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-=- by Auction. by Auction. CT P- A. DEW, Nof r ?y and Conway- ,T ohvyn Bay, 21; Conwa?, 27. 5owVFreehold^2S VALUAMONS of Lauded fiefli?^roPertv T>LEASEHOLD Business Premise^ Hotels, Live and trrf'an^ pfate Household Furniture, Pictures, To V-c ji„ orftiatinT> —Furnished and Unfuruislied. V&,i' C°Uiltrv8pin-i)f Houses, Building Estates, ale or t0 T^f 8 ,.encest and Business Premises RE> LIfw m a11 Parta of North Wales. j, n ANDa GENERAL INSURANCE Poti?.8 Offices f,, AGENT. Hw'0lJ in Col\«^tlle most prominent and central -galled puhli^u ,a^ Conway, thus affording ——'° Auction announcements. Ft?T^LE THIS day» 2 RIDAY> Hth APRIL. 1903. Iw Bank AVENUE, COLWYN BAY. „n tions has received instruc- Ju reaiflo« Charles Owen, who is giving °'e of the °e' *° Auction as above, the ^^tfa°LD FURNITURE e Linen pi00 ^^noforte, Blankets, Bed and at 1 V\ ec^ro"Plate, Cutlery Glass, China. &c. M°rnmg 0f Sale. 6846 DNESDAY. 22ND APRIL, 1903. LIC HAT; WALL, COLWYN BAY. Ai n. F. A. I)EW will Sell by Auction <5 So Xl larSe quantity Of jjeVetal ? ? ° L D F U R N I T U R E n Second-hand Gents' and Ladies' ^le at l-3fi °n vj w P-ni. prompt. on "IV'T^ • jj, ^het Ent from 10 o'clock. the SalQ\leS can be received any time ) are solicited. 6847 F LLANRWST. Bv A T°WN OF LLANRWST. der of the p, "I ^eeutor of the late Miss IT. G. JoNEs;» Brynsteddfod. to Sell iD?W is instructed as above nx EArr-nl Auction the 1903 ^WEsn^0TEL' LLANRWST' Vai' at 1'tree fA, THE 13tu Day 0i' MAY, ^3-ble r precisely, the following EEH0LI) PROPERTIES AND finrA^trall I>ING LAND' thfi 12 over y'!ltuated SHOP with DWELLING irear ther'p/?/1 ,*ar £ e Yard and Outbuildings at jj' A' aforesai(j S^llate^ 'n Denbigh-street, Llan- '^Wltnn' nov> 'n t*16 occupation of Mr. i his mder-tenant, Dr. Owen. L?°^a NmnKEE0L:D DWELLING HOUSES Pa>t afores I8 U" 13' and 15> Denbigh-street, l0lls of \y j, a*' and n°w in the respective oecu- I ^ta thereof °' ^3^'ns and Edward Thomas as CO]:1:;a.t rebolc1 Property known as "FARM Jon ft0,iv in tlm Outbuildings in the rear thereof, I J?8 as tenanf °ccr'pation of Mr. William Griffith r Ab°ut 6* hereof. situatea8 f extremely valuable BUILDING les?nant fronta t0 the cen^e of the town, with In (,ln§ ^otuTji&GS t0 Koad and New Road Ttis k"a <• •*> ^Ot^eef. William Griffith Jones as 1?^ ^nt^ta^a C0TTAGES- witi g°°a t'Ve 0CftOm l^anrwsUo S?i Sltuated fa«ng the Old \Vi)i- Pltions nf T ei'geleJ and in the respec- DT"ie3' T1«"°-WUian, t, tilaer particlll ac Jones, as tenants thereof. 0iintiuje 0 £ aia and plans in due course, or in ILESSM- DENT & ADAMS, ^Iesskc ^°i'cit°rs, Wolveihampton; or ot "• G1:JFFITH & ALLARD, Auctiorieer p Solicitors, Llanrwst: and Conway. 6914 AUCT,, P-Pr-RF-Y THOMAS, -P ^SI^AOS, COLWYN BAY. littw VIRION GARDENS. rtflht R„, bale bv fiOTjtjx' of the FREEHOLD fa ^and PREMISES. *YI«- Hov to SeIl bv f is instructed Out? HOtIr 1011' at tl,e 17th dafj C0LWyN BAY, ^HUqIOousg anVp L' 1903' at 6'30 P-m- ria-UI>E KS -ep5'f03' known as BRYN {r°*n RT0ll8e co^t Colwyn Bay. w ed^orhT m d1 R°°mS- DraAvinS 1, ^th Jfn n' Badv-711<ront Hal,< Lavatory, ■■ p0l^ appiy to CRTER& AMPHLETT, to th bolicitors, Atlctioileei. j;, ^°iwyn Bay and Conway; °3' c°iwyn Bay. GG8S Sales by Auction. Messrs. WM. DEw & SoN Auctioneers, Bangor, Llandudno and Carnarvon. RHYL, NORTH WALES. jyIESSBS. WM. DEW & SON are *• instructed to offer for Sale by Public Auction, at the WESTMINSTER HOTEL, RHYL, On MONDAY, APRIL 20, 1903, at 2 o'clock p.m., that Handsome and Spacious MARINE RESIDENCE of "BOD-DONWEN." together with Bod-Donwen