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Football Chips.


Football Chips. (BY "VIGILANT.") I notice that the Conway Conovians are still on the path of triumph. That they outclassed the "Hen Ad'ar" on Saturday last in the return match a,t Conway. That OUlt off six matches played, they have c'nly lost once. (jco. Bangor). "That Bangor on that: occasoin were lucky to wtm. That a lot of the success they have.had is due to playing (the game. That if they continue on these lines they will secure' a good position at the end of (lhe season. That 1am Farrington has signed on for the, Conovians, and that he is likely to appear in their ranke against Bangor N'onmal College to- morrow. That IBdb Jones, late of Colwyn Bay, played for Conway again 011 Saturday. That he is' a tower of strength to the it earn. That the Conovians have evidently secured an acquisition in him. That iBab always was a capital player. That the display at Conway o'f the, "Hen Adlar" of Pennaaenmawr was of a very w:oldl de- scription. That great lack of judgment was shown in ,their movements. That the "Pennymicres" must settle down to more steady work. That tiheir material is wolf-hy of better work. That I do not yet lose faitlh in the quarry- men, Thaft I have always admired the players and the commit'tee. That I must ask them once more really to play up. That there is not much glory in earnting tihe "wcoden spoon." That surely the "Pennymofes" do hot mean to have it thrust on them. Thaiz, like other tea/ms, they have some stiff jobs on hand. That I wish them good luck and! success. That the Llandudno Amateurs met the "Roosters" in a League match on Salcurday ait Llandudno.. That it was the Amateurs' first appearance' at home this season in a League match. That they have been presented' with new col- ours by Messrs Lee and Luther, two enthusiastic comimiytee men. That they have discarded- the white jerseys for amlber and black, vertically striped, a la Wolverhampton Wanderers. That with snow-like knickers .'¡hey look very smart. That owing to the high wind the correct game could not. be played'. Thalt the ^Roosters" had the advantage of the wind in the first half. That they failed to turn their several advan- tages to account. That the "Rooster" was "plucked" again. That in the second half tihe Amateurs regis- tered' two uncommonly smart goals in abouit the first five minutes. That there was practically only one team in the second half of the game. That that team was not the dejected "Rooster." That the "Roosters" were supposed to have a good team, on the field. That Lee Blackwall was in goal. That Lei is idh'e fourth goalkeeper the "birds" haive -tried' this season. That next to Hayes he is the: best. That the "'Roosters" must he undergoing the process of moulting. zzl 11 That it wil'l be a pleasure to record their first win. "IlhaI have seen two wonderfully helpful. liutle handbooks invaluable to committees and players. That every footballer should possess a copy of the Wirral District1 Association Football Handbook with 100 questions and answers on the laws of the game. Price, 2d!. That the other Ibook is the referee's charit of the Footiball Asscciation, Limhedah the same pr:ce. That the diagrams in the latter on Idhe new rules are splendid. That the law of suspending a player is some- what like the English criminal lawvery un- evenly administered. That one rough player who offends yearly only gets 14 days' suspension, whilst a firsits offender gets 28 d)ays. (Why this thusn,ess?) That P'ortniadoc in their third League match have been defeated. That the event toolk place aiti 'Bangor, on 'Sat- urday. Tha't the Bangor second eleven managed to do the trick this year. That the Pbntmen were very lucky, indeedi, not to be beaten by three more. goals. Thaft Evans1, Burns, and Tom Thomas missedi three nenaiities. That suclh failures are almost unprecedented. That the usual luck again attended the Port- men in tfois case. That other teams' will run the champions of the League a tight race. That ifc will take the Portmen all their time to holdi their place of honour. That the Llandudno Amateurs mean to keep the 10-1 d'efealt in mind. Thatc they hope to reverse this result at the ne.xlt op p o ntunity. That I am at opinion that, barring accidents, they can do it. That the game will be a good one. That iBangor hold, a good position on the League table. That they are undefeated. That the Porit.men will be sure to make her- culean efforts to avenge their defeat when they meet at the Port town. That the vii-,cit.c,ry of the Colwyn Bay team ove'r the: (:fm"¡er Reserves in the Bay on Saturday was a. bit clever. That tihe "13 ay it es are in the next round of the Soames' Charity Cup Competition. That they are: a strong eleven. Tha't their oup tie with Llandudno will be a raltkling good: affair. 'That the meeting this time' is at Colwyn Bay. That the Amateurs have 'beaten the. Bayites in another cup tie. by a single goal. That the spirit of entering the Welsh, Senior Cup Competition by the two1 "locals" is exem- plary. That Bellis, of Llanrwst, will make a good centre-forward'. That Ohisholm has found a position in the- Llanrwst first team. That he fulily deserves his place. That "Gren" Jones has still a lelt more, foot- ball in him. That he is the personification of coolness. Tlhal: Willie Owen did not' shine on Saturday as he has done lately. That Roberit David' is fast developing into a good, reliabffei back. That he has plenty of pluck. Tlhait he well deserves to be included in the' "Roosters' ranks. That Francis is also an improved half-back. That Anderson and Hotdhkiss were very clever in the forward ranks of the Amateurs on Saturday. Thait"the Amateurs have a good1 forward line. That Priitcfhard may improve. That Johnnie, Williams is the useful man of the Amateurs. That his hack play on Saturday was the best on the field. That he chips in sweetly when danger threaic- ens. Tihat his style pleased me much. ThaA J. Lunt is a good partner for him. Thiait he is very cool when pressed. Thai Georgie Davies is as good as ever as cen tre-hali. That Jacob Williams is a sure tackier. Thait W. Roberts helps to make up a good trio. That Bob Welch has been seen in better form ,tih a n on Saturday. That 'Bob is a good captain. That he will shine ere the season is much older. Tthat Willie Alknan was a spectator on Sat- urday. That his knee is getting better. That Willie will play as soon as he can. That. David Griffiths is a splendid oukside right. Thalt the Amateurs have a nut to crack when thev meet: Colwyn Bay in a Senior Cup Tie. That tihe game will be highly interesting. That the. 'Bet'twsyaoed fceam beat the Llan- diudno Junction Laces, at the former place, by seven goals to nil. That Befdtws have a .big thing on when Port- madoc Reserves meet them in rBetttws in Janu- ary. "That the villagers will give tlhe Potmen a good game. That; comparatively speaking, the Port Re- serves are a sturdy lot of veterans at the game. -n- at ,I,fr Platt is a good secretary for Bettws. That I sfhall have more to say next week.


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