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RHYL v. CARNARVON. THE VISITORS DEFEATED. The Rhyl club on Saturday had but one match to occuipv their .lII-oilUoil, and they put o<n a very good oo:ni:>:n<niuu against Caa-iinirvan in the North Wales Uouar, League. It waa 1a.te when Uaar anon piayexs put in an appea.ranoe. Thje homo teaan won tho toes, electing to pl-iy with the surij ajid favoured by a ldglht breeze. The teams were as follows: — Rhyl: GoaJ, R- J. Janes; backs, R. Hughes and A. Roberto; half-baoka. Buoidey, J. W. Ellia, and T. Cotton; forwajrda, J. Bennett. T- Harrison, W. J. Hughes, D. Hugihes, and Robin Hughes. Usumiairvons Goal, G. H. Jones, Edrwardfl and McJierbetrt; half-baci- Tlbomaa, W. Hughes, J. Griffiths; iov Johai James T. Robeurta, W. Jones, J- li- liaxns. an*? R. H. Hughes- Reaeree was Mr T. Ll. Jones. From the start it seemed that Rhyl intended to be the victors, and they soon taxed the visi- toIr3' defence, but G- H. Jones easily cleared, and play was transferred to mid-field. Then on the Rhyl riigtat Buckley made a veu-y neat run, and with a fielld ho shot for but the leather sailkxl mionraiiy ovor iJhe cro^js-biu'. From tih« kick ouit tiue Rhyl fconvairc^U took up tho prtB^uira, Hughes gieiiting: possession, niado a dnah for goaJ, but found McHorbert too muoh on the alert, and the ball was -clevoiCty cleaned. During the next ten naimitea there was pilcruty of fancy pLa.y on the part of tho Rihyilites, wihlo appeared as if they wiere bent 011 a match with their Leach, instead Off witlh tlhieoir feet- The ball was repeatedly akyed, and thm paeeecj from head to head, wlhtilio too Carnarvon! playeira played quite the opposite gamio, keeping tho ball aa low down as tboy could. A fouj against Rhyl gave the visi- tors a etna no 3 ctf doanrng, and play was trans- ferred to tlhie Ihome quarter, although Rhyl cusitoddain fouind Uitttjle to do, the homo backs ■diefonidlinig in good style. Passing to tlie right, the forwards gave Bennett another dhance, and ho cleverly wourtked1 the bail down, beat rag • he via tore' backs time after timo, and finished by forcing a cometrt, wlhidli was not, lhowovor, con- veirted- The ball was shot right across tho mouth of tho goal, and W. Jones ca.ried play to miidfieid. Fallowing this a neat pasu to the $1t gave Oajruarvon an opnoirtunity, and forwards wore woll placed when tho homo backs a,g«in cilwa.red. Witlh a irun down tho centre the visitotrp' dierfonoe waa tested again, but it was too sound to bo pemotratoi, and the attack fin- ished wihion D- Roberts sent t* very poor shot over the cross-bar. At this stage Rhyl seemed to play better. They kept up the pressure GO well that the visitors' 1 Linesman found it neces- sary in a wry excited •marjraea- to urge his ak)o to "buck up" and to go to s.'eo- buck- tev "ettinig jKxssession peeked neatlv to Bennett, but tlho ball was sont behind. 'Rhyl at this stage had very hard liiniee, and the decision of tho referee as to the offside was very mudh questioned by the spectators. However, Car- narvon were forced' to concede a fruitless cor- nietr. Beth A- Roixirts and Bennett r.ut in fcmo fine a^giresaive work for Rhyi. Several penal- ties followed againist Rihyl for fouling, and 'or some time the Carnarvon forwards played a dasharig game.^ At one point it certainly scorn- ed as itf tiiiioy iruten(Led to broak through, and i/t was on,ly tfj3 fine defence oif Rhyl that prevent- 00 di-.Leat- In tha work, Ellis was well to tho firoolt. John Jonas, on the outside right, was tlhtJ meat dangerous of the visitors, and on two occasions he tested the (home keener ctevereiy. So determined was tthe attax-k bv Carnarvon vt this sta.ge that a jscore seemed inevitable', a.nd during a Ð;-voe,r tussle a very easv goal was at length socired by the visrltons. line PJiyi cus- todian called uipon tho backs to eond tho ixull back to him, amd 000 of this collieague^ kicked it riight C'ii to the foot of one of tthe visitors in the moutth of goal, the leather quietly lIOUing into the net. 0 None wieire miore surprised at the result than tho Carnarvon men, and tlheir supporters voted it "a goad," but to their credit be it tfiiev ihad worked exceedingly liard for it and Rhyl should lhave profited their tactics. From this point to hailf-itime the game was even, and tiha visitors kicked out repeatedly. On changing ends, with a goal' to the good, Caernarvon showed tlhat they were determined to maintain tlho lead, and thoy had the best of the of the play for some timo They played a dashing garnet, ^wihilo Rihyl certainly teemed to Icso Ihieart. With the sun in their backs, tine Carnarvon left wing gave the home defence plenty to do, and during a spell of bright (ýtj,ll- shino tho keepor was at a great ^advantage, but, happily, he was weJl supported by the backs. Two corners quickly fe<H to Carnarvon, but neither was converted- R. Edwards shewed up to groat advantage in these attacks, and he was well supported by J. Jones, tiiie two working weLl together. The wondea- is that Carnarvon did not soore- On one <cession their forwards had1 tho Rhyl goal absolutely at their maroy. The home custodian out to clear but tilio opposing- forwards secured poeeeseiou,, and a shot waa directed a,t an open not in front, but tlhe ball went wide. This was the v:sitorp' last chance,, for Eliis rallied his force,?, and a determined attack on the Carnarvon goal fol- lowed. In fact, the visitors expeadeneed at this stage the warmest quarter of an hour of he game- Eventually!, Robrin Ilughes, tfteu" a bit of clever play, found tlhe net. Theneeforwaa-d thra Rhyiitos played in a styls lihat fairly eciliipeed tthe visitors. In two minutes D. Hugihe3 had1 scored the leading goal, and themeo to tlhe finisih it was Rhyl's game. Oriy t-wioo diid Carnarvon get to the cither end of tlho fieM, and tfcen the home deifen-co easily warded off danger. on time Robin Hughes added an- other to Rhyl's score, the game ending in a win for Rhyl by 3 goals to 1.







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