Cottage, Stables. Conservatory, &c., and Two Choice Building Sites (now forming the Tennis Lawn, Kitchen Garden, &c.,attached to Bod-Donwen House and Grounds), the whole comprising an Area of 4,270 square yards or thereabouts, and occupying a pleasant and private position, with extensive frontages to East Parade, St. Asaph-street, and Russell-road, in one of the most select and convenient spots in Rhyl, close to the Beach, and within a few minutes' walk of the Pier and Railway Station. Particulars, Plans, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of Messrs. WILLIAM GRIFFITH SON & ADAMS, Solicitors, Dolgelley. At the Auctioneers' Institute, 57, Chancery-lane, London, W.C., or of the Auctioneers, Bangor, Llan- dudno, and Carnarvon. 6616 TOWN OF RHYL. Sale of Valuable Freehold Building Sites, situate in Crescent-road, John-street, and Gordon-road, in the heart of the Town, close to the Parade, and within a few minutes' walk of the Railway Station. MESSRS. W. DEW & SON will offer f Ir Sale by Public Auction at the WESTMINSTER HOTEL, RHYL, On MONDAY, APRIL 20th, 1903, at 2-30 oclock In the afternoon (or immediately after the Sale of Boddonwen Residence), THIRTY-THREE VALUABLE FREEHOLD BUILDING SITES, ranging in area, from 158 square yards to 300 square yards, fully ripe for Building Purposes, and occu- pying a valuable and important position. New roads have been made, Kerbed Paths, and Drains to each plot, with 10 feet wide Back Roads to same. This Property for Building Purposes cannot be excelled, owing to its splendid position. Particulars, Plan, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of JOHN HOWARD BAKER, lTIsq., Solicitor, 57, Colmore Row, Birmingham at tho Auctioneers' Institute, 57. Chancery-lane, London, W.O., or of the Auctioneers, Bangor, Llan- dudno, and Carnarvon. 6750 RHYL, NORTH WALES. Highly Important to those seeking a Compact Free- hold Private Residence, situate in the most select residential part of llhyl. MESSES. W. DEW & SCN have been 4"* instructed by the Executor.; of the l$te Miss Mary Roberts to offer for Sale by Public Auction at THE WESTMINSTER HOTEL, RHYL, On MONDAY, APRIL 27th, 1903, at 2-30 o'clock In the afternoon, all that Valuable and Desirable FREEHOLD SEMI-DETACHED RESIDENCE known as CLWYD HOUSE, delightfully situated in Brighton-road, with a southern aspect, facing the grounds of the Claremont Hydropathic Establish- ment, and within a few minutes' walk of the Railway Station, Beach, Church, and Post Office. Particulars, Plan, and Orders to View may be obtained of MR. W. R. EVANS, Solicitor, 5, Castle-street, Ruthin; Messrs. W. R. Evans & Lloyd, Solicitors. Wrexham; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bangor, Llan- dudno, and Carnarvon. 6752 RHYL, NORTH WALES. CLWYD HOUSE, BRIGHTON ROAD. MESSRS. W. DEW & SON have been I'A instructed by the Executors of the late Miss Marv Roberts to Sell bv Public Auction on the above- named premises on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY, the 28th, 29th, and 30th days 01 April, 1903, the whole of the Costly HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ISCoz. of Silver, Superior Plated Goods, Pictures, China, Glass, Linen, Bric-a-Brac, Okl Oak and numerous other effects, being the contents of the aboveriiamed private residence. Further particulars and catalogues may be obtained frora the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bangor, Llan- dudno, or Carnarnon. 