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FOOTBALL NOTES. [By "VIGILANT.") Whilst Bangor, in a Combination fixture, were defeating Chirk on their own enclosure by one goal to nil, the other coast club, Rhyl, was being severely drubbed at Burslem. I am sure the canddd opinion of all coasters, and especially the majority of Rhylites, when I say I hope it will be Rhyl's last season in the Com- bination. I admire the aspirations of Rhyl foot- ballers in going, in for higher class football than there is to be found on the coast; though, at, the same time, from a financial point of view, I think the game is not a paying one. Rhyl are, peculiarly situated in this respect. If they were members of the First League Divis- ion, very few more sixpences would be taken, because what football enthusiasts, there are in. the seaside town,, are always out viewing a match. I am sure I shall not be in error when I prophesy that the Rhyl gates do not warrant the heavy expenditure, inseparable from incor- poration in the Combination. Lon.g distances to travel, time lost by players, etc., has the dis- agreeable effect of expenditure exceeding the in- come, and, as I have before stated in these columns, it would be far better if Rhyl got up a good team for league purposes in their own locality. It would oerta nly 'be, a grand fillip to football generally on the coast. The case of Ban.gor is on another footing alto- gether to that of Rhyl, because the Cathedral City can always command a good gate, and their supporters are more solid in the constant en- couragement of their pets. At the same time, Bangor has to pay very heavily for its member- ship of the Combination, by having to pay each visit:ng team for all the distance travelled over beyond a certain radius. Notwithstanding all the so-called glory of being in the combination, I would be glad to see both Rhyl and Bangor withdraw from it, and become members of a good and sound North Wales Coast League, where now and again we should see some good local fights, and the levelling up of coast foot- ball generally. It was the late lamented Llandudno Swifts that were first imbued with the idea of being members of the Combination, and their laudable desires cost them their actual existence. It will hardly be believed that when belonging to the Com- o bination the: (gates of Llandudno did not really increase to an extent worth speaking of, that is, compared with the time they were members of the North Wales Coast League, so I hope, for the sake of the coast generally, that both teams will secede from the Combination next season, and throw their weight and talent into the scales of coast football only. I am, very pleased to think that the North Wales Coast Football Association is on a better business this season than has been the case for some years. The methods adopted are very praiseworthy, and we are to have a proper amendment of the semi-obsolete rules, county caps, etc. and, also, we are to have an East v. West match. Further developments in due time will ensure confidence that was to a great sense lost during the past three years. »

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