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Jes by Auction. Tel COIWYA. Dew, Te>h0ne^3n Bay and Conway. j, VUOjjo^ Colwyn Bay, 21: Con way, 27. jfi^'PreehoU1^ VALUATIONS of Landed ^eari ti r°Pertv •Kn^1fjeasel1°ld Business Premises, %fc?ar*in„L'MiDg Land, Hotels, Live and W^dtlte C Household Furnitiue, Pictures, I,a,^°ttriation furnished and Unfurnished, for S& ^°Hitrv^T>en-i0^ Houses, Building Estates, Jfrn 0r to Tlpf ,,enceH> and Business Premises RE> lC n parts of North Wales" TW D, GENERAL INSURANCE P08iff0ffi«e80Co AGENT. llfteQn°^'n Colw^?>^le most prominent and central a^ed pubiiV;. ,ay and Conway, thus affording — t0 aH Auction announcements. OP LLANRWST. er of the T? Executor of the late Miss M. G. JOES, Brynsteddfod. J* to Sell i, PW is instructed as above 6* EAGIS UCTIONATTLIE l9(ft ^'EDNeqt, H0Tel- LLANRWST, V?' at Three f TnE 13th Dav ov MAY' u&ble or Four p.m. precisely, the following P*\w vi, H?IP PROPERTIES AND 5o'rTAceitral] ING LAND- the B °ver Ulted SH0P witli DWELLING tea* tlier' ,'ar8e Yard and Outbuildings at j, V a^°resaid° ^ed in Denbigh-street, Llan- ^hatltori' ,now *n ^,e occupation of Mr. L mi^er-teiiant, Dr. Owen. as ttv.T»:?I:H0LD DWELLING HOUSES Pati^Vst aforesaj3 13' a'.ld 15' I)enbi-h"Htreel;' tto °* "ty. g 11(1 UOTi' in the respective occu- ^j^athereo £ °^§skins and Edward Thomas as known as FARM JQH in tl P* Outbuildings in the rear thereof, ,fsteua f °-c"pation of Mr. William Griffith 1 4 °1t 6-i hereof. nf /N i. W 8it^ted eStremel-v valuable BUILDING front UOae to l'le centre of the town, with i'i H! *° ^le Old Road and New Road tCllne 0^ilpati^a'Wst to Abergele. This land is also t'o{;tllereof- n °f lh' William Griffith Jones as 5df ^H0L^ COTTAGES, with good tiv6 0t11 Llac,aUachea' sitnated faci"S the Old ^iJl<;CC:!Patior,i! t0 Abergele; and in the respec- 5ugijn," 0llaH Davies, Thomas Williams, P^xtic-'0" ^riaac ^ories- as tenants thereof. e line 0, and Pians indue coursc, or in 1m e of DENT & ADAMS, Solicitors, Wolverhampton; %(t °^IFFITH & ALLARD. e ^uctior;n Solicitors, Llannvst; Oolv,-yn Bay and Conway. 6914 Vi»nce'LL|AM EVANS, C°rp0r Valuer, and Estate Agent SS^slACCOantant and Auditor. SALES nfby Auction and Private Treaty. r,r ninitnre, Plant, Machinery, ^ilber' • • &c. Cash Advances flay afler sa}2_ Po.rposes§a°^v?ransfcr'Estate Du^ ^^aged r> Mortgages Negotiated hllk.1^°p3."H^i^eiK3 C°Hected- Letting of A 1B^eloP*ed nces>Farms, etc. Building v be haa: os ^UIAINBERS, COLWYN BAY. ■ h\i^$ £ £ ztr' attf wil1 ^ell by W^, Sale R00ms as abovc, /n L o T; Q -R, "l useful assemblage of 'ri rj, 0lde^ed \ases, j^e ^ory Figures. Porce- ri>'cen^6s'-i-v. '"ir,-en3 o7 ^r°nzes, etc.. Ac., Fa.ticy J'toelj ^ELVE'T ^awiiU RF" OAK Suite, 7 pieces, M4 hgfc DitunS j?00!« B«tc, 9 pieces, in 5iC^ 9 pieces, in ih'"r>x'-t-toned -) ^lll and Umbrelia r ^\?r°^a oft: ian?forte8, two Massive Ae!' <luantit ajai°bes Tnii t alnut' choicc Bec^ i °f Car'net «et3' &c- toSether with I I TO°9o,dMt «» -U^tay Caatnbers. A Colwvn Bav. J- OLDMAN. LILE-5I_J^ANDUDXO. r t> ^RiVATE TREATY, i fe>a'v Vln ,PV? SIDE N C E Rnia^'ptod, ^VTO 1UVa^:anclt*1at Pj JCE "IS Y-COED." Pen- ^§W>011 ll0m et of £ 18 P cr annum. I A J. OLDMiK, l«- &' r& M «»!» m to Sales by Auction, Messrs. WM. DEW & SON Auctioneers, Bangor, Llandudno and