6751 Preliminary Announcement. CARNARVONSHIRE. B E D D G E L E R T Sale of a Valuable Freehold Estate, comprising a Fully-Licensed Hotel, with Accommodation Land, Building Sites, situated in the above renowned and much-frequented Resort. MESSRS. W. DEW & SON will offer iTiL for Sale by Public Auction, at the SPORTSMAN HOTEL, CARNARVON, during May next. the ROYAL GOAT HOTEL AND WELL TIMBERED ESTATE, which in all comprises nearly 300 acres. Particulars and a Plan ar in course of preparation and in the meantime, any further information may be obtained of MHSSBS. CHURCH, ADAMS & PRIOR, Solicitors, 11, Bedford Row, London; or of the Auctioneers, Bangor, Llandudno, and Carnarvon. 6749 Sales by Auction. By W. DEW & SON-Continued. LLANDUDNO. Important Sale of those Handsome, Imposing, Well- built, and Commodious Business Premises, Nos. 102 and 104, Mostyn Street, recently occupied by Lloyds Bank Co. Ltd. MESSRS WM. DEW & SON will offer for Sale by Public Auction at the MARINE HOTEL, LLANDUDNO, On MONDAY, MAY 4TH, 1903, the above Valuable LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. Further particulars in due course. 6936 FRANK LLOYD & SONS, AUCTIONEERS, WREXHAM & ST. ASAPH 40 GUINEAS 80 H IN PRIZES. D ORSES. GREAT SALE OF SHOW ANIMALS. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. FRANK LLOYD & SONS invite Entries for :— APRIL 29th—HUNTERS & HARNESS HORSES. Included in this Sale are the Stud of Hunters and Harness Horses, Carriages, and Saddlery, &c., belonging to the late Edmund Peel, Esq., Bryn-y- Pys Mr. Hugh Lowndes' Horses, Carriages, and Harness and 16 upstanding Carriage Horses from Mr. Jno. Jones, Whitegate Stud. APRIL 30th Great Sale of the year for HACK- NEYS, SHOW HORSES, COBS and PONIES, including consignments of well-known Winners from Mr. W. F. Tatern, Cardiff, Mr. A. D. Oates, Ryburn Stud, Mr. John Jones, Whitegate, the Gwalia Stud, and many others. MAY 1st—Heavy LURRY & YOUNG HORSES. GRAND CUP COMPETITION. Entries finally close by next Monday's post, 20th inst. NEXT CREWE SALES, MAY 20th, 21st & 22nd. 1;<191 THURSDAY, APRIL 30th, at 12 o'clock. GREAT SPRING PRIZE SALES OF THE VALE OF CLWYD, In ST. ASAPH SMITHFIELD. 12 Guineas in Prizes for best 3 Fat Beasts, Dairy Cow, Calving Heifer, Pair of Barrens or Stirks, Bunch of Store Bullocks, Bunch of Yearlings, Pair of Yearlings, Fat Bull, Yearling Bull, 20 Welsh Couples, 10 Couples any other Breed. Five Guinea Cup to Best Supporter during 1903. FRANK LLOYD & SONS invite early Entries, so that due publicity can be given to the large Graziers and Dairy Farmers. The present Entry includes— 250 FAT & STORE BKASTS. including some grand Beef, Daily Cows, Yearling Bullocks and Heifers and Bulls 750 SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVES, including fine Lot of Couples. All Stock must be in at 11 for judging. 6920 THURSDAY, APRIL 30th, at 5 o'clock. Important Letting of PASTURE LAND, at the PLOUGH HOTEL, ST. ASAPH. CRANK LLOYD & SONS ■ have been instructed to Let by Auction, subject to the usual letting conditions :— The property of Mrs. Luxmore, Bryn Asaph Cae Isa and Cae Buartli, 3a. Or. 17p.; Cae Bach aiid Field by River, 8 acres Cae Ucha Field, 6a. Or. 33p.; Two Cae fiords, 7a. Or. 22p.; Pig Field and Bam Field, 4a 2r. 32p.; Bryn Polyn, 12 acres. To View apply to Mr. Peter Frier, Bryn Asaph. The property of Mrs. Rowley, Conwy Close Uchaf, 28a. Or. 14p.; Cloe Canol, 16 acres; Close Isaf, 25 acres; Coitia Dderwen, 13 acres; Coitia Newydd, 18 acres; Coitia Nearl, 15 acres; Werglodd Sidan, 18 acres. To View apply to Mr. W. Conwy Bell. The property of F. H. Wiigley, Esq., Bryn Polyn Garden Field, 12 acres; Bridge Field, 5 acres; Top fcsliop Field, 11 acres Drive Field, 13 acres Drive Field, 6 acres. To be Let from Day of Sale till November 30tli. The greater portion of the above Land has been well-manured with farmyard and artificial manures. The Water Supply and Fencing is good. Further particulars from the Auctioneers. 