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Football. FIRST DIVISION. Jr!S RESULTS UP TO DATE .Goals, PM. Won. Lost. Drn. For Agst. Pts. Notts Forest 12 8 1 3 22 7 19 Newcastle United 11 1 1 3 15 7 17 Liverpool 11 7. 3 1 26 15 15 Aston Villa H. t) 5 3 20 17 15 Bury 11 6 3 2 23 10 14 Sunderland 11 4 2 5 14 10 13 Everton 10 5 3 2 16 9 12 Manchester City 11 5 4 2 12 13 12 Notts County 11 5 7 2 22 24 12 Wolverhampton W. 11 3 3 5 18 24 11 Sheffield United li 5 5 1 13 19 11 W.Bromwich Albion 13 2 5 6 12 27 10 Derby Ceunty 12 4 7 1 23 22 9 Sheffield Wednesday 10 3 4 3 14 14 9 Bolton Wanderers. 11 3 5 3 10 14 9 Blackburn Rovers. 12 2 5 5 10 17 9 Stoke 12 2 7 3 11 18 7 Preston North End. 13 2 9 2 13 27 6 RESULTS OF MATCHES PLAYED ON SATURDAY LAST. Bury 3 Bolton Wanderers 0 Sunderland. 1 "Blackburn Rovers 0 *West Bromwich I Sheffield Wednesday 1 *Sheffield United. 2 Preston North End 1 ^Newcastle United. 3 Wolverhampton W 1 *Notts Forest 1 Derby County 0 Everton 2 *Stoko 0 "Liverpool. 5 Aston Villa 1 "'J\hnehesterCity. 2 Notts County 0 Played on the grounds of the club marked LEAGUE.—SECOND DIVISION. RESULTS UP TO DATE :— Goals-, Pld. Won. Lost. Drn. For Agst. Pts. Blackpool United 10 5 0 5 11 4 15 Grimsby Town 11 6 2 3 21 13 15 Burnley 12 7 4 1 15 10 15 Small Heath 10 4 0 6 16 G 14 Woolwich Arsenal. 11 5 3 3 14 11 13 Leicester Fosse 12 4 3 5 It 8 13 Walsall 11 4 3 4 17 16 12 New Brighton Tower 11 4 4 3 14 11 11 Bliddlesbrough 10 4 3 3 14 13 11 Glos-op 9 4 3 11 8 10 Newton Heath 10 4 5 1 13 9 9 Lincoln City 10 4. 5 1 11 12 9 Burton Swifts 13 4 8 1 17 22 9 Stockport County 11 4 6 1 15 23 9 Burslem Port Vale. 12 2 5 5 8 20 9 I Gainsborough 11 3 6 2 12 24 8 Barns'ey 10. 3 0 1. 13 17 7 Chesterfield 10 1 6 3 11 17 5 I RESULTS OF SATURDAY'S GAMES. •New Brighton Tower 0 Woolwich Arsenal 2 *Grimsby Town 5 ^Gainsborough Trinity. 2 •Walsall 2 ♦Blackpool 2 *Small Heath 0 *Burton Swifts 0 Leicester Fosse 0 Newton Heath 1 Stockport Cotiiity 1 Burslem Port Vale 1 Burnley 0 Lincoln City. 0 Chesterfield 0 Middlesborougli 0 COMBINATION. WHITE STAR WADERERS v RHYL. At Bootle. A very exciting game ending in a draw of 2 goals each. CHIRK v WREXHAM. At Chirk. The visitors were undefeated in the Combination up to Saturday, and suffered a defeat of 2 goals to nil. TRANMERE ROVERS v NEWTON-LE- WILLOWS. At Tranmere. The homesters won by 3 goals to nil. HUDSON'S v OSWESTRY. At' Liverpool. The visitors won by 4 goals to nil. BANGOR v LLANDUDNO SWIFTS. The above teams met in a friendly match at Bangor in miserable weather, and before a good gate. The game was a well contested one, and ended in a victory for the homesters by 6 goals to 4. > North Wales Coast Leaugue. CARNARVON v LLANRWST. At Carnarvon. The homesters winning by 6 goals to nil. To judge from the score, 6—o, Llanrwst received a most severe drubbing at the hands of Carnarvon last Saturday. But there were many things which could be enumerated in extenuation. Llanrwst was short of Hughes at half-back, and J. R. Jones, a good forward. Then they were unlucky. In less than 10 minutes from the kick off Thos. Edwards, of Conway, one of the full backs, was injured badly enough to prevent him playing. Soon after two more men were hurt by the enemy. The homesters shook up a bit rough occasionally, but their play was of a high order. Six goals to nil is one-sided, to say the least of it. NOTES. The debut ot the Llandudno Swifts at Bangor, for the first time this season, when they engaged the home team in a return friendly match, was witnessed by an appreciative crowd, and had the elements been of a more favourable nature a much larger gate would doubtless have greeted the Swallows, who are, and always have been, a capital gate drawing team. The team which journeyed to Bangor had many new faces, and of their display the Llanduduo Committee may hope for better things, after Saturday's exhibition. The ground on Saturday was, around the town goal, one of quagmire, after the recent heavy rains. The discomfort of this was in a measure obviated by the use of sawdust but for speedy and accurate play it was impossible to get much more than a glimpse of it, for the players, and especially the visitors, found much difficulty in keeping on their legs. As the gates at Bangor, it is understood, are not as good as they were, it must be very galling and unsportsmanlike to see that almost 50 per cent of the usual Bangor supporters, who took advantage of a college match in the adjoining ground, where no pay was asked, and under pretence of wit- nessing the College match enjoyed the Bangor v. Llandudno match gratis. The Bangor Club Com- mittee are sufficient business men to find an immediate remedy for this loss to their exchequer. Nothing but contempt can be shewn such mean people, who if no club existed would be