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COLWYN BAY. WEATHER OBSERVATIONS AT COLWYN BAY, For week, ending Saturday, Sept. 28th, 190Î. L%lEtLji iiia.imun- it shale 71.1 Mean minimum in shade. 52.7 Highest in shado on the 28th 82.0 Lowest in 3hada on the 23rd 4b.6 Rainfall. Nil p Hours o: sunshine recorded 43.7 WM. JONES, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E. NEW IIAIltDRESSiNG. shaving ant. aim- EDoing saloon now open at Mr Ne.dham' 'i -Advt (16401). gar stom FOR WATCH, Clock, and jewellery repairs At reasonable prices, try John Cnailanu, prao- tical watchmaker and jeweller, Gainsboro Ho fse, 44, Erskine-xoad, Coiwyn Bay. Orders by postcard promptly attended to.—Advt. NORTH CHINA _tl.100J.v-A weli-attend- ed mooting in connection with the above inia- ?don.was held in St. Paul's C-iiiurcii IU>om last enitig. An address. d4?,,Ilvexed by tqo Rev. ack%vo(>d St4event;, org-arLLung secretary, was V illustrated by lantern views, depicting 6cenes in oouinection with the work. PENRHOS PRIZE DISTRIBUTION.— The Lord Mayor of Siieffiel4 [Alderman Robert Btyrmg) and the Lady Mayoress will take mart in the annual distribution ot prizes to be held Jot Pennies College on the 12th inst. A SUCCESSFUL DEFENCE.—John Thomas {Taylor, of Oakdene, Colwyn Bay, builder, brought an action against J. E. Chariton, of Moohdre, before Judge Mosa at Llandudno on Thursday for the recovery of J;1 7s described as the cost of a broken Iava- basin and rink a.Le,ed to have been t.Ya Ld during tenun?Dy.?ir Taylow coridu- his own caeo, wflile Mr E. E. il?one (Ivie-e Wg Bone and Lucas, Colwyn Bay) was for tne de- fendant. who denied liability. For tne defence the defendant, his wife (Mrs Charlton), and O. P- Jones gave evidence. i'rioir contention was kbat the damage had been caused beore the jiefendant entered into possession, Mrs Charl- nE) a a-r-itig his flonour that s I d called pia.ititilf's att-enti<)n to tile f-laniag.&d baiiin, ,while rli,) and her husband made an iriapection 'of fhL, ho,?L&e before taking IL--ilis tic-'Ic)ur gave a verdict in favour of the deteadant with posts. A CANDIDATE. Mr R. 0. Williams, of the Ccuiic:! offices, is one of the selected candidates 'to al before he Borough Council of Middles- l-crouga on Friday, for a vacancy in the Coun Seil's sjivice. TABERNACLE WELSH BAPTIST JDHL'llCH. The annual preaching services ai the Welsh Baptist Church commenced on Tues- Way opening, when the Rev. Aaron Morgan, Blaenftos, and Rev. H Rees, Pwllheli, preached, ffhe services were continued cn Wednesday, and Hero well attended LANDAU OVERTURNED. On Friday Evening as a landau belonging to Mr Francis Davies. of the Taliy Ho Mews, was proceeding from Liysfaen owards Old Cclwyn, it overturned in. tr-ing to tun at a narrow point in the road, and the driver, Mr Joseph Evans, was thrown to the ground, dislocating his ankle in the fall. tittle damage wts done to the horse and car- nage. A RESIDENT'S COMPLAINT.—"A new re- sident" desires to d'raw the attention of the Sanitary Autibaritiee "to tlie effluvia emanat- ing from the air drain trape in the Dingle- On jame days it is both sickening and dangerous y> health, and I have to forbid my grand- Aiklren going tihat route to the snore. Be- tween this inconvenience and a scarcity of ITater for many hours daily during tne summer, jhe higher level of Colwvn Bay (on the Colwyn todb) has not oome up to my expectations for re- sidential purposes." WEDDING.