6919 A. J. OLDMAN. AUCTIONEER & VALUER, LLANDUDNO. FOe. SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. THE FREEHOLD VILLA RESIDENCE, known as BROOK VILLA," Con\yay; and that DETACHED RESIDENCE, IS-Y-t OED," Pen- maenmawr, producing a rental net of zEl8 per annum. Fuil particulars from 6911 A. J OLDMAN, Telephone No. 118. Auctioneer, Llandudno. _5; MR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER. RHYL ENGLEFIELD, 25, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. /V4R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS is instructed to Sell by Auction, on MONDAY, APRIL 20th, the whole of the superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, the contents of 3 Entertaining Rooms. 7 Bedrooms, Hall, Plate, Linen, itc. Con tty Chambers. Rhyl. Telephone 0179. c2A BEST RESULTS.—Advertise your wants in tho Welsh Coast Pioneer" 12 words. 6d. if prepaid, or Is. for three insertions. I Saies by Auction. ROBERT & ROGERS JONES AUCTIONEERS & VALUERS, LLANRWST. LLANRWST. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BY JYI ESSBS. ROBERTA ROGERS JONES, Auctioneers, at the KING'S HEAD TEMPERANCE HOTEL, LLANRWST, On TUESDAY, the 21st day of APRIL, 1903, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, all that desirable LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE, situate and being No. 10, WATLING STREET, LLANRWST, in the occupation of Mr. Matthew Ellis. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, or to Messrs. DAVID JONES & ROBERTS, Solicitors, 6811 Llanrwst. IMPORTANT SALE of Valuable FREE- HOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES AT THE KING'S HEAD CAFE, LLANRWST, ON TUESDAY, APRIL 21at, 1903, at 2-30 o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and-there produced, and which comprise Lot I-All those THREE FREEHOLD FIELDS, known as Eagles Fields, situate in the parish of Llanrwst, in the county of Denbigh, and containing by admeasurement 18 acres 3 roods, 8 perches, or thereabouts. Lot 2-All those THREE FREEHOLD FIELDS. known as Gadlas Brith," situate in the parish of Llanrwst, in the county of Denbigh, and containing by admeasurement 19 acres or thereabouts. (Both the above Lots adjoin one another, and are in a very forward state of cultivation, well supplied with water, and are first-class accommodation land, with a frontage to the road leading from Llanrwst to Bettws-y-Cotd). Lot 3-All that FREEHOLD HOUSE AND SHOP, known as "Prescot House," situate in Den- bigh-street, Llanrwst, now in the occupation of Mr W. O. Williams. as yearly tenant, and comprises Shop, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, two Bedrooms, and premises at back. Lot 4 All that FREEHOLD HOUSE AND SHOP, known as "Denver House," formerly King- ston House, situate in Denbigh-street, Llanrwst, in the county of Denbigh, now in the occupation of Mr. William Hughes, as 'yearly tenant, and comprises Shop. Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Cellar, Sitting Room, four Bedrooms, and Yard in rear, with entrance from Plough-street. Lot 5-All that FREEHOLD HOUSE AND SHOP, known as "Grosvenor House," situate in Denbigh-street, Llanrwst. in the county of Denbigh, now in the occupation of the Misses Roberts, Con- fectioners, as yearly tenants, and comprises Shop, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Cellars, Sitting Room, four Bedrooms, Servant Bedroom, Attics, Yard in rear, with Bakehouse therein, and entrance from Plough- street. Lot 6-All those THREE well-built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES AND SHOP, situate in Plough-street, in the town of Llanrwst, in the county of Denbigh, now in the occupation of Mrs. Grace Roberts, Mr. Reed, Mrs. Williams, and the late Mary Thomas, as yearly tenants. Lot 7-All those THREE DWELLING HOUSES known as No. 1, 2, and 3, Bryn Crafnant, situate in the village of Trefiiw, in the county of Carnarvon. The property is held under a lease dated 22nd of June, 1870, for a term of 60 years from November 1st, 1869, at an annual ground rent of Y,15 15s. Od. Lot 8-All those THREE COTTAGES known as Forge Cottages, together with the OLD FORGE," situate in the village of Trefriw, in the county of Carnarvon, now in the occupation of Messrs. Titus Roberts, Richard Williams, and William Williams. The property is held under the above-mentioned lease (Lot 7). An that FREEHOLD FARM called Ty Nant Gell," near Dafarn Newydd, 12 acres or thereabouts. Vacant possession 1st May next. For further particulars apply to Messrs. PORTER & AMPHLETT, Solicitors, Conway and Colwyn Bay; or the Auctioneers, Llanrwst. 6839 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22nd, 1903. TALYCAFN MART. Important Sale of » 114 Fat BULLOCKS, HEIFERS, COWS and BULLS; 20 Head of Store CATTLE; 400 Fat WETHERS & EWES; 120 Fat Crossbred LAMBS; 20 Fat CALVES and PORKERS. Usual conditions. Sale at 12-30 o'clock prompt. cl6A THURSDAY, APRIL 23rd, 1903. HAFOD, GWYTHERIN. SAIJE of the whole of the LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, Implements, Dairy Utensils, and the Antique HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURr., including several pieces in Old Oak, the property of Mr. Thomas Jones, who is leaving. 6928 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23th, 1903. CERNIACH, LLANRWST. I" HE LETTING of the whole of the GRAZING LAND of the above Farm, about 80 Acres, in 12 Lots, from the day of Sale until the 39th day of November, 1903, subject to conditions to be here and then read. Saie at 2-30 o'clock p.m. 6929 Preliminary Announcement. ABOUT THE END OF APRIL. GWYNFRYN. LLANRWST. 2 i'O RT A NT SALE of Substantial I HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c. 6930 Sales by Auction. Messrs. J. PRITCIIARD & PORTER AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS. BANGOR. 5ALE THIS DAY (FRIDAY). THE TOWN OF CONWAY, LLANDUDNO JUNCTION, LLANGELYNIN, AND DWYGYFYLCHI. Important and Attractive Sale of FREEHOLD & LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. MESSRS. J. PRITCHARD & PORTER will offer by Public Auction, at THE CASTLE HOTEL, CONWAY, On FRIDAY, APRIL 17th, 1903, at 2-30 p.m., the following VALUABLE PROPERTIES. Lot l.-A Capital Plot of BUILDING LAND situate in Cadnant, Conway, containing 566 square yards or thereabouts. Lot 2.-All that Desirable LEASEHOLD BUILD- ING, situate in ChurcliTstreet, Conway, known as the Constitutional Club. Lot 3.-All that Valuable FREEHOLD LAND, known as Parcmawr, in the parish of Llangelynin, in the Vale of Conway, containing an area of 85a. 2r. 21p. or thereabouts, together with the Six Well-built COTTAGES erected thereon. Lots 4 to 9.—All those SIX FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, known as River View- terrace, Llandudno Junction. Lots 10 to 17.-All those EIGHT FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, known as Queen's-road, Llandudno Junction. Lots 18 to 25.