion Jones, who had watched for the pass, and another point was scored by the homesters. Half-time:— Blaenau, 2; Holyhead, 0. The visitors frequently pressed during the se- cond half, and were most unfortunate in their shots for goal. The mistakes made by their opponents during the first half were to some ex- tent repeated by them. The wasteful dribbling of some of the players lost them time and op- portunities for making points. Yet the Cybi- ites were able to keep Ellis Hughes warm. The homesters had occasional runs, but Ellis and Conlan spoiled them. A series of mishaps 00- ourred on the return of the ball to Blaenau ter- ritory, culminating in a foul, by which Holyhead were enabled to open their score. Hostilities in the same area were renewed, and the centre- forward lodged a beauty in goal. So the teams were now equal. The Cybiites kept endanger- ing the home citadel for a few minutes. At last the attacked was hurled back, and it became necessary for all available help to rush to defend the opposite stronghold. HOLYHEAD PRESS. These pros. and cons. were renewed, mostly in favour of Holyhead. Indeed, just before the game wa3 up the visitors pressed hard their op- ponents. The last time the pressure was re- lieved, offered the last chance to the home team to put on another point. The sprightly T. S. Roberts once mora displayed his excellent tactics. He evaded the Holyhead forwards, passed the sphere correctly to Meirion Jones, who in- stantly netted it. This practically finished the game, the result being:— Blaenau Festiniog, 3; Holyhead, 2.





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