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LLANDUDNO AMATEURS V. BEAUMARIS. MORE POINTS FOR THE LEADERS. AN UNBEATEN RECORD. (By "Linesman"). An air of excitement pervaded the Llandudno ground on Saturday, when Beaumaris were the N t visitors, under the au.?pices of the i or h Wales Coast League, of which they are the leaders. Never were a couple of League points more keenly contested for than those captured by Beauniaris on Saturday. The game was full of exciting incidents from the moment the leather was set rolling till the whistle blew for time up. The Beaumaris eleven are what might be termed a young team, and only made their advent in .the League this season, but already they have proved that they are a formidable lot, and they Ilayed better fcotlall ttiiii the Amateurs. Al- owance has to be made for the fact that the F Amateurs were playing two reserves, T. John- son and Hall. George Davies replaced J. H. Jones at right back. Mr Frank Beech, RhyJ. acted as referee, the teams turning out in the following order:— Llandudno Amateurs: Goal, E. Hobson; backs, George Davies and H. Pearson; half-backs, Tom Johnson, Jacob Williams, and Hall; forwards, Jack Williams, Alderson, J. E. Williams (capt.), Brookes-Evans, and Will Stone. Beaumaris: Goal, O. R. Jones; backs, George Williams and Wm. Edv;ards; half-backs, Hugh Rowlands, O. Davies, and E. Pritchard; for- wards, R. Humphreys, E. Bellwood, W. O. Humphreys, Wm. Morgan Jones, and Sam Poole. There they go' Beaumaris have centred, and are taking the leather down in fine stylo. Well robbed! Jacob Williams has successfully tackled the forwards, and now sends the ball travelling in the other direction. In a moment the Ama- teurs are racing down, but the Beaumaris de- fence is ready, and clear. Now the leather flashes towards the home goal, but the ball has been sent a little too far from the forwards' toe, and Pearson, watching his opportunity, clears. Alderson has received the pass, and off he goes down the field. He is not selfish, he tips the leather on to the centre, and Johnnie Williams gains possession. "Now then, Johnny, shoot," yell the excited spectators, but Johnnie does no such thing, for one of his opponents suddenly ohecks his career by fouling him. The homo supporters are in a, majority, and a cheer greets the referee's decision. Johnny takes the free- kick, a hush, and then a roar of delight from the Beaumaris partisans and glum silence amongst tho home supporters as he places the ball behind. The goal kick sends tne leather towards the home goal, and the Beaumaris for- wards ara speeding after it. Goorgie Davies is there, however, and tho leather once more comes down field. Brcokes is on the spot; and a cheer of appreciation greets his effort as ho heads it over the bar. Now the "Beaus are pressing, but arc given offside. Down the homesters swoop again. Johnny has the ball; he passes it to Stone, on the left. Now Stone sht>ots, but he puts behind. Up towards the home goal the leather travels once more, and again Jacob is handy, and breaks the combina- tion of the Beaumaris forwards. The visitors are again pressing, and once more the home do- fence clear. Well done, Stone, now you have it. well dribbled. Oh, behind again, and another chance missed. The Amateurs are now pressing, but another groan of disappointment, signifies that Will Stone has again missed the billet. Down come Beaumaris once more, and thev gallantly attempt to score, but George Davies grasses the centre-forward. W. O. Humphreys. The free-kick is nicely placed. A sharp scuffle in front of the home goal, and then a cheer as Pearson clears, and puts his forwards in pos- session with a long punt. Th9 Amateurs rush, amidst tho encouraging shouts of their supporters, and then they are checked by the visiting defence fouling a home forward. Alderson receives a pass from the free-kick, and sprinting down, centres nicely. For a moment it looks as if his fine effort will go begging, but no, Johnny is there, and a mo- ment later the visiting custodian is tested with one of his typical scorohers. A momentary hush falls upon the field, and then a wild cheer as Jones brings off a fine save. The Beaus now advance, but Hall handles, and the free-kick is placed right in front of the home goal. For a moment the issue of the exciting play which follows hangs in doubt, but the visiting for- wards overrun the ball. A moment later they are down again. A shot from Humphreys is fisted out by Hobson, and the leather is soon travelling in the other direction. AN OFFSIDE GOAL. Johnny Williams gaining possession runs down, neatly "diddles" several of his opponents, and amidst a temfio burst of cheering slams the leather into the corner of the net. But see, Referee Beech is pointing to the goalmouth, and the enthusiasm suddenly dies down as the crowd realises tnao their favourite has only scored an offside goal. Beaumaris now attack, but the final effort goes wide. There goes the whistle for half-time, and so far both teams have kept their sheets clean, and their respective citadels have not fallen. The second half opens with a forward move- ment by the Amateurs, but the visitors with the wind now at their backs quickly repel the attack, and the Beaus gaining possession are swooping down on the home citadel in a manner which proved they meant business. THE OPENING GOAL. William Morgan Jones, the visiting inside left, haa now gained possession. Will he dribble it up? No, he tries a long, high shot. The leather bounces a little from the goal, and just behind the home backs. Hobson jumps, and lets the ball slip over his bands and into the net, and before the spectators properly realise what has happened he is viciously punting the leather into the centre. The visitors are encouraged by this success, and down they come again to try conclusions with the home defence, and Hob- son is forced to hit over. The corner kiok is nicely placed, but the home backs manage to clear. THE AMATEURS EQUALISE. Johnnv Williams has tho leather at his toes, be sprints down in a fine individual attempt to score. He cleverly tricks the Beaumaris for- wards, who try to check his career; dodges the halves and backs, and then, with a fine shot, completely beata tho Beaumaris custodian, land- ing the ball in the corner of the net. Pluck, perseverance, and a bit of luck has done the trick, and matters are once more on an equal footing. The homesters are encouraged by this temporary success, but there is a determined look on the faces of the visitors. The Amateurs are now in possession, and an exciting sc a e ensues in front of the 'Beau- rlmm max's goal- J. TVillianis is neatly cheated by Humphreys, who sends out to his right wing. Down the visiting forwards swoop, stretching across the field in a red line, and threatening dis- aster to the homesters. Pearson is there, and kicks out. It is only a respite, however, the visitors are soon pressing again. A moment later a deafening cheer from the Beaumaris partisans signifies that Bellwood, their inside right, has beaten Hobson with a scorcher, and once again the visitors have the lead. Soon aftor centre, the visitors are again swarming round the home goal, and the defence are hard essed. Now Pe&rson has conceded a corner. Vh.3 kick is placed right in the goalmouth, but the homesters clear. Again the visitors are pressing, but their final effort does them but soant justice. With a vision of points fading away every moment, the homesters now attack wildly. Sci- ence and combination are thrown to the winds, and Jones is called upon to save some hot shots, and still the visitors maintain their lead. There goes the whistle for time. Bravo I the Beaus, you have well earned your couple of points, but one oan hardly help but sympathise with the Amateurs in their misfortune. Final score -Be-aumaris, 2; Llandudno Ama- teurs, L