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£ 100,000 "T FURNISHING GOODS | THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF BEDROOM SUITES, DEA WING-EOOM SUITES, DINING-ROOM SUITES, SIDEBOARDS, CABINETS, OVERMANTELS, BOOKCASES, HALL STANDS, AND OTHER FURNITURE. CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, FLOORCLOTHS, RUGS AND MATS, CURTAINS, AND GENERAL FURNISHING GOODS, AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN ENGLAND FOR CASH. 4874 RAY & MILES, 34 to 48, London Rd., Liverpool. Ask for THE CELEBRATED 1 s A warded 4 if Prize Medal /i1 raL Wherever 4 Exhibited. Highland Whisky. BEST VALUE ON THE MARKET. Beccmmcnded alike by Analysts and Physicians. Sold everywhere, in the Firm's own labelled and capsuled bottles. WRIGHT & GREIG, LTD., GLASGOW. 6768 J BROMLEY (For.nerly of C f t8 J,, BIZOMLEII Colwyn Bay.)Confectioner, PENRHYN RD. (Oppoeite New Post Office), COLWYN BAY, Has a Choice Selection of Cakes, Fruit Tarts, Steak and Kidney Pies, Veal and Ham Pies, Pastry, &c. BEST PLUM CAKE & RICH SEED CAKE, 1/- PER LB. OUR POTTED BEEF AND PRESSED BEEF Are made from the very Best Quality of Beef, all prepared on the premises. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF SWEETS, CHOCOLATE. &c. From the Best Makers. 6675 A. J. FLEET, MusicWarehouse, Penrhyn Rd#, Colwyn Bay FIRST-CLASS TUNING BY EXPERIENCED HANDS. TUNER TO THE COLWYN BAY & LLANDUDNO PAVILIONS. 6139 LARGE STOCK OF INSTRUMENTS AND MUSIC. Choice During hot zceather customers' oim meat kept free of charge in our q-, Superior Fresh Meat Daily 1 Patent Air Refrigerating Chamber. Welsh Mutton. DAVIES BROTHERS, Purveyors of Meat, WINDSOR HOUSE, ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN BAY, Telephone 17. Telegrams-Davies Brothers, Colwyn Bay. HOME CURED HAMS AND BACON. All Orders promptly attended to. 4363 COLQUHOUN'S '(. Genuine Scotch I Tweeds, Yarns and Hosiery. The name of COLQUHOUN has for the pass twenty years stood for all thai .s pnumem Scotch Woollen Goods. They are gul4^d 4 te mauu ractured from pure wool only, and go through the various processes to finished article in the mill and under MR. COLQTJHOUN'S supervision. BOX 01? SAMPLES POST FfiEE BOX OF SAMPLES POST FfiEE containing a select range of LADIES' and UENTLFMFN'Tu/Rnnc RUGS, BLANKETS, KNITTING WOOLS. HOSIERY,'elc flafelt j i it. 4. p'i- ier s.hade3' be sent on request. Any length cu„ at Mid Prices. All Carriages Paid. Write for Samples. TO WOOL GROWERS. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR WOOL? Do you ri&he the most of it? You can do this by sending it direct to my mills and having it manufactured into any kind of Woollen Cloth. 1 have over 4W nat^rr* and pay carriage on all wool sent me. I send patterns post free for patrons to select which cloth and pattern they like their wool made into P A. COLOUHOUN, L"«M« »««« •wmot, WAUKRIGG MILL, QALASHIBLS!' Please send all Wool and Orders through Local Agent, Mr. Isaac Jones, Bryn Tirion. laarclian, near Colwyn AGKNTfl WANTED WRRRK NOT 'T?'PnVC::Ti"'TT'Ia _a, "L:I"1 AJ. oa/u -BOYD, LLANDUDNO. ESTIMATES FREE R- BOYD, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer, Cuntractor to the Lady Angusta Mostyn, Craigside Hydro Pwllycrochan Hotel Ltd., &c., &o. TWENTY-NINE YEARS' PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. THIRTEEN YEARS ESTABLISHED IN LLANDUDNO. 4636 Note the Address61, MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. DUNN'S li BLACK OILS For Man or Horse, Have come to Stay. WORTH £5 A BOTTLE. A Powerful Embrocation and a Perfect Antiseptic. FOR MAN-Cure all Wounds, Braises, Ulccrons Sores, Sprains, Whitlows, Gatherings, and Rheumatism. To be ob. tamed at all Chemists. Price 1/1 and 2/9 a bottle. 2 1 Pn FSR-H?t8B| ANt? pATTLE.-Estra size and strength. Care Strained lendons, Broken Knees, Sore Shoulders, Quitters, Pole Evil, and all Wounds. To be obtained at all Chemists and Saddlers. Price 2/- a Bottle. 5291 Sole Manufacturers:—DUNN'S BLACK OIL CO., Darlington Street, WOLVERHAMPTON. W. H. EVANS AND SONS LIMITED, Letterpress Printers, CHESTER & COLWYN BA VAl

Colwyn Bay Petty Sessions.

Spring* Manoeuvred™ — —— £