-All those EIGHT FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, known as Kimberley-road, Llandudno Junction. Lots 26 to 32.-All those SEVEN FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, known as Broad Street, Llandudno Junction. Lot 33.—That Charmingly Situated FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, known as Glyn Ucha," Dwygyfylchi. Lot 34.-All that piece or parcel of LAND situate at Llandudno Junction, adjoining the London and North-Western Railway Company's Cottages, opposite the Chapel and having a frontage to the main road of 213 feet, and containing in the whole 001. 3r. 25p., more or less. A Valuable Building Site. Lot 35.—All that piece or parcel of LAND. adjoin- ing the main road leading from Pensarn to Marl, on the South and East, having an area of Oa. 3r. 12p., more or less. A splendid Building Site commanding extensive and magnificent views of the surrounding scenery. Lot 36.-All that semi-detached VILLA, known as "Eryri," situate in the town of Conway, in the occupation of the Rev. Robert Roberts. Lot 37.-All that nicely arranged FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, known as "Plas Llewelyn," Dwygyfylchi, standing in its own grounds and com- manding lovely uninterrupted views of the sur- rounding sea and mountain scenery. Further particulars may be obtained from Messrs. PORTER & AMPHLETT, Solicitors, 6642 Conway and Colwyn Bay, or the A uctioneers, Bodhyfry d, Bangor. Telephone 47 TUDOR LODGE, PENMAENMAWR. Highly Attractive Sale of the whole of the Household Appointments, 450 ounces of Antique Silver Tea and Coffee Services, Cups, etc., of the Georgian period, genuine Oil Painting and Three Drawings by George Morland other valuable Paintings and Engravings, Glass, China, Bed and Table Linen, valuable Microscope, Telescope, Field Glasses, Barometers, Old,, oins, valuable Library of Books, costly Timepieces, Three Grandfather Clocks, Two Conservatories, and other effects. HESSRS. J. PRITCHARD & PORTER will Sell by Public Auction APRIL 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 1903, at 11-30 a m. each day prompt. On view April 18th (only), from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Catalogues of the Auctioneers, Bodhyfryd, Bangor (Telephone 47). C897 MR. F. J. SARSON, AUCTIONEER & VALUER, LLANDUDNO. u Removed from 117, Mostyn Street, to the MASONIC HALL, LLANDUDNO, For convenience of Sale. By o der of the Executors to the Will of the late Mrs. McMahon, 117, Mostyn-street, Llandudno, Gold and Silversmith. Exceptionally important and interesting Sale by Auction of the whole of the Valuable and Artistic Furniture, unique examples of Oriental and English Ceramic Art, choice Oil Paintings, Water Colour Drawings, rare Antique and Modern Engravings by artists of repute, Walnut Pianoforte by Kirk- man, Sewing Machine, etc., several cabinets of the best Sheffield Silvered Plate and Cutlery, 400oz. of Solid Silver Plate, the attractive Sale Room Appointments, also the Contents of the large Dining Room, Bedchambers, Domestic Offices, &c. ■YI R. F. J. SARSON (Valuer to the County Council of Carnarvonshire) is instructed to submit to Public Competition on WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, APRIL 22 and 23, 1903, the above COSTLY AND DECORATIVE FURNITURE in addition to the STERLING SILVER AND SILVERED PLATE. Further particulars may be obtained of Messrs. CHAMBERLAIN & JOHNSON, Solicitors, or of the Auctioneer, County Chambers, Llandudno, who will publish detailed Advertisements, Sale Bills, I and Descriptive Catalogues in due course. 6884 Sales by Auction continued on page 8. OURWEL^^PAGESJSEEPJLS&LE