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FOOTBALL. [Continuation from 8th pap.] NORTH WALES AMATEUR CUP. (FINAL TIE-REPLAY.) HOLYHEAD SWIFTS v LLANDUDNO AMATEURS. ANOTHER DRAW. (By "Recorder.") Upwards of 2000 spectators attended the second encounter in the final tie of the North W"Ieo Ama/teur Oup between Holyhead Swifts and Llandudno Amateurs, at Bamgor, yesterday (Wednesday), and it is generally conceded that so far as the ciiy ground is concerned a record has been easily established. In addition, to the crowd on the field, about two hundred persons, mostly juveniles, enjoyed a free view of the gamo from the back yards of the houses which adjoin tho ground, whilst scores watched the proceedings from the distant elevated recreation ground. The majority of tihe spectators appeared to oome from Llandudno, that is judging by the cries which did not lack vigour, and several of them had donned fantastic raiment for the oc- casion. Not a wit less enthusiastic were the Sir Fonites, who encouraged their pets whenever thoy required a stimulus. T have seldom seen a bettor beha\ed crowd in the M.iigor en- closure in fact, they comported themselves murh bettor ilian certain players. The teams were :— Holyhead —Collier, gioal; Canlan and Parry, fuli backs; Taylor, W. T. Jones, and Dick Elli.-5. half-backs; II. Roberts, Bogne, J. Rowlands. O B. E«1 wards, and Brown, forwards L'andudno:—Jim Williams, goal; Charlie Ro- berts and Lunt, full backs; Pearson, Gcorgie Davies. ;md Jaeob Williams; haJf backs; Alder son, Welch, J. Willia" Brooks Evans, and Hotchkiss, forwards. Referee: Mr Beech, Rhyl. Holyhoad won tho tees, and they made the first aggressive movement, Bogue put-ting tho right wing in possession. The Llandudno de- fenders were on the spot, however, and clearcd. "0. B." was the hero of the noext movement, and the orowd heartily cheered hem for some grand work- Just at this etagj Alderaom was as busy as a bee. but the burly Parry was on his track, and he continuailly drove the ball up the field. Hereabouts it was observed that Charlie Ro- berts was limping, he having been aociMentally kicked. The crowd cheered lustily as Iluglue Roberts advanced along the right wing, and he covered a gond deal of ground when Pearson spoilt him by kicking out. HOLYHEAD ON THE AGGRESSIVE. The Anglesey men wore doing the most of the preisaing, and they continually looked like scoring, and they would have soared but for the 16 dogged persistency of Goargie Davies, who played ducks and drakes with J. Rowlands. Holyhead were not to be denied, although moat of their aasa-ults were frustrated, and Johnny Rowlands found himself in front of the Llan- dudno custodian, who effected a save which so,-it the Llandudno supporters almost frantic with deilight. Fouls became rather frequent, one by Begue, who made J aoob his victim, making the orowd yell. At length Holyhead forced fa comer kick off CJhailie Roberts, and Dick Ellis eemt across a daiay cutter. The ball had covered the heads of roveral of the crowd standing by the goal when W. T. Jones jumped up and diverted it into the corner of the net. The whole movement was tho work of an instant, and it was a meat creditable hit too; quite meriting th-3 fbunde-s of applause which greeted it Llandudno were quickly put on the defensive aga:n, and Johnny Rowlands as watchful as ever threaded his wa.y through the defenders, and everything looked rooy far the Anglesey folk until Pecirson got on the pivot's track when he was a few yards from his bailed;, a-nd uncere- moniously floored him. The referee added in- sult to injury by penalising Rowlands for being offside. Llandudno were by no means inactive, and Johnny Williams had one of the hardest bits of luck that could be imagined, the ball striking the poet at a teo-rifie speed. and it went out to HotohkiflB, who was lying- offside. The pace was a cracker, both teams playing for all they were worth, but somehow or other the Seosiders failed to g-et into their accustomed stride. Hotchkiss and Taylor met an mid-air, and an in&tant later on torra firmia. ajnd both appeared amused over the incident which ended in the referee ruling that both ooimmitited a foul, throw the ball up. THE EQUALISER. Two minutes from the interval the Seasiders advanced, but tho movement had no indication of bearing fruit. Brooks-Evans, however, drove im a ground shot, and in endeavouring to reach it Collier foil, but lie failed to seize it, and a terrific yell announced that the scores had been equalised. Increased activity was shown by both teams upon tihe resumption of hostilities, but the whistle soon went for half-time. Half-time: Holyhead 1, Llandudno 1. It was noticed, when the game was resumed, that Charlie Roberts was absent, but camo on again figuring itn tho outside right position, and Johnny Williams wont fuli back. But to all intents and purposes Roberts was praotd- cai'ilv a passenger. Some excitement was causod when Woldh forced the ball ahead, Aldea-on da.iting after it like a hare, as also did Collier, and the custodia-n was first and olea.red. There was some unpleasantness be- tween Dick Filis and C. Roberts, which looked like ending in blows. 0. B. Edwards afforded H. Roberts a grand chance, a.nd he promptly slammed the ball into the. not with a grand shot, but the referee had whistled for a. foul, though it proved of no advantage to the Anglesey toa/m. The Llandudno spectators vigorously hooted "Tiny" ConiQn for whrut appeared to be a perfectly fair charge. For a while Holyhoad pressed, but Johnny Wil- liams was in fine form in his new role his clearances being clean and lengthy. At the other ond, Welch looked Like getting through only PiMry proved too smart dew him. A ROUGH ELEMENT. A most regrettable rough element was now introduced into the game, and during one of the assaults an tho 'Llandudno goal, Collier and C. Roberts got ait Iqggerheads, and a display of fisticuffs was narrowly averted. It was only at this et-age of the game that Hochkiss gave us an idea taf his what he can do, tricking Conlan and Pamry in succession, and it looked odds on Alderson scoring, but he was a trifle too late. At tihe other end Diok Ellis almost did the trick 4noTn a free kick. Then Herby Hotohlriss again raised the hopes of the Llan- dudno spectators by running round Conlan, but somehow or other he got offside. Though Holyhead were pressing in (earnest, they seean- ed to fail at the oriitical moment, but Bogue &ent in a ibeauty from a. difficult angle. Hotclikiss appeared to be a marked man he was nut allowed to move -an inch wi-thout Tay- lor as company. Someone fired the baJl to- wards the Holyhoad citadel, and Parry dairted after it at top speed. So did Welch and the Llandudno forward had the satisfaction of collaring thj ball wliich the Holyhead baok banged against him._ Direatly afterwards, the whiiblo sounded for time up, much to the' sur- prise of the spectators, who imagined that there was four minutes more to play. No extra time was played. Final result: Ilciyhead 1. Llandudno 1. The teams will meet for the third time at Bangor ncxi. Saturday.



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