Carnarvon. RHYL, NORTH WALES. Highly Important to those seeking a Compact Free- hold Private Residence, situate in the most select residential part of lihyl. JYI ESSES. W. DEW §, SON have been instructed by the Executors of the late Miss Mary Roberts to offer for Sale by Public Auction at THE WESTMINSTER HOTEL, RHYL. On MONDAY, APRIL 27th, 1903, at 2-30 o'clock In the afternoon, all that Valuable and Desirable FREEHOLD SEMI-DETACHED RESIDENCE known as CLWYD HOUSE, delightfully situated in Brighton-road, with a southern aspect, facing the grounds of the Claremont Hydropathic Establish- ment, and within a few minutes' walk of the Railway Station, Beach, Church, and Post Office. Particulars, Plan, and Orders to View may be obtained of MR. W. *P,. EVANS, Solicitor, 5, Castle-street, Ruthin; Messrs. W. R. Evans & Lloyd, Solicitors, Wrexham; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bangor, Llan- dudno, and Carnarvon. 6752 RHYL, NORTH WALES. CLWYD HOUSE, BRIGHTON ROAD. MESSRS. W. DEW & SON have been instructed by the Executors of the late Miss Mary Roberts to Sell by Public Auction on the above- named premises on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY7, the 28th, 29th, and 30th days of April, 1903, the whole of the Costly HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, 150oz. of Silver, Superior Plated Goods, Pictures, China, Glass, Linen, Bric-a-Brac, Old Oak and numerous other effects, being the contents of the above-named private residence. Further particulars and catalogues may be obtained frona the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bangor, Llan- dudno, or Carnarnon. 6751 L L A N D UDNO. Sale of those Handsome. Well-built and Commodious BUSINESS PREMISES, situate in Mostyn-strcet, and lately occupied by Lloyds Bank Ltd. MESSES WM. DEvV & SON will offer for Sale by Public Auction at the MARINE HOTEL, LLANDUDNO. On MONDAY, MAY 4TH, 1903, at 7 o'clock in the evening, subject to conditions — those Fine, Well-built BUSINESS PREMISES, known as 102 and 104, MOSTYN-STREET, recently known as "Lloyds Bank. These premises are commanding in appearance, and occupy a first-class position for business purposes, standing as they do with an extensive frontage to Mostyn street in a most central part of the town, close to the Post Office, the Market Hall, the Pier, and Promenade. Their extensive accommodation and position make them very suitable for a first-class Restaurant, Emporium, Bazaar, Warehouse, or any other high-class business. The property is held under lease for a term of 75 years from the 25th day of December, 1865, at an apportioned annual ground rent of 10s. Particulars with plan may be obtained of Messrs. WRAGCIE & CO., Solicitors, 4, Bennett's-hill, Birmingham or of the Auctioneers, Bangor, Llandudno, and Car- narvon. 6997 Preliminary Annonnc-c1ilenf. CARNARVONSHIRE. BEDDGELERT. Sale of a Valuable Freehold Estate, comprising a Fully-Licensed Hotel, with Accommodation Land, Building Sites, situated in the above renowned and much-frequented Resort. MESSRS. W. DEW & SON will offer for Sale by Public Auction, at the SPORTSMAN HOTEL, CARNARVON, during May next, the ROYAL COAT HOTEL AND WELL TIMBERED ESTATE, which in all comprises nearly 300 acres. Particulars and a Plan ar-i in course of preparation and in the meantime, any further information may be obtained of MESSBS. CHURCH, ADAMS & PRIOR. Solicitors, 11, Bedford Row, London or of the Auctioneers, Bangor, Llandudno, and Carnarvon. 