the first ones to growl at the want of same, but who again, will not, if they can help it, contribute to the necessary expenses of maintaining the club. The game, all considered, was pleasing save for one or two wilful fouls, and the passing, and combination of the visitors, now and again, was worthy of their best traditions. The match was the means of introducing McCann and Reckless into the visitors' front rank, and it would be rash to judge the Colwyn Bayites on their first appearance on foreign soil, and so unpropitious a day. It will be inter- esting to note the progress made by these two players in the Swifts' ranks, Bob 'Welsh assumed the position of centre-forward and he was in that position very resourceful and tricky, and a person always to be watched by Ted Owen, the home custodian. O. Jones and Hotch- kiss worked well together, though their shooting very frequently was very erratic and disappointing. Jones will make a good player in time because he has youth, build, and good judgment in his favour, and only needs a few tussles with a few good teams to bring his abilities out. Hofchkiss will always make a good mergency man but is rather on the light side of a team that plays so brusquely as Bangor. The halves of Llandudno were fair, the greasy ground often causing them to find an intro- duction to mother earth. W. D. Hughes in missing a kick was the indirect cause of Bangor notching a point. Flood was a good trier, his plodding being commendable, and Charlie Roberts maintained his reputation as a cool effective half. Of the backs nothing but praise can be given them, for the would-be tide of adversity was often effectually stemmed by Jones and Hughes. Hughes was unfortunate in giving a penalty early on in the game, but made amends for this afterwards. Griffiths in goal was not the possessor of a sinecure, for some ugly shots with a ball laden with slush and wet it was well he negociated so many shots to a place of safety. He is improving weekly in his style. The Bangorians on Saturday were a very good set and exceedingly dangerous when they got away. It was a pleasure to see Johnny Roberts once more in the front rank, and though not so effectual as usual gave one glimpses of his old form. Dick Owen and his other colleagues, R. Jones and D. Roberts, were ever on the go, and the Llandudno recruit in Bangor's ranks—Jim Jones-was very effective and dashing. Willie Lewis still main- tains that onerous position of centre half, and his large experience is a great help to the Bangor team. J. Atridge and the other half, W. Edwards, were well employed, and broke up the combination of the visitors frequently. The backs were at times too lackadaisical, and through this let the visitors in with their third goal. Owen in goal is very good, and had some work to do. The match is the wonder that ten goal should have been registered between these old rivals as the former engagements had only one or two goals between the contestants. Rhyl are still undefeated, which is a matter of much satisfaction to North Wales followers. We understand the show given by them against the White Star Wanderers in a Combination match at Liverpool on Saturday, was of such a character that they deserved to win, hut such are the chances of the game that they had to content themselves with extracting a point out of their Liverpool rivals. Arrangements have been made, owing to Oswestry playing an English Cup Tie to-morrow (Saturday), for Rhyl to have Bangor for visitors in their Com- bination fixture, and a sterling good game should be seen, in which it is odds on the Rhylites adding another two points to their Combination record. Chirk still maintain their good form, and defeated Wrexham at Chirk on Saturday. These contes- tants are lively antagonists, and Wrexham it was well understood would strain every nerve to pre- vent them being dethroned from their exalted position in the Combination table. However, such was their fate that they received their first defeat at the hands of Chirk. The Llandudno Swifts who have hitherto been the wearers of white jerseys, will soon be found in a more picturesque dress, that of light and dark blue jerseys, vertically striped, and light trousers, the generous gift of Mr David Garie Roberts of the Albion Hotel, Llandudno, a member of the Swifts' Committee. We congratulate Mr Roberts on his practical interest in the club. The very unsatisfactory result of the Junior Cup Tie at Llandudno, between the reserves of the town and Penmaenmawr has culminated in the referee receiving, a letter from the North Wales Coast Association relating thereto, and which we trust will be the means of preventing a repetition of such unsatisfactory work as that experienced in Llandudno.

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