— A wedding was solemnised Ijuiotly at St. Paul's Churon, yosterday morn- ing. the contracting parties being Miss Helen, Mary Hobson Andrew, third daughter of the jate "Mr John Andrew, of Asnton u n der-Lyne. Jwid of Mrs Andrew, Glenthorne. King's road, VolNyyri Bay, and Mr John Edward Ilallmark. ttf Llandudno and Chester, son of Mr J. B- jHa-ilmark. of Chester. Mr P. Fogg, Ciieater. Acted as beat man, and the bride was given y bv her mother. The Rev- Rees Morns bfficiatetl. After lunch at the home of the bride the ha-ppy pair left by tne 1.12 train for fee Lake district for their honeymoon. GILCHRIST LECTURES. Colwyn Bay has been selected by the trustees as one of the ientres in North Wales to have a course of five lectures, which will be held in the Pavilion, on jtmdermentioned dates and by the following Well-known lecturers: January 14th, by Prot. C. Waldstein, on "Labour and Art in English life, illustrated by Greek Art;" January 28th, fey Rev. Dr. Dallinger, on "Spiders, trieir work fcnd their wisdom;" February lith, by Dr. R. D. Roberts, on "Rivers, their youtti and age;Feb- ruary 25th, by Dr. Andrew Wilson, on "Brain nd Nerve, and their work;" and March 10th, by Dr. J. Holland Rose, on "Napoleon the {Jreat." A public meeting will be held early in pfovember in connection with the lectures. It is hoped there will be a good attendance. Mr R. Williams, of the Metropolitan Bank, Ltd., is the hon. seo. BIBLE CLASS. On Sunday afternoon Mr 16. Johnston delivered an address to the Men's Bibio Class at the English Congregational phuich, entitled "Sixteen Ounces to the Pound." His remarks were based upon com- jjnon honesty, from a business, Christian, and Jocial point of view. COOKERY EXHIBITION. — During the fcreek a series of cookery lectures and exhibitions )Lre bc*ng given at the Publ".c Ilall by Mi iss iCreigiiton, on behalf of Messrs Brown and Powl- ion, of corn flour and Paisley flour fame. The «*hibitions, which are given at 3 and 7.15, are sxcoptionally well attended. At the close the linn's specialities are offered for sale. Y.M .C.A.—The annual meeting of the local branch of the Y.M.C.A. was held in the Associa- tion's Rooms, on Monday evening, Dr. Harold jNuttaii presiding. There was a fair attendance. A review of the past twelve months' work was presented, and the arrangements for the winter months were discussed. Several names were added to the committee, which is now a very strong one. It was decided to hold the annual public meeting on the 17th inst., when it is ex- pected that the president, Mr D. Gamble, will u preside. ?IN'ESLEYA,N' FOT-TEIGN Mlc;QTON 0,0- CIE'I'Y.k ptiblic tneetino., was hi?ld in connec- tion with the Women's Auxiliary of this mission at St. John's Church on Tuesday evenin?. There was a good attendance when the Rev. J. Fr,,Ltl!(,r took the chair. Miss A. M. TTellier, as- sist ant secretary, of London, delivered an able address on missionary work which was listened to with great interest. HOCKEY.—It has now been definitely de- fcided that the East v. West hockey match shall bo played at Colwyn Bay on 1) m ember 14th lrhe town club is making steady progress, and new members are enrolled with encouraging re- gularity. The first practice match wi I take place on Saturday, when the "Probables" will face tho "Possibles" on the club venue- EARLY CLX3SING.—Yesterday (Wednesday) kftcr noon was the first occasion this autumn on ;whtch business premises in the town eicscd at mid-day. Early closing will be continued until the end cf April, a.nd in the e-ase of the grocers and drapers it has been decided that business shall be suspended on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thurs- days and Fridays at seven o'clock. These ru'es .•will be conformed to by practically aJl the tradesmen in the town. TO VIEW THE "LUSITANIA."