6749 JOHN BOOTH & Co., Auctioneers, Valuers, House and Estate Agents. SALES BY AUCTION AND VALUATIONS of LANDED ESTATES, HOUSE PKOPEBTY, HOr-SEHOLD FURNITUUE, LIYE STOCK, etc., undertaken on Reasonable Terms. VALUATIONS FOB PBOBATE, MORTGAGE & TBANSVIK. Inventories mads and examined. Mortgages Negotiated. AGENT for Fire, Life, Personal Accident, Live Stock, Plate Glass and Mortgage Insurance with the Leading" Companies. Offices :-8, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Telephone No. 27 (Colwyn Bay). PARTICULARS OF PROPERTIES for Sale, or to be Let Furnished or Unfurnished, forwarded free on appli- cation. -f1!- MESSRS. JOHN BOOTH & CO. have applica- tions for Furnished and Unfurnished Houses in Colwyn Bay and neighbourhood. Particulars solicited. 6800 Sales by Auction. ROBERT & ROGERS JONES AUCTIONEERS & VALUERS, LLANRWST. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29th, 1903. CEENIACH, LLANRWST. THE LETTING of the whole of the • GRAZING LAND of the above Farm, about 80 Acres, in 12 Lots, from the day of Sale until the 30th day of November, 1903, subject to conditions to be there and then read. Sale at 2-30 o'clock p.m. 6929 Prcliminar'i Announcement. THURSDAY, MAY 7th, 1903. GWYNFRYN, LLANRWST. IMPORTANT SALE of Substantial 1 HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c. 6930 FRANK LLOYD & SONS, AUCTIONEERS, WREXHAM & ST. ASAPH. THURSDAY, APRIL 30th, at 12 o'clock. GREAT SPRING PRIZE SALE I;N ST. ASAPH SMITHFIELD. 11 GRUINEAS IN PRIZES. Five Guinea Cup for Best Supporter during 1903. FRANK "LLOYD & SONS F will Sell 1 Art Ripe. Fat BEASTS, DAIRY COWS, XUU HEIFERS and BULLS. O *tA BARRENS, STIRKS, Store BULLOCKS J.«)U and YEARLINGS. 1 AAA Fat SHEEP & LAMBS, COUPLES, Fat and Store PIGS and CALVES. All Stock should be in by 10. Judging at 11. Sale at 12 prompt. 6991 THURSDAY, APRIL 30th, at 5 o'clock. Important Letting of PASTURE LAND, at the PLOUGH HOTEL, ST. ASAPH. Frank LLOYD & SONS have been instructed to Let by Auction, subject to the usual letting conditions — The property of Mrs. Luxmore, Bryn Asaph CclÐ 1-f1, and Cae Buartli, 3a. Of. 17p.; Cae Bach and Field by River, 8 acres Cae Ucha Field, 6a. Or. 33p.; Two Cae Ffords, 7a. Or. 22p.; Pig Field and Barn Field. 4a 2r. 32p.; Bryn Polyn, 12 acres. To View apply to Mr. Peter Frier, Bryn Asaph. The property of Mrs. Rowley, Conwy Close Uchaf, 28a. Or. 14p.; Close Canol, 16 acres; Close Isaf, 25 acres; Coitia Dderwen, 13 acres; Coitia Newydd, 18 acres; Coitia, Nearl, 15 acres: Werglodd Sidari, 18 acres. To View apply to Mr. W. Conwy Bell. The property of F. H. Wrigley. Esq., Bryn Polyn Garden Field, 12 acres; Bridge Field, 5 acres Top Hhop Field, 11 acres Drive Field, 13 acres Drive Field, 6 acres. To be Let from Day of Sale till November 30th. The greater portion of the above Land has been well-manured with farmyard and artificial manures. The Water Supply and Fencing is good. Further particulars from the Auctioneers. 6919 850 HORSES. N EXT WEEK. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. FRANK LLOYD & SONS GREAT APRIL-MAY SALES. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29th-300 High-class Single and Double Harness HORSES and HUNTERS, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, &c. THURSDAY. APRIL 30tli-300 Pedigree HACK- NEYS, SHOW HORSES & COBS, Welsh COBS and PONIES and POLO PONIES, many of the finest goers in Great Britain. CARRIAGES and HARNESS. FRIDAY. MAY 1st—250 Heavy Lurry and Young HORSES, a fine selection. Parade and Judging, 10-30. Sales at 12. u All descriptions guaranteed. Two days' trial for work. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Wrexham. NEXT SALE at CREWE, MAY 20th, 21st & 22nd. fi992_ MR. FRANCIS QEARY, F.A.I. AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, RHYL. IMPORTANT TO BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, AND OTHERS. Sale of the CONTRACTOR'S PLANT used in the construction of the PRESTATYN WATER- WORKS, which in consequence of the completion of the Contract will be removed to Rhyl for Sale. AT RHYL STATION, APRIL 28th, 1903. MR. FRANCIS GEARY, F.A.I., has received instructions from the Contractor (Mr. C. E. Garden), to Sell by Auction the CONTRACTOR'S PLANT, as above, comprising :—A good 30 cwt. Derrick Crane, Tool Boxes, large quantity of Planks and Boards, Wheelbarrows, Dicks, Shovels, Hammers, Patent Petroleum Furnaces, Blacksmiths' Portable Forges, Anvil, Lead Dots, capital Wood-brdt Offico (in sec- tions), Patent Chain Blocks, Firewood, &c., Ac. Sale at 12 noon prompt. Catalogues of Sale may be obtained of the Auc- tioneer. Auction and Estate Offices, Market-street, Rhyl. 6789 Sales by Auction. PERCY KAY, Auctioneer and Valuer, HOUSE, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT. FIRE, LIFE, AND GENERAL INSURANCE AND COMMISSION AGENT. Distraints Levied. Rents Collected. Typewriting and Duplicating. 6526 Oxford Buildings, Conway Road, Colwyn Bay JI/I Order of the Mortgagee. COLWYN BAY AND OLD COLWYN. Important Sale by Auotion of Two Freehold Villa Residences and a Plot of Freehold Building Land with valuable Sand Pit. jyiR. PERCY KAY is instructed to Sell by Auction (unless in the meantime sold by Private Treaty), at the ROYAL HOTEL, COLWYN BAY, On FRIDAY, TIIE 1ST DAY OF MAY, 1903, at 7 p.m., the following RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES & BUILDING LAND with valuable SAND PIT, viz. Lot I-All that attractive FREEHOLD VILLA RESIDENCE, situate at the corner of Rhiw Road and Dundonald Road, ColwJn Bay. Lot 2-All that FREEHOLD VILLA RESI- DENCE adjoining the last mentioned, situate in Rhiw Road, Colwyn Bay. These two houses will first be offered in one Lot, and if not so sold then in the Lots mentioned above. Lot 3-All that eligible FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND with valuable SAND PIT known as "Hill- side," containing a ground area of 9,073 square yards or thereabouts, with a frontage of 287 feet to Llane- lian Road, Old Colwyn. For further particulars apply to MESSBS. H. BLISS HILL & SON, Solicitors, Wolverhampton; MB. H. BLISS HILL, Solicitor, Llandrillo-yn-RIios, Colwyn Bay; or to the Auctioneer, Oxford Buildings, Conway Road, Colwyn Bay, from the latter of whom cards to view may be obtained. 6909 Messrs. WHITTAKER & Co., Auctioneers and Valuers, LLANRWST, Lessees of the Talycafn Smithfield (CABNAItVONSTIIHE SIDE OF THE IUVEB). AUCTION SALES of Freehold and Leasehold Properties, Live and Dead Farming Stock, Household Furniture and Effects, etc., etc. CASH ADVANCES made. Settlements day after Sale (if required). VALUATIONS for Mortgage, Transfer, Estate I Duty, and other purposes. AUCTION MART :—LI.A.VRWST. 6793 SHEFFIELD HOUSE, LLANRWST. MESSRS. WHITTAKER & CO. have received instructions from Mr. Frank Jones, who is leaving the town, to Sell by Public Auction on SATURDAY, APRIL, 25th, 1903 (Llanrwst Fair Day), the whole of his Valuable STOCK OF GLASS, CHINA, EARTHENWARE, CUTLERY, etc. Sale commencing at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon. tiSSG TALYCAFN SMITHFIELD (Carnarvonshire side of the River). HTHE SECOND PERIODICAL SALE 1 of FAT & STORE CATTLE, SHEEP & PIGS, will be held in the above Smithfield, adjoining the Ferry Hotel, Talfcafn, ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 1903. Sale .at 12-30. 6782 One Month's Credit. Further Entries Invited. FREDERICK & FREDERICK, Auctioneers, Valuers, House, Estate, and Financial Agents, 1, LITTLER'S BUILDINGS, MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. AUCTION SALES conducted in Town and Country, of Furniture, Property, Live and Dead Stock, Farming Stock, Produce and Farm Implements. PROMPT SETTLEMENTS immediately on Com- pletion of Sale. MONIES ADVANCED from El to E500 on Goods, Furniture, Live and Dead Farming Stock for Sale by Auction. VALUING in all its Branches. HOUSES SOLD OR LET, Furnished or Unfur- nislied. MORTGAGES ARRANGED on Properties. DISTRAINTS EFFECTED in Town and Country. OFFICES 1, Littler's Buildings, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. WANTED to purchase for a Client, a good eight- W roomed House of Artistic Furniture for Cash' —Apply in the first instance to FBEDEKICK & .FREDERICK, Auctioneers, Llandudno. 6757 Sales by Auction. Messrs. CLOUQH & CO. AUCTIONEERS & VALUERS, DENBIGH. SALE of HIGH-CLASS CARRIAGES. Ac., at the CARRIAGE WORKS, LOVE LANE, DENBIGH. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO. will Sell by Public Auction on the Premises as above on THURSDAY, APRIL 30th, 1903, the whole of the High-Class and Well-Finibhed Vehicles, &c. Sale at 1 o'clock. 6983 For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers. GEORGE PERKINS, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, RHYL and ABERGELE. BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENT,PRACTICAL VALUER TO THE GROCERY, PROVISION, WINE AND SPIRIT, HOTEL, AND DRAPERY TRADES. DISTANCE NO OBJECT. 3221 FFORDDLAS, ABERGELE (near Tower Hill), about 1J miles from Abergele Town. Sale of Dairv, Cows, Farming Implements, Valuable Old Antique Furniture, China, &e. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29th, 1903. MR. GEORGE PERKINS has received instructions from the Misses Hughes to Sell om-tfce above premises the following .-—CATTLE AND POULTRY: 4 Choice Dairy Cows, in calf (2 on the point of calviDg, 3 Yearlings in good order, 40 Good Laying I'owls. IMPLEMENTS, <tc.: 3-Horse Power Thrashing Machine, 2 Heavy Carts, Set Thraves,Win- nowing Machine, Turnip Slicer, Capital Set Horse Povyer Clmrn, Chaff Gutter, nearly New Turnip Drill. 