—On Fri- day the Mersey Trading Company ran their pad-die steamer, "Rhos Trevor," to Liver- pool to afford passengers an opportunity to wit- ness tho return of the after her maiden trip to America, and a full comple- ment of sightseers made the journey. Mr Watt, Becretarv of the company, was aboard, and superintended all the arrangements. The weather was delightful, and the sea bore scarcely a ripple on its suf.aoe. In fact the 'd voya,?,,(- was an' -ea' one from ali p,)Ints of vwi- 011 t[io?r arrival the paz-ngers d 1-,ciiib?ti-ked, and %ere a!,f?wed ab,>ut three hours aehrre. During tli*'t''me they had an excelien,, vie?v of the o-f "the ant of th(- the unlqadi?_g f the malls and ?,, le. iin?A the di,ienit-)?x?Iiing c,f the The "Rhos Trevor" meanwhile had been moored at the stern of the "Lusitania, and when the passengers had boarded her for their homeward run they had an uninterrupted new of the m,c,no-er 3hip. The return journey wac, accorii- "r, good tin-,e LIB?'ll?,?L Al??4:('IATION. T., i,.ifo,-rnal of the Liberai P?ooin Liii Debating Ifa' to -?,k I)Iac,? c The ro vms are situated at the Forester?' head- and the will Lc op(-.rc-d da*'?, a,-id tfi?-Iatt-er everv I-'r'- Th, (-Ii" ,,i a v e %-e n i, i,r, mail o; the E,,ecutive C<)ntmittee (-Nlr john Crc?-r,l,tott) pre,,ided, &Ti4d t?irou,h the liindii(i,.ti of h i.-i- ?v 'fe and h'in?5e:f, the m(7n)"?ets en- tertained tc light refreshments. Mr Cronio-un explained that tho member; of the Association feit the need for a plate where they eou.u meet for social and educational purposes, 1'he rooms they were then in could be regarded as an 'x- -en t, I'?hich, if suc(-(--?hfui, woullt frobabiy F,eead t,) the cstib; Ls ',qinerit -,f prcl)e,y (,qL;-p-ned LII>01'Lti C!Llb rootiib. A niu- Ica ?,as a'%I r J. 0. u5ta?i,ed bv DavLes, Nvho tza,,ig Dwr" zind f,dn.-und Jo.,iets." cj%- gyn Cymru;" &id l?ir Gord(yii C who re6pc)ris:b!c fc)r t,,Yo e?icciltedouv;)iln 601013. Durin, the ev,(?rilil!-z ?Nir E'cock put up for a,,tc?t c)p the 1.)-tper6 w11 1' be to the cll' b, and -o-c?J prces wtre reitl:.50,1. '-Nir Blaclii,?,a. propc,'?-,(! a v,)te of Lhar)j?o tu -Iii MI)fon. 1 ,auy h,,Ip,?. Nlr- C;Iyr.i-?- Jones F-<,cc)nded. 'I the zn.o?ion l?laz carrie d Tinar.,niousiy P4DOL!i?"S _NJ Poo-14o's m.7riorarias h,?L-e visite, ,c reoent years, but the iead?zg ',o t opened at the Pier Pavilion by Mr Joseph Poole, on Monday evening. There was an ex- ceptionally large and enthusiastic audienoe. The scenes shown were all of great interest, de- picting as they did various parts of the mighty British Empire. In several of them most pleasing effects were introduced. The enjoy- ment of the illustrations was enhanced by the graphic descriptions given by Mr Bert Berry, whilst funny Johnny O'Rcurke was thoroughly c,ue,c.eec-'ui in arnii6?n.- I the gathering during the intervals. Appropriate musical setUngs were played by the Joseph Poole's Band, under the leadership of Mr Drake. In addition to the myriorama, a complete variety performance was also given. Felix de Morce's trained animals roused much enthusiasm. The four "Rosaires," gentlemen acrobats, were exceptionally smart, and the same can be said of the three "Boleros" in their very amusing triple bar act. The Seddons introduced a most pleasing number. The lady, juggled with plates, knives, etc-, etc., with great skill, whilst the gentleman (the lazy waiter) kept his audience in roars with his antics. The living marionette entertainment by the Tissots was another pleasing turn, whilst Eiloon and Maynee, the talented musical mites, were repeatedly recalled. Mr Bert Be r re- proved himself the possessor of a powerful bari- tone voice, and in "The B&ndolero" he was heard to good effect. On the whole, the pro- gramme was one of the most interesting of its kind ever presented in the town. Performances will be given every evening throughout this week.


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