3 Ploughs Drag, Harrows, American Rake. Set Beam Scales and fights, Sack Barrow, Iron and Stone Pig Troughs, Pikels, Sundry Harness and Gears, Saws, Hay Knife, Ladder, Hoavy Chains, Cow-Ties, Salting rubs, Iron Boiler, &c., &c. Antique Furniture and China (well worthy of attention). Rare Old Welsh Oak Dresser with Plate-Rack, Cupboards & Di awers (in splendid condition), with Old Blue Willow Dishes and Plates Oak Dresser; Choice Old Arched Brass- face Dial 8-day Clock in Oak Case by Kirkham, Holy- well; Valuable Old Welsh Oak Cwppwrdd Tri-darn with Blue Willow Plates and Dishes, 1743 Genuine; Large Oak Screen or Settle, Chairs, Mahogany Chest Drawers, Toilet Glass, Brass Candlesticks, Desk, etc. Some Rare Specimens of Old Welsh China, Lustre (choice), &-c., tfrc., &c. Sale to commence at I o'clock prompt. Terms Cash. The Lots are not numerous, but several well worthy of attention. -r-v further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Brynliynnon House, Abergele. c23v _n. » JOHN CHEETHAM, Accountant & Estate Agent. FIRE, LIFE, AND ACCIDENT INSURANCES. INCOME TAX RECLAIMS PREPARED. FURNISHED HOUSES AND APARTMENTS. EISTEDDFA, 6770 GROVE PAK, COLWYN BAY. WILLIAM R. EVANS, ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT. Particulars of Furnished and Unfurnished Houses on application. 6646 — RHOS ON = SEA, COLWYN BAY. RHOS-ON-SEA .-To be Let, Furnished, a, R, DETACHED HOUSE, situated on a com- manding site on the sea front, containing 3 good Entertaining Rooms, a fine Entrance Hall, Butler's Pantry, 2 Kitchens, Scullery, Larder, 8 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, and W.C. 6648 TO BE LET, Unfurnishid DETACHED HOUSE .-L at Rbos-on-Sea, commanding splendid sea and mountain views. This house contains a large square Entrance Hall, Dining and Drawing Rooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Butler's Pantry, Larder, 7 Bedrooms, Bath, W.C. 6649 nPO BE LET, Unfurnished VILLA, 3 minutes' walk from the Rhos-on-Sea new Golf Club House, contains Sitting Room, Kitchen, Scullery, Larder, 4 Bedrooms, Bathroom, and W.C. 6650 }j10R SALE, a 4-h7p. (IR SSLE Y^' OTTO GAS ENGINE, complete with double fly wheel, etc. Sales by Private Treaty. BRYNARVON, LLANGEFNI, ANGLESEA. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY—The above desirableLeasehold DETACHED RESI- DENCE, containing3entertaining rooms, 6 bedrooms, dressing room, attic, bathroom, w.c.. nice largo kitchen, scullery, &c., and cellars; gieenhouse u e attached large kitchen garden, well-walled; roomv loose box, 3-stalled stable, harness room and coocti- house, shippon for 4 cows, well-laid ornamental grounds, Ten minutes from church, railway station and post-office. Good ifshing and hunting." 685S Miscellaneous. RHEUMATISM. — Invaluable Information, 11 embracing successful treatment and speedy cure,, free. send stamped address.—WHYMAN, Pharmaceu- tical Chemist, Kirkdale. 6932 CRAP S lanks and Boilers bought for cash, prices sent on application.—CAMPBELL BROS., 42 & 44, Kew-st., Liverpool. cl6A OPE COLWYN BAY. Dinill and Tea, Rooms, Schools and Private Parties Catered for. Apartments and Board for Cyclists; Welsh spoken.—Mn. DAVIES. 6762 HEU.LAIATISAf.-All kinds SPEEDILY CURED. Marvellous discovery. Splendid results. Moderate cost. Write for testiliionials.- BARIN GOULD, Rheumatic Specialist, "Ivanhoe," Queens wood-road, Birmingham. Advice Free. 6655 Our Welsh Page, see p. Is